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15 Signs Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

15 Signs Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

Love is the world’s most beautiful feeling. When someone falls in love, they feel as if they are in heaven. The wind tousling their hair seems like their partner’s hand caressing their face. And a walk in the rain with hands clasped together is a utopia for every couple. Everything goes all good for a while until small differences begin to crop up, which, on a serious note, might prove detrimental to one’s relationship. Now these matters should be solved by the heart alone and not by the brain. Because the intricacies of love are best understood by the heart, the logically sound and all-powerful brain is not competent enough to unravel the mysteries of love.

Sadly, even after talks, it has become a common case that two people who were deeply in
love with each other, break up. And these hurtful breakups happen when a person begins to see only their self-pride or ego revolving around their eyes, and not the bigger picture. They do whatever they feel like in the heat of the moment, and later on, can’t bear the separation. True love can be found just once my friend, you might not know this but you should: your ex still misses you. And she misses you so badly that she spends sleepless nights in your memory. Now she won’t tell you, because of the same silly reasons – ego and that you should be the first one to approach. But can you live without her? Don’t
answer, because the answer is clear to everyone. Here are 15 signs that your ex still loves you from the core of her heart. Try to recognize them buddy, and shun your ego and pride for love’s sake. Go get your girl, because she’s all yours for the taking.

15. She is Single, but not ready to mingle


She accepted the break-up and walked out of your life. But, did she fall in love again? No, she is still single and not in a mood to have another man in her life. And that is because you fill her heart with thousands of memories! Whenever she thinks of you, unknowingly a smile creeps up on her lips, and then tears begin to streak down her beautiful face. Though she meets several good men, she is not interested in any of them. “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own,” said the American novelist Robert A. Heinlein. Yes, your ex is one of the finest examples for this quote. Your love is precious for her and it will remain the same forever.

14. She ends up Drunk Dialling you


Once after breaking up with your girlfriend, are you receiving calls from random numbers?Yes, that’s her! Whenever she longs to hear your voice and cannot control her urge, she takes her phone just to hear a “hello” from your side. That’s all! But, when she’s inebriated, her mind goes out of control. She calls you and starts sharing all of her emotions. Sometimes she may abuse you too. Poor soul, she doesn’t know any other way to express her frustration. All that she intends is to make you feel her love and how disturbed she is with your absence. She may not be begging you to come back, but she will never say no if you are ready for that.

13. Gains Your Attention by Dating Someone Else


This is strange, but most of the girls try this idea. After having broken up with your ex, you are having a happy time with a new girl or just enjoying a single life. Your girl may request a guy to be her boyfriend for a time being or she will hire someone for the same reason. Do you wonder why? Undoubtedly, she wants to make you jealous. Men are possessive, they get upset when they find their gold in another man’s pocket. So, knowing this psychological fact, your girlfriend is playing a trick. She believes that whenever you’ll spot her with that ‘boyfriend’ you may change your mind and think of going back to her. She will play this dating drama for some time, because if you won’t be able to see through it, she’ll be forced to stop this façade, all heartbroken. Do you know why she’ll stop? Because she is madly in love with you, and somehow she wants to win you over.

12. She turns into a Stalker


These days, you can find your ex everywhere. Is that a coincidence? Of course, not. She is
at the cafe while you are having a fun time with friends, however, she will pretend that she is there for coffee. But the truth is different! Since the both of you were together for so long a time, she is completely aware of your favourite hangout spots. Hence she can follow you exactly and easily. Your ex can’t live without seeing you for a day, that’s the secret. Are you her colleague? Then she is a super lucky woman. She may keep approaching you with
some silly doubts that are related to work, but with a stiff expression on her
face. Break through her drama, she’s not that tough to be understood.

11. Follows you on social media


Have you ever observed the Facebook wall of a person who is living with a broken heart?
Yes, it’s full of love poems, breakup quotes, and romantic images. And it is now that you’ve noticed that your ex has also been doing the same. She has been expressing her emotions on social media, it is a clear sign that she still has not come out of your memories, those sweet nostalgic memories. Sometimes, she creates a hype by sharing some suicidal thoughts that are a sure symbol of emotional turmoil. Usually, girls remove their ex soon after the breakup, but she is totally different. She has neither removed you from her friend list nor blocked you. Why? She has preserved all those letters that you wrote for her on various occasion and she is sharing them on her FB wall. Why would she revisit those things that pain her and remind her of a heartbreaking breakup? She loves you silly and is giving signs that you’re sorely being missed in her life.

10. Speaks About You all the time


“True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. It is, on the contrary, an element calm and deep. It looks beyond mere externals and is attracted by qualities alone. It is wise and discriminating, and its devotion is real and abiding,” said Ellen G. White, beautifully epitomizing true love. And isn’t that what one always misses? Don’t you remember how she used to cuddle into your arms on the couch while watching a movie on TV? Those
priceless memories, oh the beauty of love!

Like these, you would have spent a thousand memorable moments together. After breaking up, she has been talking solely about those good old days. And you’re getting to hear all those stories from your mutual friends. They’re requesting you to reunite with her. Your ex has lost interest in her hobbies and these days her favourite task is speaking about you. You have occupied her mind completely! But sadly and sardonically speaking, you have a bloated ego to look after. Ego comes before everything else. Good, carry on.

9. She becomes an alcoholic


She is spending her nights at the bar, and if not, then she doesn’t leave her house now. Her friends complain of not having seen her for days. The truth is that her house is filled with hard liquor bottles. To forget the pain of separation, she has resorted to alcohol. There are thousands of girls around the world who start dating a new guy soon after the breakup. But she hasn’t because somewhere deep in her heart, she has a small ray of hope that you’ll come for her, like a shining knight on his steed for his lady love. She is not sure whether you will accept her if she goes back to you, but at the same time, she is not ready to be someone’s girlfriend. In her opinion, nothing can replace you! Some people start taking dangerous drugs just to run away from the breakup pain. If you have loved her truly, save her from this abyss!

8. She gets a Love Tattoo


When their love life is at its peak, couples try several ideas to immortalize their love. Getting a tattoo is one such idea. Celebrities too get their lover’s name tattooed on the visible parts of their body, but after the breakup, they go for a tattoo removal treatment. Sometimes, tattoo removal becomes complicated, so they cover up their tattoo with another tattoo. Please check out your ex-girlfriend’s latest pictures on Facebook. Is she posting pictures of the same old love tattoo? I’m talking about that tattoo you both got together at the parlour, where you had to hold her hand tightly because she had tears of pain in her eyes? If yes, then there is no doubt, you are still in her heart and she will never let you go out.

7. She’s Stalking Your Current Girlfriend


According to you, love can happen twice and you are experiencing it right now. A new girl has entered your life and you both are building a great bond. However, your ex can’t stay happy when she comes to know that someone has occupied the place that was
vacated after her departure. Perhaps, she may make an attempt to separate your girlfriend from your life. On social media, she may contact her and bitch about you very badly. Is she already doing all these things? No doubt, in her head you are still her lover. She has been doing all this just to get you back or to keep you away from other bachelorettes. Please don’t be apprehensive about her because of all she wants is you.

6. She celebrates your birthday


All of us pray for the well-being of our loved one on their birthday, and your ex also does
the same because even now you are her “darling”. Your birthday was like a festival for her when you both were together. To make you happy she used to plan many things, for example, buying a cake, picking a cute gift for you etc. You both used to have a candle light dinner together. For her, your birthday is a beautiful day even though you are not around. On her Facebook, she will write a birthday message without including your name in it. Don’t be surprised, if you receive a greeting card from some unknown sender, that’s her! How can you miss out on true love like that, you must be a foolish person to forgo true
love in this dog-eat-dog world.

5. Keeps all Your Gifts


It’s very clear that when we hate someone we do not keep the things that remind us of that person. Same thing goes with gifts. In fact, most of the girls just throw or donate their ex-boyfriend’s gifts since they don’t want them to create any trouble in their new relationship. Some of them try to humiliate their ex by trashing and throwing away his gifts. But, your girlfriend is totally different, she is still using all your gifts! She has an emotional attachment to them, perhaps, she can’t stop using them even though you have left her. That’s the beauty of love! Sometimes, she prefers your favourite t-shirt over the others she has. She still enjoys the warmth of love that you have given her in the form of gifts.

4. She will still extend a Helping Hand


No matter whether you are together or not, she has great concern for your well-being. If you want to experience it, pretend that you are sick. She will reach out to your friends to know what happened to you, and don’t be surprised, she may come to your home when she doesn’t get much information about your health. That’s the intensity of love and she can’t escape from it. At the workplace, she will be the first one to help you whenever you get caught in a problem. Does she do that for everyone? No, she has that special concern only for you. It’s not friendship or sympathy, but pure love.

3. There is no enmity between you two


Once after a breakup, most girls start treating their ex like an enemy. They just hate his
presence. Guys are also not different, you might have observed the feelings of hatred on your friend’s face when he speaks about his ex. It’s not a strange thing. His ex has caused a lot of pain and now it has taken another form. However, your girl has taken a different stand. Though you have broken a heart without mercy, she has no hard feelings for you in her heart. And as you must have had noticed, she is the first one to congratulate you when you have achieved something. There are many ways to ruin your career, but she will never get such evil thoughts. Because love wants to nurture, not rupture.

2. She still takes your advice seriously


It’s common. When a girl is in a relationship with a guy, she always respects his likes and dislikes. Girls usually avoid things that can make their guy unhappy. They compromise with their personal freedom to some extent and accept their boyfriend’s words. For example, some girls stop consuming alcohol if their guy doesn’t drink. Once after turning single, girls start adopting the same old lifestyle. But your ex has not been able to do that. She has no place for those things which you hate. For example, you made her join the gym even though she never liked that idea. Just to make you happy she was always punctual about going to the gym. Now that you are not around, she can say goodbye to the gym, but she is not doing that. Why? Because she loves you and all your words.

1. She is unhappy in her marriage

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time,” said successful American Chef Julia Child. Marriage is an important part of everyone’s life. It becomes a meaningful institution when two individuals share the bonding of love. But in your ex-girlfriend’s life, marriage is a misery that suffocates her every passing second. The reason is simple, she loved you from the core of her heart and just can’t replace you. Even after tying the wedding knot with another man, she is not able to forget you. There are many women around the world who file for a divorce when they can’t get rid of the memories of their pre-marital relationship. Your ex is also one among them. Have you destroyed her life? Think before you answer this question.

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