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15 Steamy Flight Attendant Photos You Need To See

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15 Steamy Flight Attendant Photos You Need To See


The life of a flight attendant isn’t always easy or glamorous. It’s actually a lot of hard work. Imagine trying to keep a smile on your face and a cool head when you’ve been pestered by demanding passengers for the duration of a 14-hour flight? With personal space diminishing on most airliners to accommodate more travelers, tempers flare and all civility goes out the window. Customers that take full advantage of the free drinks on long hauls can be quite a handful. It is usually the flight attendants that take the brunt of the complaints when a flight is running behind schedule even though they have absolutely nothing to do with it. They are subject to catcalling and other demeaning behavior that would be unacceptable anywhere else.

Despite all of the drawbacks, flight attendants have a lot of perks. What other job allows you to see so much of the world? You can be sitting on a tropical beach one day and then be touring a historic site halfway around the world the next day. You have a great opportunity to meet loads of people and see a whole lot of culture and beauty. Speaking of beauty, there are loads of flight attendants that make even the sexiest models look pedestrian. Social media sites are rife with flight attendants who like to show off their beach bodies for all to see. It’s an Instagram stalker’s dream come true!! Fasten your seatbelts and make sure your seats and folding trays are in the upright position before you check out 15 steamy flight attendant photos you shouldn’t miss.

15. Fly Robyn Fly

So in love with my bikini ?❤️? @candypantsstore #bikini #summer #Mauritius

A post shared by Robyn Alexandra Ferguson (@robynfergusonn) on

Meet Instagram member robynfergusonn. She’s a sexy stewardess who recently uploaded this stunning photo of herself walking along a sandy beach on what appears to be a pretty hot day. Actually, it could be 30 below zero and it would still look hot thanks to this ice-meltingly stunning beauty’s perfect bikini body. Robyn posted that she was “so in love” with her bikini. Well, we’re in love with it too and we could only dream of her serving up a few “s*x on the beach” shooters on our next flight from Tokyo to Mauritius. The beauty of the scenery is eclipsed by the focus of this steamy picture. We’re not sure which airline Robyn works for but most of us would risk losing our luggage to catch a glimpse of her in action.

14. Norwegian Nymph


Patricia isn’t just one of the sexiest flight attendants working for Norwegian Air Shuttle; she just might be the most beautiful stewardesses of all time. In fact, many would consider her to be one of the most attractive women to roam the planet. That seems to be the sentiment of her 3,000 Instagram followers who don’t shy away from reminding Patricia how gorgeous she is when she uploads one of her pictures to her page. Her motto is “Live, love, laugh” and, judging by her photos, she lives by those words. It doesn’t seem to matter whether she’s at work, at home, or traveling to any of the far reaches of the planet, Patricia always has a beaming smile on her face that screams out “I love this life!!” Keep living life to the fullest, Patricia!

13. Flight of Fancy


A post shared by Evelina Flight Attendant (@evelinasl) on

It’s no secret that working as a flight attendant can be quite demanding. The long hours and having to deal with everything from the demanding passengers in first class and the drunken louts in business class to the unclean plebeians in economy must be grinding. It’s a good thing these goddesses of the sky get to kick back and enjoy a bit of time touring places that the average person can just dream of going to. Evelinasl had a bit of time off from her busy schedule and decided to upload this picture to her Instagram account. She failed to post an accompanying caption but some things just speak for themselves. She has a face and a figure that would put most professional models to shame. We love those full lips and blue eyes.

12. Welcome to the Jungle

большие города?? #hello #bigcitylife #welcometothejungle

A post shared by Elena Shchu (@elena.shchu) on

Instagram user Elena.shchu seems to prefer being up in the air even when she’s not serving vodka on the rocks and caviar to her passengers at 30,000 feet. She posted this picture of herself in which she clearly stands out from everything else in sight. She blends in with the colorful garden in which she basks, yet she is the most noticeable flower there. She definitely contrasts with the bland urban jungle that serves as the backdrop to this photo. It’s easy to imagine all of the hustle and bustle that’s going on in the streets far below but Elena is way above that as she soaks up the sun in a much more revealing getup than her flight attendant uniform. It doesn’t take much prodding from Elena to get a guy’s seat in the upright position.

11. Postcards from Positano

Georgia Nielson took time off between flights to enjoy an afternoon in Positano, Italy. She hopped aboard a boat which she took to a restaurant to enjoy lunch on this beautifully sunny day. If you have traveled on Emirate airlines over the past 5 years then you may have been lucky enough to have this leggy belle serve you a hot meal with a smile. After putting in about 100 hours per month for 4.5 years, her Instagram post appears to indicate that she was calling it quits after her next flight. She is pleased to have traveled to every corner of the world and it sounds like she had a lot of exciting experiences and will carry those memories forever. We hope that she keeps her many followers up to date with her new adventures.

10. Watch Out for Those Mountains


It’s amazing that they let flight attendants enter the cockpit when they look as hot as this. How is a pilot supposed to concentrate on flying a massive airliner when a curvaceous stewardess like Anna is bouncing around the cockpit? Pictures like this one as well as other photos that chronicle her travels have made Anna a popular presence on Instagram where she regularly gives updates to nearly 3,000 followers. Hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Anna must look irresistible when she puts on her Etihad Airways uniform and strolls up and down the aisle like a model navigating the catwalk at a fashion show. It’s a real shame that Etihad doesn’t allow their flight attendants to wear bikinis like this one when they are working. It’s no wonder that Etihad has so many satisfied customers.

9. Bow to the Lady on the Bow


A post shared by Whitney Janelle (@whitjyoung) on

It doesn’t matter if flight attendant Whitney Janelle is doing her thing high in the sky or if she’s kicking back and catching some rays on the high seas; this blonde bombshell is guaranteed to turn heads. A lot of guys can’t wait to get to cruising altitude so that they can get a boozy drink but many of those guys probably have a sudden craving for a tall glass of milk when they see this sweet stewardess bring the beverage cart down the aisle. She got a lot of attention from her followers when she posted this pic in 2016. If you ever want to find a synonym for the word “beautiful”, all you need to do is read some of the comments that were posted after she uploaded this shot.

8. First Class

As BrigitaJagelaviciute points out, the life of a stewardess is quite hectic. She posted this red-themed picture to her Instagram account with an accompanying note to her followers that apologized for her not being able to respond to all of the messages that are left for this foxy flight attendant by her fans. She explains that it is extremely hard to keep up with everything on the ground when she spends half of her time in the clouds. Despite not being able to respond to everyone, Brigita does manage to take the time to reply to as many as she can. Her glowing smile and luscious red lips are a welcome sight to travelers that appreciate a pretty and hard-working woman that takes care of their in-flight needs. Well, most of their in-flight needs.

7. From Russia with Love


It’s a well-known fact that there are a lot of smoking-hot women in Russia. It would only make sense that Russian airlines possess their fair share of sexy stewardesses. Yulia, or @yes_she_is as she is known to over 3,000 Instagram followers clearly proves this. While she looks a little different in these two photos, her large exotic eyes and her full lips are clear identifiers. Of course, the name tag helps too. She demonstrates how she can look like a runway model when she’s at work for Russia’s Aeroflot Airlines and she could easily be mistaken for a world famous swimsuit model when she is taking time off from duties. If there ever was a Russian equivalent to the television show Baywatch, Julia should absolutely be considered for a leading role.

6. Come Fly with Me


Emirate Airlines has a very good reputation in the airline industry and if they continue to stay on schedule, ensure that luggage isn’t lost, and keep on serving food that is actually edible then they should remain one of the world’s top airlines. It also helps that they have stewardesses that look like the lovely Jelena Mikulic. Not many people pay much attention to the pre-flight demonstration where the cabin crew lets you know about the location of the emergency exits but it’s certain that Jelena has her passengers’ undivided attention when she gives her presentation on the proper use of floatation devices. Jelena has nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram who get regular updates on her travels and adventures. If you want to see more of her then buckle up and check out some of her Instagram pics.

5. Hop Aboard the Thailand Express


Some guys will go to great lengths to be in the company of a beautiful woman. Some will even risk their lives by doing something crazy like climbing a mountain, walking a thousand miles through the desert, or flying on a budget Asian airline. At least if you fly on Orient Thai Airways you stand a chance of being on one of the flights on which PimchanokPothong performs her duties as a flight attendant. Just look for a drop-dead gorgeous Thai temptress with flowing red hair, long legs, and a sultry smile. If you aren’t into going to Southeast Asia then you can always get to know her through one of her many social media accounts through which she keeps in touch with her followers and posts loads of pictures and accounts of her daily adventures.

4. Izzy Puts us in a Tizzy


Air Transat is a Canadian airline that serves 63 destinations in 30 countries. If you happen to be in one of those cities then it might be worthwhile to hang out at the airport and wait for the next flight to arrive just so that you can get a good look at the incredible Isabel A. You’ll know it’s her by her bright eyes and winning smile. Known by her Instagram followers as izzya_in_the_sky, it appears that this bright-eyed beauty lives a pretty charmed life although we can all imagine how hard she works. She’s not afraid to show off her bikini figure and it seems that she is a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, Fruit Loops, and vintage cars. She is also partial to tattoos as we can see in this steamy photo.

3. Suki the Fashionista


If you think that our next stewardess looks fabulous in her flight attendant uniform, you’ll be blown away by how hot she looks when she is sitting on a swing while wearing a tiny bikini. Suki is one of the most popular flight attendants on this list with well over 16,000 Instagram followers and she is definitely one of the sexiest cabin crew members on Earth. We can tell a few things about this sun-kissed siren. Most obviously, she is overflowing with, err, personality. She is also an animal lover, foodie, and fashionista. The voluptuous vixen looks awesome in Valentino heels and a Gucci top. It also looks like she has a love of fresh vegetables and exotic locations.

2. Prepare for Takeoff


Stephanie Hazapis is the flight attendant of our dreams. How many marriage proposals do you think she receives every time she takes to the sky? Heck, how many does she get each day when she’s not flying? It’s quite appropriate that her Instagram handle is steph-haz because she has it all. Seductive eyes, sun tanned skin, and a body that has more curves than the Great Wall of China are just scratching the surface. This steamy flight attendant photo that you shouldn’t miss shows the eye-popping Steph sunning by a swimming pool while wearing a very revealing two-piece bikini. Notice those hypnotizing droplets of water that shimmer off of her smooth skin? You’ve got to love the glistening belly piercing too!! It would be fun to watch her bounce around when the aircraft is experiencing turbulence.

1. Best of Brazil


It should come as no surprise that a country that produces so many beauty pageant winners would also be home to some of the hottest flight attendants on Earth. Take Andressa Schenkel as an example. This dark-eyed and raven-haired Brazilian sexpot takes care of passengers on Azul Linhas Aereas. She also tends to her 30,000 Instagram followers who stop by to admire and comment on the stunning pictures that she uploads on a regular basis. Het motto is “The world you see is a reflection of what you are.” She must think that the world is one heck of a beautiful place. Andressa is surely qualified to comment on what the world is because she’s seen so much of it in her travels. If she ever decides to retire from her life in the clouds then she would most likely find work as a model.

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