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15 Signs Your Mistress Will Leave You

15 Signs Your Mistress Will Leave You

What guy doesn’t want a mistress? Ladies don’t turn to your man and ask him if he wants one because he is just going to flat out lie to you! What can possibly be better than having the person that you love and care for while also having another woman on the side? Not just any woman that you have to lie to but a woman that’s perfectly fine with you having someone else. How great is that? No matter how great that sounds, I’ve got some bad news for you. Your mistress may decide to leave you. Don’t panic. I’m here to tell you the 15 signs that your mistress will leave you.

15. Wants To Be Your Wife


As a mistress, she gets the unique opportunity to see how you are as a husband. I mean yes technically you are cheating but she still gets to see how you’re treating your wife. She sees that you’re sweet, caring and loving towards her and now she wants that for herself. Your mistress wants that side of you because she now views you as a great husband. So now she places you in a difficult situation. Either you choose to stay with your wife or leave her and make your mistress your new wife. Any logical man won’t leave his wife for his mistress but guess what? Since you won’t give her what she wants, she’s ready to move on.

14. Wants A Child


It’s a bit difficult to have a child when you’re a mistress. The man you are currently dealing with is married and more times than not he already has kids of his own. In no way shape or form does he envision himself having children with a mistress too and that’s where the problem lies. Honestly I can’t blame the mistress. Every person on this earth deserves to have children, after all they are truly a blessing so with that being said, if you want to keep your mistress then you’re going to need to get her pregnant. Hopefully she won’t tell your wife!

13. Wants More Than Just A Physical Relationship

Via: WeKnow

Why do guys enjoy having a mistress? It’s not because we want someone to express our feelings to and it’s not because we want someone else to fall in love with. It’s simply and mostly for sexual reasons. Guys just want to have more than just one option when it comes to sex. In the beginning of your relationship with a mistress, she’s fine with that. You’ll call her and ask her to come over at all times of night. The conversations you guys have revolve around sex at all times. So let me tell you when you have to worry. When she starts calling you and asking to go out or when you ask her to come over and she tells you that she wants to grab dinner at a fancy restaurant. These are red flags. She’s starting to get out of her mistress role and is starting to look for something more. Be worried, fellas. Be very worried!

12. Wants a man that will take her seriously

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The life of a mistress can be pretty lonely in the long run. Sure she possibly has several men that can keep her occupied but she is still left alone for long stretches. After all, she’s mostly just used for sex. Anyone can see how a woman can get tired of that. She will eventually want a man that will take her more seriously. How do you know that she’s ready for a man to take her more seriously? There are several things to look out for. Conversations that were once short and brief will begin to go longer and longer. When she comes over, she’ll stay longer than usual. She may try to hold your hand or cuddle. Look out for all of these signs. It could mean that she’s done being a mistress and is ready for someone (preferably you) to take her more seriously.

11. Starts Talking About Marriage

Via: HuffingtonPost

Marriage is the ultimate goal of a relationship. It symbolizes the highest level of love, commitment and devotion between two people and that is exactly why a mistress has no chance of getting married to the guy she is secretly with. Why would he? He already has a wife and the plan was never for him to leave her for the mistress to begin with. It’s hard to find a woman that hasn’t dreamed of getting married. Walking down that aisle and saying ‘I do’ is special. If she begins to talk about marriage or if you catch a wedding magazine in her purse, then run as fast as you can.

10. Tired Of Sharing


Nobody likes to share. You can end up with a real fight on your hands if you ask the wrong person for a bite of what their eating so sharing one guy can be a major headache for a woman. Yes, I know that she came into that situation knowing that she would be sharing you, but she’s over that. In the beginning it’s easy to just tell her not to call or text you after a certain time but if she begins to gain feelings for you, the calls and text messages will begin to come at all times of night. That’s an indication that she’s tired of sharing. Simply telling her not to do it won’t work anymore either. You’ll most likely need to change your number because she’s just tired of sharing you.

9. Wants You To Take Her Out In Public

A mistress is supposed to wait by the phone when you call and then come over and leave. That is about the full extent of the relationship. There are no extracurricular activities such as going out for dinner or heading to the movies. Sometimes however she may want something to eat or she may want an alcoholic drink or two. Alright, that’s no problem. You pick up the phone and order takeout and if she wants to get drinks, then you guys can go to the bar very late at night when you know the chances of you running into someone you know are fairly low or you just go to your local corner liquor store. As far as taking her out in public goes, that should never happen.

If she tells you at about six in the afternoon that she would like to grab dinner then something is wrong. The point in having a mistress is for your relationship with her to be discreet so when she starts planning all of these dates in public places at early times just know you have a problem. You are going to have to repeatedly tell her no. Brace yourself because once you start giving her excuses, then she will give you the same response when she’s back at your place.

8. Tired Of Being Alone On The Holidays


The holidays are a great time to be around people you love. When you’re younger, the only thing you really care about is getting gifts but as you get older you just want to be surrounded by your family. Especially if you have a wife and kids. A mistress does not have that luxury. The holidays are her loneliest times and she will quickly get tired of that. She will call you and ask to see you but she won’t get that opportunity because now more than ever she has to take a backseat to the number one woman in your life. Valentine’s Day can be the worse for her. As a mistress, she should understand that’s a day reserved only for your special woman. It’s one day that a mistress will be ignored entirely. She will possibly put up with it for a short time but not for to long. If your mistress has the nerve to call you on Valentine’s Day, she is clearly starting to forget her place in your life and she must be getting ready to leave you because she wants your attention on some special days as well.

7. She Is Tired Of Running On Your Time

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You can’t call me after a certain time. You can’t text me after a certain time either. I can’t see you right now, I’ll see you later. We can’t meet up today, we can meet up next week. She is sick and tired of hearing all of this. Everything runs on your time. It’s understandable. You’re the one risking everything and in order for everything to work out, she needs to be willing to meet up or contact you when you want, not the other way around. She might be okay with this for a little while but if one day you call her and tell her that you can’t meet up today and you have to reschedule because you’re currently with your wife, and your mistress starts to give you an attitude then be very weary! She might be planning on leaving you because she’s tired of everything revolving around you.

6. Doesn’t Even Know Where You Live

Via: Tars

Who likes random visits? Nobody! Well let me not say nobody likes them but it depends on who exactly decides to come and give us that visit. A girlfriend that we’ve been dating for a number of years? Sure, she absolutely has the right to come and make a pop up visit. A mistress? Absolutely not! She isn’t even allowed to know where we live and that might become an issue for her. Maybe not initially but eventually it will. In the beginning, she won’t have an issue with you taking her to hotels but when she gets even more comfortable with you, she’ll start to ask you questions such as “How come you never invite me over to your place?” or “Can I spend the night at your house?” I don’t even think I have to tell you what your response should be. It’s a flat out no! Just remember one thing: once she starts asking those kinds of questions and you give her those kinds of answers, she’s just about ready to leave you.

5. Does Not Care About Your Personal Health

Via: Youtube

If the conversation does not involve some kind of sexual activity then honestly why would a guy care? After all, you’re only a mistress and you’re only needed for one thing. He does not care that you just got into a car accident nor does he plan on coming to visit you in the hospital. It’s a bit harsh to say but it’s just the truth! He might send you a text message wishing you well but that’s about it. Once she notices that you could care less about her well-being, then she’s going to get up and leave.

4. You Won’t Get Her Any Gifts

Via: Redbook

All women want a man who will spoil them with gifts and if they tells you otherwise then they’re flat out lying to you! Men don’t mind getting gifts for their woman, some even enjoy it but not everyone gets a gift. The woman I’ve been romantically involved with for several years? Sure, absolutely. My mistress? Absolutely not! Your mistress will probably give you some subtle hints such as “I really need some shoes” or “I wish I could buy this jacket I just saw.” Ignore the signs! I have to warn you however that some mistresses are much more blunt and will ask you to buy them things. You’ve got two options: either you do or you don’t. If you do, then she’ll be happy, but if you don’t she’ll leave. Don’t get her anything! Sure, she’ll leave but at least you just saved yourself a lot of money!

3. You Won’t Pay Her Bills


Phone bill, cable, rent, etc. Whatever good or service you’re thinking of right now, she wants you to pay it. Your mistress feels as though she’s doing you a favor. She knows you have a wife, yet she is still romantically involved with you so she figures the least you can do is take care of her bills. If you’re seeing her on the side, it means your wife isn’t capable of satisfying your needs, but your mistress can and she knows it. That’s why she thinks she’s worth the payouts. Once she gets the feeling that you won’t be paying those bills, then she’s about to go find a man that actually will.

2. Tired Of Sleeping Alone Every Night

Your mistress may have you for a few hours in a day but every night you go back home to your wife. It does not matter how much of a great time you guys just had in that hotel room. Every night you bring yourself back home to your wife and quite frankly your mistress is tired of it. She’s tired of coming back home every night to an empty bed, waiting for you to give her a call to plan the next time you guys are going to see each other. She will want to see more of you and she will also want to spend nights with you. Not just one night but several. However in the back of her mind, she knows that you can’t do it but once she starts making those requests then get yourself ready to lose your mistress.

1. She’s Starting To Feel Like A Homewrecker edited by Patricia Eden

Every single mistress out there is a homewrecker, whether they want to believe it or not. The guy plays a part in this as well but at least he was honest (to the mistress anyway). He did not sit there and lie to you by saying that he was single. He placed all of his chips on the table by telling you about his situation and you still choose to be with him. Some mistresses will never feel guilty about this while others won’t feel guilty in the beginning but over time they will. Maybe she saw a photo of you and your family and she feels as though what you guys are doing is wrong. Once she gets that guilty feeling, you’ve lost her forever.

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