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15 Shocking Things Unfaithful Men Say After Being Caught

15 Shocking Things Unfaithful Men Say After Being Caught

The responsibilities that come with relationships are sometimes hard to carry. Probably the toughest part about them is to control yourself and stay loyal to your partner. But for some people, it’s impossible and they fall into the habit of cheating on their partners. These men only care about their self-satisfaction and do not value the intimacy they hold with their partner. When they are caught doing wrong, they come up with the weirdest yet shocking excuses to cover themselves.

Cheating, these days, is very common in relationships. Studies show that one-fourth of all marriages go through rough times due to cheating and unfaithfulness. ‘All happy relationships are the same, but each unhappy relationship is unique in its own way,’ said Tolstoy. We agree with that! Here, we list some of the most shocking and unique excuses men make to justify cheating.

15. I don’t get enough action

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Men have more sexual needs than women. This is in their nature, undoubtedly. They can’t resist their sexual desires, unlike most women. When they want it, they want it. If their partner is tired from work or other activities or if their partner doesn’t feel like tiring themselves more and says no to them, they feel angry and sexually frustrated. It is this frustration that leads them to other women. Men should practice patience and understand their partners’ situations instead of only thinking about their needs. They should know when to control themselves instead of cheating.

14. It’s not what it looks like

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The first thing you’d hear a guy say when caught cheating on his partner is that the whole situation is not what it looks like and that he can explain. Sometimes, life is tough for some people in a relationship. Daily fights become a vicious cycle and everything is left unsolved. It becomes a pain for many. So in this hell, some guys try to escape the hard atmosphere in order to feel better. They go to other women and cheat on their partners, intentionally or unintentionally. And when caught, guys always have loads of excuses to give but the first reflex is to say that it’s not what it looks like and that they still love them.

13. All men do it


In our society, it’s very normal for guys to cheat no matter how wrong it is. Guys find it hard to resist temptations in today’s world. So they do it, guilt-free. Some men do it when they see other guys do it. They find the idea of being with more than one woman attractive and desire to try it too. Overwhelmed by the temptation, they cheat on their partners, not caring about the feelings their partner holds for them. It’s better to get rid of such a partner who doesn’t care about your heart or your feelings. It’s hard to spot this trait in the beginning of a relationship because most guys know very well how to win a girl over from the very first date.

12. It’s just a little bit of hanky panky


For most men, sex and love are two different things. They think it’s okay to have sex with other women as long as they love their partner. It’s their definition of loyalty. But they still fear their partner finding out about the cheating they do. They don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings yet they do it. When caught in the act, they justify it saying that they only love their partner and no other women. It was only sex and nothing more. These men should not take their partner’s feelings for granted. It’s better to think twice before getting themselves involved in sticky situations, knowing fully well how hurtful it will be to their partners if they find out.

11. My wife doesn’t attract me anymore


Most guys think looks are permanent but after marriage when they see looks fading away, they start drifting away from their wife. So they cheat and the excuse for it is that their wife doesn’t attract them anymore. They easily get tempted by other women. Instead of realizing the fact that we humans age and our looks fade with time and accepting their wife as she is, they drool over other women that they find younger and prettier than their wife. The men who cheat seem to ignore their own appearances completely. It’s a known double standard with men that they look for and demand perfection in their wife but do not care about how they should offer the same to their partner.

10. My life is too stressful


Some guys do have ongoing issues when they decide to cheat on their partners. Some men deal with drugs or alcoholic issues. Some have family issues like their relationship is not working out or office troubles. This stress at times results in something really bad. They cheat on their partners and later on regret it. For such men, it’s better to consult a therapist. It’s also the duty of their partner to help them fix the mess and make their life less stressful if they have become a factor contributing to their husband’s stress. Also, stress can make you do things that are bad but it is no justification to go on with it and make it a habit.

9. My dad did it and my mom didn’t have a problem


Some men make cheating a matter of legacy and some of them put the blame on their biology. When they see their father cheating on their mother, they find it normal to do as well. They then cheat without even a bit of hesitation, just as their father did. Some men say that it’s in their biological nature to cheat and they think it is totally okay to do so. Studies show that men do get attracted to other women a lot but that’s not their biology. It’s entirely in a man’s control to cheat or stay loyal. A man with lust and desires can ignore them if he controls himself, instead of justifying it as man’s nature.

8. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time


Some men blame it entirely on the circumstances as their reason for cheating on their partners. Men always say it was unintentional and it happened because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a silly excuse yet they try to cover themselves with it. These men are usually incapable of accepting their faults and apologizing and find it easier to blame whatever is in their reach for their actions. Needless to say, an intentional act is always a person’s own fault. It’s always in the hands of a person to hurt their partner or not. But out of habit, they must blame something for their wrongdoing, so let that be time and place.

7. I was only flirting


After cheating on their partners, most men try to pretend as it was nothing serious and that they were only flirting a bit with other women. Flirting is also cheating, by the way. Such men are in simple words, shallow and unfaithful by nature. They don’t care about how their partner feels. It’s better to judge such a person before getting into a real relationship with them. The sooner, the better. But if it’s too late when you find out about it, it’s wise to get rid of them before they try to hurt you again. Don’t let such unfaithful men be loved or forgiven.

6. I needed a change



Out of all the reasons why a man could cheat, the most bizarre is monotony. Some men tend to get bored of their daily life routine earlier than usual. The same old love turns cringe-worthy for them and they wish for an instant change. That is when the first instinct to cheat on their partner comes up. They cheat without any guilt. They feel compelled to make their life better by seeking the thrill of other relationships. And when caught red-handed, they say change is good as their cover. They justify their cheating by explaining the need to live a better life and for that a new love/partner is necessary. How can they live a new happy life by hurting someone’s feelings is beyond comprehension.

5. I don’t feel like I’m good enough for you


Some men think of cheating as one of the ways to get rid of their partner when they no longer love them. When caught in the act, they try to gain sympathy from their partner by making their cheating out to be the effect of low self-esteem. Saying I cheated because I don’t feel good enough for you is a pretense. All they need is to end the relationship and get into something new. This is a rather immature approach. If a person no longer wants to be in a relationship, he should talk it out with his partner instead of taking the long and nasty way of damaging their partner worse than hurting them with honesty which would hurt less.

4. You’re never there for me


Often, when found cheating on their partners, some men always try to shift the guilt towards their partner. They say that their partner was never enough for them or was never there for them in their hour of need. This may be true but it is never a justifiable reason why a man should cheat on a woman who has already given him so much. Some women tend to not care about their partner’s emotional and physical needs, as they can be preoccupied with their own life. This leads the guys to seek comfort in the company of other women, and cheating is usually a byproduct of when that happens. But more often than not, it’s only an excuse to cheat on their partners for men. When they have to cheat, no love could stop them from doing so.

3. You don’t get me like she does


Men who are caught cheating are often found making the excuse that their partners don’t understand them like other women do. It’s true that some women are actually all about themselves; they don’t care about the needs of their men. So the reasons behind these excuses might be genuine but that doesn’t give men any permission to betray their women. Instead, they should talk it out. There are always options to save the relationship. Often, this statement is nothing more than a lame excuse. Some men find it intimidating to connect with their partners or work out their relationship. So, they go to other women because it’s easier for them than the challenge at home. For such men, couple therapy is highly recommended.

2. I thought I’d get away with it


Some men have a love for cheap thrills. They like living on the edge. When they are in a relationship, they like to risk it for the love of danger. They indulge themselves in different affairs with other women. They think they’ll get away with it without anyone getting suspicious. But at times, they fail very badly. It is this habit of playing with fire that makes such men cheat on their partners, which is a shame. They don’t care about how much they are risking. This selfishness and craziness on their part hurts their partner leading to other issues.

1. I don’t know why I did it


This is probably the most maddening thing a woman will ever hear from a man. Some guys fail to come up with any excuses at all as to why they cheated and when they’re made to explain themselves, they fall short of any reasoning. Many factors can play a role here. It may be an underlying issue they haven’t been able to address, problems in their personal life that they’re subconsciously running from, or a scarred past that makes them unstable and unreliable in a relationship. Unattended issues manifest themselves in the form of such irrational behaviors i.e cheating on their partners. These men have seemingly perfect lives and choose to cheat. Most of the time, they will not be able to find the peace they’re looking for by cheating and end up either confessing themselves or being caught red-handed. And the excuse is nothing. Whatever the reason may be, it is not justifiable for a man to break hearts because he’s unsure of himself and what he wants from life.

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