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15 Signs She Definitely Wants Some Freaky Time

15 Signs She Definitely Wants Some Freaky Time

When you trust someone, you begin to confide your secrets to them. Soon you’ll realize that you’ve revealed so many of your secrets that all but one would remain a secret. Yes, all except one. The one that remains, is the deepest secret of all. A secret for which many men died and many wars were waged. A secret so profound and significant, that it overwhelms the biggest secrets of the world. It is a person’s virginity, the biggest secret a person has. A human confides that secret to some person sooner or later in one’s life. It not only is a matter of elation, but also of responsibility.

But those were the talks of yesteryears when a man remained devoted to a single woman his entire life. As times have passed, the trend of having boyfriends and girlfriends has cropped up. And the idea of “sharing the secret” to just one person throughout one’s life took a backseat. Also, the mention of anything sensual, by a woman was considered a taboo in the earlier generations. But now, everything has liberalized and research has proven that women also feel the same carnal cravings as a man feels. To sleep with a man and feel his manhood becoming one with her womanhood is the ultimate pleasure of life for a woman, same goes for a man. However, some habits die hard. Women still don’t say it out rightly if they feel a crushing need for indulging in sensual activities. But they do have their own unique way of showing it that they need someone badly! So, here we bring you 15 signs that tell you that she is waiting for freaky time. Understand the ulterior motive and you’ll have a beautiful time together. Make the most of it, enjoy!

15. Naughty games lead to Naughty moments


To create a scenario that’d result in a steamy make-out session afterward, she may play some dirty games with you. For example, she might ask you to tell your verdict on the five best bedroom scenes in a movie or to list out the names of adult film stars. This game may create a lot of fun inside the room but what would be more fun is what would follow afterward. Your girl may ask whether the both of you can enact the scene of the movie you mentioned, of course, it is a racy bedroom scene! While playing the role, you may touch her and that’s what she is looking for. If you are someone who has complete control on your mind, she may not be successful in her mission. But for most of the men, controlling their body is something near to impossible when a woman provokes them. Even if you are someone who can control themselves, you would be dumb to control this time.

14. A woman’s touch is magic


A woman’s touch can provoke a man. She touches your body and plays with your hair. While giving you a hug you feel that she is coming closer and closer as if she wants to melt into you completely. Buddy, she’s making her presence felt in your arms. She’s reminding you of her softness and the feel of her body. More importantly, she loves to hold your hands. And while talking, she gently presses your palm, a stimulating touch that electrifies your body to the core, awakening your senses. Usually, men start responding to touch, but if they do not, the women tend to try harder. Sometimes, she purposefully takes her cheeks near your face and whispers something romantic. That is enough for a man to know that the manhood in his pants is being beckoned.

13. The Last Time we did ‘it’


You may be wondering as to why your girlfriend hesitates in asking you for ‘it’. Well, the reason is simple. Most women have a stereotypical thought that it is always men who initiate. Now when your girlfriend gets restless to have you in her bed, she won’t say it directly. She’ll resort to different tricks. She’ll begin to talk about the things that you both did last time when you had had ‘it’. She’ll say, “I’m missing those good times”. But the meaning underlying it is that she’d like to have those “good times” again! Dear friend, your darling is drawing your attention to the fact that since many days you have left her bereft. She just wants you to initiate it. Take her in your arms and ask “Shall we have ‘it’ again luv?” Trust us, you won’t be hearing a no.

12. Let’s watch a movie


Did she invite you to watch a movie in her apartment? You are going to be super lucky tonight! It’s obvious when both of you would be sitting next to each other, watching a romantic movie, the situation would automatically become hot! Controlling your mind will not be a piece of cake especially if it’s a romantic movie that has some intimate scenes. You know what, it was all a trap! You have a hot girl sitting next to you who was completely aware that the movie she rigged up had some intimate love making scenes! She chose it purposefully! And the reason is clear, she wants to indulge the two of you in the sins of carnal pleasure! There is just one blanket on the couch, make the most of it!

11. Slinky Clothes? Guess what’s on her mind?


Has it ever happened that you rang the doorbell and the door was opened, to your surprise, by your girl who is in a negligee? Well for sure, you’re going to be blown out of your mind as you were just not ready for it! As it is, the air around a couple gets charged with pangs of lust and carnal vibes, and the fact that your girl chose a red lipstick and a red attire makes the situation all the more steamy! Her lingerie can be seen through her dress and what lies beneath, is waiting for you! So what can you deduce? Yes, she wants you to give her that sweet pain of the union of two souls! It’s a proven fact that perfumes play a very effective role in the art of seduction. “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting,” said Christian Dior, founder of, one of the world’s most popular fashion house, Dior. Do you feel sometimes that her perfume makes you go out of control? It’s not your fault buddy, her perfume is just another tool to set your mind for “it”. Your good girl has resorted to naughty tricks since she is missing something and boy, you are the only one who can satisfy her!

10. Her Dirty Talk Is On Point


When a person speaks too much about something, it’s clear that they are desperately willing to have it. Your girl may be consistently speaking about making love to you or about it in general. For example, she may be discussing some stories that she heard from her friends regarding one night stands or some similar stories she read on a magazine. She might ask you to share some interesting kinky stories too. But remember, she is not doing all this to kill her boredom, but to turn boring time into freaky time! While she is speaking about it, you may find her swirling her hair and biting her lips unknowingly. No doubt, she wants to take you to a paradise and alleviate your problems!

9. Friends don’t matter anymore


It might be a girl’s dream of spending a night with you, but she doesn’t want her friends to know about it. Let’s consider a situation, that you meet her at a party, she establishes an eye contact with you and earns your friendship quickly. Of course, which man would not respond to a woman who made the first move? But the thing that’s worrying her is that this interaction of her’s with you, must not be revealed in front of her friends. So what to do now? Simple, she’ll wait till her friends leave. But boy, she will stay back. In this way, she’ll get to spend some lonely unsupervised time with you before moving towards the bedroom. When her friends tell her that they are leaving the venue, she may give some random reason and stay back with you. In such a situation, if you’d fail to catch her hidden intentions you may miss a golden chance!

8.  The true motive behind her compliments


No doubt, most the men get excited when they hear compliments, especially from a woman. It’s natural. And her compliment may take you by surprise, because you dressed up just like any other day, nothing special. But from her perspective, you seem handsome. Well, suck it up, anyways it feels good, right? She may ask you “How do I look?” Of course, answering this question is easy, “You look Fantastic!” But when she asks you some more questions about her looks, it may become a bit difficult for you or at least you will take a few seconds to answer. For example, if she asks “Did you like this lipstick?” you will be left with no other option but to look at her beautiful lips for a second because you have to answer the question. And naturally, your line of sight will waver and what’s more surprising is that she’s allowing it! Buddy, she is giving you a green signal for exploring her depths in the bedroom!

7. Touching Herself Seductively


Did you hear that? Yes, she does that in front of you in order to let you know what’s in her mind. Her fingers may start playing with her cleavage, that’s so erotic! She knows that you have been observing her movements. In fact, you want to take her in your arms after understanding the meaning behind her sign. But, you need some clarity, “Did she do that with an intention to hit bed with you? Or am I just misinterpreting her?” Of course, this thought will start swirling in your mind and would stop you from responding to her. Just stare at her fingers for a minute, if she becomes self-conscious and covers up her cleavage, her aim was not to seduce you, but if she continues the action, you can go ahead.

6. Invitation To Spend The Night


She just asked you if you can stay at her home for a night because she is feeling alone and scared. Don’t you find it a bit strange? She stays all alone in her bedroom every day, but suddenly she felt the need of having someone. Hmm, everything has a reason. It might be that she is feeling the need for some freaky time with you. She is hoping for a romantic night with you. Decode her words! Sometimes, she invites you to her home for dinner. Upon reaching there, you realize that you are the only guest! A special guest for that matter. She is desperately waiting for you deep inside her heart. Go and claim what is yours!

5. A kiss has many meanings


A romantic kiss can make you fall for her. In the words of Helen Rowland, A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth – and endures all the rest,” Usually your girl kisses you before you leave her place, but sometimes you can feel the difference in her way of kissing. A kiss that urges you to stay for one more night! And that kiss has so much of passion and force that you can’t say no. That kiss speaks volumes and you, out of love, didn’t mind canceling your plan of going and stayed with her. Make sure that if something of this sort happens to you, you will read her mind correctly and gift her a memorable night.

4. A midnight call can lead to an awesome night


Needless to say, you will be surprised if a girl calls you up in the middle of the night for no reason. No matter whether she is your colleague or girlfriend, if she remembers you at that time of the night, then it’s for something that you can almost predict. Unless it’s an emergency or she longs for a presence in her bed. A midnight phone call is a way to reach you when she cannot resist herself. She may sound a little horny and raunchy on the phone, her voice cracking and extremely seductive. Well, it’s her indirect invitation to you to reach her door steps. Man, she needs you more than anything at this time!

3. Her body language says it all

Via brightside

Our body language reflects our thoughts. The well-known author, Neil Strauss was right when he said, Never ask a woman if you may kiss her. Instead, learn to read body language.” Yes, a woman’s body language communicates her inner desire. And you must be clever enough to read it. When she is willing to have some freaky time with you, she starts maintaining eye contact and you can see the thirst in her sultry eyes. She is curling her toes and her lips get wet. Since her focus is on you, she may not be able to pay attention to what she is doing when you are in front of her. For example, if the both of you are having dinner together, you may find her taking too much time to empty her plate. Other body language signs include tilting her hand, leaning forward while listening to you and trying to please you by showing too much interest in what you speak etc.

2. She Offers To Give A Body Massage


Offering you a body massage is another tricky way to win you over. After spending your whole day in the office, you really need someone to comfort you with a body massage. And when your girlfriend comes to you with a bath towel and a bottle of oil, you just can’t say “No”. What can be more provoking than a woman’s soft hand massaging all over your body? Her craving for your body can be fulfilled by giving you a body massage. In fact, a massage can bring her closer to you emotionally. “When you massage someone, the levels of oxytocin go up in the brain, and oxytocin is one of the chemicals that drives attachment,” said Helen Fisher, an American scientist. Soon she’ll be massaging you in places that a masseur would not dare to. So, don’t think too much, just go with the flow!

1. Sending You Dirty Images


(Assuming that you have a clear idea about sexting and you know the difference between the former and the ordinary romantic text, you realized that) You’ve just been sexted by your girl! And her messages are filling up your mind with lustful imaginations. No doubt then, that she is getting restless! It’s a clear sign that she is inviting you in her bed. Often, women do not keep things straight, they expect their man to understand their needs and act accordingly. So, be clever! Have you been receiving her seductive selfies with a question “How do you look?” In fact, her tone may sound natural to you, but the pics are highly seductive. Is she tempting you? Probably yes! Well, rather than pretending that you are not getting affected by her texts, you can show her the real you. Go on bud, it’ll be fun!

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