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15 Shocking Confessions From Spouses Who Work Together

15 Shocking Confessions From Spouses Who Work Together

When you are married things can get tough sometimes. The things that life throws at you are just too much to handle at certain points. When this happens couples will argue and that’s just the way it is. However, things normally get a break when one or both of them leaves for work. Couple that work together however, don’t have this luxury.

This animosity can lead to all sorts of bad results down the road for a couple in trouble. If they can’t get away from each other, things are bound to boil over at some point. Not all couples who work together have problem though.

There are plenty that actually like being together all the time, and that’s not a bad thing at all. What you are about to read though will show you that more often than not, it’s not a good idea to work with your spouse.

There are too many things that can go wrong, like an office affair, a promotion that both are being considered for or just the average everyday flirting with the secretary.

One thing you will take from this when you are done reading it, is that if you do work with your spouse, you better make sure everything is ok between the two of you. Here are some good examples to also avoid!

15. Flirting With The Secretary

If a wife works with her husband, she is going to keep an eye on everything he does. Believe that if you believe nothing else in the world. They may tell you that they don’t pay attention but believe me, that’s not the truth.

If a couple works together and the wife thinks that the hubby is flirting with his secretary, then he probably is. If he does it in front of the wife, there are a lot of other issues going on.

If he does it in front of her, you can only imagine what happens when she isn’t around. This doesn’t sound like a good situation for the wife at all.

14. Taking Work Home

Some people like working with their spouse. There are definitely pros and cons that are involved and it just depends on how you look at things. This wife confesses that she actually likes working with her husband, until she makes a mistake.

Most of the time when you screw up at work, it stays there and only those who work with you know about it. In her case however, her husband clearly brings it home and discusses it over dinner and/or in the bedroom.

When a person can’t get away from a mistake they have made, that’s certainly something that can wear on someone’s mind. This woman might be moments away from lashing out at him!

13. Boss At Work And At Home

In a lot of marriages things at home are perfect until the couple begins working with each other. Sometimes that can expose portions of a personality that the other spouse had no idea existed.

In this case the wife says she became her husband’s boss. That’s when she learned how “needy” a person he really is. What we don’t know however, is did they work together before she was promoted? Maybe that made him feel a little insecure. Or maybe she was hired from outside of the company for the position? That could leave him also feeling very inadequate and constantly needing to prove himself.

12. Likes The Attention From Others

There really isn’t anything wrong with liking the attention that someone gives you. As long as it stays right there and you don’t act on it. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed whether you work together or not.

This woman feels that one of their patients is flirting with her and that’s just fine. She can like it all she wants. As long as she doesn’t let it go any further. It might be kind of hard to hide it from hubby if she does take it further, seeing that he works there. That wouldn’t make for a good day at the office.

11. Love Is Not Forever In The Workplace

Sometimes working with your spouse isn’t a good thing. For instance, if you are having problems at home, leaving for work each day can be a Godsend for the couple. However, if you meet up again at the office just a few minutes after leaving the house, things are bound to get even worse.

This woman confesses that she hates her hubby more and more every day. It’s not known in what capacity they work together in but it certainly isn’t a loving environment.

One of them needs to leave this job quickly or they will have a lot of other problems to worry about.

10. It’s Very Sexy To See Him In Action

Then you have the cases where the wife loves to see her hubby in action. That’s not a bad thing at all. Seeing him boss people around every day and being in charge of getting things done can be a very attractive thing to people.

It’s always nice when a man or woman takes the time to say something positive about their spouse. There is too much negativity in the world and this one is just a nice one to read. It goes to show that the world isn’t all mean and nasty all the time and that there actually are people who love each other.

9. It’s Over Now

Since there aren’t any details here to support this woman’s claim, we can only speculate as to what they are. Maybe the day to day grind of being together 24/7 has finally worn her down. Maybe he is insecure and accused her of cheating when she really hadn’t done anything? Who knows, it’s impossible to tell here.

What we can tell though, is that the marriage is over according to her. So if you work with your spouse you might want to take a moment to make sure everything is good, at work and at home. No husband wants their wife to be the writer of this comment.

8. Leaving Is Impossible

Sometimes people fail to see what the big picture holds down the road. This guy says that at one point he loved working with his wife. In those days it’s a safe bet to say that he didn’t think of what might happen in the future.

Now he wants to leave her and he obviously doesn’t have what it takes to get it done. So instead he faces her every day at home and at work and has become a depressed and anxious mess. That’s not the kind of life any human being should live, male or female. This guy has all kinds of problems and they don’t look to be ending any time soon.

7. The Boss Isn’t A Very Nice Guy

Here is a woman that loves her husband (we think). She just doesn’t like working with him because of the persona her has at the office. It’s no secret that a lot of people are different at the office than they are at home. This is especially so if you are a boss. There are certain things that you have to make sure get done each day. That’s not uncommon at all.

However, if your wife works with you, you should probably be a little nicer to her at the office. If not, she could be the one that wrote this one!

6. No More Free Lunches

This woman is funny. This situation is not very rare either. Believe me it happens all the time in the workplace. It’s the same as in a bar. Women flirt to get guys to buy them drinks. In the workplace those same women flirt to get guys to buy them lunch. Hey, why not right? If they can get it done and the guys are dumb enough to do it, more power to them!

Any husband that has a problem with this has something wrong with him. She’s saving money plus the attention probably makes her feel good about herself. As long as she doesn’t cross the line, if she played it right, she could get hubby free lunch every day too!

5. Love Triangle Issues

This is just a disaster waiting to happen. She might as well start calling attorneys right now and have one on standby. There is no way that this one is going to end well.

She works with her hubby, yet she is in love with another co-worker. It’s a co-worker who doesn’t share the same feelings. Wow, it’s only a matter of time before that co-worker opens his mouth and says the wrong thing. That’s going to make for one messy work day. Not to mention a messy home life.

This is the type of scenario that Lifetime movies start with.

4. Know Your Role

Some people have it all figured out. Those are the couples who don’t run into a lot of issues together. When each has their own role and they know what it is and where to apply it, things will usually go quite smoothly.

Here you have a couple that has him in charge from nine to five. At 5:05 however, she takes over and rules the roost. After bossing people around all day he probably doesn’t mind a bit either.

It’s the unknown that cause a lot of problems for couples. When a couple has it figured out and they remove the unknown from the equation, you will normally find a very happy couple.

3. Can’t Throw Him Under The Bus

This wife may not have a strong work ethic but at least she has some respect for her husband. That’s a nice thing to hear every once in a while. She doesn’t want to put him on the spot by calling out sick. The bosses would certainly inquire with him about how she is doing and so on. This would put him in a very bad position and if they ever caught him lying, it could cost both of them their jobs.

Maybe she should just quit and become a stay at home mom. It might have fewer consequences down the road.

2. It’s Not Always Fun And Games

Working with your husband might be a fun thing to do, until you have an affair on him and the other guy works with you. That can make things just a bit awkward. This woman is probably going through every day wondering when her hubby is going to find out her secret. Can she trust this other guy to keep his mouth shut?

On the other hand, how humiliated will hubby be if he ever finds out? Knowing that he has worked with this guy all along will not lead to good results. Neither does cheating, as this woman has found out.

1. Let The Games Begin!

This one can’t end well. Well, maybe it can. It all depends on the people who are involved. If the couple involved is professional and act like adults, this can be a fun thing for both, with both of them reaping the benefits of the other’s success.

On the other hand if they are not all grown up, it could be the beginning of the end of the marriage. Some people just can’t handle being rejected in favor of their spouse.

It would be very interesting to find out more details on them and how this worked out. For the right couple it could have very positive results. For a weaker couple however, it could be devastating.


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