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15 Signs You Are Living In A Haunted Place

15 Signs You Are Living In A Haunted Place

The signs of a haunting vary from case to case. But it is definitely possible to know whether your house is haunted or not. Many people around the world are living in haunted places without realizing that they are sharing space with someone from the other world. Spirits and ghosts often try to communicate with people living in haunted houses and these paranormal entities even give signals about their presence. Well, there is no particular method available to check whether a place is haunted or not, but finding the signs is not at all impossible. To find out whether spirits or ghosts exists in your house, you need to learn to decode the signs they give you.

Not everyone believes in spirits, demons, and ghosts, but unexpected things do happen that sometimes remain unexplained. Many of these signs could be easily explained as common, natural phenomena. But when they occur repeatedly or some of them occur together, it gives credence to the possibility of you living in a haunted place and that you’re being haunted by the undead. 

Nature has an answer for every question. No matter whether it is from another world, if you are seeing or experiencing something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is associated with the world you see every day. There are incidents where all your logic and calculations fail and you need to call someone for help. Whether it’s a family member, priest or paranormal investigators.

Below you’ll find necessary information about the haunting and ghosts including the 15 signs of a possible haunting in the place you live.

15. Someone Calls you by Your Name


Many people who lived in haunted places experienced this strange phenomenon where they were being called by someone, even when there was no one at home. According to many paranormal activity hunters, spirits of dead people try to communicate with a person of their choice and they know everything about that particular person. Be it his/her present, past or future.

If you repeatedly hear voices calling your name or nickname, it’s a strong sign that you are living in a haunted place. The same thing happens with many tourists when they visit any haunted place. Sometimes, people even respond to such voices assuming someone from their family is calling them.

14. Being Touched By an Unknown Force


Being touched, pushed or pulled by an invisible force is a strong sign that you are living in a haunted place. Unusual sensations on your body signal paranormal activities. Some people feel pressure on chest, mysterious touch, and extreme apprehension.

Negative energy also causes unexplained physical and emotional feelings. Pay attention to these signs as some believe that this means that your house is haunted by ghosts. Check for unexplained sensations. This means you might be feeling someone’s breath on your face, marks or cuts your skin. Sometimes, spirits don’t harm anyone, but they make the residents realize their presence. But if you are being harmed by any such invisible force, you must discuss things with your family and someone who can help.

13. Smell of Strange Fragrances


Have you or your family members ever observed a fragrance in a room and realized that you don’t own any perfume that smells similar to that? But it is not always about a pleasing fragrance. Many places, the paranormal activity researchers visited were full of bad odours.

Spirits often make you feel their presence and may bring along a fragrance or bad odour to get your attention in some way. You may experience different smells of flowers, perfumes with no identifiable reason.

Different fragrances are characteristics of various types of haunting. In some places, people even observed the fragrance of the perfumes used by their deceased family members.

12. You See Someone Walking


Sometimes, spirits from the other dimension can be seen walking throughout your house and you get a glimpse of the whole incident. In many cases, people see shadows of the ghosts that appear to be walking or passing by. Do you repeatedly see that someone is walking in your house or see a shadow moving from one room to another? Then there is a chance that someone from a different world is living in your house. Energies from ghosts usually remain invisible, but at times when something is not acceptable to them or they simply want to make contact with you, you can get to see them. Or they purposefully make you follow them.

11. Repeated Bad Dreams


Having bad dreams is a common experience for many of us, and it should not be considered as a sign of haunting. But if you are repeatedly seeing bad dreams or seeing the same dream again, it is a sign that someone from the other world is trying to communicate with you. Spirits do not communicate in the way we do and dreams are one of the ways they try to contact a person.

It can be a spirit of any deceased family member, or someone who’s been living in that place before you moved in. Sometimes, spirits give signals about the future which can either be good or bad.

10. Changes In Temperature


Sudden coldness in your surrounding environment with no cause is often a sign of haunting. It is believed by many researchers that spirits need energy to appear and communicate, and they draw energy from their surroundings. As a result, at that particular place, one can experience sudden fall in temperature even when the temperature outside is warm.

The cold areas around the house can be occupied by spirits and even if they are not, the spirits can give you signals of their presence by giving cold chills that make you feel fearful. Unusual or unexplained sensations in the body due to sudden rise or fall in the temperature are some of the paranormal activity signs that you are living in a haunted place.

9. Animals Behave Strangely


When there’s some paranormal activity taking place, the animals start behaving strangely. We humans are not the ones who can sense the presence of ghosts, animals are way more aware of such occurrences and are said to have ability to see spirits.

If you observe your dog ignoring you or being attentive to something else (like an invisible force) in the room, these are often the signs of a haunting. Many homeowners say that their pets started acting strangely. Their pets supposedly started jumping and their eyes began to follow something upside in the air. In such cases, it becomes really hard to get the attention of pets, as they start communicating with or reacting to the unwanted.

8. Laughter From an Unknown Source


If you are living in a place where the wall is so thin that you can hear your neighbour, then it’s nothing to be worried about. But if you hear someone laughing, crying, banging or knocking even when no one is around then it’s possibly a strong sign that you’re not alone at home and someone from a different dimension is around you. Sometimes such noises can be subtle, while other times they can be very loud.

If more than one person at your home has experienced this phenomenon and heard the same noises many times, this is a sign of a haunting and there is a chance that you are living in a haunted house.

There have even been reports where people said that they often heard someone laughing, crying or even making animalistic sounds with no source. If this is the case with you, you need to consider moving out pronto!

7. Feeling The Presence of an Unknown


Have you ever felt like someone is watching you, even when there’s no one around? A feeling of someone’s presence even when you know that you are alone at home can indicate haunting. If these incidents occur in some specific areas of your house, you are probably living in a haunted house.

Those who reported a haunting in their house claimed that they always felt the presence of someone watching them. No matter whether they are walking through the hallway or travelling somewhere, they always felt that someone was walking behind them, someone was sitting at the edge of their bed, or someone was so close to them that they could feel them breathing or their warmness.

6. Missing/Displaced Objects


Do you ever feel like you keep misplacing your things all the time? You just never find your keys or that favourite ring you cherish just vanished into thin air? It is a common thing that someone from your family may have put it in some other place. But what if the same happens when there’s no one at home?

Many of us blame our lack of focus, but what if it happens again? The things you put in a place are not available at the same place, and yet some time later, you suddenly find them at the exact same spot. It is like someone has borrowed it for a little while before replacing it back. This back and forth can easily mess with anyone’s head! Such incidents are called Disappearing Object Phenomenon, and multiple instances are a sign of a haunting, meaning that your house is probably haunted by a spirit with sticky fingers.

5. Seeing Apparitions


Ghosts generally appear in their normal form and there are times when you simply miss seeing the apparitions. But there are times when you know that some people can’t be physically present, but they appear in front of you in the flesh. Seeing an apparition is a rare phenomenon. Those who have gone through this, reveal that the apparitions can be transparent, misty or even solid.

Most of the reports about ghost sighting in houses are about seeing solid apparitions. A very small number of people have seen the transparent apparitions, even though TV shows and horror movies depict them in that way.

If you have already considered the factors why seeing a figure is impossible, and despite considering those facts you are seeing it, it’s a very strong sign that you are living in a haunted place.

4. Finding Objects That Don’t Belong To You


Spirits that are haunting you may seem to be unhappy with your presence. They may be ghosts and may leave ominous objects in the house. Finding an object that doesn’t belong to you can be a sign of a haunting.

Sometimes, kids find objects while playing and they bring them home, which is obviously a very common thing and should not be associated with haunting. But what if you randomly find objects from a deceased family member? If you find such things more often, this is an indication of ghosts. This is a rare phenomenon, but people have experienced many objects being found at their home that do not belong to any one of their family.

The objects can be stones, an old diary, feathers, key chains, coins, papers, clothes and other everyday life objects. So, if you find random things just showing up at anytime in your house, this can be an indication of negative energy living at your place.

3. Signs of Illness


If you feel that your place is haunted or you just want to know whether it is haunted or not, simply consider the signs of illness. Are you or someone in the house facing sudden sickness with no reason or medical relief? In some cases, people have reported that their health started falling soon after moving into a new place. Reports of rare illnesses, or life-threatening diseases in a new location are common in paranormally active places.

Some people also feel lack of sleep, fatigue and body pain for no reason, even when they are taking proper rest. But when they are not in that particular place, such problems disappear.

2. Your Child Behaves Strangely


Kids are often used by ghosts as a medium. It is said that babies can see spirits and ghosts and they can even communicate with them. In some cases, people have seen their children talking to an invisible force.

Some kids have even claimed to be visited by a person who does not physically exist. Sometimes, kids look too tired even after a normal day. Their eyes look reddish and their body language suggests that they are too tired or annoyed by something.

In some cases, whether your child is scared, agitated or excited, if you witness these signs along with odd behavior, you may be living in a haunted place.

1. Holes or Cuts in Your Clothes


This is a rare phenomenon, but is a strong sign of haunting. Ghosts cause harm to your favorite, valuable assets such as clothes. The signs include unexplained burns, cuts, holes and other damages to your belongings.

Some spirits have the ability to change the world around them and they typically try to play with things such as electric appliances, clothes, vehicles or other objects. They damage things by making the objects fly, burn or move without any reason.

Regardless of what many people believe, these types of spirits do not necessarily represent an evil entity. But sometimes the persistent signs and indications they give by doing this can mean something much more serious and sinister, so please be careful. 

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