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15 Signs Your Wife Wants A Little Bedroom Action

15 Signs Your Wife Wants A Little Bedroom Action

There’s been a lot of talk about decoding women lately. While one side of the argument says that women are impossible to understand, the other side screams that women are very clear in their intentions, actions, and wants and needs; the truth lies somewhere in between. Ultimately, neither side of this argument is right, because this isn’t an argument based on gender. To truly understand your significant other, you must look at the individual rather than what rests between her legs, the hormonal differences between the two of you, or what you’re told about how “all women” are.

Now, I don’t have to tell you that women are just as interested in sex as men, and the same holds true for your wife. She wants sex the same way you want sex, and nothing is going to change that. Now, depending on your wife (the individual personality), she might be direct or she might send you signals (which can resemble anything from a spark to a full-on laser light show). Either way, the signs will be there for you to interpret.

So, how do you know if your wife is trying to get in your pants or if she just wants to be close? Check out these tell-tale signs that she wants more than just snuggle time.

[NOTE: Married or not, “no” means no; therefore, it’s essential to back off if you’ve misinterpreted any of these signs as a free-for-all on your wife’s body.]

15. Seeing Is Believing

Let’s be honest, gentlemen; there is no such thing as a mixed signal when you receive a provocative selfie from your wife. It may not need to show much… remember when her cleavage was enough to get you to tackle her to the ground in passionate bliss? Well, here it is again…go get some!

You didn’t receive a provocative selfie? Okay, how about she undoes the first few buttons of her shirt while you’re on your way home from date night dinner.

Any way your wife purposefully appeals to your visual stimulation centers is a great indicator of her wanting to get down and dirty with you. By now, your girl knows you, and she knows which parts of her body you like the most, and when she highlights those areas, you know she’s ready for you to make your move.

14. She Talks About New Things

If she’s researching different ways to spice up your marriage, you know she’s thinking about your sex lives. Maybe she wants to introduce some new positions, or she wants to introduce some new hardware into the bedroom. This isn’t something that you should be offended by. As a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite. She wants to explore new frontiers in the bedroom with you. It doesn’t mean that she’s losing interest in you; it actually means that she’s thinking about having sex with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring new things with your girl. Open up the conversation and get involved in the new things you can do in the bedroom!

13. She Slips Into Something a Little More Comfortable

Now, you’re the only one who really knows the specifics of what makes your wife “more comfortable.” If she’s always wearing yoga pants and a jersey to bed, she might mix things up and put on that nightie you bought her for your first Valentine’s Day to show you she wants a little more. If she always wears a negligee to bed, you might spot her in one of your button downs and nothing else. This one also appeals to your visual stimulation centers, and is a very clear indication that she’s ready for you to take off her “more comfortable” attire.

12. She Makes Your Favourite Dinner

Alright, this is a little more vague. Perhaps, your favourite dinner is just in the rotation this week, but perhaps not. Check for some of the signs that she’s trying to appeal to your pleasure centers rather than just your tummy. Some things to look for in the “your favourite meal for dinner equals your wife being DTF” include the fact that she spends extra time plating. If she’s looking to get you happy before you’re both happy in bed together, she will plate the food perfectly to get you excited about the visuals. She’ll also set a different mood. If dinner is about the two of you talking about your day, she’ll light some candles, and focus on the more sensual parts of her day when it’s time to talk.

11. Doesn’t Want to Watch TV

If part of your routine is TV time, then you have a clear sign that she wants a little more than snuggles when she tells you she’s just not interested in the TV right now. She’s more interested in looking at you rather than looking at the fictional characters rolling across the TV screen. Maybe she’ll tell you that she’d rather talk than watch TV. If this is the case, pay attention to the topic she’s most interested in. TV has a tendency to dull the senses, so turning it off and spending a different kind of quality time together is a sign that she’s interested in spending an intimate “different kind of quality time” together.

10. She is very Touchy Feely

By this time, you probably already know the signs that your wife is touching you in places that she doesn’t naturally hit during your average routine. If she usually holds your hand, you might find her running her fingers up and down your arm or thigh. She doesn’t have to be going straight for your junk to give you the sign that she’s in the mood. She just might focus on different places, or linger where she normally doesn’t linger. Keep an eye out for things that are different.

9. Makes More of an effort on her appearance

If your wife doesn’t always spend hours on hair and makeup, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you. As a matter of fact, it means that she’s comfortable being herself around you. However, if you notice that she takes a little longer to get ready for date night or even grocery shopping, know that she’s not doing it for anyone else but you and her. You think she’s beautiful no matter what, but when she wants a little action, she might take a little action.

However, this doesn’t just pertain to hair and makeup. Maybe she went out and bought a new dress. Maybe she wants to focus date night on something you’re interested in and she isn’t so hot about.

8. She Talks About It

Guys think about sex a lot. So do women. Women just talk about it less. However, if your wife starts talking more about sex, it means she’s doing much more than just thinking about it. If she reminisces about a sexual experience she had with you, try reenacting it for her. If she’s talking about how long it’s been, it’s time for you to deliver. If she’s talking about how much she loves being connected to you physically, give that woman what she loves!

And here’s the biggest tell-tale sign: she talks about how in the mood she is. Dude, if she’s talking to you about how crazy she is for you then give that girl what she needs! Which brings us to number 7…

7. She Tells You What She Wants

Some men are blessed with women who are direct and to the point. They don’t want to spend a whole lot of time trying to get your attention or giving subtle hints. They want what they want when they want it. These types of wives will straight up tell you that she wants you…now. No questions asked, no deeper meaning. No setting the mood. The mood is set when she tells you it’s time. This kind of spontaneous romp is exciting and can really boost the communication of the relationship.

Now, if your woman isn’t always direct and to the point, but tells you she what she wants, there is no time to over-think the situation. She told you what she wants and it’s time for you to deliver.

6. She Asks You What You Want

Okay, she might not be the kind who is direct, but you are blessed in other ways. When she asks you what you want and if your “likes” in bed have changed, then she is interested in getting to know what pleases you. She’s also getting your imagination going, which, of course, gets your blood pumping.

When she asks you what you want, don’t be afraid to tell her exactly what you’re looking for, how you like it, and what you think this relationship has been missing. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to these situations, because if she’s asking, she’s got a plan for you… sooner rather than later.

5. She Breaks the Schedule

If your marriage has come to a routine based on work schedules, the kids’ soccer practice, and grocery store hauls, your wife is trying to tell you something when she tries to break that routine. She might tell you to meet her for lunch somewhere (home, a hotel, etc.). If so, she’s looking to break the schedule. I recommend going for it.

If you come home from work, and she tells you that the kids are sleeping over at her parents’ house, she broke the normal weekly routine for a very specific reason. Pay attention to your current schedule. If your usual romantic rendezvous is on Saturday morning in the shower, you might notice her trying to change things up on Friday night.

4. There is a Secret Code between you two

Every partnership should have a secret code for “let’s do it!” Whether the secret code is “the kids are asleep,” or “I lost my earring in the sheets,” your wife will have one. Usually by the second or third time one partner uses the secret code, both partners know exactly what it means. Secret codes aren’t meant to have decoder rings, and they aren’t meant to be hard to figure out. They are usually a great way for two people to bond in a relationship, because it’s inside information for just the two of you.

If you don’t have a secret code for sex in your relationship, it’s time to make one. When your wife uses the secret code, you know exactly what time it is.

3. She Starts Asking Questions

When your wife asks you questions, answer them. When the questions start to lead in the direction of sex and intimacy, start answering them faster and sweeter. The questions might begin as benign “how was your day,” but can ultimately lead to, “were you thinking about me today?”… “What were you thinking about?”… “What were you thinking about doing to me?” “Wanna try out some of the stuff you were thinking about today?”

When she goes in this direction, you know exactly what time it is! There’s no secret code involved! All you have to do is answer her questions, and start getting into the sexy answers.

2. She Takes the Day Off

This one definitely connects to Breaking the Schedule. More often than not, she’ll take a day off of work to get things done and give herself a little bit of private time. If she asks you to take the day off with her, do so… she has plans for you.

If she doesn’t ask you to take the day off with her, don’t worry, give her the opportunity to pamper herself. Buy her a gift card for a massage, or get her a nice mani-pedi. When she has the opportunity to relax and reset her own schedule, she’ll repay you tenfold later that night.

1. Pressing Your Buttons

Your wife knows exactly how to turn you on. She knows where the start key is. Whether it’s a whisper in your ear, or running her hands down your zipper, she knows exactly how to get things started. Don’t lose your opportunity when your wife presses your buttons and unlocks the secret code to your sex drive. Over time, it can be more difficult to see when your wife is pushing your buttons. Maybe one of your buttons doesn’t work the same way it used to. No problem! If you like when your wife pushes your buttons, just let her know if anything changes with them. This will help her show you when she’s ready to go.

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