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15 Signs She’s Just Using Him For The Weekend

15 Signs She’s Just Using Him For The Weekend

Many men waste their time trying to hook up with a certain type of woman that is clearly a complete waste of time. These women will continue to hang around the man, and give them false hope that something is going to happen in the relationship. But nothing ever happens. She is a total user and a waste of your time. If you keep getting yourself distracted with girls that are no good for you, you could be losing out on a great woman that will find you attractive, and something great could happen with that relationship. There are things that you need to look for in a woman. Finding a good woman can be tough if you don’t know what to look for, but that’s what this article is all about. It’s fine to make female friends and to get to know them a little bit better, but you need to find out who is good girlfriend material.

Being happy with someone and having piece of mind should come first when you’re looking for that special woman. We are not here to bash, judge or talk trash about women; we are here to help you figure out what types of women are using you just for the weekend. When you know what to look for, you can avoid dating women that are going to make you a nervous wreck. Don’t stay in situations where you think it’s going to get better. In this article, we will discuss 15 signs to look for if she is just using you for the weekend.

15. The woman is too much of a party girl

Via: NBC

When you first meet a woman, you need to find out what kind of mode she is in. She might be in a not-so-social mode or find a boyfriend mode. In this case, the woman you are after is in party mode. This is how you can tell if she is in this kind of mode:
⦁ She is the wildest one on the dance floor.
⦁ She’s constantly moving her arms, legs, and butt all over the place like the world is going to end tomorrow.
⦁ There are tons of men staring at her like she’s the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Dancing in such an erotic manner means she only wants to dance, dance and dance, then afterward she expects a man to take her home to bed. To keep the fire burning, you have to keep the girl in party mode constantly. Keeping a girl in a party mode will drain your energy. Thus, when you meet women in a party mode, they are not the kind of women you should approach. Find a girl that’s a little bit more mellow.

14. She doesn’t respond well to your actions

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A woman that doesn’t respond to you will resist you when you are trying to get her to open up. Watch out for the following signs:
⦁ She doesn’t want to hold your hand.
⦁ She doesn’t turn her body towards you.
⦁ She doesn’t openly tell you about herself.
⦁ When you move, she doesn’t move with you.
⦁ You feel like you’re being inspected.
⦁ She doesn’t look at you when you talk.

These are signs that you shouldn’t get involved with this woman. It might be fun to try to get a highly resistant woman to fall in love with you, but in the end, you’ll have nothing but heartbreak. Women like this will constantly say no to your request to do something. Drop her and find someone else that will comply with your wishes.

13. She doesn’t feel like dating right now

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

It’s one thing just to go out and have fun with a girl. It’s another thing to get serious about someone and have a relationship with them. All women will date right now if they meet the right person. When you find the not-dating-right-now type of woman, she is constantly saying that she’s super busy doing other things. In order for her to make room in her busy life, you have to be the dream guy that she is looking for. Saying that she doesn’t feel like dating right now is a passive-aggressive way of saying, “Shoo, go away!” A woman with this type of attitude is saying she’s not impressed with your approach or how you are presenting yourself to her. Don’t think anything of it. Every man gets this once in a while. You just have to pick yourself up and move on. If you want to get back at her, you could say, “Who said anything about dating?” The woman might warm up to you after a remark like that, but we highly recommend that you forget this one and move on to someone else.

12. She says she is sort of dating someone else

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

When a woman says she is sort of dating someone else, this is almost exactly like saying, “I already have a boyfriend.” The fact of the matter is that saying something like she is sort of dating someone else means that she’s not really serious about the relationship. You have to figure out if you want to go out with the woman just once, or if you want to have an extensive relationship with her. It’s one thing if she is dating more than one person, but it’s another if she is saying she is sort of interested in someone else. Saying this means that she isn’t interested in you. If you take her out, she’s just using you to see what she can get from you. If a girl goes out with you yet says she has a boyfriend and sleeps with you, she can turn around and say it’s your fault that she cheated. You can’t do it with the girl that says, “I’m sort of dating someone else.” This can be a deadly remark. When a woman is really sort of seeing someone else and finds you attractive, she won’t say anything because he’s not her real boyfriend.

11. She flirts a lot

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

If a woman’s hand falls across your body and happens to caress you, it is enough ammunition to make you feel that she has the hots for you. The thing to look out for is this, is she doing this to other men as well? Are you at a club? Is she flirting with you and other men as well? Everyone has a motive for doing something. When she reacts towards you in a flirty way, did you do something to initiate that reaction? If you did, the flirting might be a way of saying she’s interested. However, pay close attention to how she acts around other men. A woman that is generally interested in a man will flirt a little bit but tend to get shy or a little excited afterward. Test her to see if her flirting is for real or if she is flirting just because she likes being admired. Start by turning up the heat with her compliance and see if she has any kind of investment in you to move the seduction game forward. How does she react? Does she go along with the more seductive role-playing? If she starts to get uncomfortable and bolts, congratulations you found out what type of girl you’re dealing with.

10. She only wants to be friends

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

There is not much to say about a woman who says she only wants to be friends. If a woman finds you attractive, a comment like this will not come up. There are some things to look for when a woman just wants to be friends.
⦁ She wants you to go shopping with her. This is a biggie to look out for. She’s just interested in you tagging along because you might buy her something. What’s in it for you?
⦁ She will only see you in public places. If you have been after this girl for months and she won’t do something personal with you without having a lot of people involved, it’s time to move on to the next girl.
⦁ You date with other people around. If someone all of a sudden decides to bring a group of their friends along with you on a date, this girl just wants to be friends. A girl who is interested in you will go out on a date with you by herself where it’s only you and her.
⦁ She’s constantly busy. If you want to date a girl and she never has free time, this girl just wants to be friends.

9. She doesn’t really listen to you

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

Having a girl say hmm at an opening remark will really throw you off track. Have you ever poured your heart out to a girl only to have her say, “Hmmmmm?” The tone of her voice will go up, but she doesn’t say anything else. When a woman does this to you, this is a sign that you are someone to her that is in the lower status than her. It’s almost like she was deep in thought and you’re interrupting her. Maybe you’ve had some luck with this type of girl playing the dumb guy game, but nothing usually happens with these types of relationships. It’s kind of like she’s saying, “Oh, okay. I’ve answered your question, now run along like a good little boy and get away from me.” Your best bet in this type of situation is to bail out. Don’t look back and move on. Women who respond this way don’t make any effort into responding to things that you have to say. This is like an unfriendly comeback. It’s almost like you are bothering her or annoying her. She’s just trying to be polite but she’s not interested.

8. Her friends have too much of an influence on her

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

Let’s say you think you’re great with a girl. You look around, and her friends are looking you up and down like some sort of criminal. They obviously don’t like you, and they’re trying to stop you from seeing their friend. Friends might do this because of jealousy, or they don’t like you. Other reasons might include:
⦁ She’s had too much to drink, and they don’t trust her decision-making.
⦁ She has another boyfriend that she just had a fight with and her friends don’t want to see her make another mistake.
⦁ Her friends are tired, and they want to go home. You might win out on this one if the girl really likes you. You two could go off together and spend time away from her friends. But if she goes with them maybe it’s time to cut your losses.
⦁ The woman is playing games with her friends and using you as a toy to annoy them.

A woman who is interested in you isn’t going to let her friends stand in her way. She’ll set the record straight immediately. If she comes to your defense when her friends don’t like you, then this girl might be worth a shot. But if she says nothing to her friends when you get nothing but blank stares and weird looks, it’s time to move on.

7. She’s had too much to drink

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

Getting involved with a woman who drinks too much is asking for trouble. Today, men have to worry about women accusing them of rape. Here are some other reasons why you should ditch this type of girl and move on to someone else:
⦁ A woman like this can get really messy. Drunk women flirt with other men, and they might make out with them behind your back. Do you really want to mess with this type of woman?
⦁ You might have success getting her into bed but she makes out with you, then she’s fast asleep snoring as if nothing happened. The next morning, she might not be able to get out of bed because she has a hangover the size of Manhattan and doesn’t remember you.
⦁ Throwing up – there’s nothing worse than seeing a woman bent over a toilet vomiting.
⦁ If you manage to have sex with her, it will be a living nightmare. You could be up for an STD check and a pregnancy scare.

If you go out, only have one drink per hour and stick with women who do the same as you.

6. She’s too busy for you

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

Saying she is too busy is just the same thing as a woman saying she is not looking to date at this particular time. There are times when it’s better to approach a woman in a different situation, but if a woman is truly interested in you and she is busy, she will make time for you. It’s possible to take her number down, pin it up on your bulletin board, and call her in a month or two. She might literally have no time for romance, but something might open up later on down the line. If you call her and she is still too busy for you, it’s time for you to find somebody else. Maybe she might have a boyfriend when you call and saying she’s too busy for you was a remark that she used to get rid of you. No matter how you look at it, just brush this one off and don’t waste too much of your time thinking about it.

5. She doesn’t have a phone, or it’s busted

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

Surely some men have taken a woman to bed and she claimed that she didn’t have a phone number or it was busted. What is really happening is the woman is lying because she doesn’t want to give out her phone number. Look at the way her face reacts when she is telling her story. If she seems upset, most likely she is telling the truth. Don’t take it personally. Take her email address or mailing address and follow up with her that way. On the other hand, if she’s telling you her story, and she gives you a long pause and seems a bit on edge, just laugh and say “No worries.” Just move on. Other women would be glad to give you their phone number. Hundreds of women want to go out on dates with a guy like you. Women like this just are not worth your time.

4. She only wants to exchange social media accounts

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

If you meet a girl and all she wants to do is exchange a Facebook or Twitter account instead of your phone number, she’s not interested. She’s just looking for a way out. When the subject of Facebook comes up in a casual conversation, it’s okay to trade accounts, but she should give you her phone number. Communicating with the girl only through social media just does not work. Facebook is all about building up a fan page. You don’t want to be just another fan; you want to be her boyfriend. Refusing to give you her number means you’re going to be that extra person who’s on her Facebook account who sends her messages along with photos with practically no response. You have to realize that she says this to most guys and they fall for it. Your best response to something like this should be, “I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, let me get your phone number instead.” If you don’t get a phone number, she just wants you to worship her and you will never get a date.

3. Another guy is constantly hanging around her

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

There may be a time when you’ll have a run-in with a woman who might be interested in you and might even want to sleep with you. The problem is another guy is hanging around her all the time. It might be her boyfriend, or another guy that is interested in her. It’s possible to take a quick peek at a girl while the guy is not looking, but if she’s hanging with another guy, it’s time for you to find another girl. You don’t need to deal with jealousy. Jealousy can lead you into all kinds of messes. Fights may occur, and someone might get hurt. Even if you can get off a couple of fair shots, the odds that you’ll walk away with black eyes is definitely possible. You should be on your guard for girls that want to use you to make their boyfriends jealous. That’s just all it is. A woman’s game is to pit one man against another to remind her that she is desired by men.

2. A woman is finished with hooking up

Signs Shes Just Using You For The Weekend

When you meet a girl, and she tells you that she’s done with hooking up with another guy, all she is telling you is:
⦁ She is probably a loose woman and sleeps with men, and they blow her off.
⦁ On the other hand, she is sick and tired of sleeping with men only to be pushed aside.
⦁ If you really want to date her, you have to show that you’re a devoted person. Otherwise, you might not get a kiss.

It is just as insulting for a man to tell a woman something like, “I’m finished with buying women presents, taking them to fancy restaurants or beautiful places. I’m only interested in a woman that wants to stay home and watch TV.” What’s really going on is she doesn’t want to hook up with men, and she’s really not interested in you. If one thing is true, all women will hook up with a man if they are really interested.

1. She freaks out when you want to take her to your place

Via: Glamour

There are two ways to look at a situation like this. First, if you invite a woman to come home with you, make sure you’re clear about what you want. Some men just want to cuddle up, drink a little bit of wine and watch TV and that’s it. Get to know her a little bit better before you make this kind of invitation. It’s not recommended to sleep with a woman before you’re married. Let’s face it; women will naturally freak out with an invitation that involves sex. On the other hand, if your general intention is to just spend time with her, talk, drink something, watch TV, play some video games or listen to music, she shouldn’t freak out about something like that. If she does and your intentions are honourable, this isn’t the girl for you, and you should look for someone else.


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