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15 Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl (And Is Already Trying)

15 Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl (And Is Already Trying)

Even though a guy is your best friend, that doesn’t mean that he won’t fall into the temptation of liking your girl. There is a way to tell if a guy has an eye on your girl. It’s nice to have a girlfriend that is very attractive hanging off your arm, but there are some disadvantages of this. If your girlfriend is really beautiful, you might have to put in a little extra effort to keep her happy. Also, different men will have an attraction towards your girl. There might be a little bit of flirting. It’s one thing if it’s a stranger that is after your girl, but it is a whole different ballgame if it is your best friend. You might think that just because he’s your best friend, he won’t even think about making a b-line for your girl. Let’s look at the facts. You might be best friends with another man for many years, however, put a beautiful woman in between the two of you and watch what happens. It’s obvious that your best friend isn’t going to make moves for your girl in front of you. But some subtle actions behind your back will tell all. We will give you 15 ways to find out that your bro’s into your girlfriend and trying behind your back.

15. He is constantly around you and your girl

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

You might not see your best friend for weeks at a time, yet when you see each other, you pick up from where you left off. Then out of the blue, your best friend meets your girlfriend, and without a moment’s notice he’s ringing you up on the phone almost every other day inviting himself to places you have planned with your girlfriend. Does he ask if you have plans for the evening alone or with someone else? When your best friend is constantly around your girlfriend, this is a subtle sign that your best friend has the hots for your girl and is trying to pursue her behind your back. Apparently, he’s not going to come out and say it, because that will lead to trouble. When you see this going on, don’t encourage this kind of behavior. Get back to the old routine of you two seeing each other a few times a week.

14. He starts to joke around with your girl

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

Who doesn’t like to laugh now and then? There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like a good joke. When your best friend all of a sudden, starts joking around with your girl, especially when he’s not the joking kind of person, this is a sign that your best friend is trying to get close to your girl. What happens is he’s cool and collective and exposes his humor in the oddest way. After meeting your girlfriend, your best friend will start laughing over all kinds of silly and inconsequential things that come out of her mouth. The laughter and joking don’t make sense. Your best friend does this to show your girl how wonderful he is. But beware, your best friend has other intentions.

13. Your best friend bumps into your girlfriend in unexpected places

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

You’re out on a date, you go for a drink or get something to eat and all of a sudden, your best friend and girlfriend bump into each other all the time. Then all of a sudden, they start talking to one another. Check out how your best friend is acting towards your girl when they talk. Does he hang on her every word? Another thing to look at is, does he agree with everything she says, but on the same points disagrees with you? Remember, these two don’t know each other. Why is your best friend taking the side of your girlfriend on an issue when you clearly know he feels a different way about the topic. When your best friend shows up in the weirdest places, this is a sure sign that he’s scheming to take your girl away from you.

12. All of a sudden, your best friend starts to dress up around you

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

Men are extremely masculine. When your best friend gets dressed up, he pretty much wears casual attire or daywear on almost every occasion. In fact, the way he dresses formally would consist of white tennis shoes, jeans, and a white T-shirt. Now take a look at the picture. When your best friend shows up on the scene, he looks like he’s come out of a James Bond movie. Sometimes, your best friend might want just to dress better. But his change of attitude should happen apart from meeting your new girlfriend. Getting dressed up, is trying to make a good impression on your girl. Formally, he probably dresses like a boy. Now all of a sudden, he is dressing like a grown-up. Has he had a change of heart about what he wears? Absolutely not! Your best friend is after your girl.

11. Your best friend all of a sudden dumps his girlfriend and is now single

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

Here is something that will throw you for a loop. You know for a fact that your best friend is happily in a relationship with another girl. Then all of a sudden, when he meets your girlfriend, he dumps the girl that he was blissfully happy with. Look at how you couldn’t split your best friend and his girl apart. When he dumps his current girlfriend, he can’t give you a good reason as to why both of them split up. The timing can be completely off. Breakups are common. But in this case, you’re asking yourself, “What in the world is going on?” There is no way for someone to prepare for this kind of break up. It just happens out of the blue. When your best friend dumps his girlfriend, this you can be sure of, your best friend has the hots for your girl, and he wants to make himself available if the opportunity arises.

10. His body language and actions all of a sudden change

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

Here are some things that change in your best friend’s behavior towards your girl: All of a sudden, your best friend gets personal with your girlfriend. A sure sign that he’s into your girlfriend is when he gets personal with the very first conversation. What’s even worse, he will ask about how her relationship is with her boyfriend. His hands are trying to touch her, or he does it in a small way. Does your best friend in your girl hold hands in a shake longer than what it’s supposed to be? Does he force his way on your girl by trying to hug her? Your best friend is constantly looking at your girl. He can’t seem to take his eyes off her. Look at what happens to your best friend’s eyes when you are trying to talk to him. Do they wander off to your girl? If so, something is up.

9. He suddenly smells good

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

When men try to get a woman to like them, one of the best ways is to smell great. Today things are different. New studies are out that explains that a man scent is actually one of the most important things in attracting a woman. Having a good smell rules out six pack abs and the killer smile. It doesn’t matter if you look like a world-class movie star if you smell like a movie star you can get the girl. Your best friend doesn’t just wear any type of cologne, he buys the most expensive cologne that’s on the market. Your best friend is all up on the new studies that show that if a man smells good, the attractive rate goes up. Smelling good along with taking a shower and being clean-shaven is the whole package when trying to attract a girl.

8. Your best friend constantly takes sly digs at you

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

When you’ve had your best friend for a while, and he suddenly turns on you in front of your girl, you better watch out. What he will do is slightly cut you down in front of your girlfriend to make you look bad. It’s all about the Alpha male thing that goes on with men. The one who is on top won’t let anything stand in his way to get what he wants. When your best friend makes sly digs at you, this is when you have to determine just how good of a friend this person is. Why is he trying to take something that is yours? The best defense for something like this is to remark with something cool, firm and collective to throw him off track. If this happens to you, it’s time that you set your best friend down and find out what’s going on.

7. Your girl is constantly getting text messages and email messages from your best friend

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

When your best friend sends your girl a text or email, it goes just a little bit further than sending a message. Messages start to become personal. Here are a few things that your best friend might send to your girl: Your best friend is sending your girl messages about the new game he has or the latest movie he has seen. He’s trying to open up to your girl to see what happens. He will message your girl in the morning. Another thing that happens is he’ll find out about special occasions and birthdays and he will remember them. Constantly sending compliments is another thing that he does. Asking advice from your girl is a way that he is trying to develop some sort of bond. He wants to make plans with your girl. He initiates things for no reason at all. Some of the other text messages involve asking a lot of questions.

6. Your best friend is constantly making comments on her social media accounts

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When you first introduced your best friend to your girl, you were happy that they got along. However, as soon as introductions were made he was added to your girlfriend’s social media accounts. Being that you’re on your girlfriend’s social media accounts as well, you can’t help but notice he’s leaving a lot of comments on her pages. Look out for new posts, and you will see that he is the first one to make comments. He doesn’t just make new comments; he writes special messages to her. Watch for photographs of both of them together. Seeing your best friend all over your girlfriend’s social media accounts should raise your eyebrows, and it’s time to talk with your best friend. Your best friend has lost it, and he’s taking things a little bit too far.

5. Your best friend is constantly talking about your girl

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

A key factor to note is that if you want to find out if your best friend likes your girlfriend, is to pay attention to the things that he says about her. If he constantly thinks about her, he will think of ways to bring her up in the conversation. He does this to find out just how serious you are with your girlfriend. It doesn’t matter what you talk about if your girl comes up in each particular situation of a conversation, it’s time to take note of this action. Another sign is that if you try to change the conversation, her name will still come up in some way shape or form. You might be at your wit’s end because you can’t figure out why he is bringing up your girl all the time. When your best friend constantly talks about your girl, he has the hots for your girlfriend, and he can’t get her out of his mind.

4. Your best friend brings up things about your girlfriend that you don’t know about

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

As you begin a new relationship with your girlfriend, you spend a lot of time talking, texting or emailing each other and you’re constantly telling each other personal things. It’s obvious that you might not know everything about your girlfriend, but you have enough information to know that she is yours because you’re sharing personal details. Then one day your best friend comes up to you and talks about personal things about your girlfriend that you don’t know about. This is a major sign to look for. Something just isn’t right. Pay attention to stuff like, “When she skinned her knee in the fourth grade, she had to be taken to the hospital.” Then all of a sudden, your best friend says, “Actually this happened when she was in the fifth grade.” Take a step back and take a good look at your best friend, because he definitely wants to take your girlfriend away from you. When you find out things about your girlfriend that you don’t know from your best friend, it’s obvious that they’re having more than just a conversation behind your back.

3. In the pit of your stomach, you feel that your best friend wants your girl

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

Many times, there might not be signs or red flags to look at, you just know in the pit of your stomach that your best friend wants your girl. You’re not going crazy. Other times, it’s your subconscious that’s telling you something is going on. When this happens, it’s time to start taking a good assessment of the situation. If you start having sweats, you have a major case of butterflies in your stomach, or something just doesn’t feel right when your best friend walks into the same room as you and your girlfriend, there might be a reason why you’re starting to feel that way. Depending on what type of best friend you have, maybe he would never make a move on your girl. But just having a crush on your girlfriend is enough to drive you bonkers. Watch out what your inner friend is trying to say. Chances are your gut instinct isn’t wrong.

2. Your best friend thinks you’re nuts

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

Being that you have a gut instinct that your best friend is making moves for your girlfriend, maybe your thinking it’s time to talk to him about the situation. You schedule a meeting to have a sit down with coffee, and you explain the reasons as to why you think your best friend is after your girl. You’re pretty sure that the evidence is stacked up against him. However, expecting to hear something like, “I had no idea that you felt that way. I think your girlfriend is nice and I like her, but I’m in no way in love with her, nor do I plan to steal her away from you,” you hear something else. Your best friend turns on you, and all of a sudden says that you have lost it in some way shape or form. Don’t buy this for one second. He is trying to get the attention off of himself and on to you. Deep inside, your best friend knows that he has crossed the line. However, he’s upset that you figured it out. Just pick yourself up and walk away and rest assured that your so-called best friend is after your girl.

1. Your best friend asks to meet with your girlfriend without you present

Signs Your Bro Is Down For Your Girl and is already trying

In conclusion, this is a big red flag that your best friend has the hots for your girl. If all of a sudden, he claims, that your invitation was left in an email or text you never got, something is definitely going on. When you bring the topic up to your best friend, he might say, “You always work late. I didn’t think you would mind.” Don’t take this excuse seriously for one second. He is trying to make you out to be a real idiot. When you see this red flag, you need to have a good sit down with your best friend. A person who is your best friend wouldn’t invite your girlfriend out without you being present. What about your girlfriend? She probably doesn’t have the slightest inclination on what is going on. Now that you know your best friend has it in for your girl, having them meet alone is not something that will not end well.


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