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15 Signs She Is A Horrible Girlfriend

15 Signs She Is A Horrible Girlfriend

A symbiotic relationship exists in the world in which the participants generally live off the other. Some of them are harmful whereas some are necessary in the world to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. A typical example of healthy symbiotic relationship is the relationship between men and women. Yeah, why not? Men need to feel loved and to have someone to take care of their needs. They need a confidante in whom they can trust their deepest secrets and feel secure. Women too need a sense of security, a person to love, and one who can fulfill all of her desires. Both material and carnal. So yeah, philosophically the relation is symbiotic. One needs the other to sustain oneself.

But if you sense that the relation has turned from a healthy symbiotic one to something parasitic, would you still want to continue with it? Well, that’s the problem which is plaguing the relation of many couples out there. Their girlfriends literally rule over their lives and they can’t do a thing. And if the boyfriend would ever raise a finger to point out her mistake, the haughty princess would get all red-faced until he literally grovels in the dust asking for forgiveness. Can you relate yourself to it? If no, well you are really a lucky man! You have a gem of a girl with you, never leave her. But if you don’t, well read on, you might find your story penned down here. Make the right choice after going through it. After all, the wide open sea is your life and you alone should be the captain of your vessel.

15. All that glitters is gold!

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This is the perfect gold digger attitude and you must be aware of it. Well, every girlfriend will be on cloud nine if her boyfriend surprises her with a cute gift, but some girls start a relationship just for gifts. That’s crazy, but yes, a sad fact. All they need is a man to act as their credit card. Does a costly Apple Watch bring a smile on your girlfriend’s face or a kiss on her forehead? If the answer is the former, well then she is just someone who is with you to fulfill her materialistic needs. She won’t be a good partner.

14. A suspicious prick


Does she pester you for your whereabouts very often? She checks your phone without your permission? Please don’t categorize her behavior under the brackets of love. It’s a clear sign that she is suspicious, and that too for no reason. Although you are genuinely committed to her, she looks at you from her perspective. The famous writer Eric Hoffer was right when he said that “The suspicious mind believes more than it doubts. It believes in a formidable and ineradicable evil lurking in every person.” You can’t ignore this meaningful quote. Remember, both of you have to spend years together. A suspicious woman would make your life hell way before your Judgement Day!

13. She is highly possessive!


In every man’s life, his darling girlfriend plays a significant role. She is his companion, his love, and most probably his future wife. However, she is not the one and only person whom he loves. His parents, siblings and friends too have a share in his love. So, life is all about loving our beloved people and cherishing the feeling of togetherness. But some girlfriends are insanely possessive about their men and treat them like their personal asset. Is your girlfriend too like that? Featuring in the list of possessive self-centered women? Well, it’s time to rethink about your love life.

12. Stuck to her ex!


The most irritable thing that a boyfriend can hear is his girlfriends’ rant about her ex. Love can happen twice and you may not be the first man in her life; that’s okay, who cares? All you need is pure love and commitment from her side. But if her ex-boyfriend is still in her heart, she may not be able to love you to the fullest. She might have started dating you in order to save herself from the pain of the breakup and she keeps on narrating you about their incidences which bring her to the verge of tears. Unfortunately, you are the victim here. A girl cannot love two men at the same time, even though she pretends that she is yours deep inside. There are many women who are living such double life. So, wake up before it’s too late and save your life from her!

11. Drama queen


Every person has some strengths and some flaws in their personality, that’s natural. But undoubtedly, the best trait a human being can exhibit is being true, being what one is. In your perspective, your girlfriend is a caring, kind hearted person who has a beautiful soul. But is that her true face? She is too sweet at times, you’ve noticed, a bit too much! And in those moments, you can sense the artificiality in her behavior. Sadly, she is a just playing with your feelings. It’s all a pretense. The intention behind her over-polite attitude is to keep you duped in the fake love until she has you in her clutches. She might even be a con artist, beware her! So if you have already found out that your girl is faking love to you and wears a mask, make sure you take the right decision. Surely, kicking her out of your life.

10. She is a master of emotional blackmails


Some women have attained mastery in using their tears as a weapon to win over the trust of others and to get their demands met. Girlfriends often play with their boyfriend’s emotion and get what they want. Man, you may be dating one among them. The question arises as to how can you judge whether your girlfriend is sincere or has some ulterior motives? Well, it’s simple, do you get to hear lines like “I don’t know what I will do for myself if you don’t meet me today”, “I will end this relationship if you don’t apologize” and such kind of crap? Without a doubt, she is a bad girlfriend and she is your puppeteer. When she unleashes her weapon, her tears, it is you who ends up on the losing side. The next time, notice how they dry up so quickly when you heed to her wishes. And if you’re wise enough, you will not have to worry for the next time.

9. The princess and Mr. Nobody


Every girl fantasizes of being treated like a princess by their boyfriends. Well, that’s sweet, isn’t it? But, very few girls know that their boyfriend also has a desire to be treated with a lot of respect and love. You never lose an opportunity to make her happy. For instance, you surprise her with movie tickets on weekends or send her a bunch of flowers without a special occasion. You do these things because you like to make her happy and to see her smile. But, if you sit back and analyze the way you have been treated by your girlfriend, you will come to know the reality. Although she is a princess, she doesn’t reciprocate your actions. In fact, each time you surprise her with new things, her expectations rise up. That’s a very bad attitude!

8. It’s beneath her to apologize


“Apologizing does not always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego,” said a renowned author, Mark Matthews. You are someone who had been following this quote in your life, without knowing about it. No matter how badly she hurts you, you are quick to forgive. Apologizing to each other and forgiving one’s mistakes is what makes a relationship stronger. You are generous when it comes to forgiving her, but she always put your apologies on hold in order to humiliate you. Although she is completely aware of her mistakes, she doesn’t take a step forward to reconcile since she thinks it would damage her self-respect. Such a relationship is like the sinking Titanic, get out of it as soon as possible!

7. She’s a Dominatrix


In a relationship, man and woman are the two faces of the same coin called love, both are equal and must treat each other in the same way. Unfortunately, millions of men around the world are not blessed with such relationships. Your girlfriend always manipulates your decisions and you are left with no other option than giving your assent to her words. A miserable life you lead buddy! Your girlfriend has no value for your personal freedom, all she needs is imposing her thoughts on your life and considering it a victory. For example, when the both of you are planning your future house, she is the one who decides the location, interior designing, and the budget. You are just a passive listener of her plans. Kick her out, right now.

6. She loves to fight


You may not find a couple on earth who doesn’t argue with each other at least once in a month. Yes, that’s not a strange fact! But when an argument takes the form of a fight and overtakes love, it’s a clear sign that the relationship is not on the right track. Your girlfriend may be initiating an argument for a small mistake and it happens very often. It may be due to her mood swings or a bad experience in the past that stimulates her to be rude and attack you verbally. The reason is unclear, but you are facing the negative impacts of her anger. She says a lot of things which you try to ignore but just can’t. Don’t be this patient, show her that your patience has a limit. Break up with her if you want a peaceful life.

5. Incessant calls


Girlfriends love to hear the voice of their boyfriends and they never mind flirting with him for hours. But everything is beautiful until it’s within the limit. You work hard to build a better future for you and your girlfriend and that might require your full attention at times. Meanwhile, she may be missing you badly when you are in the office. To kill her loneliness, she will start filling your inbox with hundreds of messages and calls you constantly despite you cutting the calls. That’s called lack of maturity! She adds fuel to the fire by shouting at you for not responding to her calls and messages. Either be ready to get smothered by this attitude lifelong or be wise enough to reclaim your happiness.

4. Moronic Expectations!


What can make a true girlfriend happy? Yes, that’s her boyfriend’s love. She thoroughly enjoys each and every action that he does in order to bring a smile on her face. Strangely, your girlfriend is not able to find happiness in anything. Neither in the beautiful photo collage that you made for her nor in the candle light dinner! Well, it might be a problem. You sit down with her and talk over it. But you soon realize that the reason is far too infuriating. You don’t meet her expectations! For instance, you gifted her a gold ring but she was expecting a weekend trip. She keeps checking her friend’s vacation pictures on Facebook and starts feeling low for not having a lavish life like her. In her eyes, every girlfriend is leading a luxurious life (of course at the behest of her boyfriend) except her. So either go bankrupt or save your soul.

3. Mismatched physical longings


In a relationship, physical intimacy plays a very important role. Every man thinks of spending some hot sensual time with his girlfriend and it is always great if she responds to his request in a positive manner. Yes, it must be mutual always. Your girlfriend may be inviting you to bed if she is desperately in need of “it”. That’s totally fine because you are the man who can look after her secret desires. At the same time, she must make sure that she will not purposefully ignore you when you are approaching her for the same. But that’s not the case, she often says “No” for no valid reason. That’s a selfish move from her side. So are you just a man in her life to satisfy her libido? Grow up man.

2. She is never there for you


No one’s life is a bed of roses. The challenges a person encounters test his strength and courage. They also give him a chance to know the true faces of the people he considers dear. The one who love you genuinely will hold your hands firmly when your life passes a tumultuous storm. That’s the purity of love! But do you feel that purity in your relationship? Your girlfriend may be avoiding you while you have been going through a very difficult phase. Being your girlfriend, she should have been by your side giving you the much needed confidence and bolstering your inner spirits. But she’s never around in your thick times. If you are not experiencing it, it’s an indication that she is not loving you.

1. Criticizing is a hobby she excels at


Of course, your girlfriend has the right to point out your mistakes and help you in bettering yourself. But when she is too critical, your life becomes too complicated. She looks at your each and every action from a critical perspective and expects you to mold yourself according to her directives. For example, she consistently asks you to change the way you speak and present yourself to the world. And the worst thing is that she compares you to her dad or a colleague who is the ideal definition of “Mr. Perfect” in her eyes. How long you can be someone else? Remember, it’s better to live your destiny in your own style, rather than imitating others. It is time to tell her, “Baby, I can’t do this anymore” and bid a goodbye.

Sources: Love Panky, Thrive works

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