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15 Surprising Myths That Are Scientifically True About Men

15 Surprising Myths That Are Scientifically True About Men

There are so many myths about men that are commonly referred to as fact. There are also some weird sayings that seem hard to believe yet they are true. Men are complex human beings, and while they aren’t as complex as their counterparts, certain myths about them might make you change your mind. Some of the truths about men are self-evident. Men love the thrill of chasing women, we love to shower in beer, and we also consider ourselves great with directions. However, there are a million myths about men from different cultures and parts of the world, so there must be some myths that are total lies.

When it comes to love and relationships men, and women behave almost differently. While women will know exactly what men want from a tender age, men are often left guessing and get mixed details of what women want. Our differences are vast, but the same differences are what makes the bond between a woman and a man worthwhile. Have you ever wondered why men are color blind and women aren’t? Or why men are better at technical and handy work than women? It’s probably the universe’s way of telling us we co-exist and need each other. Are you still wondering what these myths are? Well here are 15 surprising myths that are scientifically true about men.

15. Men are Color Blind


You may not have realized it by now, but you are not better at choosing colors compared to your girlfriend or daughter. This is because women actually see more colors than men. Next time you get into a heated argument over color, you could probably be wrong, and you might need to apologize for it. According to research, men are less able to identifying colors as compared to women. A study that was conducted by Maryland University revealed that the ability to be able to see the color red is only found on the X chromosome. This only means one thing: women have the upper hand when it comes to identifying color.

14. Men love Dominance


You can label it the Clooney effect, but today men are more interested in self-assured educated women. According to a research study done by in America in which some 5600 participants participated, 90 percent of men are okay with a woman asking them out. Well, this is 2017, and someone has to step up! However, a majority of the men still indicated that they rather be the dominant partner when it comes to relationships. While having a girl ask you out inflates every man’s ego, they still want to be the dominant ones. You can call that the male ego.

13. Unfaithful men have lower IQ


Deceitful and disrespectful are words that wronged wives often use when referring to their cheating husbands. Stupid is often another. Well, they could actually be right about this one. According to scientists, men who sleep around are likely to have lower IQs. According to a research study done in London School of Economics and Political Science, smarter men are less likely to cheat on their spouses. This theory is based on the assertion that through evolution, men have always been mildly polygamous. The theory states that in the case of fidelity, men who fail to adapt and end up cheating on their spouses are likely to be more stupid since intelligent people are more likely to adopt what in evolutionary terms are new practices.

12. Men Spend Close to A Year of their life Staring at Women


Well, this might sound funny, but it’s a scientifically proven and tested fact about men. According to this survey, men spend close to 43 minutes in a single day starting at ten different women. This will add up to 259 hours, which is almost 11 days each year. The poll that was conducted on more than 3,000 participants revealed that the supermarket is the ideal location where most ogling occurs, followed by nightclubs and bars. Well, next time you are at your local store, try to analyze how long you stare at girls. Just make sure you don’t come off creepy.

11. Men Lie 6 Times a day


Well, if you are wondering who is a better liar between you and your girlfriend, you probably are. According to research, men lie six times a day. This is twice as much as women do in a single day. So how many lies have you told today? Check your watch and do the math, how many more to go? Men will lie about their whereabouts, what they did, and who they were with even if the situation doesn’t call for a lie. So next time you are grilled about your lying, just let them know you can’t help it.

10. Men are More Prone to Developing Cancer


Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in men after lung cancer. In America, lung cancer is the number one cancer and it actually kills more men than women each year in the country. While one in every six men is diagnosed with prostate cancer, only one in thirty-six men will actually succumb to it. According to research, early diagnosis and prevention can help beat this disease, and it’s advisable that men have their PSA tested as the first step in determining their risk of prostate cancer. Well, if you have been skipping your medical checkups, it’s high time you took them seriously.

9. Placing your Laptop on your Lap will lead to Infertility


This is a surprising myth, but it’s actually true. Most men believe that wearing briefs will reduce their sperm count, well, this isn’t entirely true, placing your laptop on your lap will. Well, your laptop needs to stay on your desk more and less on your lap if you are looking to be a daddy one day. According to research, a man’s testicles hang out of his body because sperm cannot survive in the warmer body temperature. Placing your laptop on your lap exposes your sperm to excessive heat, leading to low sperm count.

8. Men Spend Six Months of their Life Shaving


Different studies have different timelines, but according to the scientist, the average time a man takes to shave in his life will depend on his life expectancy. In America, men spend up to 6 months of their life shaving. Come to think of it, we spend an awful amount of time in a day shaving before we go to work. I bet you never thought it would amount to six months. If you thought women take an extra-long time grooming, try waiting up for your buddy to shave. If you didn’t know, now you do!

7. Bald men are Stronger and Sexier


Have you ever wondered why Bruce Willis gets all the attention from the ladies? It might not only be Hollywood charm after all. A new study has revealed that the effortless bald headed middle-aged man is now considered as the attractive masculine guy. What once signified genetic hair loss and aging now stands in for a strong, sexy and smart man. While I wouldn’t consider WWE’s Stone Cold Steve Austin smart, he would definitely pass as a strong, masculine man. If you are the type of guy with a ponytail, well, I guess the ’80s are over, and bald is the new black. What do you think of these findings?

6. Smoking can lead to Impotence in Men


There are no buts when it comes to this myth. The more you smoke, the higher the risk of impotence. In case you are a chain smoker, and you are wondering why your bedroom life is taking a free fall off the cliff, then here is a clue. In case you want to smoke in the bedroom, you might have to quit smoking altogether. New research reveals that smoking may be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. Researchers stated that the research that was carried out by Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical medicine looked at all the factors associated with erectile dysfunction.

5. The Average Man is 4.5 Inches taller than the Average Women


We have all seen the odd couple, where the man is far shorter than the woman. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and there are far too many examples of this combination in Hollywood relationships. According to research, the average man is 4.5 inches taller than the average woman. The reason why women often want to date a taller man is probably because genetics vouch for it. Does this mean that women who date shorter men might not be genuinely in love with their spouses? A study conducted to determine the height preferences in men and women confirmed this stereotype, with men showing more flexibility to height preference as compared to women.

4. Men Walk Slower with Women than Men


If you thought Hollywood lied about men seeing things in slow motion when they are love struck, then you have another thing coming. A person’s walking speed that will normally minimize the amount of energy needed to travel will correlate with their body mass and leg length. Meaning men naturally travel faster than women. According to a study conducted by Seattle Pacific University, men and women should not walk together. If they do, someone often pays the energetic penalty, and since long walks on the beach are a pinnacle of romance, we clearly know who is suffering when lovebirds decide to walk hand in hand.

3. Men Can Lactate


You will probably never experience this in your lifetime, but men lactate just like women, but the only difference is that men will lactate under extreme conditions. So can men really lactate? Does this phenomenon happen naturally? Well, it does, and it’s more likely to happen to a human than any other mammal. With that said, you don’t need to panic yet; you are highly unlikely to start producing milk out of the blue. Both men and women have mammary glands, the difference in lactation comes with hormonal influence during puberty and after pregnancy. For men, the hormonal levels naturally never get to the level they will need to lactate, but provided the right hormones, male lactation is very possible.

2. Men Sweat Twice as Much as Women


If you thought the reason behind the awful pong on your armpits at the end of the day is because you haven’t discovered the right beauty product, then you are terribly wrong. Men sweat up to twice as much as women. The confusing bit is women actually have more sweat glands than men but sweat less than their counterparts. The reason behind this is that since men have fewer sweat glands than women, their glands produce much more sweat than women. This is why men should be cleaner than the ladies, especially if your line of work is physical in nature.

1. Men are more prone to Suicide


According to research, women attempt suicide three times more than men, while four times more men than women successfully manage to kill themselves. More than half of the suicides that happen in the U.S. are completed through the use of guns. This violent route is the first choice for men. Women will prefer poisoning over a gun, and half the time, an overdose on medication, the result of which is less often lethal to the victims. Studies in suicide reveal that to be able to prevent suicide, we need to take into account some of the paradoxical differences between men and women.


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