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15 Signs Your Relationship Is At Death’s Door

15 Signs Your Relationship Is At Death’s Door

You’re here, because you are thinking quite a bit about your girlfriend’s actions. She has been acting a little “weird” lately, and you’re starting to get an odd vibe. When the two of you talk, things just feel different, and it’s becoming a little unnerving.

Hey, I get it! Either you’ve been together for quite a while, and something seems off, or you just started dating, and things don’t seem right compared to other girls you’ve dated. You’re seeing things that you interpret as signs and they are becoming more and more disheartening.

These signs and red flags don’t necessarily mean that your girl is cheating on you, she could just be getting a little complacent in your relationship, or she’s just not that into you anymore. Not every girl who does these things is a cheater, and not every cheater does all of these things. In the end, it’s always best to actually have a conversation with your girl to get a better understanding of her actions. It’s the only way you’ll get the answers you need for either closure or repair. Either way, if you’ve been seeing these 15 red flags, it’s time to have a conversation about your relationship.

15. She’s Always Distant


She doesn’t seem to be listening anymore. You try to show her a funny video or tell her a story about your day, and she responds with “uh huh,” or “that’s funny.” She’s not engaging in conversations like she used to, and eye contact has become next to non-existent. This is a telltale sign that something is up in your relationship. It might not be cheating, but it might be a precursor to the final days of your relationship. If this happens in your relationship, bring it up in conversation. Even if you aren’t a confrontational person, mention that things like this bother you. Don’t accuse her of cheating right off the bat. Simply, let her know how you feel, and see how she responds.

14. She’s Always Busy…Always


If you’re in the early stages of your relationship, you don’t really know how busy your girl actually is. You don’t live with her, and you don’t follow her around every waking second (at least, I hope not). She could actually be as busy as she says she is, but if a girl is really into you, she will make time for you. So, if your girl is always saying she’s busy, she could be busy doing other things (and other dudes), but she could also be busy with work, family, personal life, and not want you to be involved. This isn’t uncommon, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship, so pay attention to how busy she actually is. The relationship could be over as early as last week.

13. She Is Glued To Her Phone


When she’s with you, she’s always on her phone. Cell phones are interesting tell-alls, and modern technology has given us the power to understand how a person really is in relationships. If you’re hanging out and she’s on her cell phone, laughing every time she opens a message, and responding to that message instantly, go ahead and ask her what’s so funny. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be honest with you. If her friend told a funny joke or sent a funny meme, ask her to show it to you. If it’s that funny and there is nothing to hide, this shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s a huge problem that you want to look at her cell phone, that’s a red flag right there.

12. She’s Flaking Out

This one goes along with the “always busy” excuse. However, if a girl is making plans with you and breaking those plans constantly, you might be in for a little more than just being ignored. If she’s cancels more than three times in a row, it’s best to assume your relationship is over. Don’t let her string you along for too long, just break ties and go your separate ways. If she’s not a super busy person, and she’s flaking out, it simply means that there are other people more important that you in her life, and that is perfectly fine, but probably not what you’re looking for in a relationship, so it’s best to break it off before it gets too serious.

11. Everything Is A Fight

Now, there are times you may feel like your girl is acting like nothing you do is right, but there is something a little different at the end of a relationship. If she is becoming agitated rather easily, something could be up. If she’s cheating on you, she a lot on their plates, and cheating is a horrible balancing act. So, rather than trying to explain to you how to put the toilet seat down or why you should put the toilet seat down, she will explode and show that your toilet seat laziness is a metaphor for your entire relationship. When the complaining or “understanding the opposite sex” conversations get irrational, calmly ask her what’s up with her? If that becomes a fight, you got yourself a red flag on your relationship.

10. She Leaves Unexpectedly

She returns from a bathroom break mid-date and tells you she has to hit the road, there was an emergency. No, she doesn’t need you to come with her, she has to go. It’s the middle of the night, and there’s a work emergency. She doesn’t need your help, she just has to skate. Sometimes, these things are actually very real, and sometimes, they are quick excuses to get out of a situation and into a better one. If she doesn’t mention how the emergency was resolved the next day or later that night, your relationship is pretty much over. Sorry dude. Many women will find creative ways to excuse themselves from any situation, so it’s not uncommon that this is one way to recognize it’s over between you two.

9. She’s Talking About Other Dudes

Okay, this one is a fine line. Most of my friends are male, and my best friend is a male, and I’ve made it very clear to all past boyfriends that I’ve known him longer, and he will not be replaced or put to the side because you have insecurities. However, if there are other dudes in her life (especially ones she just met) that she talks to quite frequently, you may have a red flag right there. If you ask her who she’s texting, and she says “Oh, this hilarious guy I met at the mall today,” you have every right to question the relationship. It doesn’t mean she’s looking for new options right this second, it could just mean that her eyes are wandering. Now, if she says, “Oh, this guy I met at the mall, he has a line on a job for me.” You can ease your mind a bit. She’s looking for a job, after all.

8. She Accuses You of Cheating

This one is more common with male cheaters than female cheaters, but they are both guilty of it. Now, some women who suspect you of cheating will come out and actually ask you if you’re cheating, but women who are cheating and want to turn the tables on you will straight up accuse you of cheating in very harsh ways. It’ll be more explosive if she is cheating on you. So, if you’re ever accused of cheating, pay close attention to how the accusation comes along. If it’s in the form of a calm question, and you’re not actually cheating on her, ease her mind by sitting down and talking her through it. If she screams at you that you’re cheating on her, calmly sit down, and ask her what is up with her.

7. She Has “The Talk” With You

Everyone communicates differently. If your girl’s mind has been wandering, and she’s trying to tell you, it could come out in many different ways. She could mention a guy at work who has been hitting on her. She could tell you that he’s cute, but she has you. She could tell you that she’s starting to have feelings for him. All of these things are her trying to communicate something important to you. If you want to salvage your relationship, have a conversation with her about it. It’s important to let her know how you feel. It’s okay if you get a little jealous, but try not to be overbearing or controlling in your reaction. Talk it through, if you want to repair your relationship.

6. She Doesn’t Respond To Your Touch


This one can come from a number of different events in your relationship. Something is missing in your current relationship that she’s looking for, or something is in your current relationship that is turning her off. Either way, when women are turned off by your touch, it will become very clear very soon. So, if she’s cold when you touch her, something is definitely up. It could mean a lot of things that aren’t cheating, but it could be a precursor to cheating itself. If she’s not responding to your touch, start a conversation about this. It’s the only way to repair your relationship. If you respond by saying “fine then!” and walking away, your relationship is already gone. Don’t throw a fit, have a conversation.

5. She “Has To Take This Call”


Your girl is always on the phone, but she finally has a night out with you, and you’re excited to have some alone time. Suddenly, a call comes in. She absolutely has to take it, and she has to take it in another room where you won’t hear her talking. This is definitely a red flag. If you ask her who was on the phone, and she tells you it was her sister, think about her relationship with her sister and how often they actually talk on the phone. Does she always leave the room when her sister calls? What is up with that? Being shady with phone conversations can mean two things: 1. She’s cheating on you or thinking about cheating on you, or 2. She’s planning a surprise birthday party for you. So, ask yourself, how close to your birthday is it?

4. She Isn’t Interested In Your Junk

As a matter of fact, she doesn’t want anything to do with you in bed. She just isn’t into it anymore. Forget not responding to your physical touch, she doesn’t even want to see you naked. She makes jokes about your naked body, she has zero interest in anything that has to do with being naked next to you. Okay, some women go through drought phases where they have low libidos. It’s actually more common than not. But take a look at your patterns in fun time, and see if anything is changing. With this one, it is essential that the two of you talk. Make sure you understand why she has lost interest, and get a better understanding of how you can repair this situation (if it can be repaired).

3. She Disappears Without Any Explanations

You’ve been dating for three months. She makes plans to hang out with you on Saturday. Friday, you text her and confirm your plans. No response. Saturday comes and goes, and she flakes out on your date with no text, no nothing. You check her Facebook to see if she is still alive. She liked her friend’s video ten minutes ago. She is still alive, but she has ghosted you. Sorry to say, the relationship is over at this point. Whether she did it intentionally and got another date for Saturday, or she just totally spaced the situation and didn’t remember to reply to your texts. Either way, she’s gone. Time to move on.

2. She Doesn’t Want To Hang Out

You’ve been trying to get her to hang out with you alone for quite some time. You’ve been dating exclusively for six weeks, and you just want some one-on-one time with her. However, she is simply too busy. She has no interest in the places you offer to take her. She doesn’t really like hiking, and is too tired to go see a movie. She doesn’t want to go to your place, because she has to work in the morning. All of these excuses are telltale signs that she’s just not into it anymore, and she is probably looking into other prospects as she’s giving you denial text messages.

1. Things Aren’t The Same

All relationships change, grow, and turn into other things. This is because people grow and change and turn into other things. It is common for long-term relationships to have patches where things just don’t feel the same. If you find yourself in one of these patches, communication will bring out the truth, whether her eyes have been wandering of she just wants different things from the relationship. If communication isn’t strong in your relationship, it’s time to make it strong. Start talking to her about the changes you’re noticing. Give her some insight as to how you’re feeling about things, and start actually talking about what you want and what she wants.

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