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15 Signs He’s About to Call It Quits

15 Signs He’s About to Call It Quits

Having a bae is one of the best feelings in the world. You have a confidant, a partner in crime, and a support system; plus the bedroom benefits aren’t too bad either! But sometimes good things have to come to an end. At the beginning of your relationship, you both had stars in your eyes and couldn’t get enough of each other’s company. You thought you had found “the one” and got butterflies in your stomach whenever he texted you. Now, something just doesn’t feel right. Whenever you are with your partner, something in your gut tells you things have changed. Dates, which you both used to look forward to, now fill you with dread because you cannot predict how he will act. You’re always fighting, he’s become distant, or he suddenly starts saying rude things to you that he never would have said before. Those are the most obvious signs, but there are other, more subtle hints that your boo is planning to break up with you. Any big changes in his personality could be a sign he’s about to peace out. Maybe he’s gained a bunch of weight or maybe he’s gotten super in shape. Perhaps he is annoyed by every single thing you do, or he could not notice anything; even if you are purposely acting out to get his attention. He might always want to go out and party, or perhaps he has become a total shut-in couch potato. Keep reading for 15 sure signs your BF is about to dump you!

15. He’s Stopped Communicating

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During the “honeymoon phase” of your relationship, you and your boyfriend were in constant contact, even when you were not physically spending time together. Between texting, calling, social media messages, and emails, there was rarely a moment when you could not reach him. Now, though, trying to get him to respond to your messages is practically impossible. He either doesn’t reply at all, or takes a super long time to get back to you. When he does respond, it’s usually “conveniently” too late to make whatever plans you suggested. The worst part is, you can see that he has been on social media recently, based on his posts and likes, so it’s not like he has no free time. His in-person communication has suffered, too. Whenever you try to talk to him, he acts uninterested, doesn’t listen, and seems like he would rather be anywhere else but with you. He might act moody but refuses to explain what he is thinking or feeling.

14. He’s Stopped Talking About The Future

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At one time, the two of you would talk for hours about the future. Where you wanted to live, how many kids you wanted to have, pets you liked, and dreams for your wedding. But now those dreamy conversations have come to a halt. You can’t get your man to talk about what he is doing this weekend, let alone a few years down the road. If he does talk about goals, he suddenly doesn’t agree with any of his past ideas, or with yours. He might also be willing to talk about himself, but never bring up things that involve both of you, like vacations. If this is the case, he is probably planning a future without you in it. Test the waters by pointing out a fun activity the two of you could do a few months down the road. If he balks, he’s probably planning on being out of the picture by that time.

13. He’s Not Afraid To Hurt Your Feelings

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Back at the start of your relationship, your bae would have never dreamed of hurting your feelings. Now, though, he has started taking jabs at you. He has started using you as a “punching bag” for mean words, and you deserve better. It probably started with him not approving of your outfit, or calling you clingy for wanting attention. Now he might call you fat, bring up hurtful things from your past, or call out your insecurities during fights. Hurting you emotionally is your man’s cowardly way of putting you off to make the break up easier on you. He might even hope you dump him before he dumps you, either because he’s a wuss or because he wants to seem like the “good guy” in the situation to other people. This behavior is definitely considered verbal abuse, so do yourself a favor and get out of there before it gets worse!

12. He Has No Time For You

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You have memorized both his work hours and the times of the other activities your BF enjoys, so you know your man’s schedule as well as you know your own. So if he suddenly claims to be super busy and can’t find time to hang out with you, you should be majorly suspicious. Out of nowhere, he has every single minute of the day planned and refuses to make time for you. If you follow him on social media and can see he has been chilling with his friends but will not take you on a date, he’s already gone in his mind. Even worse, he may get annoyed with you if you keep asking when you can go out. If he plays the “I need space” or “I need some alone time” cards, but you haven’t seen him in over a week, your relationship is knocking on death’s door.

11. He Goes Out A Lot . . . Without You


There is nothing wrong with letting loose and having a little fun with friends, especially after a long day at a tough job! But if your BF goes out basically every night, you should be worried. He is trying to drink away the pain of being in an unsatisfying relationship, which is not good for his body or his mind. Just as hurtful as the constant partying though, is the fact that he is doing it without you. Having nights out with “the guys” once in awhile is normal, but if he is scheduling those more often than hang sessions with you, it is easy to see where his priorities lie. If he doesn’t even bother telling you his plans, he clearly wants out of the relationship. Painting the town red without you is a sign that he misses the single life and isn’t ready to settle down with you.

10. He’s Stopped Doing Romantic Gestures

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The honeymoon stage of relationships often involves cute, romantic gestures from your boo. Surprise flowers, a box of chocolates, taking you to your dream date location, anything to make you smile. The two of you probably have an entire dictionary of pet names for each other and talk in your own weird language full of inside jokes no one else understands. If he has stopped doing nice things for you, even small things like calling you a pet name, he probably is no longer committed to the relationship. When you say “I love you”, he never says it back. As relationships progress, the grand romantic gestures get fewer and further between, and that is natural. It would get exhausting! But if he can’t even bother to compliment your outfit, take out the trash, or update you on his schedule, kick him to the curb before he dumps you!

9. He’s Stopped Being Intimate

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Let’s be honest: men love having sex. They especially love having sex with women that they love and find attractive. That is why if your BF has stopped being intimate with you, you are probably in for a break up soon. You should be especially worried if his love language is physical touch, and getting busy was his primary way of showing affection towards you. A lover of PDA who suddenly will not touch you is a bad sign for sure. It is bad enough if he does not initiate sex anymore just because he fell out of love with you. An even worse reason behind this behavior could be, that he is fulfilling those needs with other women. Try to avoid a revenge affair of your own, and talk about your “dead bedroom” with your man. If he still shows no interest, move on before he dumps you, girl!

8. He’s Stopped Putting Effort Into His Looks . . .

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When a guy stops caring about the relationship he is in, he will stop putting forth any kind of effort. Not only will he stop acting nice to you, but he will not bother to improve himself, either. It starts with showing up to a date unshaven. Soon, his hair gets greasy and long, his wardrobe seems to be entirely composed of sweatpants, and you notice a pot belly starting to flop over his pants waist. This behavior could be a result of depression over being in a relationship he wants out of. If he does not feel good inside, he probably is not feeling up to putting in the work to look good either. He could also be sabotaging the relationship by purposely turning you off. He’s a coward who does not want to have to dump you, so he is trying to make you call it quits instead!

7. Or He’s Suddenly Obsessed With Them

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might notice your man is suddenly really obsessed with how he looks when he did not really care before. He has always looked hot (obviously, or you would not have gone out with him!), but now he spends hours choosing the right outfit, working out, and fixing his hair. He has gone out and bought an closet full of expensive new clothes, got a new haircut at the barber, and is rocking a seductive new cologne. He has also traded binge watching for the weight room. This extra primping means he is definitely on the prowl for a new girl. At this point, he is just stringing you along until he can find someone better, then he will break up with you. Extra warning signs include active use of dating apps, sexy new photos on social media, and roaming eyes whenever you are out together.

6. He Clears Your House Of His Stuff

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Most couples leave things at each others’ houses, and your man used to be no different. Spare socks, a season of a show you watch together on DVD, and even a designated toothbrush, all used to live at your apartment. Neither of you thought anything of leaving things at the other’s place before, because you could always get it later. So if your BF suddenly decides to clear your place of all of his stuff, you should probably be worried. No one likes that awkward moment after a breakup when you have to return each others’ stuff, so he is trying to save you both that embarrassment by being proactive. He is quite literally removing parts of himself (in the form of his random shirts) from the relationship. Cleaning up his loose ends will allow your bae to make a fast getaway, and this is a sign that it will be soon.

5. He’s Annoyed By Traits He Used To Find Charming

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At the beginning of your relationship, your boo probably thought your quirks were cute. He loved how you always snuggled your cold feet under his legs to warm them up. He laughed about how you had a physical need for Chinese food after a night of heavy drinking. He found your super loud signature laugh adorable. Now, though, your boyfriend gets irritated by the weird things that make you who you are. Any time you try to act silly, he instantly snaps at you. He often tells you to “grow up”, or makes negative comments about your quirky personality traits. When you are in love, you look past or even embrace all the crazy things that make your lover unique, but when you are ready to move on, they seem annoying. This is what is happening in your guy’s brain, so prepare yourself for a breakup sooner rather than later.

4. He Doesn’t Care If You Flirt With Other Guys


Remember how your boyfriend used to hate when you talked to other guys? Male friends and flirting was probably the topic of one of the first fights of your relationship. However, now he seems like he could not care less. This major shift in attitude, is a sign that your man simply no longer cares if he loses you to someone else. It may even signify that he encourages it! He might want you to talk to other men because he wants to get with other girls. A breakup is easier when you both have someone else to move on to! He no longer wants to be in a relationship with you, so your man really does not care what you do at this point. Just be sure to avoid cheating on him while you are still technically together; he could use this against you if the breakup turns ugly.

3. He Turns Everything Into A Fight

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On the rare occasion that you actually do get to hang out with your BF, he is always in a crabby mood. Every single thing you do or say seems to make him mad. It could be as small as wearing an outfit that he does not “approve” of or bigger, like you were late to meet him for your date. Regardless, when someone used to greet you with a smile, but now is nothing but irritated with you, things have clearly changed between the two of you. Worst of all, is when he acts annoyed when you ask for something that should be expected in a romantic relationship, like sex or more face time together. If you two fight more often than you don’t, take the hint; he simply is not into you anymore. Relationships are supposed to make you both feel good, not bad, so get yourself a new man!

2. He’s Unfollowed You On Social Media

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Uh oh. In the age of social media and an online presence, this is a bad sign. If you can’t get your own boyfriend to follow you on Twitter and Instagram, who can you rely on? There are two reasons why he might do this before breaking up with you. First, he wants to remove all traces of you from his life to make it a clean break. Second, he does not want you to see what he is up to. If he is super active on his social media channels, you can probably figure out where he is and who he is with at all times, even if he didn’t tell you. Blocking you helps him keep his privacy, and allows him to do things he knows you would not approve of. Get a friend to “creep” on his pages to let you know what’s up, then break it off with this jerk!

1. He Won’t Hang Out With You Alone

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The final, and most obvious sign that your bae is about to call it quits, is that he refuses to spend time alone with you. If you can get him to agree to spend time with you, it is always at a group hang or double date. He would rather do anything else than go out with you solo, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious. If you are in a group, he can chat up everyone else and disguise it as being “social.” Limiting your alone time also ensures you never have the opportunity to confront him about his behavior and your relationship problems. There is a big difference between “needing space”, and flat out never spending time with the person who is supposed to be your number 1. Try your best to get him alone and if he keeps putting it off, dump him before he bails.

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