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15 “Skin Flick” Confessions That Will Shock You

15 “Skin Flick” Confessions That Will Shock You


If most adults are being honest, then the chances are they have watched an adult movie at least once in their life. Actually, according to Huffington Post, 70% of men and 30% of women watch adult films, and an astonishing 30% of all data transferred across the internet is pornographic in nature. Among these ardent viewers, there are men and women who consider themselves connoisseurs of adult entertainment, and who probably have favorite websites, perhaps even favorite adult video actors and actresses.

The perceived glamor of the adult entertainment business probably leads a lot of those same fans to think that acting in adult movies would an ideal job – getting to spend all day, every day, having fun with attractive co-stars, and getting paid a lot of money to do it.

Sadly, as you will discover, working in the adult film industry is not as glamorous as you think. Being an adult entertainment star is characterized by constant pressure to remain relevant, sexy and be daring enough to do the impossible. Additionally, some actors confess to doing bizarre acts, just to make ends meet…

To find out what really happens behind the scenes on your favorite adult movies, let’s look at 15 ‘skin flick’ confessions. I guarantee, you’ll never look at these sites in the same way ever again!

15. Plastic Makes Perfect


Think about some of the most successful female adult movie stars. What do they have in common? Well, you guessed right – big breasts. Jenna Jameson, one of the most famous adult entertainment actresses of all time, says that if actresses are going to really succeed in this industry, then they have to go under the knife and have their breasts enlarged. In her confession, Jenna talks about the enormous pressure she felt in the early days of her career to get a boob job, just in order to compete with other girls in the industry who seemed to get the better paid gigs, simply because they had, well, bigger chests. She ended up having the procedure in the end, but has regretted it ever since.

14. Directors Are Demanding


While most adult films are less than an hour long, it takes much longer to actually film the scenes involved – a lot longer. Adult actors and actresses all have their horror stories about demanding directors who kept them in uncomfortable and very undignified positions for hours, just so that the just so that they could get the perfect shot. This is understandable if you’re making an Oscars-worthy epic, but not really justified if you’re simply putting the finishing touches to Shaving Ryan’s Privates. And of course, throughout this whole process the women, but especially the men, have to remain focused, and ready to perform at a moment’s notice, something that is not easy when you’ve been working for several hours already.

13. The Work Is Dirty


No adult movie is complete without the money shot, the climax – in every sense of the word – of any boy/girl movie, where the gentleman finally gets to shoot his load – usually all over the face, eyes and hair of his co-star. And the worst thing is that, despite having her eyes gummed up, or her mouth full of what can be best described as an unpleasant tasting substance, the woman has to look not just happy, but also as though she has never found anything more erotic, than being unceremoniously plastered in ejaculate. Of course, as soon as the cameras finish rolling, most adult movie stars head straight for the shower – to clean themselves up just in time for the next shoot…

12. HIV Scares Are Common


There are, sadly, a lot of stories about adult film actors contracting HIV from people they have worked with – mainly because the industry demands that male actors don’t wear condoms during shoots. The industry has decided that rubber doesn’t look very sexy, and that instead it is preferable to put the health of these stars at risk. Consequently, there have been some high-profile adult film actors who have contracted HIV during their work, including John Holmes (pictured above), who died in 1988. Although testing is more rigorous, there are still cases being reported – and all adult movie stars know that they are putting themselves at risk, simply because of the number of sexual partners they have throughout their work.

11. No Chemistry? Doesn’t Matter


Getting a bit of nookie in the adult movie industry is nothing like real life. You don’t get to choose your partners, and have to simply get down to it with whoever has been cast to act alongside you. Now, chances are that there are going to be plenty of people in the industry that you don’t find attractive – and many, who you may find physically repulsive. Despite this, you still have to get stripped off and pretend that you are having the most amazing sex of your life – even if you wouldn’t normally touch them with a bargepole!

10. No Hygiene? Also Doesn’t Matter


Perhaps even worse than the co-star you don’t find attractive is the co-star who appears not to know where the shower is located. Let’s be honest, if you’re acting in an adult movie, then you’re going to be getting very up close and personal with some very intimate parts of your costars’ bodies. If they haven’t washed properly – or even worse, haven’t wiped properly after their last visit to the bathroom, then it’s going to be really hard to keep that sexy smile on your face through the whole shoot. However, that’s just what an adult movie star has to do, even when faced with skunk smell.

9. Most Women Are “Past Their Prime”


Samantha Bentley, an award-winning adult actress who has also appeared in Game of Thrones, is just one of adult film’s female stars who have spoken about the short shelf-life women have in this industry. Men are cast in adult movies when they are well into their 40s or even 50s, but women are considered past their prime once they’re in their late 20s. Actresses will soon find the job offers drying up – unless directors need a MILF character. Clearly, doing this business is not great for your financial security or your pension plan.

8. Infection, Infection, Infection


While HIV infections may be mercifully rare in this industry, the same cannot be said for other sexually transmitted infections. Diseases like genital herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia are all as common as catching a cold, for those working in the adult entertainment world. Many top stars, including Jenna Jameson, have been frank about the working hours they have lost while waiting for an infection to clear up, and for them to be cleared to get back to work. Surely, this is a rather unsavory, unpleasant and often painful side to the so-called glamorous world of adult films.

7. Devoted Fans? More Like Stalkers


Adult movie fans are some of the most devoted in the world. Which is great until one gets a little too obsessed, and starts stalking you either online or in real life. Men have a lot of very wrong expectations when it comes to adult actresses too.

Siri, an adult movie actress, and the owner of her own adult entertainment website, recalls that she would receive many letters and emails from men asking to hire her for the night, as if she were a prostitute that any man could sleep with, whenever he wanted. A lot of actresses have had scary experiences with male fans who don’t want to take no for an answer, and almost all have had to deal with men making assumptions about their sexual availability.

6. You Need To Be Fit And Flirty


Shooting an adult film doesn’t just involve a lot of time spent in undignified poses while the director makes sure the light is just right. It also involves holding a lot of very tough and strenuous positions for several minutes at a time. If the script calls for you to be stood on tiptoe while your partner lovingly lifts up your other leg so that he can screw you up against the wall, then you better hope you’ve been doing enough work on your hamstrings and quads at the gym! A day of filming, with your body being flung around, and placed in poses more suited to a mannequin will take its toll…

5. Anally Attentive


If you have watched any modern adult film, then you will have noticed that the industry’s most recent obsession is back door sex. Although this has always been a major part of adult movies, since the 90s there has been a whole subsection of the industry devoted to these movies and clips for the internet. As a result, it is common for back door scenes to be written into most movies, and no actress (or actor for that matter) has any real power to say no – unless they want to lose their part in the film. Even if this act is something you had never planned to do in your career as an adult film star, chances are that before long, you will find yourself being asked to do it. More established stars might have the confidence to say no, but if you are just starting out in the industry then you don’t want to get a reputation for being difficult.

4. Relationship Problems Arise


Jenna Jameson has dated men who work in the industry, as well as those who have never been in an adult film in their lives – and has found out that there are problems with both. In her view, dating other adult film stars can make your own sex life at home very strange, since it can take a while to forget that you’re actually not performing, and instead just enjoy the experience. On the other hand, men who aren’t in the industry expect women to act like they do in the movies all the time, while some become very jealous, and start to make unreasonable demands that their partner gives up her career. Either way, it seems that life in the adult film world can be a very lonely business.

3. Women Can Be Bitchy 


It can be equally difficult to make friends in this business. Samantha Bentley has said that women in adult entertainment constantly feel like they are in competition with each other for the best parts in the best movies – a sense of competition that the mostly male directors do nothing to diminish. Even if you do find another actress that you get on well with, chances are that at some point, she will beat you to a great role that you had your heart set on. Then you will get the chance to really see how good your acting skills are when you call to congratulate her!

2. Shaved And Bleached


Any woman who has watched these films (come on – be honest) will notice straight away, just how unrealistic these women look. It’s not just the plastic surgery, but the bleached anuses, and the shaved crotches. In fact, most women in these films don’t seem to have any hair at all, apart from what’s on their head. These are high standards to maintain, and adult actresses will often have to spend a lot of money and time on their beauty regimen. All these procedures, coupled with use of heavy make-up, leaves your skin looking and feeling less than healthy.

1. It’s All About The Money


Perhaps the scariest skin flick confession is that these actors and actresses who put themselves through hell on their film shoots, as well as their health and relationships on the line, to entertain us, don’t actually get paid much. Of course, the big stars can make a lot of money – not just from the movies themselves, but endorsements and personal appearances too. But when you’re just starting out, you could end up being paid less than $100 per film – hardly worth it for all the work you have to put in. Worse still, every year there are thousands of young men and women who fight to get their first starring role.


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