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15 Of The Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

15 Of The Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Unlike most of us who never get to pass through such situations in a lifetime, some people adapt to the way they live because of survival instinct. Unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances or just because of people’s super creepy nature, people choose to be in living conditions that are completely strange. In this section, we’ll walk you through the strangest places people have lived intentionally or where they lived if they were in unfortunate situations. More precisely, it’s a collection of the strangest places we found where people have lived. It is a short demonstration of the dynamic relationship that humans develop with their surrounding environment and the way in which people adapt and shape their environment according to their own needs. At the end of this list, you will realize that humans by nature are as resilient and flexible as it can get when it comes to adapting to living in strange places. It’s not that difficult to admit that most of us have imagined living in superhero caves, like the bat-cave or a super powerful nuclear blast proof silo. In our childhood and youth, we get used to living in normal, more civilized places. Now, without further ado, let’s look at some of the strangest places where people have lived.

15. Living in a Bomb Shelter

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

It’s not only the President of the United States who is entitled to have a bombproof shelter to live in. Often being a regular person, you might want one for your home, because the regular house just doesn’t suit your style. If you want the feeling of having missile launching capabilities along with the ability to be protected from any kind of attack, what can you do now? Well, you can buy yourself a decommissioned bomb shelter. Well, since you can’t be the President of the United States yourself because you might not have the brains for it, but if you have money like Bruce Wayne, the US government can let you have a decommissioned missile silo. For a few million dollars, you can easily become the owner of your very own special superhero house, which once proudly had the capability to launch nuclear missiles.

14. Living in a Shoe house

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

You might have already heard about an old woman who used to live in a shoe. The youngsters’ rhyme appears to be a little absurd. How can it be possible for an old lady to be living in a shoe? Does a shoe have plumbing? Electricity? Internet? What about Netflix? How can she fit all her children into a small space? Well, why don’t you test it out, because you can go out and buy your very own little tiny shoe house anytime, which surprisingly are available in abundance around the world. Some people might think you’re a little bit weird, but hey, you will have the coolest house on the block. To some degree, you can have a house that suits your style, because it not only comes in shoes but boots as well.

13. Living in a closet-sized apartment

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Felice Cohen, a forty-five-year-old woman who spent more than five years in a 90-sq. ft. apartment in Manhattan, became an Internet star after a viral video of her shoe box apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City was seen over ten million times. You can get incredible advice from an experienced old lady if you are among one of those people who are interested in buying or renting such an apartment. You might want to live in one of these tiny closet size apartments probably due to the high cost of living, low income or just for fun. Cohen’s new e-book, titled 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or More) might be able to guide you through the steps to living in such a place. Once you enter the apartment, the end wall comes down almost instantly before you even start to wander around. With no kitchen, this professional organizer has managed to live in this apartment quite happily.

12. Living in a Cave

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Unless you are Fred Flintstone or a head of a major cult, you probably never really thought of a cave residency. Cave residences are not just for socially disconnected people anymore. Cave houses are up for sale for people of any social status. You can easily get one of these unusual houses as long as you have as much as $1.9 million. Anyone can buy such a cave in Arizona. The cave house is a pretty nifty place to live in and has all of your modern day conveniences. If you are looking from the outside of the cave, it does not seem like much of a mansion, most undoubtedly because it is, you know, a cave. But with three bedchambers and approximately thirty-seven acres, it’s the perfect house for a private person, or for someone who loves to live an ultra-modern G.I. Joe lifestyle.

11. Living somewhere quite dark

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Living with a dead person might seem unusual. However some people don’t like being alone. Being alone is a scary thought for them. For example, an old lady in Michigan lived with the corpse of her dead roommate for eighteen months, because she was isolated and nobody else knew her much. Charles Zigler, her roommate, was in his late 60s and had emphysema when one day he suddenly passed away. Rather than calling the police to report his death, Linda Chase, his old friend with whom he had been roommates with for about ten years, put him in a chair. This situation sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but she kept the body neat, cleaned and dressed. She spoke to the withered remains while viewing NASCAR. She was later under investigation for a social security scam for cashing out Zigler’s payments even after his demise, but of course, that was not the real motive for keeping her friend’s corpse. Chase just didn’t want to be alone.

10. Living in the Jungle

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

When put in difficult positions, humans have the most resilient nature to survive. Living in difficult circumstances was exactly what happened when a Cambodian girl, eight years of age, disappeared and was found living in the wild after nineteen years. This girl whose name was Rochom P’ngieng was from Ratanakiri, a province of Cambodia, who spent her teens in the wild and was seen by a villager emerging unclothed from the forest and tried to steal his rice. He defined her appearance as half human and half animal. As per the police investigation, she had no understandable speech. Her father recognized her by the scars on her arms. She was incapable of learning the local language, she preferred to crawl like a jungle baby rather than to walk like a normal human being. She also rejected the idea to wear clothes. Later, she left the village and fled into the jungle. Some people speculate whether this woman was indeed Rochom P’ngieng or not. The possible father didn’t care to do a DNA test.

9. Living in a shopping mall

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Via: NBCNews

Living in a shopping mall can be fun especially if the residents are artists. Michael Townsend along with many of his fellow artists started living in a vacant space in 2003 in a shopping mall located in Rhode Island. They somehow succeeded in sneaking approximately two tons of building materials inside the shopping mall to build their studio. This studio was concealed from public sight by a barricade of cinder slabs. The room surprisingly had an electric supply and was completely furnished. They had to use the bathrooms located in the shopping mall. Michael and his fellow artists succeeded to go unobserved while living in the hidden space for almost three weeks at a time – for four years. During this time, they got used to living in the small space. When caught, he was penalized up to 6-months’ probation after he pleaded guilty to the criminal charge of trespassing.

8. Living in Underground Tunnels

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

There is a place in the underground tunnels beneath the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. A community of inhabitants that live underneath the Las Vegas Valley can easily be found within a few miles into the entrance of the underground tunnels. The non-profit Shadows of Hope donates food, necessities, as well as first aid to the underground community. The channels underneath the Las Vegas Boulevard are home for the local homeless community that lives mostly out of public sight. Underneath, there are just as many sparks down there as there are up in the city of Las Vegas. The graffiti work on the walls of the underground tunnels go on for miles. Women living underneath give birth to children and lovers live together for the greater good. An overwhelming number of people that have no place to live can see the fantastic buildings of Vegas which are not very far away from their residency underneath the city.

7. Living in a School Bus

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Living in a school bus can be a horrible experience, especially if the residents are not even adults. This situation was witnessed by a postal employee in Texas who got disturbed when she noticed two messy kids on her way home from work. She contacted the authorities of child welfare. As reported later, the girl and the boy, ages eleven and five, were homeless and had adopted an abandoned bus parked in a garbage-strewn lot as their home. It was revealed after the investigation that the father and the mother of the children were in jail for being a part of a plot to misuse money from sufferers of Hurricane Ike. The school bus had electric power and water, as well as an air-conditioner, but the children were really on their own. An aunt was originally given the responsibility to take care of them, but since she was working 12-hour shifts, she was overwhelmed, and she left the children unsupervised.

6. Living on a Mountainside in Isolation

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

The following incident was reported by journalist Vasily Peskov in his book titled Lost in the Taiga in 1994. In 1978, a team consisting of many geologists discovered a family of six people residing on a mountainside several miles away from the nearest residents in the Abakan range of southern Siberia. The family, which was later recognized as the Lykov family, had fled religious torture and oppression in 1936 and lived in isolation for forty years, in only one room. The family thrived on a diet of primarily vegetables like potatoes. They hadn’t had any meat for a long time until the late ’50s when their younger children learned to trap. Three years past their discovery, three of the Lykov children died within a few days, one after another. The father passed away in 1988, leaving behind only one child, Agafia, alone on the foothill, who remained on the mountainside for another 25 years.

5. Living Inside a Boeing 727

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

So far, you have been reading about a lot of people who live in bad or small spaces due to their difficult financial and/or social situations, but living in an unusual fashion is not necessarily linked to poor people. Rich people also get this crazy idea to live far above the ground in unusual places that others don’t even like to be in. For example, how about living in a Boeing 727? Bruce Campbell, an engineer by profession, bought a retired aircraft and remade it into an unusual house. The three-engine commercial airplane is fixed up on concrete columns in an outlying wooded area outside of Portland, Oregon. The plane home is established above ground with the distinctive features of the plane and house combined under one roof.

4. Living in A See-Through House

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

In the age of a privacy concerned generation, these transparent houses put the age old saying you shouldn’t worry if you have nothing to hide to the test. There are literally no secrets when you live in one of these houses. If smudges on glass drive you crazy, this house would be a nightmare to live in. If you find it difficult to sleep or use a bathroom while someone is watching, congratulations, you have been invited to a hell-like home. One of the see-through houses is known as the House NA. The House NA is the ultimate see-through house. The structure sits at just over 900 square feet and was created as a throwback to how individuals would live in trees with no walls. The house, made by Via Architecture, has a design that separates it from its peers in the sense of location. It’s in a city, tucked in between two other normal buildings. There is nowhere to hide.

3. Living in the Woods

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Living in the woods is probably one of the most common unusual places to live. It is close to nature which in the modern world translates into the danger of wild animals, as well as getting completely disconnected from the outer world. Although it is strange if somebody tries to live in the woods, it can be quite comforting and full of adventure. Living in the woods was a path taken by a hermit in Maine who lived in the same tent in the woods for 27 years. Christopher Knight, or better known as the North Pond Hermit, was arrested in 2013 for committing many minor burglaries. Christopher only spoke to one single person in all those years of living in the woods. After he was arrested, he was transported to Kennebec County Jail where he spent his first night indoors in almost 2 1/2 decades.

2. Living on a Sea Fort

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Unlike the Titanic that most people fantasize about when talking about ships, life on a ship might not be exactly what one might wish it to be. How about living on an abandon sea fort? The Spitbank retired in 1982 and since has been in the hands of a few private holders until 2010 when the present proprietors bought it. Currently, it has eight suites, an open-air heated pool, a champagne bar on the rooftop and a spa. A really nice hotel transformation has been done to it since new owners took charge of it. If you’re interested in living in these dwelling places, there are about 10 abandon sea forts that are available for purchase. Many of these sea forts used to operate as lighthouses. As time went on, they were difficult to repair and abandoned. Now these abandoned places make for the nicest and strangest homes.

1. Living in a Hobbit Hole

the Most Strangest Places Where People Have Lived

Living in a Hobbit Hole is probably the most interesting place where people have lived in. Dan Price left a very stressful life behind before moving into a Hobbit Hole. Living in a Hobbit Hole is strangely scary, but people like Dan couldn’t resist moving into one because of numerous financial and social reasons. Before moving out of his home, Dan helped his family to move back to Oregon, where he and his wife were from originally. Then he took a voyage to the state’s remote Northeast areas on his own, wandering to the edge of the town. Once his mind was made up, he built himself a Hobbit Hole. For the past ten years, he’s been living in a basement-like home in the 80-square-foot space that was built into the earth. Dan built this Hobbit Hole out of scavenged construction material.

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