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15 Surprising and Creepy Facts About Kim Jong-Un

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15 Surprising and Creepy Facts About Kim Jong-Un

You’ve probably heard about the horrors that go on in North Korea, but do you know much about their current leader, Kim Jong-Un? They say that ignorance is bliss and this actually might be the case when it comes to the dear leader and the details of his reign. For as long as North Korea has endured the totalitarian leadership of the fearless Kim family, there have been numerous myths of the family’s tyranny and terror which circulate to the world around it looking from the outside in. Unfortunately, much of what we know are all rumors and speculation, but there are some traces of truth which have been captured by close family friends or defectors of the DPRK.

Kim Jong-Un is known to be slightly different from his father and grandfather, so much so that the people recognize him to be a revolutionary. But the country is still under a tight Stalin-style reign and people are still executed every day for attempting to flee the country or for suspicions of disloyalty to the great leader. It seems as though a real revolution is but an imagination and much of what you’ve heard about the North Korean terrors are actually true if not an understatement. Here are fifteen more ridiculous facts you may not already know about the dear leader, Kim Jong-Un.

15. He Is Obsessed with Basketball


Although there isn’t much to know about Kim Jong-Un’s childhood, according to what we do know about him, he had some childhood obsessions that might actually make him sound normal. Just like any other boy growing up, he was obsessed with computer games and basketball. In fact, he was so obsessed with Michael Jordan that he would spend hours literally perfecting sketches of the basketball legend. He is known to be an “eternal friend” to Dennis Rodman who has made several trips to visit the leader in North Korea. Unfortunately, these trips deemed Rodman as an international traitor where, on one particular occasion, he paid a birthday tribute to Kim Jong-Un. Since engendering so much hatred for supporting Kim Jong-Un, Rodman has discontinued his visits.

14. He Has No Military Experience


Kim Jong-Un is the highest ranking military official in the entire world who actually has no military background or experience. Between 2002 to 2007, he attended the Kim Il-Sung University, which is a leading officer-training school in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, also named after his grandfather (the eternal leader). He studied physics and became a military officer through the University, although never had any previous real-life experience. It is said that he always performed better in art subjects rather than in science or mathematics. However, he was awarded an Honorary Economics Doctorate from HELP University, a private Malaysian university, in 2014.

13. He Is a Bit More Modern With Media


North Korea’s previous leaders, Kim Jong-Un’s father and grandfather, were known to be extremely anti-media and never televised any of their speeches. On the contrary, although he is trying to follow his father and grandfather’s footsteps as closely as possible, Jong-Un has a more favorable approach towards the cyber generation and has televised many of his speeches for the nation. However, he has continued a tight reign over the country’s media and internet exposure. Citizens still don’t get access to the world news or the internet, although Jong-Un ironically has since he was a child, which explains how he’s developed into such an avid basketball fan.

12. He’s a Big-Time Drinker and Smoker


According to a South Korean TV network, Kim Jong-Un has reportedly claimed to have downed ten bottles of expensive Bordeaux wine in a single night. The claim came from Japanese chef Kenji Fujimoto, a long-time family friend, who said that Jong-Un spent his night drinking along with the company of six attractive women. Although he boasts about his drinking habits, he is actually known to make harsh decisions while under the influence, including the execution of some of his officials for simply slouching. He is also rumored to have hangover amnesia and forgets ever making those harsh decisions. He is also known to love drinking Johnnie Walker whiskey and smoking Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes.

11. He Was Named “Sexiest Man Alive”


This happened in 2012 by none other than the satirical news source, The Onion. His predecessors include Bashar Al-Assad and Bernie Madoff. If you didn’t catch that this was a joke, then you’d probably relate with some of the people in China who also felt overly offended that a news site was insulting their neighboring leader. The Onion commented on how “he has that rare ability to somehow be completely adorable and completely macho at the same time.” That anyone would describe the chubby and fearless leader as adorable is quite comical, almost as comical as saying he’s the sexiest man alive.

10. His Hair is Sacred


Apparently, it is so sacred that other men in the country are absolutely forbidden from copying Kim Jong-Un’s hair style, which is so popular that it was given names like “youth” and “ambition”. In fact, men only have the option of choosing from fifteen other sanctioned haircuts featured in the country’s official salon guide. All of these hair styles look similar to one another but none of them are remotely similar to the great leader’s swept-back style. Female citiznes also have fifteen approved hair styles to choose from, but both genders can’t even dream about coloring their hair because hair dying is also forbidden.

9. He Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like His Grandfather


His grandfather is so important to him that it’s rumored that he has had plastic surgery to make himself look more like his grandfather, the eternal leader Kim Il-Sung. Although the legitimacy of the plastic surgery isn’t confirmed, we do know that his haircut is definitely an attempt to replicate the looks of his grandfather. He values his ancestors so much that he’s even imprisoned on of his ministers for “insufficient grieving” during the funeral of his father, Kim Jong-Il. In another incident, he even sentenced one of his assistants to death for being drunk during a period of mourning.

8. He Has Insomnia


According to the National Intelligence Service, Kim Jong-Un has battled with insomnia as a result of stress and fears. Apparently, he frequently gets haunted with fears of assassination and is “obsessed with ensuring his personal safety.” As a result, he keeps a close tab on all potential threats. Another great fear of his is regarding information about his childhood spreading through media and hurting his image as a leader. It is reported that, as a child, he would go long periods of time without eating whenever his mother scolded him, which reflects his character as being quite stubborn and irresponsible.

7. His Health is Going Downhill


People often joke that Kim Jong-Un will probably eat himself to death as it’s pretty apparent that the great leader struggles with obesity. This is because some of the ways he is seen dealing with his stress are through smoking or binge eating, all of which contribute to his deteriorating health. His eating habits are so bad that he battles cardiovascular disease, gout, and diabetes. Because of this, he has a team of 130 scientists and doctors who work diligently to keep him alive. Unfortunately, it looks like he might be following the paths of his father and grandfather who both also struggled with overeating and died of a heart attack.

6. He is Addicted to Swiss Cheese


Kim Jong-Un spent much of his childhood in Switzerland where he received his education, which is also where he developed a deep love for Swiss cheese. It is reported that he spends tens of thousands of dollars a year to import cheese directly from Switzerland. Because of his terrible Swiss cheese addiction, he is also reported to have gained 88 pounds. He went from weighing 198 pounds in 2012 to weighing 286 pounds in 2016. Although he has placed a strict ban on many foods, he has apparently lifted a ban on hamburgers, pizzas, and french fries. So if there’s any way to the relentless leader’s heart, perhaps it’s through food?

5. He’s an Unlikely Feminist


As an unlikely feminist, Kim Jong-Un is said to have created Mother’s Day in his country and has a tradition of handing out gifts of free cosmetics to the wives of airmen. He also recently allowed women to sport platform shoes, earrings, and pants. What incredible empathy and leniency, right? But in the past, if women were caught wearing pants in public by officers, they would cut the pants right then and there to make them look like a skirt. And what exactly inspired this change, you ask? Apparently, his radical changes are all part of an attempt to create a Feminist Paradise.

4. He Created His Own K-Pop Girl Band


He has reportedly hand-picked individual singers to form the nation’s first all-girl band called the Moranbong Band. The group made their initial debut in 2012 and recently had a comeback which Kim Jong-Un attended. He is apparently extremely involved with the activities of the girl band and dictates even their performance costumes which entail short-skirted military-inspired ensembles. Some of the songs they’ve performed include titles such as “Oh My Motherland Full of Hope” and “We Think of the Marshall Day and Night.” I guess this is the great leader’s way of protecting his country from the horrific influences of western culture.

3. He Does Not Poo or Pee


To the average person with even the lowest of elementary-level knowledge, this, of course, is ridiculous. But to the unfortunate citizens of the DPRK, it must simply be accepted as truth that the dear leader does not have any need for urinating or bowel movements. In fact, they also believe that he learned to drive at just the young age of three. To add to their great leader’s immortal-like qualities, it is also believed that he wrote 1,500 books while attending university (that’s more than one book written per day). And these bizarre beliefs didn’t start with Kim Jong-Un. The people even believed that his father invented the hamburger.

2. His Birth Year is Unknown


Kim Jong-Un is recorded as the world’s youngest leader, but there’s only one problem – there’s a lot of speculation about his actual birthday because no one really knows what year he was actually born in. Most people guess that it was somewhere between 1982 to 1984, which would still make him the youngest world leader regardless. Most of the fearless leader’s childhood is a real mystery including details about who raised him and where he was educated. It is known, however, that as a young boy, he attended school in Switzerland posing as a Korean diplomat and using a different name.

1. He Murdered His Own Relatives


Back in 2013, it was reported that he ordered the execution of his own uncle (Jang Song-Thaek) for being accused of plotting a conspiracy against the DPRK. Although some believe that he was killed by a firing a squad, other reports have suggested that he may have been fed to a pack of wild dogs. Upon the execution, his aunt reacted by protesting and she too was executed. Rumors suggest that she was poisoned, although the details of her death remain a mystery. Lastly, he has also been accused of the murder of his own half-brother Kim Jong-Nam (who resided in Malaysia) although this is still an open case that is being investigated to this day. All three relatives are seen as traitors.

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