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15 Sexy AF Cars That Will Get Even The Most Regular Guy Noticed

15 Sexy AF Cars That Will Get Even The Most Regular Guy Noticed


Sports cars, supercars, or muscle cars – these handsome cars definitely arouse emotions. They are built for speed and performance, and many men also want them for their looks. When you drive any of these cars, you will surely make heads turn because they are fast, furious, and really deserve a second or third look. Most of these cars are tough, created to withstand any terrain, made to beat record times on the track, or designed just to give the feeling of utmost comfort and luxury when on the road.

These are the cars you dream of having when you’re young. You get toy models of them with strong desire of owning them in the future. These cars give you bliss knowing that they exist. They are the best among the best, and any guy who owns any of these becomes instantly cool. Designers created them to have sexy lines, seductive curves, and outrageous bumpers and fenders. To complement these, they have potent engines under the hood.

If there is such a thing as a “cargasm,” these sexy AF cars can induce that. These four-wheeled, internal combustion-engined, steel and aluminum road beasts are symbols of driving pleasure.

15. Lamborghini Huracan


The Lamborghini Huracan is hot damn piece of machinery. A product of a long line of expertise when it comes to cars, it is the perfect illustration of the ingenuity of its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. This sports car is what exclusivity is all about as it was built to touch your deepest emotions and pump up adrenaline when you take it for a spin. It carries refined Italian interiors fused with top-of-the-line technology. It makes heads turn because of its crisp lines, designed to for speed and to tame the road. It will send tingle down your spine just by looking at it.

14. Volvo P1800


Contrary to popular belief, Volvo can make a sexy car. Although the brand is better known for its tamer sedans, station wagons, and trucks, the Volvo P1800 was an expression of change. During its release in the 1960s, Volvo decided to produce something different – a sporty vehicle. The first iteration, the P1900, was a failure as it experienced a lot of troubles mid-production. However, they revised it with the P1800. When it came out, the car drew high praise for its looks, performance and reliability. Although vintage, the P1800 is a sexy car many motorheads still want to have in their garage.

13. Maserati GranTurismo


The most exciting ride ever, the Maserati GranTurismo is more than just a sexy car, it is a sultry masterpiece. This sports coupe exudes perfection in Italian car design. It has a distinctive appearance that demands to be taken for a ride. Sophisticated, this car is for drivers who can handle long stares because it is really beautiful. Still, even with its looks, it never compromises motoring experience. It can race, thanks to its gorgeous lines put in the right places and its premium technology. Its massive engine gives the complete thrill of driving every time. It is an icon both on the road and on track.

12. Chevrolet Camaro


The new Chevrolet Camaro paves the way for a new generation of handsome muscle cars that can perform. The first Camaro was released into the wild in 1966 and after 50 years, a new and improved beast is set free. The upcoming Camaro possesses meticulous styling, advanced performance technology, and state-of-the-art engineering. Its body is sculpted perfectly with lighter architecture to ensure every turn is made efficiently and that it can cut through air to make sure it is fast. It has a roaring engine that demands to be released when driven. Its aggressive stance makes it the meanest-looking Camaro ever.

11. Ferrari Dino 206 GT


A classic sports car, the Ferrari Dino 206 GT is the auto maker’s attempt to create a relatively small car with pretty, classic lines. Initially, purists resisted with the idea as they say that it was not the “real” Ferrari. However, when they got to see it up close and experience it, many changed their mind. This small-engined Ferrari was a racer. It brought about the racing heritage of the original Dino. The car has curves in the right places, which made it very distinctive on the road. Due to this, the car experienced high demands such that they produced no less than 500 examples annually.

10. Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale


The Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale is the perfect example of what the brand has to offer. It displays a classy and classic look with unmatched beauty deserving a spot in a museum. Its sexy curves paired with its wide headlights makes it standout in the crowd. An iconic feature on this car is its butterfly doors, which many say is a feature way ahead of its time. An innovative car, its powerful engine allows it to rocket from standstill to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. That is a fast acceleration to boot in its generation. Hence, it is a car to beat that continues to inspire even the newer and sexier cars of today.

9. Chevrolet Corvette


The flawless driving beast, the Chevrolet Corvette was a product of excellent engineering and precision performance. On the outside, its body is aggressively sculpted to guarantee that it is aerodynamic. Inside, the cockpit comes with comfort and purpose. It offers intelligent controls for the driver-oriented interior. Essentially, the Corvette is a sexy car made for savvy drivers who want more than just easy cruising on the road. The Corvette offers flexibility as it comes in both coupe and convertible versions. It is always ready for takeoff but you should be ready for looks that linger from bystanders who see you drive it.

8. Porsche Carrera GT


The Porsche Carrera GT is the epitome of supercars. Its sleek and sexy design makes it an extremely irresistible car. It overflows with class while still maintaining an aggressive look. The supercar draws power from its naturally-aspirated 5.7-liter V10 engine. Therefore, it flies in just 3.9 seconds to reach 60 mph and has a top speed of 205 mph. It shows off real luxury as the Carrera GT has subtle use of various types of wood and soft leathers seats that adjusts to the shape of the driver for maximum comfort. Its sexy spoiler allows it to speed while causing less drag. This supercar adjusts quickly to adapt well as you drive it.

7. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


If cars were aphrodisiacs then the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG would be a tasty treat. It captures the heart of anyone who sees it. The car is designed to satiate the fantasy of the pickiest of drivers. It comes with a look that intimates and is matched by performance that scares the competition. The SLS AMG has sophistication and speed in its genes. The sports car is predominantly wide, bulky, and dynamic. It has a muscular appearance from front to back. Mercedes-Benz used only premium materials to build this sports car’s cockpit. Precision workmanship based on an exquisite design is what created this machine from scratch.

6. Audi R8


A sports car that goes bravely where no one has gone before, the Audi R8 deserves its own spotlight or it will steal the scene. It arrives with crisp and sharp lines along with a glass-covered engine. It has a commanding presence, which makes it extremely difficult to look anywhere else when it is around. This high-revving supercar was created to perform. It is fast, thanks to its 5.2-liter V10 engine that produces a maximum of 610 hp. Its looks and performance demonstrates that a racecar can be driven on the streets. Among sexy cars that make people look, the R8 is a definite winner.

5. McLaren 12C


The McLaren 12C is a sexy combination of uncompromised design, luxury interior, and innovative technology. Its body was meticulously crafted to guarantee that it is built to perfection. Everything you see and feel on this car is proof of its enhanced performance that definitely gives the thrill of driving to everyone on board. Inside the cabin, you will see that it is carefully designed for the most demanding drivers. Its bespoke interior lets you express yourself from the specific fabric, trim, up to the color. In terms of performance, the car is inspired from Formula 1 engineering, making the 12C one of the fastest cars in existence.

4. Aston Martin Rapide


The world’s most sophisticated four-door sports car, the Aston Martin Rapide is made from the best materials based from a one of a kind vision. It is a product of thrilling sports car experience and ultimate refinement in one amazing machine. Elegant, this sports car shows off timeless beauty. Every nook and cranny of this car is a result of the innovation of this iconic auto brand. Fast and stable, the Rapide is built with precision engineering that allows it to be dynamic while controlled. Its V12 engine is the most advanced powerhouse that allows it to accelerate in just 4.2 seconds.

3. Bentley Continental GT


The Bentley Continental GT is the car to have when you want complete freedom to conquer the open road. It demonstrates indulgence while being spontaneous, which no other car in the world can top. It brings the spirit of thrilling drive that is in the DNA of Bentley. The Continental GT draws power from a strong W12 twin turbo engine. Aside from high performance, the car does so with lower emissions. The car has been refined to give only the best travel experience. Sporty, this car was sculpted to make it look like it has flexed muscles that can take any road you choose to drive on.

2. Lexus LS


The Lexus LS took more than five years of development. That long time spent to create a new vehicle means the brand created one of the best machines from ground up. This full-size luxury car is a thing of beauty, stability, and performance. Inside and outside, it was crafted with sophistication, which is why it is arriving with awards already from left and right. Its new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 will allow it to prance from one point to another. Its cabin is designed to give maximum comfort to the driver and the passengers. Its squared up stance means that a classic is coming back but only way better.

1. Ferrari 599 GTO


The Ferrari 599 GTO is the perfect embodiment of the Prancing Horse. It is known as the fastest ever road-going Ferrari boasting a lap time of only 1 minute and 24 seconds. As expected, the supercar was designed by Pininfarina, which means it carries a sporty similarity from its predecessors. Still, they improved it to have bolder and more aggressive front, rear, and sides. It is coated with the signature blood red paint all over. Hence, even with a quick look because it is fast, you will be drawn to it. A limited edition Ferrari, they only built 599 examples of this car.

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