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15 Shameful Thoughts Every Girl Has Had About Her Bestie’s Man

15 Shameful Thoughts Every Girl Has Had About Her Bestie’s Man

It’s no secret that female friendships are often built on mutual interests, hobbies, and goals. It’s also true that women have a tendency to become great hypocrites and skillful liars. “Oh, this dress looks so great on you! Pink definitely highlights your feminine features!”.

Does that sound familiar? Well, this is what usually happens when girls decide to go on a shopping spree at the Mall. Surely, this is what her best friends always say, but it’s hardly what they really think of the whole situation. Nevertheless, they’ll never be 100 % honest with one another even if that dress makes her look like a giant elephant. You see, it’s so hard for women to stick together especially when they’re envious of one another. Indeed, jealousy is the worst personality trait of them all.

What if your best friend starts hitting on your counterpart anyway? What would you do? Sadly, female friendships are often wrecked by a girl who will never admit to having any feelings for that special guy. Well, you can now understand why such friendships are usually doomed to failure. With that being said, you had better keep an eye on your cocky bestie especially if your guy is a charismatic and attractive one. Indeed, you never know what’s going on in her head, right?

15. “What is he doing with her?!”

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Let’s admit it: there’s barely a woman who’d not be impressed by an attractive young guy who seems as though he’s got it all together. His dazzling smile and magnetic presence have got to do something with his confidence and dignity for sure. After all, he’s such a lovely guy who’s not only super sweet but well-mannered and mature. “Why in the world has he picked her and not me?” Well, that’s a common thought that instantly goes through the mind of any jealous girl the moment she sees an old friend with a super-hot guy. Indeed, this is what jealousy looks like in reality. For the record, this is anything but a genuine female friendship.

14. “Omg, he’s totally out of her league”

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Hey, guys, if you’d love to take a step into the feminine world of women, you need to prepare yourself for a few specific “moments”. First and foremost, let’s say that girls love comparing themselves to one another. Needless to say, it’s so hard for them not to measure one another’s flaws and all. In truth, there’s barely anything that could stop them from doing it. They just want to know whether there’s something that they’re better at. Surely, this includes their manners, standard of living, looks and intimate relationships. If somehow their best friend happens to beat them all at their own game of comparisons, then their friendship is at death’s door for sure. There’s no doubt that her friend’s hot man will be dragged into their unspoken war as well.

13. “She’s not even that pretty”


Well, this is such an ugly way of putting it. Guys shouldn’t be surprised or shocked by that. Believe it or not, jealousy turns out to be quite a common reason for such a sick behavior. Actually, this girl may even be one hell of a beauty. But regardless of her extraordinary smile and unrivaled charm, there’s always one wicked girl who’s envious of her life, profession or looks. Indeed, it’s total nonsense, but it’s actually such a trivial scenario. As we’ve just mentioned, most women are envious of one another’s assets in life. Now you know why such a person would spit lies and disrespect others in general.

12. “He’s the hottest thing I’ve seen all day”

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Just imagine him walking into the local bar. What do you think would happen after he shows up at the door? Well, if you can’t think of anything curious, we’d be glad to give you a thought for food. Such a remarkable man will immediately turn heads the moment he enters the bar. Surely, women can be pretty aggressive and quite pushy while flirting with such a guy. It may not be the most exciting thing about a woman but this is what usually happens. Well, it definitely seems like hot boyfriends are quite hard to keep on a leash. But guess what, they’re not pets that you can train and walk around like a puppy.

11. “Why hasn’t he picked me?”

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We get it, girl. You’re still as infatuated with him as you were in the very beginning of your romantic relationship. In fact, you’re so happy with him that you just can’t help talking about all the things he does for you. There’s nothing crazy or untypical about it for sure. However, have you thought about the bizarre reaction of your bestie? Why does look like she’s not happy for you? Well, maybe she isn’t that glad that you’ve found your Prince Charming. Perhaps, she’s even mad at you since she thinks you’re not too good for him. All of these ideas are possible scenarios that any girl shouldn’t ignore. After all, the most attractive ones always steal the show and become the center of attention. So watch out for those female hunters, girl!

10. “I wonder if he’s really happy with her”

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Do they look happy together? If they do, then there’s no reason for her two-faced girlfriends to think she’s miserable with him or vice versa. Surely, it would be normal if her friends were actually worried about her, not him. It’s kind of ironic that her oldest and closest pals are actually worried about her blooming relationship. “What’s wrong? Don’t they like my guy?!” No, girl, they actually approve of your choice. The only issue is that they may like him way too much. It’s kind of ridiculous but it’s hardly a rare situation between best friends for sure.

9. “He’s definitely one stylish guy”

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There’s no denying that girls always spot the nicest accessories along with the clothing style of their wonderful partner. As handsome as he truly is, there’s no wonder that he’d dress to the hills every time he’s out with her. Surely, there’s absolutely no reason why she’d go out looking less glamorous and charming either. After all, there’s hardly a couple that wouldn’t want to look their very best, right? Besides, it feels so good to show off how stylish and classy you are whatever the occasion. Needless to say, it’s just another reason why this girl’s jealous friends would hate her.

8. “I hope he’s not that smitten with her”

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Seriously, what kind of a friend would say such a thing? Aren’t friends supposed to walk by our side and help us get through tough moments in life? Perhaps, this is where the problem lies with her loyal gang. Actually, there’s a great chance that one of your girlfriends might have caught feelings for your hot man. Well, it’s not a weird or an unexpected outcome, given how attractive and stunning this dude really is. In truth, there isn’t anyone who would look away from such a precious diamond, is there? You’ve finally unmasked the real enemy. Well, it definitely seems like this friend of yours has always been a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

7. “She’s put on some major weight. I hope he’s not blind to it”

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As hilarious as it sounds, it’s not the rarest thing to hear from a woman at all. As a matter of fact, this is the most painful topic discussed by girls. Surely, nobody is perfect and neither are her downright evil besties. In fact, the chance is that they’re not even that attractive or charming at all. But one thing is certain: they’ll make sure that her handsome boyfriend will notice that swollen belly. Indeed, this is what you can expect from hypocritical and tactless individuals. And no, they’re hardly that friendly and loyal at all.

6. “He’s got such an athletic body”

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Does he work out? Is the gym his most favorite place in the world? Well, his lovely girl’s company is probably his most favorite and ideal place on the earth. But anyway, let’s focus on his great body now. So, you’re saying that he loves spending time at the gym? If that’s the case with him then this could easily explain why he’s got shredded abs and pumped arms. Besides, let’s not forget that he’s also able to perform a “Wide Lat Spread” fitness pose. Isn’t that nice? In truth, he can make your girlfriends feel envious of you for being with such a sexy fitness inspiration.

5. “I’m his dream girl for sure”

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Hmm, this one sounds quite interesting. Additionally, it gives rise to the following question: what exactly makes people think so highly of themselves? There’s nothing wrong with being confident and independent, of course. But anyway, how much can be too much at the end of the day? Let’s get this straight: we’ve never heard of the existence of such an ideal person. Therefore, excuse us for being so narrow-minded right now. It’s just what it is and there’s nothing you can do about it. Besides, there’s a great chance that neither he nor anyone else is that “ideal” at all.

4. “He belongs to me”

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Oh, this is going out of hands for sure. If you feel like one of your girlfriends has grown interested in your man, then you’ve got to roll up the sleeves right away. You’ve got to get in charge of the whole situation! Otherwise, it’s going to get pretty ugly for real this time. All joking apart, how come she thinks she can have your guy? First of all, he’s got a really cute, bright and well-mannered girlfriend who’s such a positive and likable person as well. Second of all, such an obsession over anyone doesn’t really seem normal at all. Bottom line: he’s got a girlfriend and they’re happy together. So, girls, get it over with already!

3. “I know he’s into me too”


Seriously, girl? What makes you think that this handsome guy is into you? Also, what makes you believe that he even likes you?! Frankly, the last thing we’d enjoy is tearing your heart apart, but we deeply advise you to think this through. Presently, Mr. Mysterious is with her, so the chance is that he’s hardly interested in other girls no matter how hot and lovely they are. What’s even more curious is that the last woman he’d pay attention to is his girl’s best female friends. Honestly, the thought of it is quite brutal and repulsive….

2. “How come he thinks she’s even funny”?

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How come you think she’s not? Do you actually think of yourself as a better match for him? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you but this hot guy has already made his choice. So, if you haven’t noticed, Mr. Prince Charming is actually deeply in love with his girl! How crazy is this! Well, envious women are actually the worst backstabbers. So, guys, you should absolutely be prepared for such female hunters. The funniest part is that these sexually aggressive females pretend to be somebody else before revealing their true colors. Gladly, their efforts often turn to be a total failure.

1. “I wish he met me, not her”

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Honestly, there’s nothing attractive about a woman who’s two-faced, dummy and envious of her bestie’s lifestyle. Well, it often gets pretty ugly when such an immoral person becomes greedy and thirsty for more. Surely, such females often decide to go on further with their sick games by flirting with the wrong person. There’s no doubt that this kind of game doesn’t last long. When you think about all of this, it’s such a relief that Prince Charming hasn’t met that worthless and immoral individual. You see, only true love can bring jealousy, hatred, and drama down.

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