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15 Signs That Prove She Is Way Too ‘Thirsty’

15 Signs That Prove She Is Way Too ‘Thirsty’

Everyone can appreciate a woman who tells you what she wants. She can be direct about everything in her life from what she likes to what she wants to eat for dinner to what she desires, which naturally includes her wanting you. However, does her delivery come on too strong or too aggressive or too much too quickly? That is definitely a turn-off (unless of course you’re just looking for a quick hook-up) and also definitely the sign of a thirsty woman. We’ve all had such experiences in the world of dating-both men and women included-in which we discover the person sitting across from us at the table on our restaurant date is an extremist in the arena of attraction and dating. So, here are some of the top ways that you can tell if the woman you’re interested in is super excited about you in a way that’s excessive a.k.a. “doing too much.”

15. Friends You On Facebook…When You’ve Never Met


This is basically the virtual version of an aggressive woman making the first move at you at the bar, but instead it’s in Cyberland. She might have become aware of your face while taking a look at a friend’s newest post that popped up on her timeline just a minute ago with a photo in which her friend and you are smiling extra wide at a party from the other night. Your name might’ve popped up in her notifications as a suggested friend to add, she clicked your name out of curiosity just for the sake of it, wound up on your page, and it was love at first sight. Not being able to resist, she clicks the “Add as Friend” button and the next thing you know you have a random female’s friend request in your inbox. Maybe she leaves a message and it says something along the lines of “Hey. I see your friends with my friend. Maybe we’ll see each other around at the next hangout.” and then she ends it with a smiley emoji. Sure, it could be a friendly, innocent invite. But, you know what it really means.

14. Calls You Five Minutes After Exchanging Numbers


So maybe you and the girl did in fact meet up at the next hangout with the mutual friends and you completely hit it off right from jump. Everything just flowed, you all clicked over too many shots of Tequila to count, and by the end of the night, you had each other’s’ digits. What’s weird about that? Nothing at all. This kind of thing happens all of the time. Yet, this next situation not-so-much: She calls you five minutes after you’ve exchanged numbers and went your separate ways. However, this call clearly shows that she wants to literally cross paths en route to you all’s respective houses. What her exact words are when you answer the call will reveal if she fits the bill for being thirsty. Does she say, “Thanks for the time. It was fun.” or “Hey, I think I accidentally left my keys to my house. Did you spot them and grab them for me?” Okay, maybe that last one is just an exaggeration. It would never happen, but if she feeds you similar lines then you can be sure she wants more than just to talk.

13. Initiated the Exchanging of Numbers


Let’s rewind to the mention of you and the girl of interest exchanging numbers at the mutual friend’s get-together. Now, who initiated the exchange? If it was you then you might be off the hook on this particular sign. However, if the girl was the one to get the digits, side-eye her or make up a fake number if you still have the chance. Now granted, not every woman you meet who takes the initiative in getting your number or your Facebook or Instagram handle first is automatically a possible suspect to put on your “Thirsty” watch list. Sometimes the woman making the power play to push your relationship to the next level is appreciated. However, if she initiated the contact information being shared and then calls you or messages you every single day, several times a day afterward, you might have a new suspect to add to that list after all.

12. Initiated Asking You Out On the First Date


This particular one ties in with the phone number, but is the next natural phase and the much bolder. If she initiates the phone number exchange and also the first date proposal, eyebrows might start raising more and no one would blame a person for it. Again, this might just be the sign of a super confident and driven woman who goes after what she wants. Or it could be the sign of a clinging extremist chick. If she sounds much too excited instead of naturally asking you out then that could be the cue that the girl is not normal. Then at that exact moment of discovering this weird girl, it would be time to add her to the “Thirsty” watch list. If you didn’t respond right away after she pinged, texted, or messaged you, her calling you every minute until you responded would be another dead giveaway.

11. Calls You Five Minutes After First Date To Schedule Your Second Date


So the first date went great even if you did side-eye her over your appetizer, meal, and dessert because she was the first to get the number, get the ‘yes’ to a first date, and get the reservations to the table you and her are sitting at right at that very moment. Maybe you misinterpreted her directness as stalkerish. You start to have second thoughts about your first impressions as you exit the restaurant parking lot. Yet, right as you turn the corner, your phone rings. Yes, it’s her. And she’s calling to set up the second date. Now, either this girl is very much a planner or she’s very much a thirsty individual like you suspected her to be. Granted, a guy definitely wants to receive strong confirmation that he is liked back by the girl of his interest and that she enjoyed your first time together. However, this isn’t strong confirmation of reciprocated attraction. This is strong confirmation of a possible crazy person.

10. Calls You Five Minutes After 1…In the Morning


This is another plain as day sign that the girl you’re interested in is excessively interested in you to…in another way. The twilight hours of about one o’clock to four o’clock AM is the thick of the night. She calls and says, “Hey, what are you doing?” or claims to just want to chat. However, who else wants to just talk for the sake of talking at that time of the night, every single night? If she consistently calls you during these time periods then you can be sure she wants more than your phone company. She’s asking for physical company without doing so directly. It’s only a matter of time before she just comes right out and say that she wants you to come over. It’s your call if you take the bait and decide to take the ride over to her place. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

9. Wants to Move To Fourth Base When You’ve Just Stepped Up To The Bat


This one is self-explanatory. You all matched vibes and end the first date with a classic hug at her front door. However, she decides to go in for a kiss and then go in for the home run: telling you to come in and spend the night. Now, if you’re just a player, this situation just played like harp strings to your ears. However, for others who like to actually be chill and not so thirsty, such a situation just played like a disjointed rock song in your head. Nothing about such a hasty proposition like that made you feel good or even interested in this girl anymore. Match this situation to the analogy of video game playing. Some like it easy, most others like it at least medium on the challenge scale. If you like an easy catch however, then by all means don’t let us stop you.

8. Wants to Move In After Just A Month


Now just hold tight for a second. No need to grab your house keys, change them at the nearest Home Depot or padlock your front door. This is not what you think, but it’s still just as creepy. By move in, we’re talking she wants to move in some of her overnight clothes for hanging out with you at your place after just two or three dates. Better yet, maybe she actually comes with a sleepover bag the very first time you invite you over. It’s like she prepared for this moment, yet didn’t fill you in on it. She might have marked it down in her calendar and counted down the days. Let’s edit that very last sentence. She did mark the day down in her calendar and has been counting it down.

7. Knows Everything About You and You Only Know Her Name


Somehow she knows way more about you than even what can be uncovered from Facebook lurking or talking to the mutual friend you were smiling in that photo with. She knows all of the grammar schools you went to, all of your injuries and the birthmark on that one spot of your body that shall remain unnamed, all of your relatives, and what all of your relatives think of you…even your parent who you never met, How did she uncover such information? Is she just very interested in you, very psychic, or is she just very thirsty? For some reason that last one sounds like the correct answer. Women naturally get somewhat into private eye mode when they are interested in a new guy and want to know more about him. However, there’s a difference between deciphering that you have two sisters because she saw a photo of you all together on your Facebook page and deciphering that you were born at 7:32 in the morning at such and such hospital.

6. Ditches Her Friends The Moment She Spots You


Usually women run in packs and have an unspoken girl code when it comes to socializing with guys at dating spots like a club or a bar. If one woman goes to the restroom, her friend goes too. So if she just up and leaves her group of comrades and makes her way over to you to acquaint herself and stays with you the rest of the night, you can be sure something’s up. Another scenario that connects with this is when she ditches another one of the girl codes while eating out on her first date with you: her phone vibrates with the customary girl friend check-in to make sure you, as the guy, are not crazy and a good catch. However, the girl you’re on the date with decides to ignore the call altogether. This is a major girl code violation and is a major sign of a thirsty girl. You might want to check to make sure she’s not crazy.

5. Goes Home With You After Your First Meeting


Tying in with the sign right above this one, another huge girl code in the world of womanhood is to never leave the bar or the club (or wherever you two happen to meet) with another guy she’s just met by one’s self and especially not before at least not checking in with her friends first for a safety assessment and a summary of what her whereabouts will be. If she just straight up abandons her squad and joins your squad in your trek out of the club, she is clearly in love at first sight with a whole lot of trust or she only wants one thing. Again, that last option seems the most accurate explanation of what’s going on here. If you’re an equally fast guy who just wants a good time with only one objective then this situation says “Go for it!” rather than “Proceed With Caution.

4. Likes A Lot of Touching


Let’s just state the obvious. Girls as a whole are typically much more touchy-feely than guys. They’re always hugging their friends or slapping them in different places playfully. It’s just what girls do. Some girls are also just carefree flirts who like to tease a little with shoulder nudges and slaps. Yet, if she’s holding your eye contact way past three seconds and finding any and every single reason to make a part of her body connect with yours, this girl might have a different agenda past flirting. She only wants to take it to the next level with you. Will you get touchy-feely back and dazzle your best smile to test if she is in fact giving you the signal to advance or will you get turned off by her easiness? If she’s literally making moves on you very early on, that could be a sign that only one thing is on her mind.

3. Very Chatty and Very Smiley


Is she trying to show you her new Invisalign braces or how perfect her teeth are after the Invisalign she’s had for almost three years or is she almost about to break her face with all of the cheesiness (Say cheese, cheesiness. Get it?) Great smile and teeth or not, if the girl you’re on a date with or hanging at the bar with is smiling much too hard the whole time and talking way too much with shrill, unnecessary giggles thrown in there for no reason, she could be socially awkward and/or trying to let you know by way of body language that she is a positive gal highly interested in you. Or of course, she could be a model for Colgate or something. One should never make assumptions. But, it seems everyone could assume this girl is very thirsty for something and they would be right on the money.

2. Pops Up Everywhere…Literally Everywhere


This sign definitely proves that she’s been doing some Facebook lurking or actual in-person stalking because this girl pops up everywhere you are. You go to the grocery store, she’s there in a checkout line somewhere. You go to your sister’s graduation, she’s there because her cousin (who doesn’t exist…you checked her Facebook page to confirm it) is graduating too. You go to Colorado for a trip and she pops up at the hotel you’re staying it. Okay, the last one might be extreme, but you get the picture. You see what is happening here. She is appearing every which way you look like McDonald’s or another fast food spot does on every street corner. IT’s like she put out an ad into the universe that says, “Missing Hottie, Have you seen him?” and she got endless answers and directions. When you finally confront her after the fifth run-in-because this is all just getting too weird-she says, “Oh, what a coincidence.” Yeah, right.

1. Calls You Her Boyfriend…After Just Two Dates


So after the first two dates and endless cell phone selfies of you all already on a completely casual level, you open up your Facebook and see on your timeline that she has changed her status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ with…you. Just last week you were beginning to learn about her and now she has the two of you in a relationship. For her, there is only one dating speed in her vehicle and that is turbo. Yep, stick a fork in you because this is officially the sign of a woman who has exceeded the thirst thermometer and is ready to drop dead in her tracks at any moment if you don’t quench her desire. This girl wants you and she wants you bad; maybe even as bad as she needs to talk to someone to help her calm down her excessive clinginess. Get out while you can…safely.

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