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15 Smoking Hot Weather Girls That Will Bring Sunshine To Your Day

15 Smoking Hot Weather Girls That Will Bring Sunshine To Your Day

Will it rain tomorrow or the day after? It doesn’t matter; rainy days hardly stand a chance against our burning hot weather girls who will surely bring some freshness to your day whether the weather is cold or warm. As stunning as these weather queens are, there’s a really slim chance of hearing a word of that extra boring forecast. After all, who cares about meteorology when you can stare at the perfectly-shaped body of that smoking hot weather girl on TV? Well, it certainly seems like every man on this planet will certainly have a reason to watch the evening weather forecast, right?

Besides, some of these sexy ladies have already made a name for themselves as extremely hot weather queens. Honestly, these hot weather beauties are so attractive and stunning that there’s barely a man who would switch the channel at the sight of such gorgeousness!

Jill, Elita, Magda, etc. surely represent the sexiest female weather reporters worldwide. And guess what, these girls are perfectly aware of the way to purge any rainy moods effortlessly! At least we know where the global warming comes from, right? And we do know your pain! It’s so hard to look away, isn’t it?

15. Jill Nicolini

via Greeningz

Born on January 10, 1978, Jill Nicolini is the perfect example of a smart and beautiful woman who’s not only quite impressive but has a bright mind as well! Her intellect and sex appeal are undeniable and so is her place on our hot list of stunning female weather reporters! As for her professional career, Jill has been a traffic Herald on CBS 2 as well, so she’s quite aware of how things work on TV, to say the least. Additionally, this sexy lady named Jill Nicolini used to be a model too as she appeared in Playboy a few years back. Well, that’s a really good warm-up, right? All jokes aside, Jill looks amazing and we hope she’ll remain the “sun that always shines on TV.

14. Gabriela Grechi

via Publimetro

Here we go with another wonderful lady whose attractive personality makes men turn the TV on and watch the weather forecast. And certainly, it’s not like they care about the weather. Frankly, it’s totally the other way around. But how are you supposed to say NO to this beautiful fair-haired lady who talks so softly that you feel like your heart’s going to melt away… Gabriela Grechi is surely not only a weather queen but she’s actually a professional who can totally impress us with lots of experience in this field of knowledge. Way to go, Gabby! You’re not only pretty but quite smart as well!

13. Magda Palimariu

via TV Magia

Indeed, the Romanian weather is burning hot! Don’t look outside your window, turn the TV on and see what we’re talking about here! This gorgeous weather girl is probably everything you’d want to see on a chilly day. The beautiful Magda Palimariu is actually a Romanian weather bombshell who may be the reason standing behind the global warming epidemic sweeping the world. All jokes aside, Magda is a really pretty female weather reporter whose sexy appearance on TV can always put smiles on our faces. Does anyone actually listen to her weather forecasts though? Well, we think that the answer is pretty obvious…

12. Yanet Garcia

via YouTube

Yanet Garcia is probably the most recognizable name and face on today’s list of smoking hot weather girls. Naturally, it’s not like she’s a less intelligent lady, but we feel as if her exotic and nicely-shaped body has something to do with all the hype surrounding her reputation. And surely, it’s hardly a bad thing. After all, who would not want to wake up to a soft voice talking about the hot weather? That’s the point. As for Yanet Garcia, she’s certainly one of the best examples of a super hot weather girl whose sex appeal can totally melt any guy’s heart away… Well, it’s not her fault for being so hot…

11. Angie Gonzalez

via YouTube

Meet the beautiful Angie Gonzalez who’s anything but your typical female weather reporter. It’s true that she’s a shiny example of a professional weather reporter, but she has a few amazing stories to reveal to us as well. And guess what, none of them is focused on weather forecasts. Back in 2008, Angie was actually a track cyclist as well who competed in what’s believed to be a “women’s road race”. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to finish first or even second, but still, what’s important here is that she actually showed the world her adventurous spirit that has nothing to do with her professional career as a lovely weather girl.

10. Ximena Cordova

via YouTube

Oh, dear, it’s boiling hot in Miami, Florida! And you know what, it’s Ximena Cordova’s fault! This stunning lady can absolutely make you start to sweat at night. Not only is she the Instagram Queen of selfies, but Ximena is also one of the reasons so many guys wake up early in the morning to catch the local forecast. Maybe, they are just curious about the weather or maybe they just want to spend a few minutes staring at the lovely and super hot Ximena Cordova! This girl certainly deserves her place on our boiling hot list of 15 extremely hot weather girls you wish you could date! What do you think about this beauty?

9. Sugey Abrego


This charming Brazilian lady has certainly gained lots of attention after she went through an awful wardrobe malfunction a few years back. Naturally, all of this brought up a storm of comments which totally made her name quite recognizable back then. Sugey is a really pretty woman and a weather reporter whose crazy wardrobe malfunction did not go unnoticed by local viewers. As for the charismatic Sugey, we can totally bet that she got all of her viewers a little hot under the collar thanks to her super tight pink top and sexy shorts. Nice job, Sugey! She really knows how to turn heads!

8. Jackie Johnson


Oh, Jackie! Wouldn’t you want to watch the beautiful Jackie’s weather forecasts every single day? Saying NO would be a total lie for sure. Born in Plymouth, Michigan, the fair blonde bombshell has always had a thing for meteorology. Her interests and desires have grown so big that she has done her best to become the great forecaster she is today. Apart from her TV appearance as a weather reporter, she can also be heard on the CBS-owned radio station where she’s accountable for the periodic weather forecast updates. This weather girl is simply unstoppable!

7. Elita Loresca

via Fame Focus

Here we go with another wonderful lady named Elita Loresca whose experience in this particular field of knowledge will totally blow your mind. Indeed, Elita is a lucky woman whose bright mind and nice looks have brought her exactly where she stands today. Elita has also been the noon weather anchor as well as a reputable editor for KGET-TV. This wonderful weather lady has also been accountable for the assembly of scripts and teleprompter operations as she has contributed to providing many significant reports covering some of the most dreadful and devastating hurricanes as well. Indeed, it definitely seems like Elita doesn’t rely on her feminine looks to climb the ladder of success, right?

6. Christina Loren


Does Christina’s name ring a bell to you? No? Then hurry up, turn the TV on and watch her great professional show. Surely, she performs her job duties in the best possible way, but her gorgeous looks are just a step ahead of the game. What’s more, it seems like nobody has an idea whether there’s a possibility of a rain, given her sex appeal on the TV screen. Ultimately, Christina Loren may be a real professional when it comes to her weather forecasts, but it’s not our fault that we see nothing expect the sexy dresses she usually wears. Nice move, Loren!

5. Jackie Guerrido

via Pinterest

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido didn’t have the most wonderful childhood for certain. According to Jackie, her mother was often mistreated by her father as it made them escape from their home and search for happiness somewhere else. Gladly, she found shelter at the Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos at the age of 7. Luckily, our beautiful weather girl made it after she received an offer to start as a meteorologist for the  Al Amanacer de Noticias 23. Thankfully, Jackie did manage to go to university which helped her land a decent job as a hot weather girl for the Morning News at Channel 23. Well done, Jackie! You’re simply amazing given the hardships in your personal life!

4. Maria Quiban


Meet another extremely hot beauty named Maria Quiban. Not only is she a super hot female weather reporter, but she’s also a successful woman who can brag about a few films and shows as well. Another quite curious fact about Maria is that she loves spending her free time with other single moms as she’s also focused on how to help women grow as successful as possible in their personal and professional lives. Maria has a couple of movies and TV shows under her belt in which she plays a weather reporter as well. Well, Maria definitely knows how to make a good impression on everyone, right?

3. Maria Molina

via DeFY. New York-Sneakers,Music, Fashion Life

Honestly, there’s barely a person who would deny Maria’s gorgeous personality. And certainly, she’s not your average weather girl who can offer only glamorous looks. Maria is nothing like this. As beautiful and stunning as she truly is, Maria Molino has totally fought her way up to the very top. Nowadays, Maria Molino is known as a genuine professional who is easily recognized as a reputable FOX Meteorologist. In her own words: “I tell people what the weather will be across the country and it’s very impressive and really cool, and then they proceed to ask me what the weather will be like that day.” Maria Molina has certainly earned her spot as a weather reporter as she’s definitely relied on her intellect!

2. Lluvia Carrillo


Do you have an idea who this gorgeous lady is? No? Really?! If that’s the case with you, let us present you with the lovely personality of this Mexican beauty! Honestly, it’s hard to look away when you have such an eye candy weather girl on the TV screen. And why does it feel like she’s talking to you and nobody else?! Yes, LIuvia Carrillo is a sexy type of a woman who can really have in you in a state of daydreaming. As for her, she just does her job in the most professional way. What about you anyway? Are you still daydreaming about Carrillo’s feminine personality?

1. Mayte Carranco

via YouTube

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of our hot roundup of sexy weather girls who will genuinely add a touch of freshness to your day. But if you think about it, what a better way to wrap up this curious list than with the wonderful and smoking hot Mayte Carranco?! Not only does she have a toned body, but her name is also such a unique feature! This Mexican beauty is surely the reason why so many folks prefer to watch the Mexican weather forecast although they can barely understand a word! It may sound funny but it’s actually pretty obvious why they do it. But in truth, it’s not their fault that Mayte’s sex appeal makes it so hard to look away from!

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