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15 Super Bizarre Divorce Stories

15 Super Bizarre Divorce Stories

Figures show that divorce rates in the US increased steadily through the 20th century, reaching a high of over 50% in the 1980s. This increase was mainly due to the fact that it was easier to get divorced, and the decision was socially acceptable.

Since the 1980s, however, divorce rates have fluctuated in the US, and across most western countries. No doubt, this is in some part due to the corresponding decline in the rate of marriage in recent years. Actually, fewer people getting married at a young age, has translated into fewer ill-advised marriages, which sadly, end up in divorce.

While it is great news that divorce rates are lower than during the 80’s, we cannot ignore the fact that it is often a very unhappy experience for all involved, and most couples grievously find themselves in this situation. Infidelity, arguments, money problems or “irreconcilable differences” may be the most common reasons marriages end in divorce, but for some couples, there are more unusual, and very particular and personal reasons, for the dissolution of their marriage.

Below is a list of some of the most bizarre and unusual divorce stories from around the world. Which of these 15 reasons for divorce do you think is the most outstandingly bizarre?

15. He Didn’t Like Frozen


Disney’s movie Frozen may be one of the most-loved movies of all time, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is a fan. In 2014, a 31-year-old Japanese man wrote to a magazine problem page, asking for advice after his wife had left the family home, and refused to speak to him. His crime? He didn’t like Frozen. According to the letter, his emotional wife had told him that not liking the film meant that there was something “wrong” with him as a human being.

Now, most people would see nothing wrong with a grown man who didn’t enjoy a kids’ movie, but obviously she just couldn’t let it go.

14. She Cheated Me Into Marriage Using Plastic Surgery


Chinese man Jian Feng was very much in love with his beautiful wife, but was not so impressed when their first child was born looking nothing like him or his stunning better half. Realizing that her husband was suspicious about their baby’s parentage, Feng’s wife confessed that she had spent over $10,000 on plastic surgery before they met, and that their baby, who looked like her had hit every branch after falling out of an ugly tree, was actually the spitting image of her less attractive, pre-plastic surgery self. Consequently, Feng decided to secure a divorce from his wife, on the grounds that he had married her under false pretenses.

13. Her Husband Put Her Up As His Stake While Playing Poker


A bad night at the poker tables led to divorce for one Russian man in 2007. When Andrei Karpov ran out of cash during a game of cards with friends, he decided to put his wife up as his stake for the next hand, and he sadly lost. Opponent Sergey Brodov turned up at Karpov’s house the next day, to claim his “prize”, which was the first time that Mrs. Karpov had heard of the sorry situation. She was rightly angry, and proceeded to divorce her reckless husband. Her story had a happy ending however, as she went on to start a relationship with the man who won her in the poker game, and the two have since married.

12. He Spent Too Much Money On Dog Food


A 70-year-old Romanian woman sued her husband for divorce after she grew tired of him spending all their money on food, for stray dogs in the town of Foscani. Eliza Barbu’s husband, Mircea, had started giving scraps of food to a couple of street pups 20 years previously, but as time went on, he began spending more money on food for his canine chums, until he was spending almost his entire pension on his mongrel mates. Eventually, Eliza could take no more, and the couple separated after 50 years of marriage.

11. He Used Derogatory Language To Save Her Contact


One husband’s idea of a little joke backfired spectacularly, when his wife got hold of his mobile phone. The Saudi wife discovered to her horror, that her doting hubby had nicknamed her “Guantanamo” in his list of contacts in his cell phone. At first, he tried to claim he was simply trying to protect their privacy, so that his friends would not know that it was his wife who was calling him. Unsurprisingly, his wife didn’t believe a word of it. Considering the bad reputation of GITMO in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, his friendly nickname could only have been meant as an insult.

10. He Played Too Much Video Game


Most teenage boys love playing video games, but the majority of them grow out of their childish pursuits when they grow up, get married, and have families of their own. One wife however, learned the hard way that not all little boys grow up. Jocelyn ended up divorcing her ex-husband Peter, after he started spending up to eight hours every day playing the popular RPG (role-playing game) World of Warcraft. Not only did he spend all his free time on the game, but he stopped pulling his weight around the house, stopped paying household bills, and even stopped taking care of his own personal hygiene. He refused to quit the game, and she refused to share her marriage with an online orc.

9. His Wife Was Allegedly Possessed By An Evil Spirit


In 2014, a Dubai man was granted divorce after he claimed that his wife was possessed by an evil spirit, known as a jinn. Interestingly, the only evidence that the woman was possessed by this particular spirit, was that she no longer wanted to have sex with her husband. He was granted a divorce, and didn’t even have to pay his wife alimony. The Dubai Appeal Court decided that the woman deserved no financial support, seeing as she and her family had not been honest with the poor, mistreated husband about her little possession issue.

8. She Had Too Many Cats


You might normally associate single women with a multitude of doggies, but one Israeli marriage ended in divorce, when the husband could no longer tolerate life with his wife’s 550 cats. She had adopted the kitties over the course of their marriage, and her husband had to contend with the pets, which stalked him in the bathroom, the bedroom, and stole food from his plate during every meal. He was willing to work on the marriage, if his wife would get rid of the cats, but she chose her beloved animals, over her not-so-beloved husband. They divorced soon afterwards.

7. His Prosthetic Penis Fell Off


Sex may be an important part of being married, but for most happy couples, it is not the be-all and end-all. However, one Russian man, Grigory Toporov, was so concerned that his wife seemed unsatisfied in bed that he went to the extraordinary lengths of getting a penis extension. For a few weeks, everything seemed to be going great, but then the prosthetic broke off during a particularly strenuous session. Despite Toporov’s promises that he would go back to the doctor to get another penis prosthetic fitted, his wife decided that she had had enough of his failings in the bedroom, and asked for a divorce.

6. The Parrot Snitched On Her Cheating Husband


This is a tale of everyday adultery with a twist, from Kuwait, in which the innocent wife learns about her husband’s infidelities from a very unusual source- their pet parrot. Unbeknownst to the wife, her cheating husband had been having an affair with their housekeeper for months, and he would have gotten away with it for a lot longer, if their clever bird hadn’t started repeating snippets of conversations between the philandering pair in front of the shocked wife. The wife took the feathered friend straight to the police, as adultery in Kuwait is illegal, but the bird’s evidence was ruled inadmissible, as her husband argued the parrot could have heard the conversations on TV or radio. Still, the wife got her divorce, and got the cheating husband out of her life.

5. He Cleaned Too Much


Most wives would probably be delighted if their husbands did a little more to help around the house. However, one German woman ended up divorcing her husband because of his cleaning addiction. After 15 years of putting up with his constant cleaning, redecorating the house, and rearranging the furniture, the final straw for the less than house-proud hausfrau, was when she came home from a few days away to find that he had knocked down one of the walls in their shared home. Unsurprisingly, the judge who heard their case in central Germany said it was the first time he had heard of anyone suing for divorce over one partner doing too much around the house.

4. She Cheated Once, So Will Always Cheat


One 99-year-old Italian man was unwilling to forgive his wife’s infidelities, even though the alleged affair had happened over 70 years earlier! The cuckolded hubby was sorting through some old boxes at home in 2011, when he found two love letters from one of his wife’s former lovers, which were written after he and his wife had gotten married. Despite their advancing age, and their 77 years of marriage together, the husband insisted on getting a divorce. Presumably, he was a strong believer in the old adage “once a cheater, always a cheater”.

3. He Did Not Change Facebook Status To ‘Married’


Social media is a great communication tool of the modern age, but it has also led to some spectacular misunderstandings. A newly-married woman from Houston, Texas, asked her husband of just two-months for a divorce after he neglected to update his Facebook status to “married”. According to the groom, he had simply forgotten to make the change on his social media account, but his wife insisted that it showed his lack of commitment to the relationship. According to divorce lawyers in the UK, Facebook and Twitter are now factors in one in seven divorces, with many suspicious spouses searching their partner’s social media for evidence of infidelity, or other unreasonable behavior.

2. She Must Return The Kidney He Donated To Her


Married couples share everything, and disentangling all those assets is often what makes most divorces so messy. However, one Long Island man went further than most, when it came to suing his wife for the return of a treasured possession. Dr. Richard Batista had donated a kidney to his wife, Danwell, when they were still a happily married couple, and he decided that he wanted his organ back when the marriage ended in divorce. However, a court ruled that the donated kidney could not be considered a “marital asset” and that Dr. Batista had no grounds to claim either the return of the kidney or financial compensation.

1. How Could He Bring His Mama To Our Honeymoon?


One Italian mama’s boy had a short-lived marriage, after his new wife divorced him for bringing his mother on their honeymoon. After a dream wedding, 36-year-old Marianna was astonished when her 39-year-old husband, Stefano, arrived at the airport for their flight to romantic Paris, with his mother. At least, he had the decency to book mama her own room at the hotel where they were all due to be staying for the entire trip. Even then, Marianna was so infuriated that she filed for divorce as soon as they returned from Paris, citing her husband’s “unreasonable attachment” to his mother as grounds for divorce.


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