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15 Rude and Obnoxious Customers From Hell

15 Rude and Obnoxious Customers From Hell

The struggles of working in the foodservice industry are abundant, from having to keep a good relationship with the kitchen staff to ensuring your food is out on time to making sure all of your side work is done even if you’re slammed with customers.

However, the common consensus among servers in the foodservice industry is that the customers are the reason they stay and the reason they want to run for the hills. A good customer can make a server’s night. A bad customer can destroy confidence and kill any positivity for days on end. While any seasoned food server can give you tips on how to handle the worst of the worst when it comes to diners, there are still times even the most tenured wait staff can get rattled.

When it comes to rude and obnoxious customers, the foodservice industry is more at risk than nearly any other industry today. From diners who like to discuss their political or religious views in the tip line, to those who just want to destroy a server’s entire night, because their food was cold (something the server isn’t necessarily at fault for), horrible diners come in all shapes and sizes, but here are the 15 rudest, most obnoxious diners from hell.

15. The Jokester Who Is Not Funny

It’s super fun to look at the tip line and see a nice little joke from the diner you were so nice to for the hour it took him to finish his meal. How wonderful that he didn’t see any purpose to tip you for your hard work, and instead, decided to write in some terrible joke that really isn’t funny at all. It used to be that customers who didn’t want to tip just put a zero on this line. Sometimes, they’d write “N/A.” Now, they just want to be funny, because hey, why not lighten the mood? You just lowered the server’s hourly wages by not tipping, but hey, at least you were funny.

14. That’s Not How Any Of This Works

While your preschool homework may have told you that a blank line means you have to complete the sentence, when it comes to the foodservice industry, this line generally means to add some monetary amount and total it below. This diner didn’t seem to understand the unwritten instructions on his receipt. He went ahead and simply finished the sentence for the server. To add insult to injury, he went ahead and plagiarized his answer. Where I come from, that is an expulsion waiting to happen. This diner better hope that Riff Raff doesn’t catch wind of this. You know how sue-crazy people are these days.

13. The Attention Seeker

We all know someone who does things simply for the attention they think they’ll receive. This was definitely the case with this diner. He wanted his tip to be spread across social media, and even went so far as to let the server know exactly where to post it. While it’s common for wait staff to post their douchiest customers’ tips on social media, it shouldn’t be a goal of the diner to actually make it there. The worst part of all of this is this diner’s very poor math skills and reading comprehension. If you can’t copy the total amount of your food to the total line, how do you expect to succeed?

12. You Can Do That?

Speaking of poor math skills…either this guy doesn’t understand the concept of commerce, or his meal was really that bad. It’s one thing if the food was horrible. That’s the job of the manager to take the price of the food off of your bill. Now, if the food and the service were both pretty bad, I’m not sure the diner has the power to go so far as to take the cost of the meal out of the tip itself. Either way, this is up there on the list of the most obnoxious and arrogant abuses of “the customer is always right” that I’ve ever seen.

11. Is This Legally Binding?

Some diners have intense food allergies. Some say that if you are too bound by certain diet restrictions, you shouldn’t leave the house. It’s not the server’s job to list every single ingredient of every meal at the time you order. Well, this customer found a way around all of his diet restrictions, and decided to take it a step further by printing off the do’s and don’t’s of what the server should even bring to the table. Hopefully, she brought the diner the one thing on the menu that he can actually eat: a carrot stick and a fruit platter, hold the everything-else.

10. Coming On a Little Too Strong

A common misconception about both female and male servers is that they are there for all of the diners’ gawking needs, and sometimes, it can be borderline creepy. And because it happens so often, it gets a little old for both sexes. A restaurant isn’t a meat market (unless the restaurant is a meat market, in which case, it’s not that kind of meat market). I guess, if the diner is afraid to flirt verbally, a handwritten note will suffice, diners should know that that handwritten note is going to end up on the internet, for the world to see.

9. Wanna Play a Game?

No matter how bad your service is, coming up with a death trap for a tip is an extremely obnoxious way of letting your server know. Your tip is part of that server’s hourly wages, and whether or not you douse it in water and create chaos for them to get it, they will retrieve it. In this diner’s case, he went ahead and made even more work for the server by creating the ultimate physical challenge for tip retrieval. The ketchup mote around the ice water tower only adds insult to injury as the rush of water will send the red death across the table in all directions and onto the floor.

8. At Least They Apologized

Cash tips are optimal for servers. They aren’t immediately taxed, and they put money in the hands of low-paid workers immediately. Sometimes, however, diners spend all of their money on good food. This can lead to digging through pockets and purses to find any change necessary to tip the server. In the case of these diners, they knew what they were doing was definitely douchey, but at least they were kind enough to apologize for their flub up. Although, it does make the entire situation completely obnoxious.

7. Thanks but no thanks

Oftentimes, diners will write little notes on their receipts. These notes can range from “excellent work” to religious posts, to words of gratitude. On the other hand, there are times like this, when diners decide to give unsolicited advice to servers. A little bit of fat shaming can ruin the day of the server, or anyone for that matter. To add insult to injury, the tip was zero. It’s hard to see how these two items on the receipt connect. Does the diner think that removing a tip will lead to the server losing weight by not being able to feed herself? That seems to be the only explanation.

6. A Little Too Literal with the Tip

Nothing beats the smartass who decides to put a literal tip where a gratuity should go. While this happens more often than you might think, it’s ultimately one of the most irritating things a server can see. Now, it’s nice to see that the server did receive some form of tip on this receipt, and at least they only added the literal tip where an additional tip should go, but still. Someone should have told this diner that the least he could have done was step outside of the box for his tip. “Don’t stare at the sun!”? Really? Thank you, Captain Obvious.

5. You Shouldn’t Be Tipped More Than God

Seeing religious statements on tips is not unheard of. There is a “Tip for Jesus” revolution that is actually the opposite of a diner from hell (large tips are left for servers to help them pay bills, feed their families, or work off those student loans a little faster). However, this diner decides to use his religious work as a means to excuse himself from tipping altogether. The logic here is broken. This diner claims that he only gives God 10%, therefore, the server doesn’t deserve 18%. Well, how much does the server deserve, then? Nothing, apparently. Not even 5% (half of what God gets).

4. Slow Service?

Some diners want servers to know that their time is valuable. It makes sense, but slow service isn’t necessarily always the server’s fault. As a matter of fact, only a fraction of the time the server is the one to blame. There’s nothing more douchey than saying that your time is more valuable than someone else’s, even if that person wasted your time, and especially if someone else wasted your time and you’re blaming the wrong person. In this case, the “tip” on this receipt shows that this diner was way off base, leaving an obnoxious explanation of why the server wasn’t tipped at all.

3. The Heckler from Heck

Sometimes, when diners don’t leave tips, there is no explanation whatsoever. There is usually a big fat zero on the tip line, or simply nothing at all. However, there are times diners want to give their two cents about the server’s performance (without actually giving two cents for a tip). This can oftentimes lead to heckling on the tip line, which isn’t great for the server’s morale. The tip line is a great place to let the server know how poorly she did, but the diner should either be more specific and constructive (What made the server fail? How can she do better next time?), or just shut up in general.

2. A Little Vandalism Goes A Long Way

When diners get creative and use the elements around them to express themselves, things can get a little awkward. In this case, the diner decided to bend a fork into a universal symbol that gives the server the ultimate f*ck you. Of course, obscene hand gestures and unnecessary swearing are not uncommon in the foodservice industry, but some customers like to take that to the next level. Honestly, how long did it take this guy to bend the fork to his will? All for a social commentary on tipping for a personal pan pizza.

1. Please Define A “Real Job”

The worst kind of customer is the one that doesn’t respect the fact that you have a job to do. Letting someone know that they should get a real job as a means of explaining a 1% tip isn’t very constructive. Most servers don’t want to be servers, but all servers know that serving is a real job. It’s real work, and it’s really intense. Nothing makes the job more frustrating than having someone tell you it’s not hard, except when they say it’s not real. I’m not sure how this diner defines a “real job,” but I’d say a real job is when someone does a service (such as serving food), and gets paid (even if it is in 1% tips from douchebags).

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