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15 Scary Things Caught On GoPro Cameras

15 Scary Things Caught On GoPro Cameras

Scary things are caught on video every single day. However often times these things could’ve been captured in better quality, and at a better angle. Cameras are typically heavy and don’t have high quality as they’re typically security cameras that capture the scariest things. But there is a new camera that was developed in the past decade that allowed for quick filming in high quality.

This camera is called a GoPro, and it’s a small camera that records in high definition. It’s no bigger than someone’s palm, and can easily fit in someone’s pocket. Often times, GoPros are used by people in sports or other physical activities. This can include anything that is outdoors. This means that anyone doing these things can capture just about anything the person sees.

GoPro has also made holders for the GoPro camera that can capture exactly what the person is seeing. These are typically in the form of head gear and show a first person angle of something that other cameras just can’t capture. This means if something out of the ordinary happens, we are getting the same angle the person is, making it hard to fake the footage seen in many GoPro videos. Whether they meant to or not, GoPro has become a great camera for capturing the paranormal.

15. Exploring Dark Tunnels


A Youtube channel called StreetZips uploaded an urban exploration video of a tunnel that supposedly leads to hell. It certainly looks like it does, as the tunnel is so long and dark that you can’t see the end of it. As he explores the tunnel, he begins to hear strange clanking sounds in front of him. Moments later, he hears the same sounds behind him. He’s holding a metal pipe for safety precautions, so it could’ve easily been him making the noises, but the sounds seem further away than that.

Nobody knows the real purpose of the tunnel way, but it will surely give any viewer with claustrophobia a scare. It’s been speculated to just be a sewer, since it has a small stream running through the middle of it, but the stream isn’t enough for it to be an active sewer. Whatever it is, it made for a great creepy video and shows that it could possibly be the tunnel to hell.

14. Bear Chase


A man biking through the woods one day decided to document his ride using a GoPro strapped to his helmet. Everything seemed quiet at first, that is until he noticed a bear charging up next to him. The bear looks as if its intentions are to attack the man, as it’s charging at high speeds. This scares the biker, and he picks up speed to make distance between him and the angry bear.

However, the bear doesn’t give up. Through the shots of the biker looking back, we can see the bear charging full force toward the biker. The biker is panicked, as he begins to take shorter and shorter breaths. Soon the biker runs into a branch that blocks his path, and he decides to abandon his bike and continue on foot. He stops behind a tree to catch his breath, and the bear is nowhere to be found. Luckily the man made it out of the forest alive.

13. Falling off a Mountain


A man was filming his journey up the side of a mountain when suddenly a huge piece of ice is hurled down at the man from atop the mountain. He captured the moment of fear as the rock hit him, causing him to lose his balance. This sent him tumbling down the hill at extreme speeds. He captured all of this on his GoPro, making it feel like the viewer is there with him.

The man walked away from the incident with only a few scratches, and bruises. However from the footage, it looks as if he could’ve broken a few bones from the rocks he hit on the way down. The footage is hard to watch due to the first person angle the GoPro provides, as he is plummeting toward the Earth. This may be a deal breaker for those who were thinking about climbing mountains.

12. Strange Monkey Creature


This video is low in view count, but might be one of the most convincing tapes that captures a new type of creature that is undiscovered. A biker who is filming his ride is going down a small path near his home. Everything seems normal until he reaches a bridge that narrows into two walls that are close together. As he passes over the bridge, he notices something jumping off one of the walls and swerves out of the way.

On camera, it looks like a near miss, but the camera still picks up the creature. It’s large in size and looks like a monkey. However when slowed down, you can see that the creature appears to be hairless, and too large to be a monkey. There is a strange noise heard as the biker passes, but it’s unclear if it was the man’s bike or the creature itself. Whatever this creature was, it didn’t stick around, because when the man turned around to look for it, it vanished…

11. Biker Drives off a Cliff


Three friends took their motorbikes out on the highway one day, and the one in the back decided to film it. However, he didn’t know he was about to capture something horrific. Upon taking a sharp turn, one of the bikers didn’t manage to turn in time and drives right off the mountain. His friend can be heard gasping, and he quickly runs to help him.

The man hit the top of the tree and landed in a bush at the bottom of the mountain. The man was alive, and barely scarred. Of course the biker was stunned, so his friend stayed beside him as they called for ambulances. The man explained that his tire slipped, causing him to not be able to complete the turn in time, hurling him off a cliff. This goes to show that bikers should be more careful about taking turns more slowly and cautiously.

10. Zipline Jump


This video sounds and looks much worse than it actually is. A few people ziplining decided to film it with Go Pros. They had all the proper equipment to ensure a safe return to the other side. However midway through their journey, they found an obstacle waiting for them. There was a fray in the wire that made it impossible to zip past. The man decided to abandon his zipline adventure and jumps off leaving his equipment behind.

Luckily he had a parachute that he pulled almost instantly after jumping. However, in the footage he didn’t explain what he was doing, so the unaware typical viewer may think he lost his grip and fell. Either way, the footage can make anyone, especially people afraid of heights, uneasy as the man does a flip off the zipline, and plummets to the ground.

9. Car Crash from the Inside


A group of men who had GoPros rigged on the inside of their car would capture something from an angle that is typically never seen. These vloggers were having a cheerful conversation as they were passing through an intersection, however the mood quickly changed. The car was sideswiped by an incoming car, and the whole crash was captured from the inside of the car.

The reactions of the men on the inside are what’s probably the most disturbing about this footage. They realize seconds before the crash that there is a car coming full speed toward them, then the initial crash happens, and their faces show complete terror. After that, they collect themselves and make sure everyone is okay. Luckily no one was hurt, or this footage would be way harder to view.

8. Hitching a Ride on a Train


Train surfing has become a trendy thing in the same way parkour was popular. It is an activity where participants hang off the side of a train while it travels at high speeds. The video shows a 20-some-year-old hopping on the back of stopped trains before they take off. He then hops onto other trains after the one he was on had stopped. This activity is very dangerous.

The man who uploaded this explains the dangers of doing this and suggests no one else does it. He most likely puts this disclaimer in because in the video he makes it seem like it’s very easy to do, when in reality, there could be a lot of danger involved with it. Any mishap and you could be stranded on a train track somewhere, and not to mention that you’re technically traveling illegally since you don’t have a ticket to be riding the train.

7. Huge Jellyfish


Jellyfish are strange creatures. Many of them can harm you, but only to some extent. Others, the bigger ones, can kill human beings. They typically don’t hunt humans, as it’s usually an accident if someone gets stung by one. This video shows a man diving into what can be assumed is the ocean, and he’s holding a GoPro. The camera captures his encounter with a huge jellyfish, as it passes by him slowly.

The footage was risky to get as the man had to dodge the jellyfish’s tentacles to get a good angle. Luckily he did, and the footage is held in high regard as great jellyfish footage. However, if someone has a fear of ocean creatures, or even jellyfish for that matter, this video can seem scary to them.

6. Shark Bait


It’s a rare occurrence that we get to see a shark in its natural habitat, and it going on its day to day life. This was captured with a GoPro that was rigged to bait, and shows a shark biting, and eating the bait the men on the boat rigged up. The shark appears out of the murky water and quickly takes a fish.

The reason this footage is so terrifying is the fact that it shows what it would be like to be hunted, and eaten by a shark. The shark was just a mako shark, but it’s still scary. Imagine if the bait had attracted something bigger, like a great white. This footage is interesting and shows an angle that most people won’t ever be able to see, and for the better!

5. Train Dodging


There is another trend that thrill seekers do that involves trains. However this one is a thousand times more dangerous and would make any normal person cringe at the sight of one of these videos. Typically filmed with groups of people, these people take to the subways and walk down the tracks of trains until they see an alcove they can stay in. They wait there until they hear a train and stand in front of the train only to move out of the way the last second.

Somehow it gets worse. For some that isn’t enough of an adrenaline kick, and many people lay down under the train tracks, and allow the train to pass over them while they’re only inches away from death. This is obviously an extremely stupid trend, and shouldn’t be done by anyone. However, since there are people out there who do it, we’ll always have unique footage of these incidents.

4. Stuck At Sea


Jacob Childs was cast out at sea after a dive went wrong. He decided to film what he thought was his last moments. He’s a well known diver, and provided people with unique underwater footage with, you guessed it, his GoPro. Jake was diving off the coast, and when he emerged, he discovered the current had taken him far away from his boat. So far that it was nowhere in sight.

He swam for hours and decided that he wasn’t making any progress. He sat floating in the water regaining his strength when he started to film his final moments. He knew that once night had fallen, it’d be hard for anyone to find him, and if the sun set before someone found him, he wouldn’t survive the night. After floating for 6 hours, he discovered a rescue plane on the horizon that brought him home safely. He later explained it was his equipment he had that allowed them to find him, and ultimately saved his life.

3. Haunted House Exploration

A group of urban explorers decided to explore an abandoned house that was supposedly haunted. Their investigation started with a few old objects they found, but nothing paranormal. However, the nature of the location and rooms in the house set an uneasy tone that keeps the viewer on edge.

Around five minutes into the video, the team entered a room, and later during editing, they found something strange about that room. If you slow down the footage, you can see a strange shadowy figure in the corner of the room. This could easily just be the shadows bouncing off of something in the room that is off camera, but the shadow has human features to it. An outline of a head and an arm can be seen when slowed down. While this is the only evidence they received, is it enough to call this place haunted?

2. Great White


This video was posted on GoPro’s site and has even won awards. It’s rare footage of a great white shark up close and personal. Off the coast of South Africa, a diver/hunter is diving in the ocean for what was most likely hunting reasons, since he has a spear gun in hand. Out of nowhere, the great white swims past him causing the man to shriek in fear or awe.

The great white doesn’t seem to interested in the man, since he only passes by him twice. The great white was harmless, and the man left unscathed. This is lucky as often times, the great white can be known to be one of the most dangerous species of shark. This footage provides a great look into the wonder that is the great white, and it doesn’t end in a gory feast for the shark.

1. Unexpected Company


Urban Exploring is a big trend on Youtube. It’s an activity where a group of people go to an abandoned place to search around to find anything that’s left behind. Often times, these places are said to be haunted, which is the main draw for many Youtubers. However, sometimes they don’t run into the dead coming back to life, but just the living.

During an exploration, a group of men were startled to find a man standing with a giant metal pole ready to attack them. He warns them and asks them what they’re doing here. The group explains they’re just exploring, because they thought it was abandoned. The man denies this saying there are warning signs outside the place. However, that statement proves to be untrue, as the group searched the premises beforehand. Everyone left unharmed, but it makes you wonder who the man was and what he was doing there.

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