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15 Supercars That Really Suck

15 Supercars That Really Suck

Not all supercars are created equal. And not all supercars are created to be worshiped. Sometimes, there are just those that although they perform well on the road, they don’t look as amazing as they should. Yes, they may be beastly when released into the wild, but they look like beasts as well. Just horrifying. Since these supercars are so fugly, we can say that manufacturers probably built them while blindfolded. They should chalk whatever they have come up with to experience and never build anything that looks like any of these in the future.

So, when you see any of these supercars (or even when you just hear them zooming by), look away. Don’t set your hopes high because the form does not always follow function. Again, look away. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Let’s take a look at these fugly supercars that you should avoid like the plague.

15. Panoz Abruzzi


WTF did I just see?

If you see the Panoz Abruzzi, you will definitely scratch your head too. This car looks super weird because its makers seem to be building a Batman car yet they used a spiny anteater as inspiration. Its front looks ridiculous like it is ready to plow your lot or mow your lawn anytime. It is having some sort of identity crisis.

Although performance-wise, it is reliable with its 440kW V8 engine under the hood, it still does not compensate well for being so ugly. With its power, it would have been a nice supercar to drive. It is such a shame that it looks like this. Good thing, it did not breed much because only 81 units of the Abruzzi were produced.

14. Covini C6W


The Covini C6W could have passed for an amazing supercar if only the maker stuck with the usual four-wheel configuration.

The Covini C6W has the making of an amazing supercar. It looks nice (just don’t look at the wheels) and it has a powerful engine underneath it. With the additional two wheels, it looks like the car drove into a vat of toxic materials, which is why it mutated into this horrendous vehicle. Although the car maker claims that the additional tires improves the traction of the car, it seems to be not enough to sacrifice the whole ensemble.

Come on now, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

13. Mitsuoka Orochi


From its name alone, it is obvious that the Mitsuoka Orochi is of Japanese descent. This Japanese supercar was released in 2001. Initially, the goal was to display a concept car but it received updates in 2003 and 2005. A year after, the concept car went through production for public availability.

According to the car manufacturer, the Orochi is a fashionable supercar that instantly gets everyone’s attention when it drives by. However, it does so not for the good reasons. This vehicle is not just horrendous but it is not that fast either. Its V6 engine lags behind most supercars driving around the world.

12. The Eliica


What in the world are these supercar’s designers thinking?

The Eliica does not look like a supercar but more like a limousine with eight wheels. That’s insane! Usually, vehicles with more than four wheels are trucks but this one has eight – four on each side. Apparently, the reason for its eight wheels is to improve the car’s traction. Unfortunately, it messed up the supercar’s look.

This supercar runs on battery juice, which is also innovative yet weird for a supercar. With its configuration, The Eliica can beat the Porsche 911 in terms of performance. However, it bows down on to the Porsche it terms of looks.

11. Gumpert Apollo


The Gumpert Apollo is a supercar built in Germany. From the looks of the car, it looks swollen all around as if it were having an allergic reaction to being awesome. It has curves and bulges all around, making it look weird for a performance car.

Released in 2012, the Gumpert Apollo was made official at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. During its launch, the car became instantly popular not because of its looks but because of its outstanding performance. Apparently, this supercar is known as one of the first cars to be street-legal yet ready to take on the race track. Still, even if it is fast, that does not erase the fact that it is not pleasant looking as we would want it to be.

10. Yamaha OX99-11


I can’t even…

This may not be a well-known fact but Yamaha built a supercar of its own and it looks like it is a mistake. Although Yamaha is popular for producing some of the world’s best motorcycles, it did not perform up to par in the supercar scene. The OX99-11 is a supercar from Yamaha that looks like a single-passenger submarine that rolls on wheels. It is a sucky piece of machine even if it carries a mammoth 400 horsepower V12 engine. It may be fast but when you see it pass you by, you will definitely wish that you can unsee it. Unfortunately, you can’t.

9. Bristol Fighter


The Bristol Fighter is a supercar produced out of confusion. From its looks, you can never figure out what its designers and engineers are trying to pull off. They combined three different stylings on this vehicle – the SLS, the RSX, and the Supra. Do not try to figure it out or your head will ache.

We can maybe give it some points for the effort for using gull-wing doors to show off some luxury. However, in the grand scheme of things, the Bristol Fighter is just a sucky car. To add more to the confusion, the front of the supercar is elongated, making it look like a fighter jet rolling on its wheels.

8. Mansory Cormeum


On first glance, the Mansory Cormeum passes for a nice-looking car. However, if you go into the details, you will realize that the devil was in it. The combination on a giant wing at the back, Ferrari front lights, and a hilariously front grille just does not work. The car looks funny for a supercar and it is something you would not want to put your money on.

It is good that it is a limited edition vehicle with only 15 examples ever produced. Hence, seeing one on the road is rare so you would not have a tough time trying to avoid this abhorrence of a supercar.

7. Spyker C8


The Spyker C8 is a Dutch supercar, but it is not as cool as you expect it to be. It may have a few people who admire its weird looks, but a lot of car enthusiasts are just not fans. It has curves in the wrong places, which makes it look fugly. Good thing it makes up in performance what it lacks in appearance. The Spyker C8 carries a 4.2-liter V8 engine. Hence, it boasts a top speed of 300kph. It prances away when you release it from its chains. It was quite unfortunate though that it does not look mesmerizing.

6. Weber Faster One


Just like its name Faster One, this supercar is just fast and it is just that. It does not mislead though since it did not say the Pretty One or the Sexy One. So, do not expect much when it comes to the outside but sure enough, you can rely on its innards. The Weber Faster One has a beefy engine that is why rumor has it that it is the fastest street legal supercar around. The automaker claims that this supercar has a top speed of 410kph, which seems to beat the reigning Bugatti Veyron. However, when it comes to appearance, the king Veyron is miles ahead.

5. Gillet Vertigo


The Gillet Vertigo is a product of Belgian designers and engineers. This supercar has gone through many changes over the years and the one pictured above is the 1994 model year. From that version, it only got worse. This supercar has an open-top configuration, much like a race car on track. However, it does not work well because the car seems to be bigger than we would want it to be. It has a wide appearance, which also does not work well in terms of the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Sadly, the Gillet Vertigo is the proof that Belgian creators should stick to what they know best – chocolates and waffles.

4. Caparo T1


The Caparo T1 may look like an F1 race car from afar but it is nothing like that when you get up close. This supercar looks like a giant insect made of metal and on four wheels. Its front lights is strangely huge, which makes it appear like gigantic eyes on this huge insect car. Although it is a fast car with its potent V8 engine, it still is not that likeable because of its looks that suck.

The resemblance of the T1 to the F1 is due to the fact that the engineers who built it worked for McLaren previously.

3. Isdera Commendatore 112i


One of the elements that make a supercar fast is aerodynamics. Although the Isdera Commendatore 112i has addressed this by chiseling it with wedges from top to bottom, this has sacrificed the appearance of the vehicle. Its windshield is bent on a weird angle such that it looks like it is difficult to drive. Its gull-wing doors did not do justice for this super coupe because it already looks horrible from the get-go.

This German supercar has a Mercedes V12 engine under the hood. It is fast alright, but you would wish it will go faster so you will not have to see how ugly it is.

2. Isdera Imperator 108i


Some manufacturers create one ugly vehicle, recognize it, and never do it again. This is not the case for German car maker Isdera. For the second time around, they built another hideous supercar in the form of the Isdera Imperator 108i. Its appearance resembles that of the Isdera Commendatore 112i so you already have an idea that it already sucks. However, added components brought its hideousness to another level. For instance, its rear windshield has a pocket-like configuration, which looks very weird. It feels like they are trying to incorporate more wedges on an already wedgy supercar.

Why would you do this, Isdera?

1. Lambo Egoista


This just looks wrong for a Lambo!

Apparently, the car maker’s idea behind the Lamborghini Egoista is to build a car with the looks (and aerodynamics) of a fighter jet. However, that may have backfired due to the hideous appearance of this car. The supercar has too many edges as if it is cutting the eyes of anyone who sees it. The car’s front hood looks similar to the also hideous Panoz Abruzzi – like it has three teeth ready to bite its way on the road.

Let’s just hope that when you are driving this car, you can eject your seat so no one will see you. It is a travesty!

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