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15 Shocking Confessions From Cops

15 Shocking Confessions From Cops


At some point in life everyone has had at least one dealing with a cop. It might have been a good situation and then again maybe it was not so good. They are a major part of life though and we have all come in contact with one at some point.

Some of them are good people and some of them not so much. There are those who do things by the letter and never stray from the rules and then there are those who have a better grasp on life, and know when it’s ok to cut someone a break.

Today you are going to read about both. You’ll find some shocking confessions from cops who just don’t do things the way they should. You’ll also find some confessions from cops that make other cops look bad, simply because they did the right thing at the time, or were actually nice to someone.

There is a difference though between being nice and just being stupid. For instance, a cop with a self-esteem issue is never good for the community where they work. Letting a bad driver go because they gave a hug does nothing more than put other lives in danger. Read on for some shocking confessions from good cops, bad cops, bored cops and stupid cops!

15. Is half a cop still a cop?

Cops are supposed to enforce the law. They are supposed to do this all the time, not just when they feel like it. This confession doesn’t even really make a lot of sense. “I’m a cop and I’m guilty of racial profiling…I never pull over people who I think might be illegal immigrants.” Well, why not?

Do you have a drug trade on the side that they are helping you with? Are you afraid to do a little work and actually write a ticket or make an arrest? I get the fact that he may be trying to be nice and cut people a break, but the confession is pretty vague. If someone needs to be pulled over it doesn’t matter where they are from, pull them over.

14. The smart cop

You can’t fault the cop who has a brain. Someone who has the ability to check someone out, even for personal reasons, even though it may be against department policy, should make use of it. When you are about to begin a new relationship with someone or have children who could be put in harm’s way, only the truly moronic wouldn’t take advantage of the technology at their fingertips.

The confession of “I’m a cop and you’re damn right I run a check on women before I date them. I also do it on guys that date my ex wife. I don’t want freaks around my kids,” seems to be quite normal. Who wouldn’t do this if they could?

13. The cop with a heart

When you come across a cop who understands that the decision you have made, is actually better than another decision you could have made, you have a cool cop on your hands. The cop who made the admission of “I’m a cop, whenever I see someone walking drunk in public, I give them a ride home because they’re making a better choice than driving drunk,” sounds like a pretty good guy. He could cause all kinds of problems for the drunken person but decides not to. This decision is based solely on the fact that the offending party could have made a worse decision. Good for this cop, whoever they may be.

12. The cop who cares

A cop who cares is never a bad thing to have in your community. They see things as not just responding to a call, but a chance to possible really help someone out. There is no telling if this one actually did any good or not, but at least they made the effort.

The cop confessed, “I’m a cop. Last night I talked to a girl who was going to jump off an overpass bridge. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me when she gets out of the hospital. I hope I helped her.” We can only hope that it did help. Cops who go above and beyond deserve to get a little recognition, because too many of them don’t.

11. The stalker perv

There are plenty of things that cops do that is a clear abuse of power. This one might be the one that is committed the most. This cop anonymously admits that “I’m a cop and sometimes I pull over good looking girls to get their numbers.”

If we want to analyze this we could say that since he uses the word “girls” instead of “women”, we might think that he is young and maybe not very intelligent. There is no question though, on the fact that if he keeps it up, there will come a day that he no longer has a job as a cop.

10. The cop that encourages higher education

This cop is funny and kind of cool at the same time. If you live in the community of the cop that confessed “I’m a cop and when I pull someone over that’s in a fast food restaurant uniform, I give them our local college application, not a ticket,” it must be a pretty good area to live in.

This is the type of cop that wants to actually help people. You just have to wonder if he has a limit that he reaches when he hands out a ticket or worse, instead of the application. For something minor, I see this as an ok thing, but if it were something major that puts people’s lives at risk, this isn’t cool.

9. The cop who lives in reality

When you come across a cop that realizes what is going on it’s always a nice thing. Some understand things better than others simply because they live in reality. When this cop says that “I’m a cop and I feel guilty every time I break up a house party.?? I had fun when I was younger, why can’t they?” he actually understand the reality of the situation. This is the type of cop that might let you go if they catch you doing something silly.

These are the good cops that enforce the law but also know when to cut someone a break.

8. The cop who polices with visibility

See, there are plenty of smart cops out there in the world. Sometimes the law can be enforced without the need for sirens, pull overs and handcuffs. A lot of time just being visible is enough to get the job done.

This cop says that “I’m a cop and sometimes when I see people speeding, I just follow them until they slow down to an appropriate speed.” This is an easy thing to do, it gets the person to obey the speed limit and no paperwork is needed, along with the fact the driver saves a bunch of money.

How many of us wish that we had run into this cop once or twice in our lifetimes? I’ll bet more than a few.

7. Bad parenting?

Parents do this one all the time. I really don’t see anything wrong with it as it helps to let the kid know not to do stupid stuff or to not break the law because there are consequences. So this confession “I’m a cop and I hate it when parents point at me and tell their kids ‘be good or he’ll take you to jail.’ No wonder people grow up to hate us,” is a little bit off.

When a parent tries to teach kids right from wrong and there is a visual available to help, that’s never a bad thing. This cop is just a bit paranoid.

6. A cop with a soft spot for the elderly

Depending on how you view this one, it could be good or bad. The cop confesses “I’m a cop and I refuse to write tickets to people old enough to be my grandparents. They’ve paid their dues in life already!”

There is nothing wrong with the thought process as long as the person hasn’t done anything too dangerous. The bottom line is that some people just shouldn’t be allowed on the road anymore. As long as this cop knows what those limits are and judges accordingly and realistically, it could be a cool thing. Now if he is putting other people’s lives in danger, that’s a whole different story.

5. There are some good cops out there

There are plenty of good cops in the world. Don’t let the idiots that you are reading about here today steer you away from that thought process. However, some take things maybe just a bit too far.

Having a cop on the job that is serious about their career is a good thing. But this confession, “I’m a cop, and I everyday before I start my shift I read the oath I took out loud to remind myself why I became a cop. I will always run towards the danger to protect those I serve for,” is a bit over the top. It’s awesome that they feel this way but every day? That’s a bit creepy don’t you think?

4. The dog stalker

This confession looks like it comes from someone that wants to be a cop, not someone that is a cop. The confession itself though comes from a collection of cop confessions so maybe it’s someone that is on their way to being a cop, who knows. It’s a disturbing confession though. “When I’m a cop, if people have a dog then I will pull them over just to pet their dog.” That’s just stupid.

That sounds like something that Michael Kelso would say on That ’70s Show. Nobody who is driving with a dog wants to be pulled over simply because the cop wants to pet their dog. Who has that kind of time, or that level of patience?

3. This guy likes to play games

Sometimes you just have people who are too easily amused. This guy reports that “I’m a cop and, at least once a week, I use my siren just for fun.” What exactly does that mean?

Does he sit on the side of the road and do it to scare drivers? Or maybe he uses it to clear a path to the closest Dunkin Donuts during rush hour?

The next time you hear a siren behind you, you still have to pay attention, but know that it could just be some kind of idiot in uniform that has nothing to do at that particular moment.

2. The cop with low self esteem

Wow, this guy has a lot of issues. The woman is speeding so he pulls her over, and then lets her go because she hugged him? Why was she outside of her vehicle to begin with? Go ahead and try that were you live and see how that works out for you. That’s just a joke, don’t really try that as it will end badly for you.

The confession is, “I’m a cop and I just let a really pretty blonde girl wearing yoga pants out of a citation for speeding because she hugged me and told me I’m cute. I’m embarrassed as a cop, but couldn’t help her smile.”

Did he really expect her to tell him that he is the ugliest cop she has come across in her entire life? For his sake I hope she learned her lesson and doesn’t kill someone with her driving.

1. Intentional harassment

See, right here is the reason that so many people hate the police. “I’m a cop. When I’m bored, I follow people with expired tired tags with no intention of pulling them over just to see them squirm.” There are so many things wrong with this it’s not even funny.

First of all doing this for kicks is abuse of power and it’s not funny in the least. These are the types of people who probably offer a lollypop to a baby and then pull it away without giving it to them.

Secondly, if this cop sees the law being broken and does nothing about it, isn’t that a fireable offense? Yeah this guy is a real piece of work.


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