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15 Shows On Netflix Only Losers Watch – Part 2

15 Shows On Netflix Only Losers Watch – Part 2

Netflix made some pretty good original series; House of Cards and even the popular teenage show 13 Reasons Why. They also have some fan favourites in the Marvel-Verse Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal and even Grey’s Anatomy from Shondaland are popular fan favourites. They are also popular with critics too! Subscribers are even calling for Netflix to make a deal with HBO for Game of Thrones. It is after all difficult to wait until 2018 or 2019 for the final season to be written. What else is there to do until then but to binge watch the entire series?

If you’re going to pay for a video on demand streaming service, it is best not to be a complete loser about it. By being a complete loser, we’re referring to watching a show that no one watches because it’s lame and well because the ratings are low. It’s a bit harsh but Netflix does not stand alone in the creation of series that only losers watch. In fact, on the list, there are series that are not Netflix originals but they’re just on the list because Netflix added them to their line-up. So, if you don’t want to risk being a loser, then read this list.

15. The Cleveland Show


The show follows Cleveland Brown, an African American friend of Quahog native Peter Griffith who stars in the Seth MacFarlane Family Guy series. Cleveland was amazing on Family Guy and the series was okay but then it became lackluster. In the show, his family is a blended one, he has a son from a former relationship and his wife has two children from hers. The show has only four seasons and it was canceled. Maybe it was intended to target African Americans, who knows but it was terrible and did not receive good reviews from critics. Some even compared it to be the worst spin-off on television since Private Practice. After it was canceled, Cleveland and his family returned to Quahog similar to a child moving back home after a failed attempt at living life.

14. F is For Family


The F is probably meant to be a placeholder but you’d never know. The show is set in the 1970s. There is no way that anyone wants to watch a 1970s animated sitcom that seems to be an imitation of family animated sitcoms The Simpsons and Family Guy (in both shows, the parents have three kids and a dog and F is for Family has the same family structure and of course the mother is a housewife). The show’s reviews are above average but it can be painful to watch especially if you’re a fan of more established animated sitcoms. The show is not bad. It’s just that we’re going to consider you a loser if you choose to watch it over The Simpson, Family Guy, American Dad or even Bob’s Burgers. We are not biased to network shows!

13. Power Rangers Turbo


Okay, growing up. Power Rangers was a show every kid enjoyed and had a favorite ranger that they wanted to be. This series though reminds us that we are too old to want to be Power Rangers. This is probably one of the worst series of the franchise. Turbo introduces to a spoiled adolescent Blue Ranger that no one wants or wanted to be. He is so annoying that even bible character Job wouldn’t have the patience to deal with him and may punch him in the throat. Anyways, fans of the show couldn’t take Turbo seriously for several reasons and despite hating the show, Netflix still decided for whatever reason to pick up the rights to it and bore their subscribers to death with it. It’s your choice to watch it, but if you do; L is for Looser.

12. Marco Polo


Netflix actually made a show out of the game we play in the water! Just kidding, but seriously history taught us a lot about the explorer. Netflix should have just left it for the books. Instead, they chose to make a horrible series. Only the nerds would love a show like it and the audience rated it highly. However, the critics (people who actually get paid for their opinions because everyone cares about their opinions) gave the show poor ratings. No wonder the show had to be canceled after only 2 seasons and a total of 21 episodes. Netflix lost too much on the series because only losers watched it. The rest of us, either left our desire for all things history in high school or were smart enough not to trust a show that may have been historically inaccurate in some aspects like most.

11. Dexter


There are so many things were wrong with Dexter apart from the fact that he needed to be stopped and put down by the cast of Criminal Minds. Oh right, different network. And well he was only a serial killer because he considered himself to be a vigilante. The Showtime show was great in its first four seasons but after that, it was like the writers of the series didn’t know what other plot twists to add to the show and they ran out of ideas so they just wrote anything that came to mind. Thankfully, Showtime finally decided to call it quits after 8 seasons. If you continue watching it after season 4, we may just have to consider revoking your card to the cool club, because really who has time to watch a show that is poorly written out?

10. Chelsea


Well, the show stars Chelsea Handler and is one of Netflix’s biggest disappointments. We love Chelsea but we just don’t like her show on Netflix. She is not funny and you don’t expect to find a talk show on Netflix. If you’re going to watch a talk show on Netflix, it has to be good and it has to be well conceived. You can’t just “wing” a talk show and expect people to like it; it has to be planned. It is not interesting to watch at all as the critics were literally thrown a bone with this show. If you want to watch a talk show, try something a little more entertaining and to think this disaster was continued for two seasons comprising of one hundred and thirteen episodes is highly shocking and unbelievable. Shame on you Netflix and all the losers who encouraged it.

9. Between


The status of a show is usually unconfirmed when it sucks and the Canadian drama sucked. It only had two seasons thus far and a third has not yet been confirmed. Additionally, it is not a show you want to watch because the plot is confusing as ever. The writers stray; is the series following teenage pregnancy and running away from issues or is it following the plague that kills everyone over the age of 21? It was all too confusing and whilst iCarly and Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy was a hit in the kids’ series, it prepared her well for Between because critics praised her for probably being the only good actor in the series. If they do decide on a Season 3, they should consider changing the actors and the writer of course.

8. Touch


It seems we can only take Kiefer Sutherland seriously when he plays the superhero who ends up saving the day and well also when he plays the Designated Survivor. Both shows are his cups of tea in that they are both political dramas. Touch was one of those shows that we were not comfortable seeing him in. It’s no surprise that Touch was canceled after only two seasons because it was a depressing family drama in which he was the single father of an autistic boy who was good with numbers. The show’s writers probably wanted to bring awareness to the disability but it was a bit overdone. Watching the TV show was more of a chore than entertaining as it was hard to follow the plot because it just didn’t add up.

7. 90210


90210 is a remake of the original show and aired between 2008 and 2013. Netflix has hundreds of shows to watch so anyone caught watching this new remake is a loser as there are barely any similarities between this show and the original one. It is uninspired and can be deemed as an imitation. For those who didn’t know, the show is named after a Beverly Hills zip code so if you expect it to follow rich teenagers, you are right on the money. It started off with a good viewership and toward the end of the fifth season, viewership and ratings dropped. Another teenage drama added to Netflix when there is so much to watch that does not fit the stereotypes of rich teens being snotty and well other teenage issues that we are well aware of.

6. Night Shift


When you have medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy that is on its fourteenth season and have watched shows like ER and Scrubs, a show like Night Shift is not one you should be too keen to watch especially if its promotional poster features a doctor in the hospital on a motor cycle. So, though most of the doctors on this show are military, Grey’s Anatomy also has hot doctors who served in the military and the plot is actually good. The cast is a bit disappointing and the plot is a bit too dramatic and unrealistic. In a way, one of the doctors is like Meredith and Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy and trying to be better doctors than their parents. It just seems as though this show has borrowed its plot from several medical dramas including House. So aim to be a fan of a more original series that has more than four seasons under its belt.

5. Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove was a three-season Netflix Original horror series. The series was just that, a horror and totally uninspiring and unoriginal as it seemed as though the writers had copied plots from other shows and decided to create a mash-up show set in a small town and call it Hemlock Grove. But in case you still want to be a loser and continue watching it; it is set in a town and focuses on two extremes of wealth, the poor and the filthy rich. A lot of secrets were held by the townspeople and as you can predict the secrets made up the sinister tales that would form the plot to this series. The series only made it to three seasons so that is enough to thank God for.

4. Star-Crossed


This show can be compared to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, girl meets an alien and falls in love and all related clichés about themes of teenagers and forbidden love can be found in this show. It was so cliched that it was canceled after one season yet Netflix added it to their list. The synopsis may seem cool and appealing but do not watch this girl meets alien futuristic series! The show probably could have had some potential as the forbidden love was equivalent to the feud the Montagues and the Capulets had in Romeo and Juliet. Only this time, the feud was between the humans and Atrians (aliens). Of course, we are in full support of the survival of the human race over any alien species.

3. The Characters


The Characters is a Netflix original show that stars up and coming comedians. The series has eight episodes with each comedian doing their own episode. It is hard to start with where this show goes wrong because there are so many things that are just wrong. Maybe that is why they have not continued it in 2017 and well the year is almost over. Anyone watching this show would compare it to Saturday Night Live as it was intended to mirror that sketch comedy but it was a huge disappointment. On paper, it was a good idea for Netflix to give these young people a chance to make their mark but there were more misses than hits on the show so it is not worth your time to watch although it’s only half hour. But then losers have a lot of time to waste.

2. Marseille


So in Marseille, Netflix sort of copied the plot from its own original series House of Cards for a French version. One season has shown thus far and the second season was set to air in 2017 but since we’re in November now, it is a bit strange that it has not aired yet. Everyone sort of liked it but the French and well who would know better about French politics than the French so if they hate it, we automatically hate it too because the French are rumored to have good taste. If the French hate it, then it is possible that there is not going to be a second season. Netflix should have just stuck with House of Cards as television viewers are already bombarded with several political dramas and Marseille would not be an obvious first choice.

1. Ringer


We love Sarah Michelle Gellar especially as Buffy and in Scooby Doo. What we hate is a network making a series where she had to be the main actress of a very poor plot. There was a lot of potential for the series but the best thing about it was Sarah. Maybe she deserved a plot that was filled with more action and butt-kicking. The plot was too serious but had some unexpected twists, yet stereotypes were also highlighted. Sarah didn’t deserve to be cast in a show that was canceled before it even made it to the second season. She was probably disappointed but that’s Hollywood for you. Despite how much we love Sarah, if you watch Ringer, you will be labeled as a loser indefinitely.

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