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15 Secrets All Women Keep From Men

15 Secrets All Women Keep From Men

Ladies seem to always have it together, but the truth is women make that extra effort to look like they got everything under control. Aside from pretending that everything’s on track, girls also have other things that they keep from men.

From shopping expenses and being slobs to being turned on by looking at male body parts, we dish some of women’s secrets that they keep from their partners.

These secrets are kept, not for purposes of deceiving the male population. However, we believe that these secrets are some of the reasons why women seem to be such mysteries and appear to be from Venus while men are from Mars.

Feel free to ask your partners if looking at your hands (or other body parts) turn them on; Or ask them what type of book they are reading. Will they tell you they are reading classic paperbacks or Stephen King novels? Or will they be honest and admit that they are actually reading romance novels.

Let us know what happens and let’s compare notes!

Continue reading below and find out more about your wives and girlfriends. We’re hoping this article could help you figure out your ladylove better and help keep your relationships stronger than ever.

Without further ado, here are the 15 secrets that women keep from men.

By the way, if you know other secrets and why women keep men at the dark about them, comment them below and let’s keep the ball rolling! We are definitely waiting to hear from you.

15. Household Chores



Women may not admit it, but seeing their men share the household chores is a turn on. The girls also feel that men show their love and support when the latter uncomplainingly do their share of domestic chores,

Apparently, women may not tell you verbally that they appreciate your housekeeping skills, but they can show their appreciation for you in the bedroom according to this study.

Guys, put on those aprons and impress the ladies with your kitchen skills; alternatively, wield your vacuum cleaner or fix the plumbing if you want to show your appreciation to your ladies. Who knows? Your wife or your girlfriend might just reward you with some sexy time!

14. Hands and Arms

Hugh Jackman hands


There are lots of things about a man’s physical qualities that pique a woman’s interest. Some, if not most, women find six packs quite attractive. On the other hand, there are ladies who find dad bods more appealing.

In this section, we talk about how a man’s arms and hands play a big role in snagging a woman’s attention. For some women, the bigger and veinier arms and hands, the more attraction they feel towards the man. Some people even go so far as to say that veins found on a man’s hands and arms are an indication of his health and strength. If this is the case, then it is no surprise why women find veiny guys appealing.

13. Romance Novels



It’s no secret that reading books has its benefits. According to studies, reading fictional stories can increase a person’s emotional intelligence and empathy. As such, women will have no qualms talking about the fictional book she’s reading.

However, women would rather keep their mouths closed if they are reading romance novels. Some of these romance books feature wholesome content, other titles don’t. In fact, some romance novels can get quite steamy.

Maybe women fear being judged by the kind of book they are reading. Hence, they’d rather not let you know that they are reading 50 Shades of Grey or some other similar titles.

If your woman does read romance novels, don’t make fun of her. If you’re lucky, your girl might learn new tricks from the book and study them with you in the bedroom

12. Your New Haircut

Robert Pattinson Hairstyles 2016, Looks More Unique Style with Robert Pattinson New Hairstyle


They say that the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. The same could be said for guys, right? After all, a great haircut can certainly boost a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This is probably why people feel so much better after having a new hair do!

However, imagine getting a really bad haircut. How would you feel? It might feel worse if your partner told you just how bad your new ‘do is. Hence, some girls would rather keep their opinion to themselves, instead of risking the possibility of getting your feelings hurt.

Would you rather know that your haircut sucks or would it be better for your girl to pretend that you’re rocking your new hairstyle.

11. Comparisons with the Ex



Not all relationships are made equal. Some relationships seem like they are plucked right out of a fairytale, while others could feel like your worst nightmare. However, relationships aren’t always perfect. There will always be moments when some arguments arise. Sometimes, these arguments cause some girls to compare their current partners with their previous boyfriends.

Getting compared to the ex could be frustrating. However, this doesn’t mean your girl wants to get back with her former flame. She just can’t help thinking and comparing how her ex would have handled situation.

Remember, you got her now. It’s your and your woman’s responsibility to take care of each other and to make the relationship work

10. Being Gross

BigBang Theory Pennys Messy Apartment


Women love spending time making themselves extra pretty. You may even notice that their house looks spotless every time you visit. However, it’s not always the case.

Girls also have their moments of grossness. Like men, the ladies can also leave their dirty laundry scattered on the floor. Some girls also like sleeping in the whole day wearing the clothes from yesterday.

You might even catch the girls with unshaved legs and pits if you drop by her house unannounced!

This is probably the reason girls need to know when you’re coming for a visit; give them enough time to hide the dirty laundry, take a shower, shave unwanted hair, and put on make up.

9. You’ve Made Her Cry (A lot)



Every one knows that women can get too emotional. However, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriend is comfortable about letting you know that you’ve caused her to tear up.

Remember when you were getting into a heated argument and your girlfriend suddenly walked out of the room? She could have been on the verge of saying something really nasty and chose to avoid making a bigger scene. Or she could have had tears welling in her eyes and didn’t want you to see her crying.

Apparently, girls feel that their boyfriends will have some sort of power over them if the guy sees them bawling. This may or may not be the case. The important thing is that you apologize if you know you made a mistake that made your girlfriend cry. You get extra points if you do your best not to make the same mistakes again.

8. Splitting The Bill Dinner Date


Getting to know someone involves going out on dates. You can meet for coffee, watch the movies, or wine and dine in some fancy restaurant. No matter what and where you take your partner out on dates, one thing is for sure. Someone has to take care of the bill.

The question is, “Should you pay for everything?” To help you make a decision, we are sharing another secret that women keep from men. Apparently, it’s ok to split the tab. However, some ladies feel that the man they are dating are cheapskates if the former are expected to pay for her share.

We suggest that you treat the ladies on the first date if you want to impress her big time.

7. Losing the Spark



Let’s face it. Most, if not all, relationships reach the point when the flame isn’t burning as bright as it used to. It could get worrisome, but the ladies will do their best not to bring it up. They’ll pretend it’s nothing, but they could already be thinking of different ways to spice up the relationship.

Some women may also think that it is their fault that the relationship has lost its spark. Women shouldn’t feel this way. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to let your partner know that you still and will always love them. It also wouldn’t hurt if you try something new to rekindle the flame.

6. Sharing Fantasies

Via: Youtube

Every one has fantasies, including your girl. However, don’t expect her to share it with you just yet. Some girls fantasize about getting it on with your best friend. Would you mind knowing about this secret? Relax, she doesn’t necessarily find your wingman hot. Her imagination is just on overdrive.

Meanwhile, some girls think about becoming strippers or at the very least, role playing into one. They also fantasize about being with a man in uniform. If your girl shares their fantasies with you, can you turn them into a reality?

If you can’t fulfill her fantasies, the least you can do is turn them down gently.

5. Crushing on Colleagues

Justin TImberlake Mila Kunis Friends with Benefits


It’s inevitable for a person to have a crush on his or her colleague. It sounds scary if you realize your girlfriend’s crushing on her hunky friend from work. However, you have to trust that your woman will not do anything stupid to ruin her relationship with you.

She may stare and maybe even drool at work all she wants, but it’s you who has caught her heart at the end of the day. She’ll keep this secret from you even if she has no plans of pursuing a romantic relationship with her colleague.

Think of it this way; would you let your wife or your girlfriend know that you are crushing on a woman from work.

4. Weight Management

Ben Stiller Dodgeball


Sometimes, both men and women get too comfortable with their partners that they tend to forget about maintaining their weight. There’s nothing wrong with not going to the gym. However, it becomes a bit troublesome if you’ve really let yourself go.

Initially, your girl might notice that you have gained weight, but she won’t mind. As you keep gaining weight, she’ll be faced with the dilemma of telling you or not about the inches you’ve gained around your tummy.

It’s not that she doesn’t care about your health. It’s your ego she’s worried about. But most importantly, girls also don’t mind if you’ve grown bigger. At least there’s more of you to love!

3. Stalking Your Ex

Stalking Exes


Your current girlfriend stalking your ex isn’t something new. However, your girlfriend won’t admit that she does, in fact, visit your ex’s social media accounts to learn more about her.

If you’re curious why your current lover can’t seem to forget your ex, here are some reasons. First, you’ve called your ex, “crazy.” Naturally, your girl would like to know what makes your former flame a crazy person. On another note, your lover would also like to know what made your ex a special person. What about your ex-girlfriend endeared her to you?

At other times, your partner would stalk your ex because your ladylove has heard from the grapevine that the ex is stalking shit about her. There are lots of reasons why your lover stalks your ex and the above are just some of the most common reasons.

2. Pangs of Jealousy



We think it’s safe to say that women find it cute when their boyfriends get jealous of other guys. On the other hand, some guys find it annoying when their girls get jealous of other females. If this is the case, why do some, if not most, ladies love it when their partners show some streaks of jealousy?

To make things clear, women like subtle hints of jealousy – not the ones that show signs of violence and danger. Boyfriends getting jealous once in a while make women feel that their partners are scared of losing them. It also, somehow, sends signals to ladies, that their partners find them attractive and irresistible.

If your girl asks if you’re getting jealous, don’t be annoyed. She’s just trying to find out if you still find her beautiful.

1. Shopping Expenses

Pretty Woman shopping


Women may not admit it, but they love having some time for themselves as well. Girls may look clingy and all, but give them some time alone and she can do so much in so little time.

She’ll probably shop until she drops, but you’ll never know the real value of the things she has bought. They keep these things secret, not because they want to lie to you. It is just that it is much easier to say such things cost cheaper than they actually are, than to defend why she needs to buy a $50 face mask.

You may not understand why she needs to buy overpriced items, but to your girl everything is worth it!

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