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15 Shows On Netflix Only Losers Watch

15 Shows On Netflix Only Losers Watch

Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch television and movies. It has come a long way since essentially being a video rental outfit several years ago. These days, Netflix is giving the major television networks a run for their money as more and more people subscribe to their convenient and reasonably-priced service. It only makes sense that people would prefer to watch their favourite movies and television shows when the mood strikes. It’s a much more convenient alternative to having to tune into your favorite show at a specific time. Netflix allows you to binge watch shows instead of making you wait for weekly episodes.

Netflix has been rapidly expanding its empire and is now in the business of creating their own original productions. They have also taken several popular shows from the past and put them into syndication. These days, you can choose from hundreds of television shows and movies but this type of fast growth comes with its drawbacks. Even though Netflix says that they take pride in delivering quality programming, the reality is that the quality has been compromised recently with the addition of so many shows. A lot of these shows are truly terrible and only losers will ever watch them. You will probably want to avoid the 15 shows on Netflix only losers watch.

15. Fuller House


Once again we have a television show that absolutely nobody will admit to watching yet it apparently gets decent ratings. Go figure!! Dave Coulier is about as funny as a case of hemorrhoids but neither Coulier nor hemorrhoids can hold a candle to Bob Saget when it comes to being painful to endure. Everything about this show from John Stamos’s hair to the mind-numbing stories and bad gags is geared towards those who are either in the 6-10 age bracket or just feeble minded. It’s pretty much the same show as it was 25 years ago except more of the washed-up cast members have been through rehab. Lori Laughlin is still a pretty hot looking cougar but you’d have to be a real loser to watch this show just because of that.

14. Iron Fist


George Carlin humorously pointed out some of the things that you never hear in real life such as “Dad, you really should drink more” or “Do what you want to the girl, just leave me alone!” Another thing that you will probably never hear is “Hey dude, did you catch Iron Fist last night? It was awesome!!” You probably won’t hear that because Iron Fist is one notch above abysmal. Marvel has given us some pretty good entertainment in recent years but this show seems like it took all the rejected ideas from other similar shows and mashed them together. Iron Fist simply can’t be taken seriously and neither can the show’s handful of fans. Even though the series was met with many unkind words from critics and viewers alike, Netflix has ordered a second season.

13. The Ranch


Ashton Kutcher is quite talented and can play the part of the lovable goof quite well. Sam Elliott is also quite respected as are Debra Winger, Elisha Cuthbert, and even Danny Masterson to a certain extent. When you include guest stars like Jon Cryer, Martin Mull, and Lou Diamond Phillips, one would be safe in assuming that you’d have a great television show. The actors on NetFlix’s The Ranch do a pretty good job but their efforts are largely in vain as there are a couple of key ingredients that are missing. Namely, good writing and inventive plots. This show does have its moments but they are few and far between. The series has been renewed for 2018 so those that like predictable humor and clichéd stories can waste away in front of the television for another season.

12. Friends from College


There is so much wrong with this Netflix experiment. The show had a lot of expectations despite the clichéd premise. After all, it’s got a decent cast and the trailer was kind of funny. However, once the show hit the airwaves, viewers and critics alike quickly panned it. These folks are Harvard grads? Even more unbelievable is how such a collection of annoying people can stand each other, let alone be such a close-knit group. These characters are quite despicable. If there is one thing that these confused individuals can do well it’s giving pointers on how to be an accomplished loser which has got to be the reason that a small audience still tunes in. With a little luck, this show will be a distant memory in the very near future.

11. Flaked


Will Arnett is a truly hilarious dude who has had a few very memorable roles. If there is one guy that can act like a douche on screen, it is Arnett and he does it with a high level of artistry. The only reason to watch his latest Netflix series, Flaked, would be to watch him act like a hypocritical douche. He plays a guy named Chip who is a recovering alcoholic that still likes to pound one back every once in a while. He comes across as being a bit of a sage but he really hasn’t much of a clue. Sound familiar? Do you know anybody like that? If you do then there is a pretty good chance that they have seen this struggling Netflix offering that recently got renewed for a second painful season.

10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


When you see the words “hilarious” and “feminist” used in the same sentence when describing a television show, it should set off a few alarms. Oh yeah, throw the word “musical” into the description and those alarms should be loud and clear. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend doesn’t really bring any fresh ideas to the table but to be fair there aren’t many new television programs that do. The show revolves around Rebecca Bunch who was educated at Harvard and Yale. She gives up her job as a real estate lawyer at a top firm in New York to start over in California where she tries to find happiness and love. Puke!! It would be easy to see how this show would attract a bit of a female audience but it’s the type of show that only losers watch.

9. Haters Back Off!


It’s one thing to keep people entertained for a few short minutes but it is an entirely different thing to do it for a half hour on an ongoing basis. Fans of Colleen Ballinger are finding this out the hard way. It’s true that this YouTube sensation made a lot of people laugh when she introduced her character, Miranda Sings, to YouTube audiences in 2008. Miranda is convinced that she is a multi-talented performer but she is so terrible that it’s actually funny. Well, it’s funny in small doses anyway. Having Miranda Sings stretch out her comedy stylings for 30 minutes is nothing short of painful. Proving to viewers that quality has taken a back seat to volume, Netflix has renewed this show for 2017 and the dumbing down of society continues at a breakneck speed.

8. Prison Break


If you’re looking for a way to pass the time while you are in a coma then Prison Break is the show for you. It’s very rare that we get the opportunity to actually sleep through a television show and not really miss anything but this series manages to do just that. Those who are intrepid enough to check out an episode or two of this brain-cell-killing series will soon see that it doesn’t really go anywhere. Speaking of going nowhere, the show ended after 4 seasons in 2009 but it has been reprised for some reason. Most of the characters are back including one of the main players who supposedly died during the original finale. You know that a show that tries to make a serial rapist somewhat likeable is going to attract its share of losers.

7. Dexter


Honestly, this series had some very good moments during its eight-year run but it got a little tiresome after a few seasons to the point that it became unwatchable. This show featured a lot of douchey characters as well as a near-incestuous relationship between the title character and his on-screen sister. The one genius thing that this show’s creators did was make us root for a bad guy. After all, Dexter’s “dark passenger” only preyed on people that had darker passengers than he did. His ability to evade capture at the end of nearly each episode became so predictable that it bordered on sheer ridiculousness. Watching the first 4 seasons of this show is forgivable because they are really quite good but your IQ will become noticeably lower if you exceed that limit.

6. Glee


Where to start? This musical-drama-crudfest appealed to younger viewers who were losers-in-training. There wasn’t a controversial hot-button issue that this show didn’t attempt to tackle and the show’s creators did it in an in-your-face way. The plot lines were clichéd and delivered in a predictable way and the music was gratingly cheesy. The cast was comprised of the crème de la crème of douchebags like Lea Michele, Cory Monteith (RIP), and noted kiddy-porn lover Mark Salling. Thankfully, the last episode was aired in 2015, after a 121-episode run. Netflix has picked up this show and is bringing it to a whole new generation of aspiring losers as well as older losers that need a bit of a refresher. Even though there is absolutely no need for it, rumour has it that there is a spinoff in the works.

5. Star Trek: Enterprise


One of the great things about the original Star Trek series is that those episodes were created and written by legendary genius Gene Roddenberry. Those original episodes were quite creative and viewers were forced to use their imagination. Those that were captivated by this science fiction entertainment will forever be known as “Trekkies”. After Gene Roddenberry’s death, the franchise took an immediate dive with the series Star Trek: Enterprise. Gene must have rolled over in his grave as this uninspired dumpster fire tortured viewers for its 4-year run. Unlike the original which spawned a few good movies and a generation of Trekkies, Enterprise was dumbed down and put a stain on the franchise. It spawned a generation of Trekkie wannabes who didn’t have the capacity to follow the more complex sci-fi twists of the original.

4. Rules of Engagement


One of the biggest problems with the comedy television show Rules of Engagement was that it wasn’t all that funny. This mid-season replacement was produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions which might have something to do with it as Adam Sandler isn’t really known for being a comedic genius. He’s more of an annoying buffoon that specializes in being predictable and repetitive. Throw in the fact that this bomb of a show stars douche-extraordinaire David Spade and you have a terrible series that caters to losers. Not many people admit to watching this uninspired tripe and the series certainly didn’t impress critics yet it managed to garner barely enough viewers to get respectable ratings which is likely one of the reasons why Netflix decided to offer it on their service.

3. Real Rob


There are more than a few questions surrounding Rob Schneider’s latest project, which can be streamed on Netflix. However, the biggest question is why a streaming service that prides itself on its quality entertainment would feature such a garbage show that stars one of the most untalented comedians we’ve seen in decades? Is there a word in the English dictionary that describes offensive, clichéd, wandering, predictable, and stupid all in one word? This show went beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel when it brought in David Spade to guest star. And to think that Netflix recently renewed this big honking steamer for a second season? It just goes to show that quality isn’t as important to Netflix as they would have us believe and Real Rob provides all the proof you need.

2. Pompidou


The British have given us some truly hilarious television over the years. Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Benny Hill, and even Mr. Bean have provided those who have tuned in with a whole lot of laughs. Then there is the “experimental” all-visual comedy Pompidou, which attempts to bring back silent comedy for a modern audience. This is quite possibly the worst comedy ever and it would probably fail to elicit any laughs from an audience that was tripping on magic mushrooms. Some losers might try to defend the show by saying that it’s masterfully eccentric or that the humor is too advanced for the average idiot to comprehend but they would be blowing hot air. If you hear people around the water cooler discussing episodes of this disaster of a show then steer clear.

1. House


Losers tend to identify with self-centered know-it-alls that have the social skills of a rabid wolverine, which is why many of them continue to watch reruns of the medical drama House. The creators went out of their way to make Gregory House seem like a modern day Sherlock Holmes except that Sherlock Holmes is a lot more likeable. The same type of story took place in each episode for eight seasons. Somebody gets a mysterious illness and is promptly misdiagnosed. Dr. House has some kind of epiphany or controversial insight and, against the wishes of his superiors, he proceeds to perform a high-risk procedure to save the patient’s life. If you want to learn some of the finer points of being a loser then just watch how he treats his patients when he is on duty at his walk-in clinic.

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