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15 Simple Things Men Can Do To Get The Most Female Attention Possible

15 Simple Things Men Can Do To Get The Most Female Attention Possible

This question goes out to all of the men out there: what would you be willing to do to get a woman’s attention? Would you climb Mount Everest? Would you give up eating meat for a year? Would you hunt down the man who killed her baby, exposing yourself to danger of the acutest kind? Fortunately, there are a lot easier ways to get a woman’s attention than you may realize. In fact, there are many simple things that men can do to get the most female attention possible. Read on and you’ll find a list of fifteen of those things.

There are three things to keep in mind while perusing the items on this list. Firstly, women love a gentleman. Speaking for myself, I’d love nothing more than to be transported back to the nineteenth century when men bowed when greeting a woman and helped them into their carriages. I’m not alone in this sentiment, judging by the popularity of Jane Austen’s novels among women today. Secondly, women appreciate men who appear well put together. That means devoting attention to personal grooming and being able to support yourself. Thirdly, a caring man is a desirable man in a woman’s book. If he’s kind to others, then he’ll be kind to her. Want to learn how to satisfy these three principles? All you have to do is keep reading.

15. Open doors for women


We begin this list with ways to appear gentlemanly to women. Gentlemen open doors for women. And yes, women absolutely love that. Think of women’s fascination with and adoration for Mr. Darcy to this day. I teach all of my male friends this lesson on the importance of opening doors for women. Some of them still practice it, which is why they’re off the market. Open the car door for any women you decide to pick up for a date. If you notice a woman is about to enter the same building as you, take the few extra steps to open the door for her. Not only will the women you open doors for bat their eyelashes at you, but the women who witnessed the event will too.

14. Pull out chairs for women


Sticking with the theme of being a gentleman, remember to pull out a woman’s chair for her when you sit down to have a conversation with her. The setting doesn’t make much of a difference. You could be having a romantic dinner with a woman, or you could be having a meeting with one at your office. Women appreciate a man who helps them to be seated, no matter the place and time. If I caught sight of a man pulling a woman’s chair out for her, whether at a restaurant or at a school conference, I would be more interested in him than I was before. Don’t listen to those pesky feminists; most women still want to be treated with gentlemanly respect.

13. Offer to carry her bags


The third gentleman’s principle to consider is bag carrying. Women may not admit it, but they’re just waiting for a man to carry their bags for them. Bags can be heavy, and not all women have the strongest arms. If you see a woman struggling to heave heavy bags to her car, walk over to her and offer to ease her burden. Help her to load her groceries into the trunk of her car. Carry your female neighbours’ shopping bags to their doorsteps, or better yet, bring them inside of the house. Assist women in transporting their luggage to and from the airport. Chances are, you’ll receive a lot more than grateful stares in return.

12. Master the art of proper grammar


Okay, so this one might not be so simple for all men, but it’s worth it. Fictional gentlemen always know how to speak well, so real gentlemen should too. Being a grammar nazi myself, I admit that I might be biased here. That being said, I do know many women who cite improper grammar as a major turnoff. If a man can’t string a sentence together, then he comes across as uneducated. With more women pursuing higher education these days, they have no time for men who can’t match their educational accomplishments. A man who speaks only in slang is a man to be avoided. Impress women with proper phrasing instead.

11. Remember their name


Lastly, a gentleman always remembers a woman’s name. You’d be surprised by how much women are impressed by the simple act of remembering their name. It means that they were important enough for you to etch them in your memory. You can build up a solid reputation among women as a man who keeps his names straight. On the flip side, forgetting a woman’s name can do lasting damage to your reputation with the ladies. There’s nothing worse than calling a woman by the wrong name, that is, expect for drawing a complete blank when she expects you to say her name.

10. Take a shower every day


Let’s move on to ways to win women’s attention through personal grooming habits. Taking a shower daily is a simple way to attract female attention that often gets overlooked. We sometimes take for granted what becomes habit, like showering for example. A man might think to himself, what difference will it make if I don’t shower today? A world of difference; trust me. Women can tell when a man hasn’t showered. I can smell my brother from a mile away when he forgets to take his shower. In case you were wondering, noxious odours aren’t a turn on. You’ll attract a woman’s attention if you fail to shower, all right, just not the kind of attention that you want.

9. Wear clean clothes every day


Personal grooming tip number two: put the shirt on that’s hanging up in your closet, not the one that’s been lying in a heap on the floor for god knows how long. Women like to be in the presence of men who are well-dressed. Unkempt isn’t a look that they tend to favour. Dirty clothes smell, and don’t fit well. You might think that the sweatshirt you’ve been wearing for the past week looks fine, but to a woman it doesn’t. It looks like it needs to be washed. Think twice before donning that wrinkled shirt hanging from the hamper in the corner of your room. You might want to iron it first.

8. Purchase some cologne


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense or Dior Sauvage; the scent is up to you. A man who smells good will turn many female heads. I read it in a fortune cookie once (but not really). Scent can be enticing. The right scent can draw many admiring eyes. Just don’t buy an overwhelming scent, because it might have the opposite effect on women than you desire. Take Axe Body Spray, for example. Nothing sent women in my high school running in the other direction quite like a whiff of Axe in the hallway. Maybe bring your sister along if you’re thinking of trying out some colognes.

7. Drink responsibly


I mentioned earlier that women like men who look well put together, right? Well, “drunk” and “well put together” aren’t synonymous. There’s nothing that a woman hates more than being pursued by a drunken male at a bar. Here’s a public service announcement: being so drunk that you can barely stand isn’t attractive to women. They don’t want to give a man who slurs his words the time of day. Nor do they want to babysit an inebriated man. They want a man who has the presence of mind to be able to protect them should something untoward happen. A sober man can do that; a falling-down-drunk man cannot. Men who drink responsibly stand out like beacons of light to women in a social setting. Be that beacon of light.

6. Move out of your parents’ basement


Want to show women that you can support yourself? Then start by getting your own place. Men who have a place of their own to take women to are much more attractive in the eyes of women than men who live with their parents. I know a man in his thirties who lives with his grandparents. Guess what? He’s single. Being able to afford your own place shows women that you’re financially dependable. Why is that important? According to evolutionary psychology, women desire men who possess ample financial resources. If you want to attract the most female attention possible, then move out on your own. Independence is sexy, financial or otherwise.

5. Hold a baby


We end our list with ways to attract female attention by demonstrating how caring you are. Women love men who are good with babies. It’s a universal truth that men should learn to use to their advantage. When you see a man playing with a baby in the park, you also see plenty of female eyes zoned in on him. It’s a woman’s natural response to appreciate the image of a man with a baby. Women see men who are good with kids as eligible partners. They want their future husbands to be good fathers, ones who are protective of their children and who can offer them support. So ask your cousin if you can push his baby’s stroller the next time that the two of you go for a walk in the neighbourhood.

4. Be kind to animals


Take my word for it: women are suckers for men who treat animals well. If you have a pet, then you’re already ahead of the game. Are you a dog owner? Walk your dog in the park and play with him in front of a group of women. Don’t want a pet? Then rescue a kitten from a tree, or build a new nest for baby birds whose original nest was displaced during a storm. Nurse a wounded chipmunk back to health. Women assume that men who treat animals kindly will treat them kindly, that men who protect animals will protect them. What are you waiting for? Go out and find an animal to save!

3. Volunteer


Men can get a lot of female appreciation just by volunteering. Whether it’s offering your assistance during a crisis like a flood or a forest fire, or whether it’s a regular visit to your local animal shelter, women love to see a man lending a helping hand. It shows a kind heart and a caring disposition to help your community in some way. Volunteering at an animal shelter kills two birds with one stone, actually, since it also shows kindness towards animals. Other ways to volunteer: offer your services to a charitable organization; spend time at a senior citizen home; or entertain sick children at a children’s hospital. The possibilities are endless.

2. Coach a kids’ sports team


Remember when I said that women love to watch men with kids? Coaching a children’s sports team gets you close to women and kids. It’s a recipe for female attention. Women enjoy watching men take initiative and be role models for kids. If you coach your team with a caring spirit, then they’ll imagine you teaching their own children how to play sports. Consider what I’ve just written. Now sign up to coach your neighbourhood’s little league team, or soccer team, or hockey team. The sport itself doesn’t make much of a difference, as long as children are involved.

1. Change a woman’s flat tire


There’s nothing that a woman loves more than a man who’s handy. Seriously, we women don’t want to be the ones fixing the plumbing or hammering nails into walls. A man who stops to help a woman change her flat tire on the side of the road is a man universally adored. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it’s a sign of handiness. Men could probably pick up a lot of women simply by driving down the highway in search of tires to change. If you don’t know how to change a tire, then start learning now. You never know when such a skill might come in handy.

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