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15 Signs She Will Be Awful In Bed

15 Signs She Will Be Awful In Bed

When it comes to sex, everyone has their own opinion, especially when it’s your own performance in question. We probably think we are all good in bed, however, half the time we totally suck at it. There’s a lot of controversy on how much input a man or woman needs to put into sex. And while you might think you are good in bed, the only reason you don’t know the truth is because no guy has ever made the effort to actually comment on your performance. So, the underlying truth might be you totally suck in bed.

A lot of women feel that when it comes to sex, the man is the one who gets to put in most of the effort, but that’s not the case. Both men and women play totally different roles during their intimate downtime. Part of the problem could be, sex is still a delicate topic among couples, even though it’s depicted everywhere. It’s also extremely difficult for a man to tell a woman that she was awful in bed. And, the worst part is, sex is normally the make it or break it in relationships.

While it’s not easy to tell immediately if a woman sucks in bed, there are a few subtle signs that will give you an indication that she is totally awful in bed. In case you are looking to find out if the girl you just met is bad in bed, here are 15 signs she will be awful in bed.

15. Poor Non-Verbal Communication


Let’s face it; people who have this problem are never good at anything. Women who are good in bed normally exude a sense of sexual confidence when it comes to body language. While non-verbal communication can mean a lot of things, during sex, it’s eye contact and body language that reveal a person’s sexual desires. Women who are good in bed thrive on it. Women will use body language and eye contact as part of foreplay, and we all know how this helps build the sexual tension. If she has poor non-verbal communication, it normally reflects on how things will be in the bedroom, watch out!

14. She is a terrible dancer


Well, don’t get this wrong, but she doesn’t need to be able to dance like Shakira to be good in bed. But it would really help if she can! However, if the girl you just met has no rhythm on the dance floor, then rest assured she won’t have any rhythm in bed. Sex and dancing go hand in hand and are comparable. How she moves on the dance floor is how she will move when she is with you. Next time you go out clubbing, watch how she responds to music, if she is off beat, then she’s probably going to be off beat with you in bed.

13. She doesn’t want to try new things


Well, if she doesn’t want you to try out a new restaurant or the new Cinema that just opened down the block, then chances are she won’t be willing to try out new things in bed. All men love a girl who is adventurous. Relationships are hard, and half the time, the spark fades, therefore, you need a woman who is willing to take chances with you, in and out of the bedroom. But, still, you need to watch out, if she is too adventurous, she might be into some crazy stuff that isn’t too kosher. To begin with, she needs to be sane.

12. She gets easily intimidated


She won’t be phenomenal in bed if she easily gets easily intimidated! She needs to have the right kind of confidence that gives her the strength to be confident in bed. Men are always looking for a woman who is able to hold her own, and also be strong. Hence, if she bruises easy, then chances are, she is pathetic in bed. However, it does not mean that you have to look for the craziest girl in the club to enjoy sex, but don’t go in for the girl who gets easily influenced either. Just make sure she is the type of woman who can go into a room and own it.

11. All Talk and no Game


We all know this kind of girl and have encountered their all talk personality. She will always say things like, “ You will never forget if you get the chance to sleep with me,” or “Everyone I sleep with, never gets enough of me.” If you meet this kind of girl, you better run for the hills and stop wasting your precious time. They will give off the wrong illusion that they are mind blowing in bed, while in fact, they are, disappointing in bed. Those who talk the talk normally have problems walking the walk. She doesn’t need to be vivid to be a great lay.

10. She is too Uptight


Uptight girls are never good in bed, it’s the untold rule, and if you want to find out the hard way, then be my guest. If she is uptight in person, she definitely is uptight in bed, and there’s nothing that kills the sexual thrill than a girl who is uptight in bed. Women who are free spirited are much better when it comes to sex, since they live for the moment. An uptight girl normally has a problem over analyzing every situation, including sex. There’s nothing sexy about calculated sex. If you spot this type of girl, avoid her like a plague.

9. Little to no sense of Humour


Humour and sex go hand in hand. If you have had intimate relations before, then you must have come to the realization that it’s nothing that you visualized when you first witnessed it from movies. It’s loving, sensual and even animalistic. But to enjoy freaky time, you need to have a little fun while at it. It’s also scientifically proven that couples that laugh a lot together have better sex. Laughter triggers emotion, and having a good sense of humour is an extremely attractive quality for both men and women. She might have the perfect figure, attractive face, and most appealing smile, but if she has no sense of humour, she is totally going to suck in bed.

8. She is not passionate about fitness


Well, it doesn’t mean that she needs to be a gym freak to be a good lay and its nothing to do with her weight either, but everything to do with flexibility and cardio. She could be skinny but have the worst flexibility. However, if she is active, then, there’s a good chance she is great in bed. Sex is like working out, therefore, if you don’t train your body, there’s no way you will be good in bed. If she never works out, she won’t be able to try out need positions, which is a turn off for most men. And there is something really hot about a woman who wants to take care of herself and feel as healthy as possible. It shows that she pays attention to what her body needs, and this level of attention will probably transfer over to the bedroom when you’re both busy getting freaky.

7. She has insecurity issues


Confidence is a plus when it comes to sex. If your girl is the insecure type, then she is less likely to loose her inhibitions in the bedroom. Sex is perhaps one of the most intimate emotions human beings feel, therefore if she is insecure, the sex is likely to be uncomfortable. One thing that makes girls sexy is their confidence. In case she is not confident in her own clothing, then she probably won’t be comfortable getting them off. If you pick up an insecure girl from the club, chances are you won’t even get laid, to begin with. Prep yourself to sleep in the couch alone lol.

6. She is a bad Kisser


Well, kissing says a lot about a person’s sexuality. But it could be totally deceiving, and sometimes the best kissers are the worst lovers. Kissing is sensual, and it has the power to turn a man on and even make him fall head over heels for you. However, if a woman’s kiss doesn’t keep you going, then chances are she is going to be just as boring in bed. But, it does not mean that you shouldn’t sleep with a girl just because she is a bad kisser. Sometimes, experience is the best teacher, unless of course, you are weighing options.

5. She can’t flirt


Girls, who are good in bed, will typically know all the extra foreplay ideas that will get you thrilled and excited. In case your girl doesn’t know how to flirt, then she is definitely not good in bed. Flirting is one of the easiest ways to spark up emotions and sexual feelings, with the right kind of words, you could almost expect to have a feel of how the bedroom encounter will be. But if she sucks at flirting, she will definitely suck in the bedroom. Flirting is a part of foreplay, and we all know how sex feels without foreplay.

4. She is never sure of what she wants


If your date is having a hard time picking out what to eat every time you go to a restaurant, and always wants you to do the picking, then there’s a fat chance that she is totally not worth it in the bedroom. Women who can easily make their own decisions are like to tell you what they want when it comes to sex. And an active and engaged woman is the right ingredient for a steamy sexual encounter. Men love it when women tell them what turns them on. But if she can’t pick out what to eat from a menu, it’s likely she will also be the same in the bedroom.

3. She is too quiet


You have watched adult films at some point in your life, or let’s face it, you still do. Well, then you understand that the sounds a girl makes when you make out with her is a huge indicator of how into it she is. In case she is quiet when you make out with her, then chances are, she will be quiet when you are having sex, and there’s no fun in that. She doesn’t need to scream like crazy to be good in bed, but if she’s too quiet, then it can be a little problematic enjoying anything. A little advice to the ladies, if you are too quiet, it’s the same as if you are not there.

2. She doesn’t look after herself


Well, you don’t have to be high maintenance to be good in bed, but no-maintenance isn’t good either. If she is the type of girl who comes into bed with her face mask on, then she isn’t a good lay. If she has not shaved her legs for weeks or doesn’t make an effort to look sexy or good when you meet up, then she will not put any effort while having sex with you. This kind of attitude is never good for your intimate times, and if you meet this kind of girl, and you are still willing to go ahead with it, then be rest assured it’s going to be a horrible experience.

1. She’s not into oral action


It’s almost impossible to find a guy, who doesn’t like oral action, and if he told you he isn’t into it, then he LIED! If she is the kind of girl who isn’t into anything oral, then it could be quite a downer. Guys love some surprise oral action, and a girl who pulls this stunt is always super-great in bed. She doesn’t have to be extremely kinky with the oral stuff to be a great lay, but in case she is completely not down for that, then chances are she won’t be great when it comes to it. If she can do oral, she can do a lot more, which says a lot about her level of experience and level of comfort in bed.


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