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15 Scariest Disney Villains Of All Time

15 Scariest Disney Villains Of All Time

As children growing up with the wonderful experience Disney and Pixar animated movies gave us, would you look at the villains or story plot a bit differently?

In spite of these feel good movies, we take a deeper look into the psychology and personalities behind each evil villain. In fact, we have the top 15 listed right here for you. As a special Halloween featured article, we felt that you would enjoy reading and sharing this with your friends. After all, who doesn’t like to get into the festivities around the holiday season. So, at the bottom of the list of the scariest Disney Villains hit that blue “Share on Facebook” button and share on your Facebook timeline. Tag someone in the comments who you think would also enjoy this special article.

Throughout this list, you will undoubtably recognize the mainstream evil doers. However, we include a couple of scoundrels that will totally surprise you. That being said, you won’t be disappointed in this year’s list of wretched roles found throughout the history of Disney family films.

15. Grudge Holding Murderous Evil Fairy


You didn’t think that we wouldn’t start our list off without discussing Maleficent first, did you? A definite childhood favorite for millions across the globe, Sleeping Beauty’s villain is one of the most evil. Think about it for a sec. This fairy, with the strongest powers, did not receive an invitation to baby Aurora’s christening. And boy, was she offended! After two of the good fairies bestow their blessings on the infant child, Maleficent appears, and in the most startling fashion. However, Maleficent proclaims to the king and queen that she has no ill feelings for not being on their guest list.

On the contrary, she had something pure evil planned to get her revenge. Interrupting the party and all, the evil fairy placed a curse on baby Aurora! Not just any curse though. She meant business. All in all, Maleficent ruled that by the girl’s 16th birthday she would die. Yes, die. I thought this was a Disney movie? Anyway, be that it may, the princess would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and croak immediately.

14. Animal Rights Activist’s Worst Nightmare


And then, of course we have to talk about this one. One really let the coo coo out of the clock with this character. Cruella De Vil of the 101 Dalmatians has an obsession with animals. More specifically, with puppies. In particular, dalmatian puppies as portrayed in this movie in the family favorite library of homes all over the world.

Here’s our take on Ms. De Vil though. This children’s motion picture has a plot line that is nothing close to warm and fuzzy. In fact, it’s completely opposite. If you think about if for a minute, we watched a crazed woman, with horrible make-up, aggressively chase hundreds of innocent puppies around. So that she could murder them. She even say’s, “Drown them, for all I care”. We don’t know about you but doesn’t that speak pretty clearly of animal cruelty? And to expose children to the murderous and selfish behavior of Cruella De Vil?

13. Ancient Medieval Sorcery


Here’s one that you may not be as familiar with, but we had to list her. Ms.k Madam Mim from the “Sword in the Stone”. This movie is about the child age version of King Arthur. Ultimately, Arthur is undergoing an education from Merlin, Disney’s wizard who is doing good for the world.

When Arthur is a bird he escapes a hawk chasing him, by falling down Madam Mim’s chimney. Immediately, he becomes this witch’s play toy – well, she loves games right?! Eventually, Merlin catches up with them. Her powers rival his and they duke it out through a good old fashioned “Wizards Duel”. This duel is another game Madam Mim just cannot resist. Uniquely, she gets to make up the rules (only to break them). She and Merlin can shape-shift into living, realistic animals and whomever out wits the other, wins. Madam Mim changes into some pretty scary animals.

12. Deep Dark Ocean Cray Cray


Moving on to another recognizable villain. Or in her case, a manipulative octopus who seems to be off her meds. Who are we articulating here? Why Ursula from “The Little Mermaid”. We bet you can still remember the epic dilemma that Ariel faced, can’t you? Well, Ursula was sure to help this young lady in love, quicker than the undertow could pull.

First of all, lets explore Ursula’s cray cray for a moment. She lives in a deep and spacious cove with potions and spells all over the place. Her walkway into her undersea home is lined with horrifying looking seaweed looking beings. Instead, the various foliage is actually mermen and mermaids from which Ursula has taken their souls. Trapping them as her prisoners. Kinda reminds you of a hoarder’s over-cluttered space, doesn’t it? Anyway, our point here is that this lady is cray cray! Why would she want all those creepy seaweed versions of the souls she stole?

11. Audatious Poaching Down Under


Moving on, here is a less recognizable Disney villain. From the outback terrain of Australia, Percival McLeach hunts illegally. Mr. McLeach is the scary crook playing the role of a poacher in Disney’s “Rescuers Down Under”. This guy is out of his mind. For instance, he has mood swings, extreme anger issues, and no emotional bone in his body.

This all time favorite animated film was meant to educate families on the cruelty of poaching, and, that it is against the law. But, did this have to be communicated through a children’s movie? Granted, this message comes across loud and clear. Percival, expresses his devilish and self-serving ways during the entire movie. For instance, capturing rare, animals, typically to sell for their hides, is his highest priority. He terrifies the viewers with his non-stop hunt for the last giant golden eagle’s nest so he can sell the eggs and kill the mother! C’mon guys. That’s just horrible.

10. Chemically Imbalanced Arabian Crook


What’s worse, Mr. McLeach or Jafar? Coming from Disney’s “Alladin” is the evil sorcerer in this Arabian love story. Jafar is an immoral psychopath who’d destroy anyone he feels is a threat to his own sinister plans.

This half magician, half man, is more of a sociopath if you as us. Somehow he is able to manipulate and influence others to risk their existence for him. Appealing to several of this movie’s characters’ desires, he plays them all for a fool. All in all, so he can become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Not to forget, to obtain all the riches in the universe too. This guy is straight evil. In fact, he is the 2nd evilest wizards that Disney has created.

9. Racketeer with a Wrap Sheet of Criminal Charges


As you all predicted, a lion by the name of Scar made the list of the scariest Disney villains. In this child’s favorite, “The Lion King” gave Scar his corrupt and long rap sheet of crimes. As a brother to the rightful King of the pride, Mufasa, he got the short end of the stick. Unhappy with his fate, Scar took things into his own paws.

First, he murders his brother. Then, places guilt on his nephew, Simba. Believing his father’s death was all his fault. Next, Scar sends three hyenas to kill Simba. Instead, Simba flees into a jungle, where he lives for years. After finding his willpower, Simba returns to pride rock to claim his rightful place as king. Scar, again, deploys another monstrous plan to kill Simba. In fact, Scar tries to kill Simba in the same fashion as Mufasa.

In our opinion, this would be terrifying to a child. Yet, children and families fell in love with “The Lion King”. Did we not see the same monster back then as we do now?

8. Misguided Anger From Malicious Monster


Speaking of monsters, let’s delve into Pixar’s Randall Boggs from Monster’s Inc. Oh man, we can remember watching this warm and fuzzy family film, and how much we enjoyed it. Certainly, you can remember Randall. He was the lizard looking monster constantly competing for the record of “Top Scarer” at the energy plant where he worked. But he had a side hustle that would make you look under your kid’s beds more than once.

With this in mind, Randall’s side hustle wasn’t to uncover a better and more productive way to harness energy to power the entire monster world. No, no. Contrary, he had intent to obtain larger amounts of energy, but at the demise of human children. Essentially, he would lock a child in the seat of some crazy contraption that would suck scream energy from them. If you weren’t scared of monsters coming into your room then, we’re sure you are now. And that’s not the most frightening part. The suggestion of kidnapping our world’s children is just horrifying!

7. Antique Hot Head Using Scare Tactics


Do you remember Jafar making Disney’s 2nd scariest sorcerer? To sum up, we found out that Merlock from the “Ducktales: Treasure of The Lost Lamp” is the number one, evilest sorcerer in Disney’s history. This ancient magician owns a green talisman (dark magic juju). This deep jade stone accessory allows Merlock to change his form into any animal he wishes. More importantly, when his talisman is placed on top of the genie’s lamp, it grants him unlimited wishes.

So what does he wish for? For starters, he wished for immortality. Who’d want to live forever and ever? And at his age? Anyway, the next wish that was granted was to have Scrooge’s money vault. Then, to turn it into an illusion of Merlock’s previous hovering fortress. Which is a musky castle constructed from thorns and rocks. Which, by the way, is in desperate need of an interior decorator with a bulldozer. In the long run, Merlock is one of the scariest villains to make this list. Due in part to his sinister, demonic behavior. Don’t take our word for it, rent the movie and see for yourself.

6. Master Manipulator From Another Dimension


Bet you thought we would name Snow White’s evil queen huh? What’s scarier than the evil queen? Surprisingly, her Magic Mirror takes the cake on this one. Although the evil queen has her devious ways and is apparently twisted with envy, its the Magic Mirror that influences the ill heart of the queen. To point out, this mirror has a slave dwelling inside of it. This spirit trapped within the confines of his prison of glass, is eager to give advice, wisdom, and brutal honesty to the owner.

In this case, the owner is Snow White’s evil queen. This living object is one of Disney’s scariest villains due to how terrifying it looks. For instance, he resembles a mask you’d find as a theater prop with flames and smoke always encircling his face. That, and the fact that a mirror is possessed by a super natural being, is scary enough for us. Lastly, “Snow White” isn’t the only movie that Magic Mirror appears in. Nope, he sure gets around. To name a few, we have “Shrek (2001)”, and in Mickey’s “House of Mouse”, this mirror is installed in the club’s lobby. On a positive note, Magic Mirror didn’t try to kill or hurt anyone.

5. Child Protective Services’ Largest Case File


It’s too bad the same can’t be said about The Coachman. Do you recognize him from the picture above? This twisted, greedy, and abusive fellow is the head evil villain from “Pinocchio”. Disney’s Pinocchio sure is an all-time favorite of ours. We aren’t quite sure why animators in the 1940’s would produce such a shocking tale of child abuse. New news to you?

To explain, in Pinocchio, the Coachman lures little boys to what he calls “Pleasure Island”. A place where young boys can run wild without being punished. However, Coachman is very sadistic, finding pleasure in torturing young boys for financial gain. For this reason, Coachman kidnapped children, tortured them badly, and sold them for slavery. The most shocking piece, is that this movie could easily be the first international media promoting human trafficking.

Many would argue, that the moral of the story is for children to behave and not trust strangers. What do you think? Share your opinion by posting in a comment below. Just hit that little green conversation bubble.

4. Open Season For Him, End of Season For Her


It’s going to be hard to top the Coachman. Just as heartbreaking though, is Disney’s villain, “Man”. “Man” is the official name given to this character. This character represents the hunter in “Bambi”. To clarify, is was a hunter who shot and killed Bambi’s mother.

This movie is such a lovable family favorite because of the variety of forest animals. Furthermore, their coming of age journey where each of the main characters fall madly in love. But, in the long run, the “Man”, or hunter, is one of Disney’s most foul expressions of murder of all time. Consider for a moment, a mother is killed, leaving an orphaned child without a father. Although, this child actually had a Father the entire time but no one finds out until the very end of the movie. Was he trying to avoid child support and responsibility?

3. Bad Rap For Step-Parents: Neglect and Cruelty



Oooh, a classic tale every little girl was impressed by, which led to believing they too could be a princess! Heart touching isn’t it? Regardless, the rest of the story is not so desirable. Without further adieu, we list Lady Tremaine as one of the most impressionable and scariest villains. Ms. Tremaine is the evil step-mother in Disney’s “Cinderella”. Throughout the entire story, this woman bullies, intimidates, neglects, mentally abuses, and toys with our beloved princess.

Just the sound of Cinderella’s step-mother’s voice will make you cringe with fear. God forbid any mother or step-mother really behave this way. The animators did a terrific job amplifying how scary Lady Tremaine is. Indeed, remember one of the first scenes where Cinderella takes breakfast up to her sisters and, lastly, her step-mom. The way the bedroom door creaked open, and you could see “mom’s” devious eyes glowing in the shadows. Yup, goosebumps all over!

2. Anger Issues And Nothing But Heart


The Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland” proves to also cause goosebumps. More or less, heart palpitations. This lady is easily angered, which typically isn’t a big deal. So what, people get irritated and angry. The problem here is that she wants to chop off everyone’s heads.

It’s gruesome to imagine. Psychologically speaking, this lady shaped fearful images in the minds of children. After all, the Queen causes anxiety, and is chock-full of suspense. Surely, the Queen would behead someone right? For example, she threatened her soldiers, the mad hatter, Alice of course, and her husband. So, while this crazed woman was busy screaming at the top of her lungs threatening everyone, it’s no surprise she is considered one of the scariest villains from Disney.

1. Morally Bankrupt Bandit of Tax Evasion


Last but not least, we have Disney’s Sheriff of Nottingham. This fella had the responsibility to collect taxes for Prince John in the entertaining movie, “Robin Hood”. Sheriff took from the poor folk of Nottingham using a condescending tone and a heartless attitude. Typically, it’s not wrong for tax collectors to do their jobs. However, it’s terrifying to even think about the CRA or IRS coming after ya. What makes the Sheriff unnerving is he takes every last cent from EVERYONE. Including, a church, the poor, and the disabled. Him being morally bankrupt has landed him a spot here today.

Just look at the picture above, you can see his greed seeping out of the corners of his devilish grin. Happy Halloween and thanks for enjoying our list of the 15 scariest Disney Villains of all time. Did we leave someone out? Hit that green button and post a comment listing the Disney villain that you feel is the spookiest. If you appreciate this fun kind of content, the best way to show us is to share it on Facebook.

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