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15 Strange Things People Have Done In Public They’ll Never Admit To

15 Strange Things People Have Done In Public They’ll Never Admit To

There isn’t a person alive that has gone and done something idiotic at least once in their life. Why do these stupid things, we haven’t a clue? But we don’t want to admit that act of stupidity we have done. In life, we see people that have extraordinary minds make the stupidest mistakes. Everyone has acquaintances that are super smart but lack the basic common sense. You may buy a fast-food sandwich and eat it in public without closing your mouth. You look like a slob in front of everybody. However, you don’t care. Hunger pains drive you to act silly. We even have a city that is known for people doing stupid things. Ever hear of the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” People do things for the sheer satisfaction that it makes them feel good. It’s the thrill of the chase that makes us do stupid things. Dopamine in our brains causes a warm sensational feeling and people can get addicted to this type of pleasure. Being completely stupid about activities that you might do is somewhat of an obsession with people. Individuals have the attitude of, “What the hell!” Stupid things are done by people all of the time, not just once but multiple times. Criticism often comes about as other people think, “How dumb!”

15. Peeing in your pants

15 Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

Bobby was in Little League, in the third grade and all of a sudden had the urge to pee. He was overcome with embarrassment to stop the game and inquire from someone where the bathroom was. This Little Leaguer attempted to hold it until the game was over. He was doing good for a while and he held it the best he could. The feeling came close to bursting when he was on the field at shortstop. Dancing helped him from having an accident. “Hey Bobby, do you need to go to the bathroom?” Again, Bobby was overcome with embarrassment and said, “No, I’m okay.” Fed up, Bobby decided to just let a little pee out for relief. A squirt came out, and then he stopped. It sort of worked. Immediately after letting a few drops out, there were just a couple of small spots. Managing to pee out just enough, he didn’t feel the need to squirm anymore. Urges suddenly came back. So, Bobby decided to try it again, only this time, when he started, he couldn’t stop. Mortified, Bobby went to the bench with his other teammates. Coach Smith didn’t embarrass him in front of his other teammates and let him play out the rest of the game. Driving home, he opened the door, and the babysitter said, “It must’ve been really hot outside. You did a lot of sweating.” Laughing Bobby said, “No I peed my pants.”

14. Burp really loud, and walk away as if nothing happened, while everyone stares at you

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

David and Linda visited a few pubs. Both stood close together and David reaches his arm and puts it around Linda and gives her a seductive kiss. Smiling as she draws away from David, she makes her way outside. What she did next was the most outrageous, exhilarating, and most astounding thing David could ever have fantasized about. David is upright there watching her as she is prompted up against the wall with that same playful smirk on her face. She was in the doorway framing her exquisiteness when she lets out a burp! Not just any burp. A nice dense sounding burp, followed by a brief pause before she lets out another one sounding exactly like the first one, and then another brief pause before letting out a third one. Three nice solid burps in all, one let out right after the other with such confidence. It was almost aggressive. With that, she walks out into the street letting the pub door close behind her. As she walks towards David, laughing heartily at what she had just done, David stood there gob-smacked. Not only had this gorgeous girl just done the most amazing sexy display of burping, but she had deliberately done it right in front of a group of total strangers! She took David’s hand, and they walked hand in hand up the street. Linda still smiling over her rude public outburst, never said a word about what she did.

13. Singing in a public bathroom

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

Lots of individuals sing in public bathrooms because of the hard walls. It makes for a pleasant sounding acoustic environment. The singing bounces off of the walls and back again, returning deep into the sound of a person’s voice. Bathrooms that have a tiny space, which is in your typical bathroom, has different kinds of standing waves, reverberation, and echoes that make the voice sound full and deep. Some people have even recorded songs in public bathrooms. Weird Al Yankovic, in 1969, recorded a single called my Bologna in the washroom across from the California Polytechnic State University student radio station where he was teaching at the time. “There’s More to Life Than This,” the fourth track on Björk’s 1993 album Debut, was recorded live in the toilets of the Milk Bar club night, London.

12. Judging others


Carl feels bad about admitting that if a person is really fat or ugly and the person tries to talk to him, Carl will ignore them. Many times, he finds out that some of his closest friends have fat or ugly best friends. Kevin has a stigma about people that have face tattoos or pants that people wear with the belt below their butt. Judging these kinds of people is a habit that he does all the time. John had a situation that hit him right between the eyes about a year ago that he felt really bad about. While traveling on a bus, a man with Down Syndrome came on the bus and sat next to a beautiful young woman. John thought that the girl was uncomfortable sitting next to the man with Down Syndrome. However, they started chatting up a storm as if they already knew each other. Looking at the couple made John feel very shallow.

11. Walk into something while not paying attention

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It was a nice day in a major town, and the weather was shining. Walking downtown, Charlie and his dog made their way across the street as a car was coming up to them. Calvin in the car slows down, and Charlie starts pointing his finger at him yelling for no reason at all. Charlie hid his face behind black sunglasses and was wearing a bright red baseball cap. Wearing a zipped-up sweatshirt and gray shorts he kept on pointing his finger at Calvin. The man walking across the road also has a beard. Not paying attention to what he was doing, he gives Calvin the finger, then Charlie walks right into a pole. Angry Charlie sees Calvin laughing at him through the window and angrily comes toward him holding up both of his fists and shouting. All of a sudden Charlie turns around and walks away like nothing ever happened.

10. Flashing Others In Public

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A few years ago, Melissa put on a short skirt to work. It was made out of a sheer stretchy material and needed a slip. She purchased a slip that had an attached thong to it so that she could wear it with no visible lines. While at work her underwear posed a big problem because it wrote up her backside and it was really bothering her. At lunchtime, she went to the bathroom and cut the thong off. Melissa has no underwear on. Going throughout the day she was able to make it without flashing anyone. On her way home from work she saw a shoe sale and decided to try on a pair of shoes. Paul, the clerk, said she had to have a pair of stockings to try on the heels. The clerk went behind the counter, grabbed a pair of stockings and put them on Melissa. Forgetting that she had no underwear on she accidentally flashed Paul. Never doing this before, Melissa became aroused by Paul’s smile. She bought the shoes and never went back to the shoe store to see Paul.

9. Ask checkout clerk for extra small condoms

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

It can be downright embarrassing to purchase condoms. Carrie meets Mike in college. She didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with him in the dorm room, so both decided to rent a cheap motel. Driving all the way across town, they decided to get something to eat. Now they made their way back to the cheap hotel. Not willing to take a chance of getting pregnant, Carrie sends Mike out to buy some condoms. Anxiously in a hurry, Mike runs across the street with his shirt off and has nothing but his pants on. Walking into the five and dime shop, he asks the checkout clerk for some condoms. Very embarrassed to ask, he asks for extra small condoms. You can leave the rest of the story up to your imagination.

8. Picking your nose

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

When you have a feeling of a dried-up snot the size of Manhattan wrapped up in your nose hairs trying to come out, that’s when you have a suddenly urged to pick your nose. There are all kinds of snots, big ones, and small ones. Have you ever had a snot that was attached to a thick piece of mucus that was all the way down the back of your throat? Having this type of snot is when you have a sudden urge to pick your nose. Your wife may be looking at you as you are on your little adventure and you totally grossed her out. A friend might come over wanting to chill while you are getting over a cold. One of your coughs might manage to dislodge a giant ball from your throat as it flies across the room freaking your friend out. Even worse than picking your nose, is eating it.

7. Smelling yourself

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At Carol’s last job, where she had been there for seven years, she often smelled a weird odor about 12 feet from her. Her coworkers joked about it but never insinuated that it was her. People sat around her and kept on complaining that there was a bad smell. Nobody came out and said that it was her because she thought she took really good care of herself. On one occasion, somebody took Lysol and sprayed it in the air. She was about 5 feet from Carol. It’s time to start a new job, and again Carol smelled something vile in the air close to where she was sitting. Taking public transportation is how she gets to work, and she noticed people sniffing as if there was a bad odor around. Carol couldn’t take it anymore, so she took her hand, reached into her shirt, rubbed it on her armpit and smelled her hand. Something was definitely off, and she decided to do something about it.

6. Slide down the supermarket aisles in your socks

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

Jacob decided to go to the Jewel Grocery Store and try something extremely daring. Scrimmaging through his drawer, he found the best pair of socks he could find. They were nice and soft. Walking in the store, he went to an aisle where nobody was and took off his shoes. Running then going into a deep slide, he slid down the aisle and started singing to the music. What happened next was unexpected. Somebody out of nowhere came into the aisle with a shopping cart and bumped right into Jacob. Falling, he almost broke his arm. After getting up he ran back, put his shoes on and ran out the door. Jacob videotaped the whole thing and put it on his YouTube channel for other people to see. That was one of the most popular videos that he has posted so far.

5. Letting Out Smelly Farts


William was sitting down on the floor of a natural amphitheater with a few of his friends. All of a sudden, he had thoughts that something special was brewing. His friends were chatting about the prior night in Las Vegas at the all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet. The mornings over easy eggs with greasy sausage planned their way to escape. He would be a liar if he didn’t fess up to admit that there was a little bit of a push on his part. However, he let out the thunderous blast that was on the nice autumn afternoon. All of a sudden, people looked, and there were about five tremendous loud thumps. It hurled around the hard, rock enclosure, causing everyone around to look to see who was responsible for the mysterious noise assault. Jacob thoughts were, life is too short. Just once, fart where you’re not supposed to.

4. Wear your shoes on the wrong feet

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

Individuals that put their shoes on the wrong feet are mainly children. They don’t intentionally put their shoes on the wrong feet, it just happens. It’s a question of odds. Small kids will not notice the difference that they are wearing shoes on the wrong feet. So, what makes this oddity happen? It just does. Unless the shoes are sparkly, twinkling lights, or highly unusual, their parents don’t usually pay attention to their children’s feet. On the other hand, some adults will wear their shoes on the wrong feet to see what kind of reaction they will get from the surrounding people. If they really want to take it up a notch, they will put two different shoes backwards on the wrong feet. Wearing your shoes backwards along with wearing different colored socks, and rolled up pants are a recipe for soliciting unusual responses from other people.

3. Getting satisfaction from squeezing blackheads or big zits

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

There is a peculiar feeling and satisfaction about squeezing a blackhead or a big zit. What’s even better is doing it in public while others watch you. Why do people get such great satisfaction? If you think about it, it might be because you’re letting out all of the junk that’s coming from your pores, or it might be as a result of the shot of the amount of stuff that can come out of your skin. Nobody really understands the reasons as to why people get such great satisfaction doing this. Did you know that squeezing blackheads and big zits can cause damage to your skin? If you get a satisfaction of seeing junk come out of the pores of your skin, go to YouTube and watch some of the most disgusting zit popping videos. They are extremely gross. You have been warned!

2. Dressing up like the opposite sex

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

Gary dressed up like a girl in private for many years. Then one day he met a couple of girls that wanted to take him to a conference and then a night on the town. He picked out his outfit, painted his nails and did his makeup. Lots of things were going through his head. Would he be laughed at, or ridiculed? What would he do if that happened? He was fearful of doing this for real but decided to go ahead and do it. The girls took Gary to TGI Friday’s. His name in public was Genivieve. The girls were wonderful and made the evening special. They acted like they knew each other for some years. One of the girls asked who did Genivieve’s makeup and he said, “I did it myself.” Another girl said that if Gary worked on his voice, he could pass for a girl anywhere.

1. Wear clothes that completely clash

Strange Things People Have Done In Public They will Never Admit To

When James was ten years old and started a new preppy school, he made a mistake that scarred him for life. Totally oblivious to how clothes talk, he picked up and put together a red and green striped polo shirt with a pair of blue and yellow plaid pants. The time period was in the 70s. Off he went to school. When arriving he suddenly found out that children can be extremely cruel. The kids called him Clash before the tears had completely dried up on those plaid pants. Thoughts were running through James’s head as he decided not to go with the more conservative look, but to where a Rambo style olive drab outfit. More and more James started going out with pattern outfits that seem to clash from a normal person’s point of view. Wearing odd colored clothes that clash seems to be the new hip thing in fashion.


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