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15 Shocking Adolf Hitler Revelations You Didn’t Know About

15 Shocking Adolf Hitler Revelations You Didn’t Know About

Adolf Hitler is not a strange name among historians and even laymen like you and me. This name points directly to a man described as the greatest German dictator of all time, leader of what was Germany’s greatest party “The Nazi Party” and of course, one of the most controversial personalities in history. In as much as the name Hitler can point to a lot of descriptions, there is a lot that many people don’t know about Adolf Hitler despite numerous historians trying to decipher this rather mysterious fellow. To get you up to speed, let’s start off with a little bit of his background.

Hitler’s birth was not in Germany, as many would presume, but rather Austria. He ended up in Germany after moving there in his youth. The young Hitler soon joined the army where he relentlessly rose up the ranks to become one fine German soldier. His love for power, control and utter dictatorship became evident when he attempted a coup while in service, which miserably failed and led to his imprisonment. After his release, the rather beaten-up Hitler, wrote his first autobiography called “My Struggle”.

As as his nature would have it, in a passionate quest for power, Hitler soon became the leader of what was Germany’s most feared party, the Nazis. Subsequently, his new position of power gained him the “enviable” reputation of a cruel dictator, which everyone knows him for.

Hitler’s records are nothing to brag about, especially if human rights are as close to your heart as your soul is. This German dictator slayed close to 85 million people during WWII, a conflict he personally triggered. Apart from killing more people than there are in some of the mid-sized countries in the world, in less than a decade, Hitler is also responsible for the attempted extermination of Jews and other minority groups within Germany. He went as far as writing a book, (Mein Kampf) just to openly express his hatred towards Jews.

You think that is all about Hitler? Well, you are wrong. This dictator was not just inhumane, power hungry and dirty. These 15 Hitler revelations will leave your mouth agape!



It has been rumored over the years that through the course of the war, Hitler had become a super-junkie who was addicted to a conglomerate of  drugs. This fine dictator was hooked to cocaine, Eukodal (which is likened to heroine) plus a mix of other hard narcotics. He even went as far as injecting himself with animal hormones and vitamins that did God knows what to him.

All these “Hitler supplements” were administered by a special doctor who was assigned to handle these special “Pablo cravings”.

So what really turned Hitler into a super Junkie? Well according to history, Hitler got hooked to the “good stuff” after narrowly surviving an assassination attempt when the German resistance planted a bomb under his desk, in a briefcase, in 1944.



“If Hitler’s doing it, you have to do it!” That’s a classic dictator motto that saw Hitler’s soldiers fight on cloud nine. Wait, what do you mean?

Hitler’s drug addiction took a toll on his whole army when he placed orders that the soldiers should take meth before heading for war.

Why? So that they wouldn’t fear the British army.

Now, Meth is a drug used to stimulate the brain by getting rid of fearful thoughts and making your worst fears seem like a bunch of ponies (you’ve got to congratulate Hitler for his ingenuity here). Since our dictator fellow was also hooked to the drug, it explains a lot about why he would commit atrocities without a flicker of his conscience.

As time went by however, his troops got so hooked to meth that they could not live without it. Even when not going to war, the hooked soldiers still stuck to cloud nine for leisure.


Via: Okuryazar

Love is indeed blind. Despite his passionate hatred for the Jews, Adolf Hitler had a crush on a beautiful Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak.

No one really knows how much of a ladies’ man Hitler was, but his heart did pound some human blood and affection at times. His feelings for a girl whose community he had sworn to eliminate were quite absurd, but at the same time intriguing. It is not strange however that a mere crush on a Jewish girl never made this staunch dictator overlook his hate for the Jews.



Surprisingly, Hitler was one guy who knew how to get freaky and naughty. But how he used to get himself in the right shape for a freaky night was very absurd.

Word has it that Adolf Hitler used to inject himself with bull sperm so as to get things going between the sheets. This is extremely opposite from what lads of his time (and also of our time) used to do.

Instead of using the common supplements we know of (Viagra for instance), Hitler’s opposite route to gearing up for conjugal satisfaction was a surprise to many. What disturbs people more, is that bull sperm is not medically proven to be absorbent into the blood.

Furthermore, as much as this sounds biologically awkward, no one has proof of how effective this method was in turning him into a “bedroom bully”.


Via: Pinterest

Here we go again with another Hitler perversion. Well, word has it that Hitler had a very pretty niece going by the name Geli Raubal. The problem is, to Hitler, pretty meant too hot and therefore he could not keep his hands to himself.

It turns out that his niece was also his mistress and that their love affair lasted for more than five years before the lass was found dead, at age 23. You want to know what happened?

Well, one story tells that she committed suicide but another story suggests that Hitler killed her when she tried to put an end to the affair. This is after she confided in one of Hitler’s allies, Otto Strasser. To date, no one really knows what transpired between the two that led to the death of the lass.


Via: Pinterest

In case you did not happen to know, Hitler had his roots within the USA. Apparently, Hitler had a nephew going by the name William Patrick Hitler, who served in the US Navy during World War II.

The story of how Hitler’s nephew ended up in the US Navy starts in January 1939, when William left Germany for a visit in the United States.

When World War II broke out, he and his mother were stranded in the US with no way back to their motherland. During this period, history has it that William made a special request to the then US President Franklin D. Roosevelt to allow him to join the US Navy. Roosevelt successfully admitted him to the Navy in 1944, where he served as a Pharmacist’s Mate.

The problem is, Hitler’s jabs from his troops never spared the fellow (though they were not directly aimed at him), as he had to leave the Navy in 1947 after being wounded while in action. Gladly, for his exemplary service, William was awarded the Purple Heart.


Via: The Conversation

Who would truly love Hitler? Well, a few. What about the rest? They wanted him dead!

As a consequence of the numerous attempts on his life, Hitler was true paranoid, a meth addict and heavily guarded like a penny in a congregation of church mice. But this did not stop people from directly attempting to assassinate him. Hitler managed to survive twenty eight recorded assassination attempts! A cat has 9 lives, but this guy had a store of thirty!

Most of these attacks were staged within Germany, some taking place within Berlin and Munich. How did he manage to survive? Well, some luck and shrewd slyness from the Nazi leader sailed him through the numerous attacks on his life. Some of these attacks include the briefcase bomb that targeted him during one of his secret meetings with generals to talk about the progress of the war.


Via: YouTube

Despite being a blood hound, fervently seeking blood through the murder of thousands of Jews and other minor communities, Hitler was in love with the greens. Apparently, Hitler was a vegetarian and a staunch one for that matter. He strongly disregarded animal proteins and preferred broccoli for a good meal instead of a fat marinated steak.

Some reports suggest that there were more farms planting veggies than ranches rearing fat cows. Hitler would surely have been of more use if he disregarded human blood and embraced peace but it turns out the greens never had any good effect on his bloodily desires.


Via: YouTube

If you think the vegetarian part is confusing, try to understand this. Hitler wanted to be a priest. Yes, you read it right, a Catholic Priest for that matter.

Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t have to be Catholic to know the qualities of a priest. For Christ’s sake (literally), priests are required to be humane, understanding, loving, humble and above all obey the Ten Biblical Commandments which include “DO NOT MURDER”.

Now, some might argue that we are going hard on our blood thirsty fellow because he wanted to join the “Good Cause” before becoming a Nazi. Well, that’s accurate and if he would have followed this passion we probably wouldn’t have had World War II in the first place. However, this is most likely where the “Angel Hitler” train got derailed.


Via: YouTube

Chocolate is a favorite for ladies (for guys who didn’t know this, please take notes). Apart from buying his wife a box of fine chocolate every other Valentine’s Day (not sure if he really did this), Hitler was also among the die-hard fans of this sweet snack.

Apparently, Adolf had a chocolate addiction, not just craving. It is said that he would consume more than 1 kilogram of chocolate daily. His love was particular to the expensive and exquisite brands.

Historians are not really sure whether Hitler also believed in the tooth fairy, but one thing that’s clear is that he had a very sweet tooth!


Via: YouTube

We all know that Hitler was a natural psychopath but there is a disorder people hardly know he had. Our villain actually had one testicle.

Nobody really knows how this story became public but his dirty laundry was probably aired out for everyone to see by the mistresses he had. Before you start thinking that one of Hitler’s numerous enemies chopped it off some time back, this condition is an actual genetic disorder that occurs during the development of the fetus in the womb.

What’s interesting is that people who got to learn of this Hitler shortcoming have associated his monorchid disorder to his lack of compassion and empathy. Some have gone as far as associating this condition to him being a psychopath.


Via: Blumhouse

It couldn’t have gotten worse. Word has it that Hitler did not want his troops to be distracted by women so he commanded that his troops be given blow up dolls for entertainment and pleasure.

Now, it’s not that all soldiers in his army couldn’t tune a fine lady but this warlord wanted to dictate everything from what people ate to what they dreamed. He is quoted once saying, “It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health for the sake of a quick adventure.”

Furthermore, Hitler personally ordered for the design and building of the blue-eyed “gynoid” dolls which were designed, not surprisingly, to fit in a backpack; so that his soldiers could carry them everywhere they go (Great convenience, but should not be the last alternative for pleasure. Come on Hitler…).


Via: Truth for Germans

Hitler couldn’t swim. (Well, when he was a child at least). What’s the evidence?

Well, according to a newspaper article that was uncovered recently, Hitler was once saved from drowning in a river within his own home, by a priest. This story was told second hand by another priest, going by the name of Max Tremmel, who apparently succeeded Hitler’s “Superman Priest” and had the privilege of getting the actual story from our “Superman” himself.

According to Max, Johann Kuehberger, the priest in question, told him of how he rescued a drowning Hitler from the river Passau in January 1894. And the story doesn’t come from him alone. Residents of Hitler’s homeland have also agreed with this claim, stating that they are very sure that the rescued toddler was our very own dictator.

“He should have let him drown…” Trust me, I agree with your thoughts.


Via: Haiku Deck

Hitler was seriously paranoid and it didn’t come out of the blue. According to a 1942 Intelligence report by the British, which was designed to assess Adolf Hitler, the dictator progressively developed a passionate hatred for the Jews as his war against them and technically the entire world progressed. The report goes further to state that as World War II continued to turn against Germany, Hitler perceived the Jews as the main reason why he was losing his quest to conquer Europe.

The result of this was more Jews getting killed by Hitler and what’s more sick is that some reports suggest his paranoia went as far as him only smiling when he saw a pool or stream of Jewish blood.


Via: YouTube

No, it was not just his mouth that released hot air. Hitler was plagued with some gastric issues that couldn’t excuse him from regular gastric discomforts. Those digestive problems plagued Hitler throughout his entire life, and came with not so cozy consequences. Hitler frequently complained of flatulence, which sadly, he could not control. What’s worse? He did not want to control it.

Apart from the frequent flatulence, he was also hit with unending cramps and stomach pain, sometimes coupled with constipation and lots of discomfort after meals. Oh! And diarrhea came in close to every week.

One has got to wonder how this chap used to handle his nasty discomforts each time he had to speak in front of hundreds or even thousands of people, or if his loyal Nazis knew about his stinky dilemma.

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