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15 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

15 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Make Extra Money



How do you feel when you hear that word? For some of us, the thought of money and its possibilities brings elation. For others, it’s the greatest source of anxiety out there.

Let’s face it; making good money is hard for the average person. Things aren’t the way they used to be, when you would find a job, your career, stick with it your whole life and cash in on a healthy retirement plan. Now our secular world is made up of juggling short-term contracts or working many jobs at minimum wage to make ends meet. If we are lucky to find full time work that we love, nothing is ever guaranteed as budget cuts or redundancies often speak louder than good work ethic.

But we always need money. That’s the catch. So, what can we do?

Luckily, despite living in an age of shaky job security, the world is our oyster if we get creative. The key nowadays is to have various streams of residual income so something is always coming in. Every dollar counts! And it all adds up too. Imagine if you spent a little time each day doing something ‘tried and tested’ to bring in extra money. Your cash flow is sure to become more fluid.

There are many ways out there to make a little extra cash or start a stream of residual income. Money doesn’t grow on trees nor is it handed out so we must set our expectations to have to DO something. But there’s no reason why we can’t have fun. These are 15 ways we thought would be most fun and affluent for you to try.

15. Sell your stuff

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Be honest with yourself. Look around you. Do you need everything you have? Old phones and electronics, they’re collecting dust. Designer clothing that is now considered vintage? Yes, you can sell that too. Where can you downsize? There are plenty of ads on Craigslist and Kijiji for people looking to buy old electronics and consignment shops are always looking for unique finds. By getting rid of things you no longer use, you make extra money but also clear up your environment, which in the end is a double win. Clean house, fat wallet.

14. Sell your words

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Do you like to write? Are you good at it? Use your online prowess and start searching! Blogs and magazines all over the world are looking for contributors (including Maybe you’re a mom with little ones at home; you can write for a parenting magazine. Maybe you know things about tech that very few do; why not write for a tech magazine. We all have that certain “je ne sais quoi” inside us, a “gift” call it, and what better way to make money than sharing the knowledge you possess or your imagination? All it takes is a simple search on Google.

13. Write Amazon reviews

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Do you have an Amazon account that you use regularly? What if you were sent free products to review and got paid for each review you write? Various companies get people to try out their products and leave customer reviews on their pages. These reviews can pay up to $10 each and you get to keep the product free of charge too. Another win/win! This is a great way to make money and get free stuff.

12. Test Websites for Money

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New startups and bigger companies are always looking for people of the general population to test the usability of their sites and offer honest feedback. These tests don’t always pay a lot but they are quick to do. The longer the test, the more you get paid. At the end of the month or when your account has reached a certain amount, you’ll be paid out into your PayPal account.

11. Fiverr


Do you do anything media oriented and creative? From experience, if you set up a proper profile on Fiverr and are descriptive and fair about your pricing and packages, it never hurts to leave some gigs posted so people can find you if they want your services. You can put a gig up for just about anything on Fiverr. A few minutes each day scrolling through the app may land you the perfect freelance position.

10. Take surveys

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Maybe this doesn’t sound like the glamour job you had hoped for but when you’re all curled up in pajamas watching TV, why not have your laptop in hand filling out a few surveys as you relax? Opinion Outpost is a great site for that. Or what if you were paid to answer questions over the phone about products you use every day? The dollars add up. Ten minutes of your time could make you $20.00 or more. Once surveyors know you are interested and an active participant, this often leads to more survey offers.

9. Collect all the points

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Point systems. They’re everywhere. It seems most big corporations have some type of points system. Be it on our credit cards, gas cards, cards for the pharmacy and travel rewards, the list is endless. In just a little time, you can have yourself set up with cards or apps to start collecting points at all your most frequented places. Even if the payoff for doing this isn’t cash money, with the savings you have on future purchases, it keeps the cash you have in your wallets.

8. Stock Photos

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Do you have a good camera and like taking photos? Maybe you have albums upon albums of scenic shots collecting dust on a hard drive. What if you uploaded your photos and sold them as stock? Obviously, your shots would need to be of high quality and resolution and be eye-catching but if you love shooting, your memory sticks are probably loaded with potential residual income. Why not take some time and travel down memory lane and make a folder of the best of the best and see what happens? Getty Images, Shutterstock, Dreamstime are all sites that accept submissions.

7. Start an Online Store


EBay, Etsy, Amazon, the sites are endless where you can open an online shop. Use your imagination and create a store with products people want. Shops are easy to set up but the work goes into finding the right brands to sell. Find a niche and test the products you’re interested in selling. Choose your wholesalers carefully and be sure they can send small orders or custom orders and ship efficiently. You don’t need to have the stock in your home to run the business. Online stores take a little legwork and planning but offer a future of potential income, simply by their existence.

6. Focus Group Participation

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Just a simple Google search in your area will bring you umpteen opportunities to be part of focus groups. Researchers are always looking for people to help them develop and reach results. Subject matter varies as does pay but it also works as a way of having your voice heard. Check with any local public establishments like universities, colleges, museums, galleries, look in local papers and online. There’s lots to focus on!

5. Social Media Content

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Smartphones allow us to have virtual computers in our hands. With animation and editing apps on the rise, moving pictures stealing the stage and flashing videos being a powerful marketing tool, why not find a brand you can work with and make content for them? High quality content can be created quickly and efficiently with easy upload and file transfer solutions. Find a few small businesses that are looking for something special and make it for them.

4. Translation

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Are you fluent in more than one language with impeccable attention to detail? This is a valuable commodity. There is always a demand from businesses to need translation services for a variety of things. A website, is a freelance site for those interested in exploring this option. The site takes no fees or commissions and you can post your own rates and stipulations. All it takes is the time to make your profile and then you can start looking for work. This is something you can do from the comfort of your own bathrobe.

3. Rate Music

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If you love music, then this is the side-gig for you. All you must do is listen to music and rate it. You’re sent a variety of music to listen to and after you hear it, you leave your rating and then get paid. Truth be told, you won’t get rich doing this but it’s an enjoyable way to put money in your pocket. There are also sites looking for people to write reviews. These can be more affluent but take more time and commitment along with putting your name beside a sound you may or may not really like.

2. Social Instigation

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Do you tweet? Do you have an active, engaged audience? Some people with many followers on Twitter have found themselves making money in a pay-per-tweet type scenario. Who would have thought 140 characters could line our pockets? The more well-known you are, the more you get paid. More reason to be vocal online! Your network is worth money to some. Use it! You may find yourself on the red carpet somewhere!

1. Drive Your Car

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Every city has its own rules about companies like Uber, Lyft, Hailo that are offering taxi alternatives. App-based dispatch and lowered rates, casual encounters and high standards make these places avid go-to options. Are you a good driver with a clean record? Is your car fairly new and in excellent shape? Imagine working when it is convenient for you or when you need a few extra dollars? The stipulations for each place is different but with a little research, you may find you’re aptly suited to chauffeur.

There you have it. Just a quick list of ideas for surprisingly easy ways to make extra money. The possibilities are endless if you look online. There’s something for everyone and once you find something that works for you, you can start saving for that dream vacation or new computer.

These tactics may not make you rich quick (or at all) but now where stretching a dollar means everything, if we can make a little money each day doing something we do anyways, then there is nothing to lose. The bigger you think, the bigger it will be. The better your plan, the more you’ll see in return. Money is there for the taking and as the adage goes, “You get what you give.” so find your own way to make it rain and get ready for the wave of cash coming your way.

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