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15 Shots Of Celebs Getting Embarrassingly Hammered

15 Shots Of Celebs Getting Embarrassingly Hammered

Celebrities are just like the rest of us — every now and then, they just want to let their hair down and have a little fun. When they do that in the privacy of an exclusive party at another celebrity’s home, that’s one thing. However, the problem is, many celebrities make the mistake of partying out at a club or bar or somewhere in public — which means the paparazzi will be keeping a close eye on them.

Celebrities are not some magical creatures who remain just as gorgeous when they’re hammered. Nope, they look just like the rest of us after a few too many rounds of drinks — like sloppy hot messes. The only thing is, unlike the regular person who may just have an embarrassing post or two on social media to commemorate the embarrassing evening, celebrities have their pictures plastered across tabloids if they embarrass themselves at the club. It’s just part of the price of fame — those million dollar pay checks come with a serving of extra scrutiny.

Here are 15 celebs captured by the paparazzi when they’re absolutely hammered. Trust us — it’ll make you feel better about that time when your friend convinced you that tequila shots was a good idea when deep down you knew they really, really weren’t.

15. Charlize Theron feeling herself on the dance floor


Charlize Theron is normally so gorgeous it isn’t even fair. Honestly — we’re pretty sure the only reason she’s been single in her life is because guys are way too intimidated by just how hot she is to approach her. In this shot, she’s out at some kind of party rocking an off-the-shoulder top, choker, and killer smoky eye. However, she seems to have had a few too many drinks, and she’s not cute dancing on the dance floor — she’s giving it her all, dancing as if no one is watching. That’s right — celebrities bust out the wacky dance moves when they’re hammered, just like the rest of us.

14. Cameron Diaz giving the paparazzi the middle finger


Cameron Diaz usually looks so sweet, but in this photo, she’s captured looking like a bit of an angry drunk. We’re not sure if this was a playful gesture at a friend taking the photograph, or genuine anger because a paparazzi had found her in the club, but either way, it’s kind of an embarrassing look. We get when celebs are angry at their privacy being invaded in their own backyards, or at the paparazzi taking shots of their children, but when you’re out on the town? It kind of comes with the territory. However, we do love the fact that Diaz is sipping on Champagne. Every night is a celebration when you’re a hugely successful celebrity, right?

13. Kiefer Sutherland So Hammered He Literally Took His Pants Off In Public


I mean, we don’t even know where to start with this one. There are quite a few shots of celebrities getting super hammered and stumbling on their way out of the club or something like that, but this takes the cake for one of the worst celebrity drunken series ever. I mean, the splayed across the ground one is bad, and the one where the flower is tucked into his waistband is equally gross, but the one that really seals the deal is where he’s shown at a table covered with drinks… WITH HIS PANTS OFF. And, by the looks of it, his underwear too. Listen, Sutherland — just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re allowed to just rock a Winnie the Pooh in the club.

12. Christina Ricci getting escorted out


In general, Christina Ricci is a pretty low key star. She’s been in the industry since she was a child, and unlike many child stars who implode by the time they hit their teenage years, she’s always kept a fairly low profile. She’s generally not tabloid material, and prefers to just live her life and take on roles in smaller indie flicks, which her fan base loves. However, even Ricci likes to hit the town every now and then, as we see here. I mean, she’s a pretty petite woman — it’s no surprise that those drinks may have hit her a little too hard!

11. Heather Locklear letting loose on a night out


Okay, first of all, we have to say — Heather Locklear definitely looks pretty incredible for her age. Sure, you wouldn’t mistake her for being in her 20s, but she definitely doesn’t look as old as she is. The mistake Locklear has made here is thinking that she can drink the same way she likely did in her 20s, when her tolerance was probably a bit higher from all the glam partying she did. Nope — the paparazzi have managed to capture her outside the club looking super hammered, while her friend gently leads her in the right direction. Hey, at least her body looks phenomenal in that top, though.

10. Daniel Radcliffe looking less innocent than usual


Listen, we get that the Harry Potter crew are now adults and able to do adult things. However, it’s still a little bit weird, given that we all watched them grow up in front of the camera, essentially. Radcliffe is shown getting in touch with his British roots here by knocking back a few pints at a bar, and even when he’s pretty wasted, he’s still a sweet guy willing to please his fans by taking some photos. Sure, he doesn’t look as fresh and red carpet ready as he usually does, but that’s kind of cute — he looks like a typical young guy, out on the town with his buddies. 

9. Christina Aguilera forgetting all about her red lipstick


Here’s the thing about red lipstick, as Christina Aguilera likely learned after seeing this photo — it can look absolutely stunning on, and give you a retro vixen vibe that many guys totally dig. It can be a great choice for going out. However, the moment you accidentally swipe at your face in a drunken gesture, or anything like that, it smudges and makes you look 1000% more like a hot mess than you did before. Sure, the half-closed eyes is a pretty clear giveaway that she’s had a few too many drinks here, but it’s the lipstick smudge that really screams ‘I’m hammered.’

8. Kate Moss looking like a hot mess


The thing with supermodels is that, thanks to that bone structure, they look better than the average person in just about every situation. Just take a look at Kate Moss here. On the one hand, she looks totally hammered, with crazy tousled hair and a blank expression on her face. On the other hand, with a little bit of retouching, this could look like a photo shoot for some kind of rocker chic brand. Moss has been a bit of a notorious party girl in the past, so honestly, she’s probably not even bothered when a shot of her emerges in the tabloids after a night out anymore.

7. Britney Spears looking a little worse for the wear


When she first got her start in the industry, Britney Spears tried to keep a bit of a squeaky clean image — with a hint of sultry schoolgirl, of course. Over the years, her look has evolved, but she’s still remained the princess of pop, pumping out songs that are incredibly catchy but not exactly heavy hitting. And it seems that the princess of pop likes having a few drinks every now and then, as we see in this picture. Britney normally looks so gorgeous, but in this shot it seems like all her make-up has worn off, she’s been captured from an awful angle that accentuates her chin in a terrible way, and her hair is somehow sweaty and greasy at the same time. Yikes!

6. Lindsay Lohan drunk and stumbling down the hallway


There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was a squeaky clean redheaded Disney teen, starring in innocent films and rocking the red carpet with her curvy physique. Then, she hit a bit of a rough patch in her life, slimmed down, started getting mixed up with all kinds of substances, and began hitting the clubs on a regular basis. Here, Lohan is captured at some type of an event having had a little too much to drunk. That grey fringed dress probably looks totally stunning when she’s standing up and posing, but it just makes her look a bit more of a hot mess when she’s sprawled across the floor, obviously wasted.

5. Paris Hilton so drunk she has to be carried out of the club


Paris Hilton has been one of Hollywood’s party queens for quite some time. It makes sense — unlike many other celebrities, who likely get yelled at by their agents and publicists of they make too much of a scene when they have a new project coming out, Paris… basically makes her money by being Paris. She’s a socialite, so while she may dabble in reality television and music and film every now and then, it’s not a serious career for her — which means there aren’t any serious consequences for being captured looking hammered after a night out. In this shot, Hilton is being literally carried out of the club by security — a little too many shots, perhaps?

4. Kourtney Kardashian barely able to walk


The Kardashians are no strangers to being documented — they’ve spent the past several years of their lives having every moment filmed for their reality television show, after all. However, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect in front of the cameras at all times — they’ve gotten just as many embarrassing paparazzi shots as the average celebrity. In this photo, Kourtney is pictured having a night on the town with her girls, and has obviously had a few too many because her friend is literally clutching her by the waist to keep her upright. Hey, you’ve got to cut loose every now and then, right?

3. Pamela Anderson having what seems to be a rough night


Pamela Anderson made her name as a sultry star back in the 1990s, and has been hanging around the industry ever since. Her oversized assets and blonde locks were a huge part of her image for years, and though she’s mixed that up a little by chopping off her hair for a new look, the shots with the long blonde hair are still the most iconically Pam. In this picture, she’s captured leaving a club with what looks like a stained tube top dress with the seam somehow twisted around her body, and her hair sweaty and tousled. Oh, and she’s clutching her head like she needs to physically hold it together. That’s a sign of way too many shots.

2. Beyonce looking fierce, even when she’s wasted


Beyonce is pretty darn savvy when it comes to her career. She somehow manages to keep raising the stakes with each new project she works on, and her fans — the Beyhive — are absolutely devoted to her. She’s never really been the party girl type, especially not now that she’s a mother, but Mama Bey still likes to go out every now and then to have a few drinks with her hubby, or to schmooze at an industry event. Here, she’s pictured slumped over in her sequinned green dress in the back of a luxe car, absolutely hammered — although, to be honest, she still looks pretty fierce.

1. Tara Reid in her party girl days


At the start of her career, Tara Reid played the ditzy blonde girl in countless teen flicks, but her real life wasn’t quite like that. Once she got a taste of fame and the party scene, Reid got a little wrapped up in it, and soon turned from a rising starlet to a hot mess who spent too much time at the club. In this shot, she’s absolutely smashed, and is sitting down with her clutch beside her and her heels half off as she appears to be talking to someone behind the camera. It’s just not a cute look. This is precisely why most celebrities have a team to hold them up and whisk them into a waiting car before the paparazzi get a truly embarrassing shot.

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