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15 Signs She’s Cheating On You (With Another Girl)

15 Signs She’s Cheating On You (With Another Girl)

Lasting relationships take a lot of work. You and your girlfriend need to be able to communicate well. You should also be able share any feelings you might have about each other without fear of being judged or unappreciated.

Another way to keep your relationship strong is to be appreciative. Let your partner know that your thankful for things she has done, even the smallest of things. This will let your partner know that you are not taking her love and actions for granted.

In addition, acknowledging that you have different love languages will help you realize that your partner does love you; no matter how she shows it. In the same light, she should also understand that you are showing her your love the best way you can. Understanding and accepting your varying love languages will help you both feel loved and not resent each other.

Keeping the spark alive is definitely a must in any relationship. This is especially true if you and your partner have been together for a long time. Think of different ways to be playful with another and to surprise your partner so that you don’t find your relationship losing its flame.

Most importantly, stay faithful. Nothing hurts or breaks a relationship more than being unfaithful. Unfortunately, not all of us can control our urges. There comes a time when a partner stays. What makes it even more surprising is when you realize that your girlfriend is cheating on you with another girl.

To help you from being taken by surprise, here’s a list of signs to watch out for if your girl has suddenly switched to the other side.

15. She Introduced You To Her New “Friend”


Making new friends is not an issue. It happens all the time. You can meet them at work, at the bar, or at the gym. It’s also not an issue if your girlfriend suddenly has a new gal pal you’ve never seen or heard of before. At some point, your girlfriend may even introduce her new friend to you.

However, it can become an issue when your girlfriend seems to know a lot about this new friend. She mentioned they’ve only known each other for a short time, but why do you have this inkling that that is a lie? How come they finish each other’s thoughts? Why are they so in tune with each other? Makes you realize that you and your girlfriend were in that same situation ages ago.

14. Your Girl Is Always At The Gym

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Following the introduction your girlfriend made, she’s been at the gym a lot. It’s interesting because you have always been the one who keeps pushing her to go to the gym with you, but she’s never really made the effort to go.

However, it’s different this time. She goes to the gym without inviting you. On the other hand, she tells you that she’s going with her new friend Susan. Yes, the Susan whom she met at the gym; The Susan whom she’s introduced you to last week.

So what has changed? Why is your girlfriend suddenly a gym buff after getting to know Susan? Oh wait. Maybe that’s because she’s just suddenly realized that she’s gay and she’s now dating Susan behind your back.

13. She’s Got A New Circle of Friends


We’ve already discussed that having a new friend is no big deal. However, what if your girl’s friends list has suddenly grown out of proportions? What if the list includes friends of the girl you’re suspecting she’s having an affair with? Do you let this one go? Or is this something you need to investigate further?

You can let this one slide. After all, this could all just be a coincidence! Don’t make such a big deal out of it. You can choose to confront your girl about this, but what exactly do you hope to get out of this?

See how everything goes before you go in for the kill. Otherwise, you just might provoke a fight that might lead to your relationship’s death if you suddenly accuse your girl of cheating on you with a girl.

12. Your Girlfriend’s Active on Social Media


Your girlfriend, who abhors social media, is suddenly very active on Facebook and Instagram. She keeps posting photos of food and places you’ve never visited together. She keeps liking and reacting to photos of her new “friend.”

Not only that, she also keeps posting photos of her friend as well. Sad thing is, she has stopped posting photos of you together, but she’s got dozens of photos with her new friend. What gives?

Maybe your gut is telling you something. What you’ve been feeling in the pits of your stomach might actually be right. Compare how she’s been acting before and after she’s met her new friend. If things don’t add up, maybe it’s time for you to have THE talk. Just be ready how she’s going to react. There’s a chance you might not like what she has to say!

11. She Lights Up When She Gets Invites


You crossed paths with the woman you think your girlfriend is dating behind your back. Suddenly, she invites you and your girlfriend to brunch or dinner. Being the naïve and trusting boyfriend that you are, you accept the invite and let your girlfriend know about the unplanned brunch or dinner plans.

Instead of getting mad at you for planning stuff without consulting her, she lights up at the idea of seeing her new “friend.” Sure, you’re invited but you can’t shake the sinking feeling that you’re going to feel out of place when the dinner pushes through.

After all, your girl hates it when you make plans without letting her know beforehand. The question now is, why is she all excited to go to this dinner invitation?

10. Flirty Glances


You have just politely accepted an invitation for dinner from your girlfriend’s new “friend.” You have also noticed that your girl’s all smiles and rearing to go to this dinner invitation. Being the great lover that you are, you indulge her and off to the restaurant you go.

Upon arriving at dinner, you can’t help but notice that your girl has been exchanging lingering flirty looks with her new “friend.” You are now seriously questioning the decision you made to have dinner with this new girl.

To make things even more uncomfortable for you, they keep touching each other’s hands and have seemingly forgotten that you are with them.

9. What’s That Smell


You get a sniff of an unfamiliar scent. It doesn’t smell bad. Actually, it smells pretty good, sexy even! You keep pondering where the smell is coming from when suddenly your girlfriend leans in to reach something on your side of the bed.

You ask her what the new perfume is called, but she tells you she just tried on her friend’s perfume. You didn’t mind it at first, but you keep smelling this new scent on her. You’ve asked your girlfriend if she’s bought the perfume, but you know better. There’s no new perfume bottle in sight.

It’s either your girlfriend’s a cheapskate who keeps asking her “friend” if she can try the perfume; or could it be that the perfume is clinging to your girlfriend after they’ve made some sexy love?

8. New Lingerie


You have just spotted a bag full of lingerie when your girlfriend got home from one of her many shopping sprees. However, you’ve also never seen her wear any of them in your bedroom. You are also pretty sure that you and your girlfriend aren’t as active as you once were.

Who could those lingerie be for? Your girlfriend could be buying these lingerie for her new friend turned lover. Or she could be buying the sexy nightclothes for herself (for her new “friend’s” viewing pleasure.

Men would normally think it’s hot to imagine your girl getting frisky with another woman, but it’s a totally different game if she’s cheating on you with another female.

7. Complete Makeover


Aside from buying new lingerie and smelling different, your girlfriend has gotten into the habit of buying a whole new wardrobe. Normally, you wouldn’t bat an eye. However, you have noticed that the clothes your girlfriend has been buying is not the usual make she buys.

More interestingly, it seems that these new sets of clothes are similar to the kinds of clothes that her new “friend” is wearing.

Again, this complete wardrobe change could all just be done on a whim. However, it might be time to get worried if you suddenly see your girlfriend wearing her friend’s clothes inside out.

6. Bored In The Bedroom

Trainwreck Amy Schumer


You’ve been experiencing a dry spell lately. You try to initiate sexy time with your girlfriend, but she’s always too tired or too stressed to indulge you.

It hasn’t always been this way, but you can’t help but notice these changes ever since new girl has come along. Your girl used to be aggressive in bed, but now the bedroom is only used for sleeping. You never have time to make sweet love with each other.

Unfortunately, you might be abstaining from doing the deed and respecting your girl’s wishes. However, what’s the chance that she’s actually getting her bedroom needs from her “friend?”

5. Receipts For Adult Toys

50 shades of grey


Sadly, you’ve been having problems in the bedroom with your girlfriend. You’ve been questioning yourself if you haven’t been performing well. The next thing you know, you see a receipt for a bunch of adult toys lying around.

For a moment, you’re elated. You think these toys are for you and your girlfriend to play with. Upon closer inspection, however, you realize that these toys are meant for girls’ use only.

A part of you hopes your girl bought it for a bachelorette party of sorts. You keep waiting for her to mention about her new purchase; Praying to all gods to prove you wrong. Unfortunately, she never tells you about it and your bedroom is still just a room for sleeping in.

4. Girlfriend Has A Relationship With The Phone


Your girl used to fuss over you being in front of the phone even after you’ve come home from work. You have since then made it a point to keep your phone in your bag to appease your girlfriend. However, times have changed and you’ve switched places.

Your girlfriend can’t seem to put the phone down even after you’ve requested her to spend more time with you. She also gets secretive; always wary if you’re looking over her shoulder to take a peep on her phone.

You once had the urge to check your girlfriend’s phone while she’s sleeping and that’s when you realized that she’s been exchanging steamy messages with her new “friend.”

3. Emotional Distance


You used to spend hours talking about nothing and everything. You were her confidant. You were her shoulder to cry on; or the first person to share the good news with.

It feels different now. It’s as if you don’t know each other anymore. It’s like you’re living with a total stranger. What used to be a relationship full of love and constant communication has turned into something bitter.

Instead of talking to you about her problems, your girlfriend is constantly sharing her life with her new “friend.” Sadly, there’s nothing you can do, but think that your relationship is coming to its imminent doom.

2. Family Visits

Meet the inlaws


Your girl used to love visiting your parents’ place. Usually, she’s the one pushing you to get a move on. She’d even pack your bags for you. It was obvious; you and she were going to spend the rest of your lives together.

Those are days from the past; your girl can’t even look at you; let alone visit your family. She’s now busy going on trips to her “friend’s” family instead. She can’t go to yours because seeing them is a reminder that she’s cheating on you and she’d rather have none of that.

Does she still love you? Maybe. Will your relationship still work out? Only you can answer that question.

1. Caught In The Act

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair kiss


Your relationship’s flame has gone out, but you are still holding on to the embers; Hoping that you can still fan your relationship alive. Cheers to you for being faithful and believing in the goodness of your girlfriend.

Unfortunately, you’ve seen your woman and her “friend” exchange a wild passionate kiss just when you thought things were getting better. You couldn’t believe it at first, but they’re still going at it and it looks like they’re taking it to the next level. You barge in and make your presence felt. They look at you with shock and horror in their eyes. The only thing your girlfriend says is, “I can explain.”

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