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15 Simple Things Only BMW Drivers Understand

15 Simple Things Only BMW Drivers Understand


BMW is renowned across the world for producing the Ultimate Driving Machine. From the moment you lay your eyes upon this magnificent masterpiece of engineering, you realize just how much better it is from your average car. Owning a Beamer enrols you into a select breed of motorists and you get to hold your head high as you dangle your car keys in public. Everybody knows what owning a BMW means; power, money and an unrivaled sense of importance that will normally force one to get out of your way. So, what is so special about driving a BMW? If you really have to ask then it is evident, you have never taken one for a ride.

BMW drivers are a weird bunch to say the least. Let us first make something clear, not all of them are careless speedsters and obnoxious playboys, but that is not to say that this demographic is not made up by most of them. The BMW brand has prided itself in providing quality vehicles ever since their introduction back in 1916. So you can excuse some BMW owners for trying to *cough cough* show off the quality that makes up these German machines. Owning one is not like owning other brands, because society expects more from you.

15. You find it hard to obey traffic laws


One advantage that comes with owning a BMW is testing its limits in every condition possible. This makes sense because studies have shown that BMW and Mercedes owners worldwide are likely to ignore traffic rules. Research has shown due to the quality of their cars that over time they develop this unnerving tendency to test how fast these German machines can go. Moreover, another fact that can be used to exemplify this behavior is the status of the owners, which in most cases include the rich and famous. And as you know, rules don’t apply to them, *wink wink*.

14. You are a good driver


Regardless of the negative publicity, BMW drivers often get to where they are heading, they are generally good drivers. It is very rare to come across a BMW driver that does not value the efficient dynamics that involve the assembly of your everyday ride. Most BMW owners consider themselves professional drivers and thus are not often found etched in ditches and trenches in various parts of the world. If there is something they value more than keeping their car in the best shape, it is having an actual car to start with. So, next time a BMW cruises past you, just smile, it’s always in safe hands.

13. You love showing off your ride


There is no doubt that a BMW looks better than the average American car. They have for a long time now, and you can’t blame a BMW owner for trying to show off. You’ll probably find them detailing these gracious beasts in full view of the neighborhood on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Or better yet, you will find them cruising around the neighborhood or to the mall at 5 mph just so you can have a good glimpse of the new rims. If you want to blame anyone for this childish behavior, you’d better blame the designer. It’s hard not to flaunt a BMW, ask any owner, they will tell you for free!

12. You have to understand the BMW lingo


One constant that comes with all BMW owners is that they have their own specialized mode of communication that only a BMW driver can understand. From the naming scheme of the various BMW models that incorporates some basic formulas, to the meaning of the badges and unique hardware that comes with their cars. At first, you might feign some interest in what they are going on about but with time, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with them. For anyone who finds themselves in such a situation, there is always the option of nodding and pretending that you understand what they are saying. Or the other option of buying yourself a BMW and joining the club.

11. You tend to know it all


One common thing about BMW owners is they are always up to date with everything that happens in the motoring world. “Telsa just launched a new line of electric cars.” A BMW owner probably knows this already. Whether it’s a fact finding mission to gauge the advancement of their opponent brands or the mere fact that they are petrol heads interested in motoring content, we will never know. Before you give them those judgmental eye, it is important to realize that most BMW owners are petrol heads. Cars are their lives and they try to get to know absolutely everything about them.

10. You never turn down the opportunity to drive it


BMW have made a name for themselves for offering the ultimate comfort and luxury in any road going vehicle. Most BMW drivers have gotten used to this feeling they never want to get behind the wheel of any other car apart from a BMW. Regardless of what model we’re talking about, no BMW driver would resist the pleasure of taking one of these babies out for a spin. Nothing available in the market for that price tag can offer a similar adrenaline rush that you get when driving a BMW. Do not expect any of them to turn down a road trip offer.

9. You’ve accepted the idea that it will eventually depreciate


No matter what type of car you drive, eventually the reality that all cars have to depreciate starts to set in. It is a common joke among drivers that once you leave with your brand new car from the dealership it has already lost some value. Now, BMW drivers have it rough when it comes to this situation as luxury cars often depreciate at a faster rate when compared to normal road cars. An example of this is a mint conditioned X6 now goes for about $60,000 to $65,000 down from its original $102,000. Depressing, isn’t it? I will give you a moment for that to sink in.

8. You are used to the options


One of the benefits about being a BMW owner is that every new model comes with endless options ranging from normal specifications to customized upgrades. This fact applies to all BMW models regardless of price. The sheer amount of options that you as the loyal customer are bestowed can be at times a bit overwhelming to say the least. Adjustable seats, optimized entertainment systems, carbon fiber parts…the list is endless. Luckily, you are a BMW owner so this is not new to you. It’s hard to picture a life without these upgrades once you go Beamer!

7. Not everybody appreciates your car as much as you do


To a BMW driver there is nothing as vexing as cruising by a bunch of people and no one even spares a glance of your magnificent machine. The nerve of them. Despite how much you take care of your ‘baby’, eventually you will have to accept the fact that not everyone loves BMWs as you do. Most of these drivers on the road do not care what type of BMW you are driving or what new gizmos the new models have come equipped with. This might be frustrating but with time most BMW owners come to peace with it. So next time one of your friends refers to your BMW Alpina B6 as just a sedan, just walk away as fast as you can.

6. Sometimes things do go wrong


One of the few downsides of being human is we are not perfect, so once in a while we tend to make mistakes. The designers of the BMW often assume that anybody crazy enough to walk into a dealership to purchase one of their luxurious cars can distinguish between cruise control and all the other fancy functions that come with it. So when something goes wrong with one of their customized add-ons, they can be forgiven due to the sheer amount of effort they have put in to assemble this masterpiece. When you own a car that is both turbocharged and comes fitted with like a gazillion buttons, then logic tends to pan out here.

5. Maintenance costs are through the roof


If your car costs a lot of money then logic dictates that obviously the maintenance costs will also be through the roof. This is just one of the few pleasures that come with owning a German manufactured car. The designer’s keen eye to detail ensures that you will have to pay an arm and a leg to make sure that your BMW stays in the best shape possible. Everything from the regular oil changes to fixing your faulty brakes is definitely going to set you back a considerable large amount. Nevertheless, since you knew what you signed up for when you purchased the BMW, then this fact will not come as a shock.

4. You will get used to explaining what the ‘M’ badge means


It is a universally agreed notion that the BMW’s M series is the best cars that the German company has ever manufactured. Out of the various models that adorn the superhighways and most streets across the world, the M6s and M5s best embody the company’s need to merge high-end performance and luxury. This however will not be evident to most car enthusiasts that are not that conversant with the various BMW models. Trying to explain why the M5 costs $40,000 more than the 5 Series can prove to be a little bit hectic. This is because not everyone is familiar with the class and torque that represents the M badge.

3. You will always get great customer service


The minute you are given the car keys as you walk out of the car dealership with your brand new vehicle there are certain things you definitely expect from your car. Shelling out that extra $20,000 should come with top-notch customer service. Good thing this is a universal practice and whatever dealership you visit across the world, this fact remains constant. The overall experience of dealing with BMW representative is out of this world in that they strive to offer the same customer service that can match the quality of their magnificent machines. This is especially evident when something goes wrong with your car.

2. Some people assume you’re an aggressive driver


When you scour the internet for information about BMWs, they is a recurrent theme that keeps popping up. The amount of backlash present about how stereotypically terrible and selfish BMW drivers are is a bit hard to comprehend. For whatever reason, it is a universally agreed that no encounter with a BMW driver on the road ends up in a pleasant exchange of words. Maybe this idea stems from the fact that most of the people driving around behind the steering wheels of BMWs are rich spoiled kids who were not taught the basics of road etiquette. But we’re just guessing here, you can make your own conclusions.

1. You never want to buy from another car brand again


You know that feeling you get when you buy your first bike and cannot get enough of it and are forced to go everywhere with it at tow. Well, that is pretty much the life of every BMW owner out there. As soon as you drive out with your newly purchased BMW, you will ignore the other brands that pass you by. Moreover, when the unfortunate day comes when you are forced to trade in your German beast for a new car, trust me you will find yourself strolling back to the same BMW dealership. What can we say; they are fantastic machines.


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