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15 Spectacular Underground Homes That Will Make You Green With Envy

15 Spectacular Underground Homes That Will Make You Green With Envy

While many of us are simply dying for a penthouse apartment located in the downtown area, there’s a whole lot of enthusiasts whose desires will totally catch you off guard. Believe it or not, all those pretty curious underground homes have been circling around for what seems like an eternity. As a result, they have become even more cherished and sought-after. Although the modern building pieces of architecture will forever be in the limelight, we’ve come across a really intriguing roundup showing some of the most spectacular underground homes. Some of them bear a pretty striking resemblance to the glorious Hobbit Hideaways as well.

And if you think that such a place is nothing but super eerie, wait until you see what’s on the inside! Indeed, it may sound bizarre and unreal but there are folks who actually prefer to live underground. Besides, it’s such an exceptional way of living anyway. Think of this as a truly fascinating alternative to our super boring regular homes. By the way, you’ll be surprised how unique and different all these underground homes actually are! In truth, all of this gives rise to a simple question: would you love the idea of living like this?

15. Underground home with an elliptical shape

via Home By Allyson Jersey Shore Real Estate Agent in Atlantic

There’s no doubt that there are many people who would totally love such an alternative to their regular houses or tiny apartments. After all, all die-hard fans of the Hobbit will absolutely want to spend a couple of nights in such a unique place. With its interesting shape, which is anything but typical, this underground home is one of the most curious things we’ve ever seen. Besides, it’s elliptical shape this exceptional project really offers stunning and mind-blowing Alpine views. Well, we can’t help but ask its architects the following question: Is there a way that you can make this even more surreal? Because this is exactly what this insane buried home is!

14. Meet the Woodlyn Park aka the exceptional “Hobbit Motel”

via Friendship Forum

When talking about such rare alternatives to our typical homes, it’s really hard to believe that they even exist! Much like our previous example, the renowned Woodlyn Park serves as a great instance of a phenomenal underground building that has been an inspiration for many reputable architects out there. As a logical consequence, today we can see many similar projects that are basically a recreation of all those cute Hobbit “homes”. What’s even more interesting is that some of these bizarre structures offer quite decent looks. All in all, the famous Woodlyn Park is just another fresh example that replicates a hobbit village so wonderfully well!

13. An eco-village in Preseli mountains of West Wales

via Pinterest

Situated West of Wales, this unique eco-village has become a great tourist attraction in such a short period of time! The rare architectural design of this place is definitely one of the reasons why this underground eco-village has made a name for itself so fast! Indeed, this region is heavily rich in such weird and atypical half-buried homes. But regardless of how many similar structures this region can offer, there’s hardly an underground structure like this one. After all, its huts are made of straw and mud. Therefore, we can barely treat this eco-village like a conventional one.

12. “The houses from the Hobbit scenes” in New Zealand

via Pinterest

Are you a “Lord of the Rings” fan? If so, then be ready to fall head over heels for this awesome and pretty crazy buried home! Located somewhere in Matamata, New Zealand, the exceptional buried house is such a good example of all those tiny underground structures we’ve seen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy! And don’t think that its spectacular shape and looks are the only mind-blowing thing about it. These old underground homes have become really popular thanks to the unforgettable Hobbit scenes from the phenomenal Lord of the Rings trilogy. Much like the other crazy buried homes, it’s so hard to look at this curious place without comparing it to all those tiny houses built into the hillside. Do you actually remember them? If you do, then you know what we’re talking about here.

11. The eco-friendly Bella Vista Hotel in Italy

via If It’s Hip, It’s Here

Meet the eco-friendly Bella Vista Hotel in Italy! You’re so welcome around here! Just come on in! This place will absolutely have you awe-struck while exploring it. Besides, it’s nothing you’ve seen before. With its peculiar looks, it’d be kind of absurd to turn this magical place down. Otherwise, you never know what you’d miss out on, right? Also, the sole idea of spending a night at this place could totally make your hair stand on one end. But why not try it out anyway? Yes, there are people who would totally hate every minute of it. After all, such an improvised Bella Vista Hotel feels kind of creepy, doesn’t it? But there’s something so riveting about it anyway.

10. A home built in a cave in Missouri

via Toronto Star

Recently, there has been such a crazy uproar about those eco-friendly alternatives to our modern and practical homes. “Let’s go back to the roots” – isn’t that the original idea hidden behind all of this? We can’t answer this question, but it seems like all of these underground eco houses are slowly but surely turning into such a big deal! Moreover, we won’t get that surprised if celebrities suddenly come to like this interesting concept. Living off the grid is hardly their thing though. Anyway, we don’t know that either so let’s just look at this eco-friendly underground house for a while instead…Would you live in a cave-like house?! Just wondering.

9. Organically shaped houses by Peter Vetsch

via Pinterest

Designed by the famous architect named Peter Vetsch, these organically shaped houses are absolutely the last thing you’d expect to see! Situated far away in Dietikon, Switzerland, the unnatural underground houses are a stunning view you don’t get to see every day. Believe it or not, rumor has it that these surreal structures are bound to introduce a whole new stage of the modern architectural design. Also, let’s not forget the fact that there’s some kind of a tendency aimed at developing curious eco-friendly projects. Well, it seems like Peter Vetsch’s plan to build eco-friendly houses, which can offer trendy looks as well, is in full swing. And no, he hardly cares what we all think about this!

8. The Malator house on the Welsh coast

via The Perimeter

Here we are with the next pretty exotic example of a buried house that has definitely caused such a clutter along the way. “What is this structure?!” “Is it…a buried house or what?!” Honestly, such commentaries are certainly the most trivial ones. After all, you don’t run into such a weird “treasure” every day, right? Well, it’s hardly a treasure anyway but we can’t deny its curious and pretty unique design. Surely, the famous Malator house will have a hard time meeting people’s preferences and desires when compared to the other exotic spots. But regardless of its peculiar nature, you’d be surprised how many eco-friendly adventurers will be drawn to it right off the bat!

7. The Aloni House in the Cycladic Islands

via Pinterest

“Where is it? I can’t even see it!” Well, you’ve got a point there for sure. While many of our previous underground houses are quite easy to explore, the famous Aloni House is hardly …there. It’s like 99 % of it rests right underneath your feet. So you had better watch your steps before you break through its hardly reliable…structure. Although the house is built into the hill, we’re not really sure about its sustainability. Anyway, it has grown pretty famous for its peculiar structure that’s barely visible so maybe this is what the architect likes about it. So let’s accept the fact that this unique and kind of weird structure is desirable and phenomenal! How crazy, right!

6. The Triangular Concrete House 2 in Madrid

via Concrete-Hub

Meet another extremely interesting location that has totally boggled people’s minds since the very beginning of its worldwide fame. Today, the exceptional and quite untypical Triangular Concrete House definitely serves as a fine example of an eco-friendly house buried deep in the ground. Its reputable architects have surely done something incredible by building such a bizarre structure. Besides, the mind-blowing design and overall looks is certainly another story. It’s not like we hate such non-traditional designs. But we feel like it would be far much better to live in a normal house that’s not entirely built underground. After all, it’s hardly any nicer than a beautiful and super traditional family house no matter its grand character and fame.But anyway, we can’t deny that its peacefulness definitely makes us green with envy. So true!

5. The 700-year-old Iranian Cave Home

via Sott

So what do you say if you’re offered a night at the famous and old Iranian Cave Home? Are you down for it? Gladly, the Iranian Cave Home is exactly…underneath your feet. So you had better be ready for it! In truth, this odd structure is believed to be 700 years old! How crazy! What’s even more, it’s an Iranian cave home that wouldn’t mind swallowing you in…only one bite! Well, that’s a really bad joke for sure. But honestly, this crazy cave-like home can totally make your blood run cold. And yet, it kind if sounds so exciting! After all, it’s an Iranian cave that’s surely as old as time. Thus, there’s surely something interesting behind its amazing look.

4. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

via unique hotels

Meet the fascinating home that has made a name for itself thanks to its gorgeous looks and envious fame! Yes, it definitely seems like such structures can be realized through a touch of creativity and passion! Located somewhere out there between thick mounds of grass, the lovely underground home will surely find a great fanbase among us. Its design is so mind-blowing that it can’t help making the world so green with envy! Besides, this place seems so fresh and perfect for anyone who’s fed up with the world’s drama and 24/7 chaos. Do you like it? Would you live in it? We know you would.

3. Domus Civita, Italy

via It’s Droolworthy

Another cave-like home? Really?!” Indeed, you may not believe it, but there’s actually such a place that offers nothing like you have ever seen before. Surely, the fancy world out there can offer us the best panoramic views, lavish apartments, and sky-high buildings, but Domus Civita’s cave-like home meets no match. With its out-of-the-ordinary design that’s pretty inspirational, we can’t imagine any other place that’s better than this one! Not only is it extremely curious to explore, but it definitely seems ultra-cozy and convenient. Doesn’t it sound like the most thrilling experience ever? And yes, we’re truly sorry for making you so envious!

2. Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal

via The Top 10 of Everything

Now allow us to present you with the exclusive and splendid buried home in Nas montanhas de Fafe. Situated in Portugal, the lovely underground house is simply an ideal spot that will surely meet the preferences and needs of any die-hard fan of The Flintstones. Much like any other normal house, Nas montanhas de Fafe has a selection of windows, a front door, and a roof although they may not be the most trivial ones we’re used to. Besides, its scoop-shaped end and spherical boulder bring a touch of prehistoric feeling to its overall design. So nice!

1. An underground eco home by Make Architects

via Make Architects

Have you ever seen such a thing? If not, then you’d definitely like the Bolton Eco House project. And yes, there’s no other way around it. We just cannot break free from all of those extremely adventurous and bizarre eco underground homes since they’re everywhere around us! We just can’t see most of them because of the way they’ve been constructed. You might not have realized it yet, but these underground homes have totally flooded the web with their unique and weird architectural designs. Surely, it’s not like we would love the idea of living like cavemen for a while. It’s certainly not for everyone. We still get the original concept behind it though; and yes, many of us would hate it for sure; but such innovative alternatives are perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit!


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