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15 Stunning Female Soldiers From Armies Around The World

15 Stunning Female Soldiers From Armies Around The World

When you picture the ideal soldier, it’s probably a man who stands above average height, who has broad shoulders and a trim torso, a square jaw, and a cool, hard look in his eyes. Basically just picture Dolph Lundgren as a shortcut. When you picture idealized beauty, you probably think not of a towering masculine fighting machine, but of a woman with more delicate, sensual features. As it turns out, there’s no ban on beauty in the armies of the world. While the female soldiers in these pictures might not fit the standard image of a war fighter, they certainly meet the standards for looking great in uniform.

If more people on the battle lines looked like this, we would probably have a fair amount less combat and a lot more awkward asking for phone numbers and connection requests on dating apps. But let’s be clear: though much of the actual frontline fighting remains relegated to males in most armies, the women in these pictures may be beautiful, but they are all 100% legitimate soldiers. The weapons they’re carrying aren’t for looks, they’re for killing people. That said, here are 15 beautiful female soldiers from militaries all around the world.

15. Chinese People’s Liberation Army Soldier

Via: Daily Mirror

This woman is named Shu Xin and she is a proud member of China’s massive and mighty People’s Liberation Army. After spotted on guard detail during a G20 meeting in the autumn of 2016, she caused something of an international internet sensation, because just look at that smile. She Xin became a minor celebrity within China thanks to her looks, even appearing on TV shows and in dozens of pictures that went viral online. She is said to love to sing and dance and, feasibly, enter into the heat of combat.

14. Swedish Trooper

Via: Pinterest

Considering how many runway models come from the Scandinavian nation of Sweden, it’s not much of a surprise that the country’s military has more than a few soldiers who could moonlight as models when not busy perfecting their lethal prowess. This gorgeous Swedish soldier is modeling the AK-5C Assault Rifle, which has a muzzle velocity of 2,800 FPS, an approximate 650 round per minute rate of fire, an effective range out to 400 yards, and a maximum fire range rated at an impressive 3,280 yards. In case you care about that stuff. Mostly, though, the point here is facial bone structure.

13. Italian Badass Beauty


The woman in this picture has stunning eyes, and we can only assume that the rest of her is pretty easy on the eye of the beholder as well. But we’ll never know for sure, because aside from those lovely eyes, this soldier is covered from head to toe in the apparel of the modern killing machine. From her gun to her gear to her helmet and body armor, this woman is ready for any situation the battlefield presents, even if he most powerful weapon of all might just be… love. Or hand grenades, one of the two.

12. American on Patrol

Via: Pinterest

This American woman has a pretty face and looks to be in pretty good shape (not surprising, considering she’s an active duty soldier). What she doesn’t have on is any makeup, any clothing that could be considered flattering, her hair styled, or any of the other standard trappings of beauty. If you could manage to be attractive while out on active patrol in what looks to be a pretty rough corner of the globe, the you too could be on this list. But she already served, so here she is.

11. “Captain Balislava”

Via: Snopes

This is Russian attack jet pilot Captain Balislava, a badass pilot who “bombed the hell out of ISIS” while flying in the skies above Syria, or so the story went. Back in 2015, people all around the globe were sharing this picture and the story of the beautiful pilot making a name for herself in combat. Here’s the catch, though: beauty though she is, Russian combat pilot she is not. This is actually a civilian lingerie model named Ana Hickman, and she is from Brazil, not Russia.

10. Israeli Beauty in the Field

Via: Pinterest

There are so many pictures of gorgeous IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers out there on the web it’s hard to choose one to showcase. (Israel is home to an ostensibly disproportionate amount of attractive female soldiers largely because military service is all but mandatory in the country, for the record.) The raven haired beauty in this picture is all the more stunning for clearly being on active duty when the photo was snapped. She is in her field gear, not in parade dress, and is taking a break while on patrol or guard duty, not after primping and preening in the barracks.

9. North Korean Lady Soldiers

Via: Mirror

The North Korean army is massive, especially in comparison to the relatively small population of the little Hermit Kingdom. There are an estimated 5.88 million soldiers and/or paramilitary personnel on active or standby duty, which represents almost a quarter of the entire North Korean population. So it’s little wonder that there are plenty of gorgeous lady soldiers in the armed forces of the DPRK. If their nuclear missile program ultimately fails, maybe they should try diplomacy with these females serving as the face of their mission.

8. The Stunning Romanian Military

Via: Ginva

Romanian is a another country with a military evidently studded with drop dead gorgeous soldiers. The country is known for producing its fair share of runway and print models, so perhaps that’s no great surprise, but still, there only about 65,000 active duty Romanian troops, so the number of head turners is still impressive. Here we see a female Romanian soldier with near perfect bone structure. And an assault rifle.

7. Swiss Soldier Selfies

Via: The Sun

Apparently, the Swiss military’s high command has a very modern problem on its hand: too many selfies. Specifically, the issue is attractive young female soldiers snapping selfies while in uniform and then posting them online. The ironic thing is that social media is also proving a powerful recruiting tool, drawing lots of young men and women to the Swiss army who might otherwise not have considered enlisting to serve. It’s a strange sign of the times indeed when a pretty, self-centered girl’s social media addiction can lead to a increased enrollment in the military.

6. Colombian Camouflage

Via: After Action Review

If you can look past the carefully applied stripes of green and black camouflage paint layered across the Colombian soldier’s face, you can see that she is a gorgeous woman. And in fact, the Colombian military and its national police force (who are armed and trained like military soldiers) are filled with beautiful soldiers. Fortunately, many Colombian soldiers have a lot less to do these days than in years past, now that the multi-decade struggle against the FARC guerrillas has come to an end.

5. The Kurdish “Angelina Jolie”

Via: The Sun

This is Asia Ramazan Antar, who was dubbed the Kurdish Angelina Jolie when pictures of her spread across the web back in 2015. She was a member of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units, an all-female fighting force that inflicted fearsome damage upon the forces of ISIS along much of the Syrian border. We have to use the past tense, unfortunately, because Antar died in combat. She was the real deal, and deserves to be remembered for her bravery in battle more than her looks, lovely though she was.

4. Australian Women on the Front Lines

Via: Megatopten

Women have served in the Australian military in various capacities for more than one hundred years, but just a few years ago, the country made headlines for clearing women to serve on the front lines of combat alongside their fellow male soldiers. We’re not sure if this golden haired beauty ever saw combat, but anyone who has seen her was likely distracted for a moment or two. Perhaps during said moment, she shot them. (Probably not, but still…)

3. Ukrainian Female Soldier

Via: CEN

In Ukraine (don’t call it The Ukraine, by the way, they apparently hate that and don’t really know why it started), the military has long been committed to gender equality. Not that the massive sniper rifle perched beside this lovely Ukrainian soldier likely cares who pulls the trigger. With encroachment on the east and south at the hands of Russia (yeah… it’s organic separatist movements… right) chances are good that this lady has seen her share of combat, but she’s still smiling brightly with perfect teeth and flawless skin.

2. Canadian Beauties in Uniform

Via: Pinterest

While Canada is not generally thought of as a military powerhouse, let’s not forget that their soldiers have fought beside us in countless battles over the years, including during some of the most savage combat of WWII and right up through the present engagements in Central Asia. While most members of the 68,000-strong active duty Canadian Armed Forces are males, there are plenty of women soldiers up north. And some of them look like this gorgeous blond lady who rocks a helmet better than most women wear a headband.

1. Russian Sniper Girl

Via: YouTube

If you have to get shot dead from a great distance by a sniper’s rifle, then it would be nice to at least know that this gorgeous soldier from Russia was on the delivering end of the shot. OK, while in fact her being the shooter wouldn’t change a damn thing for the target, she still makes quite a great recruitment tool. Which evidently the Russian military realized, because this is a photograph clearly taken by a professional.

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