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15 Signs She’s Only Using Her Husband For Cash

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15 Signs She’s Only Using Her Husband For Cash

Unfortunately, some men in high paying fields tend to attract gold diggers. Gold diggers come in all genders, shapes, and sizes. They’ll come across as charming, attractive, and fun. They might seem like the perfect ten at first, but you’ll ultimately find out that their goal is to get into your wallet. They’ll be right by your side as long as you can provide new clothes, fancy jewelry, and expensive dates. If gold diggers don’t get what they want, they’ll be out of the relationship right away.

Just because a woman is married to a man with money doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger, though. However, women who are with you only for your money are definitely people you want to avoid.  No guy wants to be the victim of a gold digger. Most men just want a partner who is going to love them for who they are. Who wants to spend the rest of their life with someone who is going to drain their bank account?

Gold diggers know exactly how to get your money. They’re not going to sit outside of your door and just tell you how much they need your money – they’re smarter than that. Because of that, you might not see the signs that a woman is a gold digger until later on in the relationship. It’s so important to be aware of the signs when entering a new relationship. Take a look and see for yourself!

15. She’s Curious About Your Financial Status

You know for a fact that you’ve found a gold digger if she’s constantly asking you money questions too soon into the relationship. Is she asking about your passions, hobbies, family, or friends? If she is only interested in your career on the first date and doesn’t care about anything else, you need to run as fast as you can.

It’s always fun to have someone that won’t talk about themselves the whole date and are equally interested in you. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Don’t mistake her as a gold digger if the topic of your career does come up once or twice. There are a ton of good ladies who ask just because they’re interested in you and think it’s sexy when a guy is ambitious and passionate about what he does. You just have to watch out and make sure she’s interested in you as a person as well, and not the financial status.

14. She Never Pays

A lot of people believe that it’s polite for the man to pay for dinner on the first date. With that being said, it’s equally polite for women to offer to pay as well – especially if you don’t know them well.

It’s possible that you might not even notice it if you’re someone who believes men should pay on dates. If it comes naturally for you to pay, it won’t run through your mind that she expects you to use your hard earned money each time.

Has she pulled out her purse and offered to take care of it this time? Has she ever planned a special day where it’s her job to spoil you? If not, you may want to think hard about the relationship. If she just naturally expects you to cover for her at all times and isn’t extremely grateful for it, see how she reacts if you don’t pull out some cash.

13. She Uses Her Looks To Get Things

There are some really kind, attractive women who won’t use their looks to their advantage. This type of woman sometimes doesn’t even realize how pretty she is. But, there is definitely some who are aware of their attractiveness and will do whatever they can to get something out of it. There are a ton of ways they can do this. It can come out in a big way or a small way.

One way that is obvious to some people is getting free drinks at bars. If her friends talk about how she’s always getting free drinks or you see her dressing up extra sexy to get something free out of it, watch out.

Another way could be getting through long lines or getting into an exclusive event even if she isn’t on the list. Women like this seem to just expect that they’ll get exactly what they want.

12. She Feels Like She’s Entitled To Everything

It can be easy to tell who thinks they’re entitled to everything if you look out for it. Entitled people who are obvious about it aren’t fun to have around at all and can oftentimes be draining.

Entitlement can show up in tiny ways at first such as expecting people to do large favors, thinking she deserves all the credit for something she didn’t do, or thinking that rules don’t apply to her. It can also show up in very obvious ways such as expecting a car dealer to drop $15,000 off a new car because you “deserve it.”

Gold diggers will walk around with a sense that they deserve a luxury lifestyle paid for by other people without having to work hard for it. They will usually be subtle about this kind of stuff. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it. Because of that, you might not catch on to it right away.

11. Something About Your Finances Is Off

Have you caught yourself looking at your bank account on your phone to then realize that you had less money than you were expecting to see? You spend SO much money on expensive restaurants, high quality dates, and material items for her that your bank account is running low. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Maybe you’re in a financially stable place where you can afford this stuff without your bank account having -$7.25 in it and don’t mind the money being spent. Or maybe you’re in a place where you can afford it, but would rather be saving the money for retirement or something similar. Either way, it is completely okay to say no to expensive stuff. You can even make a budget of how much money you have a month to spend on your relationship and see how your lady reacts.

10. She Has To Keep Up With Every Trend

I’m sure we’ve all met a certain girl who feels worthless if she’s not financially available to  keep up with the latest trends. Hearing something along the lines of, “No, I can’t go out of the house until I get my new purse,” might not be anything new for you.

Is she constantly spending money on the new Kylie lip kit, a new popular hair color, or new high heels that her favorite celebrity was wearing?

Having hobbies such as fashion and cosmetology that involve new trends is not a bad thing. Girls like that tend to be really creative and artistic. But, when these trends become an obsession and need, watch out. You need money if it’s going to become an obsession because new trends happen very frequently, which is why this can be a great indicator that she’s a gold digger.

9. You’ve Become Her Source Of Money

Have you become her ATM? She might say that she’ll pay you back, but so far, it hasn’t happened. You might be getting constant phone calls that consist of, “I need thirty dollars for lunch,” or, “I need three hundred dollars for a new outfit tonight.”

If you’re making so much money that you don’t know what to do with it, it might not be a big deal to you to give her some cash for whatever she needs. It can become a big deal though when she is consistently relying on you to supply money whenever she wants it.

You shouldn’t have to feel like it’s your job to provide for every need for hers until you’re at the stage of marriage. Even then, she should be willing to reciprocate and spoil you as well, even if it’s in a non-cash way such as breakfast in bed or a massage.

8. You Feel Like It’s Your Job To Babysit Her

Are you feeling like a 24 hour nanny or a boyfriend? Hopefully, the answer is boyfriend. When you’re with a woman who is after your money, it can easily feel like you’ve become a parent. If she could take care of herself, she probably wouldn’t be a gold digger in the first place.

Gold diggers will throw tantrums, whine, and cry until they get what they want from you. Now, doesn’t that sound like a toddler? It’s important to watch out for the fact that some women like this are cunning. Because of that, they will only act this way occasionally or at home so it’s not as noticeable.

Another way it can come out is through her acting wild in public and constantly needing someone to put her in gear. When you’re in public with her, you might have to tell her no, apologize for her actions, or leave the situation if it gets really bad. If you have to babysit her, how can you expect her to care for you when you’re going through a hard time?

7. She Responds Well To Expensive Gifts


Does she respond well to expensive gifts? Does she act like it’s something she deserves instead of being overwhelmed by your generosity and trying to find a way to make up for the nice gesture? Gold diggers will NEVER receive enough expensive gifts. They would take a new one hundred thousand dollar car from you over flowers any day. It doesn’t matter who gives the present as long as they get it.

There are a lot of people in the world who are in love with gifts. Just because a woman loves gifts doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger. People who love gifts will be thankful no matter if they get a five dollar gift or one hundred dollar one. They just love the thought behind them. It’s important to know this so you don’t get a gold digger confused with someone who appreciates gifts.

6. The People She Hangs Out With Are Gold Diggers

You might not give much thought into the people your girlfriend hangs out with. Those people can strongly determine if she’s a gold digger or not. Her main group of girlfriends could be in the same position as her – dating a man who doesn’t hesitate to share his money with his girlfriend.

People tend to gravitate towards others who have the same interests and goals as them. If you look into it and learn more about her friends, you’ll be able to see what their goals really are.

There are people who are very strong willed and can hang out with someone regularly without acting like them at all. Maybe your girlfriend is one of those people! But when most people hang out around someone enough, they can take on their grammar, mannerisms, and beliefs. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully who you hang out with.

5. She’s Obsessed With Expensive Brands


I’m sure you’re familiar with expensive brands whether it’s Chanel, Dior, or Gucci. They’re nice for people to buy every once in awhile if they’re looking for something to splurge on, but it definitely isn’t something that the average person can afford all the time.

If you find her ogling over expensive brands all the time and having to buy them regularly to keep up with everyone, you’ll want to double check your relationship with her. You might find that she’s always associating people with the luxurious brands they have and judging how great they are as a person based on that. Her heart basically belongs to luxury brands – even if it’s not as obvious as it could be.

She might play it off like the brands don’t matter, but you can tell by her body language that she wants them more than anything in the world. You’ll soon realize how she loves showing these brands off when you get them for her.

4. She Only Wants You After You Buy Her Something

Let’s say you get in a fight with this dream woman of yours. Does it end with her giving you the silent treatment until you buy her a nice gift? This will sound all too familiar to men who have had a past with women after their money.

Being in a relationship with someone who stays mad at you until you give them something is not only a sign of a gold digger, but also a toxic relationship. She’ll be completely silent, uptight, rude, and difficult until you give her what she wants. It’s like there is no peace until you make it right – even when you’re fighting because she did something wrong. All the blame is put on you and that’s why you have to buy her something to make it better.

How does she act after you buy her something luxurious? If she changes back to the charming, fun-loving self she usually is, you’ll know something is up.

3. She’s Not Interested In Her Career

Gold diggers have no reason to work hard or try to get a job promotion. The reason why should be obvious – it’s because they have someone who is constantly handing them money. Is there really any need for a job when you get free money?

If she wasn’t getting handed money, she’d probably be working really hard to get an income. Have you noticed that she’s all the sudden slacking off at work? Maybe she’s skipping work to go get her nails done and buy a new wardrobe.

Or better yet, have you heard her talking about her dream life with her friends? Does a dream life consisting of a lake house, a Mercedes, five dogs, and a rich husband sound familiar? While that dream life sounds great, there is probably no plans of work or a career. There’s a big difference between wanting to be a stay-at-home mom and wanting to hire a nanny while you live your dream life with your husband’s money without working.

2. Her Past Relationships Are Odd

Have you taken a good look at her past relationships? Usually that’s not something you would think about or talk about with her if you weren’t suspecting that she’s a gold digger. If you’re suspecting it though, this could be a great way to get some clues.

First off, who are her exes? Are they NBA players? Surgeons? Take a look at that and see if you can find out how long the relationships lasted. Why did those relationships end? Did they end when her ex got laid off from his job?  If they ended for a reason other than obvious ones such as too much fighting, distance, or the guy being a jerk, don’t feel bad about being suspicious.

The past is the past; people move on and grow into different people. But if there are certain gold digger relationship patterns that you’ve noticed, then your reason is justified for looking into the past.

1. You’re A Weird Match

This sign is a pretty easy one to catch on to. You may be thinking of a stereotypical couple where an old but rich man dates a hot twenty-year-old. Lots of relationships like that have a crystal clear motive.

You will probably know if you’re an attractive individual or not unless your self-esteem is completely out of whack. If society tends to find people with your facial features attractive but there is a hot woman who all guys want going after you, you might find yourself questioning her motives.

Take that with a grain of salt, though. You may be the most attractive person in a certain girl’s eyes, or you may have a personality that’s unforgettable. If people tend to question why you are together or make comments behind your back about what an odd match you are, take a second to evaluate if your money is a motive.

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