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15 Surprising Myths That Are Scientifically True About Women

15 Surprising Myths That Are Scientifically True About Women

Women are interesting human beings, and specifically for one reason, you can’t entirely figure them out. There are a lot of interesting facts and myths about women, most of which are fanned by the media. For instance, there’s the gross stereotype that women are the more delicate sex, whereas men are more aggressive and dominant. Men are natural born hunters and gatherers, while women…just stay home. Obviously not true since most women are a part of the workforce now, many running multi-million-dollar companies around the world. However, if you have ever had the sneaking suspicion that some of the differences between men and women might be a load of crap, then you might just need to go through Angela Saini’s book Inferior where she debunks myths about women.

But is there any truth that women are emotionally weaker? Or that they can’t handle their liquor? To understand this better, we might have to bring in science to help us churn through all the myths about women. What you need to understand is that for every study that tries to support the theory that women might be more emotional, there is a study that opposes it. Therefore, in case you are wondering what these myths are, here are 15 surprising myths that are scientifically true about women.

15. Women are not Color Blind


It’s obvious women get colors more than men. Hence the saying men are color blind. The truth about this is that women see more colors than men. Have you ever disagreed about color with your girlfriends? Then you were probably wrong, if you broke up or got into a fight about it, then it’s time you call her and apologize for it. Research shows that women are superior when it comes to identifying colors. According to research carried out by the University of Maryland, results showed that the ability to be able to see the color red is only found on the X chromosome, meaning women clearly have the upper hand.

14. Women can smell better


Did you notice that women can’t handle bad odor? Does she get pissed when you leave leftovers in the fridge for months? This isn’t a stereotype per say, but it’s an interesting scientific discovery. What’s interesting is that there isn’t any difference between the male and female nose. However, women have a greater ability when it comes to smelling things. So when you have visitors next time, and you really can’t figure out which of your buddies has smelly socks, you know who to call up. She’ll probably be able to get the culprit in seconds.

13. Women are Carebears


Women care more than men do. Take this example: it was a busy day at work; you get home, and your girlfriend or wife is blubbering about something, probably a bad day at work too, but you pretend to listen. A study by Griffith University found out that women cared more about their partner’s problems and even displayed more empathy towards their partners as compared to men. What’s more interesting is that men’s empathy levels were higher when it’s a situation that affected them directly. In other words, men are completely selfish when it comes to their emotions. Therefore, next time someone asks you why you are careless, just share this article with them.

12. Women can Multitask


Guys, can you have a solid conversation watching football or basketball game? It’s extremely hard for men to multitask. Some women find this extremely funny, but it’s a fact. A study carried out back in 2010 by the University of Hertfordshire revealed that women performed better than men when given different tasks to complete at once. Scientists think that women were much better at this since they took time to think before their actions. Men, on the other hand, went on with the tasks without critically thinking about their actions. Well, next time you want to have a reason to justify why your girlfriend should wash and dry the dishes, don’t use this research.

11. Women are much cleaner than men

Via: Youtube

Okay, a lot of men might disagree with this fact, and especially after they have been in a woman’s car or closet. Not all women are clean and tidy. We have had a chance to look at your trunk or the backseat of your car, and we know it’s a war zone. But according to science, this fact might be true. According to research carried out by the State University of San Diego, they found that men’s offices had significantly more germs compared to women’s. But that’s the thing about science. Another study done on Austrian men and women found men had better and cleaner bathroom habits as compared to women.

10. Women Experience Pain more than Men


Women give birth, carrying the baby for almost one year in their bodies. Well, that seems like a lot of pain and discomfort to endure for a whole year. And we call the men protectors? Well, if you are the type of man who makes fun of his girlfriend for not being able to tolerate pain or you roll your eyes when she complains of cramps, or think she is a wimp, you need to chill out. What you need to understand is that it’s not her fault. Women are unable to tolerate pain because they have more pain receptors in their skin as compared to men, making them more likely to experience pain than men.

9. Women are not as Funny


This is an arguable point though. Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston are really funny actresses. However, most people will still think men are funnier. The University of California set out to find out whether men or women were funnier. 600 participants were asked to rate how funny captions were without knowing whether it was made by a man or woman. Overall, the men’s captions were funnier than the women’s, but with a very small margin. Men also rated captions by men to be funnier; that suggested to the researchers that men have their own style of humour.

8. Women can’t Handle Liquor


If I had a dollar for every time I saw a girl passed out or blacked out in a bar or club, I’d be very rich. You need to pat yourself on the back if you can down a bottle of whiskey or a six-pack of beer without throwing up and stumbling to the ground like a crack addict. Is this stereotype about women true? Well according to science, it’s not about body size but water. Women’s bodies are made up of 52% water compared to men’s 61%, meaning their body waters down the alcohol 10% less efficiently than men. There’s also the fact that they have fewer liver enzymes than men.

7. Women are known to Talk More


We have all been forced to listen to an unending story by our girlfriends during our favorite show or worse while watching the game. It sucks, doesn’t it? Well, women can’t help it, at least according to science. Women speak three times more than men (You think?). In a day, a woman speaks an average of 20,000 words compared to 13,000 words by their male counterparts. Women also have more FoxP2 protein which when tested on rats, made them produce more sound. Therefore, not only do women have more of FoxP2 protein, the region responsible for language on their brain is 17% larger than males.

6. Women are Bad Drivers


Women are indeed bad drivers, and if you have a girlfriend or a wife, you can testify to how many times they have called you for help because they are lost or drove into a curb or ditch. A study that was carried out by the University of London back in 2008 found out that gay men and women are the worst drivers. Their navigational skills and spatial awareness weren’t as good as that of men. Men will use general clues to get to where they are going (like knowing which way is north). Women and gay men lack this skill. The reason they tend to make a lot of wrong turns. Don’t be surprised; we know this!

5. Women are Super Emotional


One of the most popular stereotypes about women is that they are more emotional than men. That’s why they would resort to ice cream after a breakup while men never let their emotions get in their way. However, research studies don’t entirely agree with this. A study that was published at the Institut Universitaire en Sante Mentale de Montreal found out that women did, in fact, respond more strongly than men when showed emotional pictures. However, when comparing the brains, the connection between them was much stronger in male brains, which explains why men did not cry during the study. Don’t get emotional, girls.

4. Women Don’t think about the Deed as much as Men

Via: Vice

So which sex thinks a lot about sex? According to some myths, it believed that men think about sex every seven seconds of their lives and that men think about lovemaking more than women. According to research by Ohio University, men aged between 18-25 think about sex more than their female counterparts. However, the differences about the two are not as vast as described by the media. The study found out that men think about sex twice in an hour while women think about it once in an hour. Meaning women think less about sex than men but still, think about it a lot.

3. Women want it just as much as men


Lovemaking is a very popular topic; it’s more popular than war or even politics. And if you thought since women think less about lovemaking than men, then it’s reason enough not to want it as much then you are wrong. It’s obvious female sexuality has been suppressed, and especially by culture, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. According to a survey done on 500 women on a fertility awareness app, women desired getting down and dirty just as much as men did. What’s surprising is that more than 75% of women wanted to get down and dirty more than 3 times a week.

2. Women’s Breasts are never of Equal size


Sorry for bursting your bubble guys, but they will never be the same size. The truth of the matter is that female breasts are not of equal size, and one will always be a bit bigger than the other. And don’t worry ladies, this is a very common side effect of having breasts. According to HealthyWomen. org, one study of 100 women who wanted breast implants found that 88 percent had natural asymmetries. There are various factors that may cause this, and they include hormone imbalances or some kind of trauma from physical activity. Also, your breast tissues changes according to a woman’s menstrual cycle too, which is why they may look bigger during that time of the month.

1. Gender Bias


Sadly and truthfully, gender bias is real and has very troubling consequences. A study conducted by Yale University back in 2012 that was tasked with finding out whether gender bias played a major role in hiring people in the field of sciences found out gender bias was real. Male candidates were preferred compared to women. The study found out that male applicants were preferred and rated higher regarding competence and hire-ability compared to their female counterparts. Even more surprisingly (or maybe not), men were offered better pay packages compared to women because they were perceived to be more competent. What’s interesting is both men and women committed gender bias in the study.


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