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15 Tech Products That Will Not Exist 5 Years From Now

15 Tech Products That Will Not Exist 5 Years From Now

As the cliche goes, “nothing is constant in this world except for change”. Hence, in the fast-paced environment of technology, it is expected that there will be products that served us for years and even decades but will die a few years from now. In the future, say about five years from now, technology can drastically change the products that we use. Therefore, many tech products will go obsolete and will be replaced by newer products that provide more convenience and are easier to use.

Anything in mind about which tech products you think will cease to exist five years from now?

We listed here 15 tech products that will be in their graves five years from now. These products getting phased out is actually not a bad thing because it means newer and better tech products will come along.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

15. Remote Control


The remote control has served for a long time in many living rooms and entertainment rooms. Since time immemorial, it has made turning the television on and off possible without getting up from the couch. It also allowed us to switch channels without standing up and pressing the buttons on the TV manually. Aside from the TV, there have been remote controls made for other appliances at home. Even garage doors can be operated using a remote control.

However, a time will come when controlling your home can be done with greater ease using voice commands. This is already done in some homes but as the technology matures, voice control will be the staple of many homes, sending the remote control to oblivion.

14. Vacuum Cleaner


In five years, traditional vacuum cleaners will be replaced by smaller, robotic cleaners. Soon, you don’t have to manually operate a vacuum cleaner to keep your home tidy. You can simply set it and forget it since the robotic cleaner will do all the work for you. How awesome is that, right?

There is already a growing demand for robotic cleaners and soon they will become the mainstream. Regular vacuum cleaners will take the back seat and soon they will be completely gone. Soon, you can multitask while cleaning your home as it becomes a trivial thing you can assign a robot to do. Cleaning has never been this easy!

13. Wired Charger


Many mobile devices nowadays already have a wireless charging capability. However, since this technology is somewhat in its toddler phase and there are still may people who use older mobile devices that don’t have the wireless charging feature, wired chargers still thrive in the market today. However, give it about five years and wireless charging will take over the mobile device world. Hence, we will pretty much have to bid adieu to wired charges.

Wireless charging is a great tech because aside from decluttering our cluttered desks due to wires, some find it even more efficient because the charging times are improved.

12. Physical Credit Card


Physical credit cards have been the king of shopping since we can remember. Apparently, a huge percentage of purchases are done with a swipe and a signature. However, it might soon be time for this royalty to take a final bow as new and improved cashless transactions emerge. Credit cards will not totally go away, it’s just the physical card that might make an exit soon since virtual credit cards will take the center stage. Moreover, money apps will also increase in popularity such that you will only need your smartphone and the said app to make purchases. Aside from buying stuff, these apps will also allow you to send money to other people, which is why they are more convenient to have rather than a physical credit card. Due to this, credit card terminals will become obsolete as well.

11. LAN Home Internet Connection


Right now, there are still some geek groups who participate in LAN parties. And no, I have no idea what happens in these parties. However, it is inevitable that LAN internet at home will go away soon. Wi-Fi technology has already taken the spotlight and most homes already have them. Soon, wired internet connections will completely be gone.

Although wired internet connection feels faster, Wi-Fi speed has already been catching up. Also, the amazing thing with Wi-Fi is that it allows more devices to connect to the internet at any given time unlike with LAN connection, which requires a one to one ratio.

10. LCD TV


At the start of the new millennium, LCD TVs took over and replaced the bulky Cathode Ray Tube TVs. The newer and thinner television allowed homeowners to mount these devices to better enjoy whatever they were watching. LCD TVs allowed homes to have their own home theaters.

However, newer TV technology called organic light-emitting diode (OLED) will take the front seat. These newer televisions are built to be paper thin, semi-transparent, and flexible. Some can even be rolled like a newspaper. On top of these, they provide greater energy efficiency and better picture quality.

9. Non-professional digicam


Smartphones will completely obliterate low-end digital cameras. As the capability of smartphone cameras improve vastly, people will see no need for non-professional digital cameras anymore. Also, it will be more of a hassle bringing an extra gadget when your smartphone can already take spectacular photos. Hence, time will come that they will be completely dead.

Still, high-end, professional-grade cameras will continue to live unless smartphones come to their level. For now, we can say that they are still safe.

8. LED Bulbs


Just like LCD TVs, LED bulbs will soon be replaced by OLED bulbs. OLED bulbs distribute better lighting and are extremely energy efficient. Hence, they are expected to use less power that will result in lower electric charges. Moreover, they stay cool to the touch even when used for a long time. Thus, they are safer to use at home. In addition to these, the newer bulbs like OLED TVs can be built in thin and even in curved form shapes. This flexibility opens more practical use for bulbs.

OLED technology is still at the very early stage so it might take about five years before it becomes stable and completely turns the light off from LED bulbs.

7. E-book Readers


E-book readers came into the spotlight at the start of the new millennium. However, after a few years, they quickly decreased in sales because smartphones and tablets can work almost the same way that they do. Moreover, smartphones and tablets have more features than e-book readers so people choose to have them instead. Although e-book readers offer a better screen for the eyes of the readers, time will come that other mobile devices will have almost the same screen to cater to avid e-book readers. Actually, there are already tablets that have a dual-screen feature that have displays like an e-book reader, which makes reading easier on the eyes. These devices have displays that don’t emit blue light, which strains the eyes. When they become mainstream, e-book readers will take a bow.

6. Optical Storage Media


There are only a few who use optical storage media like CDs and DVDs. Actually, newer notebooks already don’t have media players for this storage media. With the birth of smaller USB devices and the more convenient ‘cloud’, storage has taken a leap into the future.

Soon, we won’t be seeing this storage media anymore, much like when diskettes disappeared from the face of the earth. The future generation will have no idea what these circular, reflective things are in case they come across one. Some youngsters already give us quizzical looks when we talk to them about our cherished DVD collection. One can only imagine how they would react to a VHS tape. Remember those?

5. Media Streaming Device


As smart TVs become smarter, there will soon be no need for dedicated media streaming devices. Although these devices are relatively new, they will soon go away because of the better TVs that we have now. Even with their short lifespan, they served us well since they made our TV use a lot easier. Moreover, they allowed us to have a home theater instantly even with our older TVs.

Soon, newer TVs can connect with ease to the internet and can cast from almost any device you have, so we won’t need media streaming devices anymore. Well at least they served their purpose for as long as they could.

4. Gaming Console


You may not believe it, but it’s inevitable that gaming consoles like the PlayStation and XBox will soon die. However, gaming won’t. Gaming consoles will just be replaced by the better and more versatile cloud-based gaming. NVIDIA is already working on something like this but soon we’ll see them become mainstream.

Cloud-based gaming is much more efficient and convenient. It offers more games since you’ll just need to stream them. Moreover, the games will be available in Ultra HD resolution. Another advantage of this kind of gaming? No more need for regular updates or downloads since everything will be up in the cloud.

3. Landline Phone


The landline phone used to be an essential part of every home. With the arrival of mobile phones, the need for them decreased. Then, with the coming of smartphones (and better prepaid and postpaid plans), the need for them further decreased. Moreover, phone calls through the internet are also possible today. Soon, landline phones will be out of our sights.

There are still a few who use landlines. However, the new generation has grown into homes without landline phones so soon they will be completely obsolete. They will probably become trendy and vintage decoration items for your home. A nostalgic reminder of the good old times.

2. In-car Standalone GPS


The smartphone is killing off in-car standalone GPS. With apps like Google Maps and Waze, buying a dedicated GPS for your car will soon become unnecessary. Moreover, apps on smartphones are more flexible and offer more features such as finding a gas station nearby or a parking space. Aside from these, Google Maps and Waze also lets you find popular places to eat and visit. Furthermore, phone apps allow you to use its GPS-like feature even when not inside a car. It lets you plan ahead for a trip and lets you discover places unknown to you.

Looks like smartphones and other mobile devices, including their apps, are going to make a lot of tech devices obsolete soon.

1. Car Mirrors


With the coming of camera and display setups in cars, soon car mirrors will go away. Dash cams have increased in popularity in the recent years and soon they will be a staple in cars. Actually, in some places, having dash cams is a requirement to register for a car. Moreover, with setup becoming mainstream, car mirrors won’t be needed soon.

Also, with the coming of driverless cars, there will be a lesser need for car mirrors. With the use of smarter sensors, driving can be a lot safer even without car mirrors. So, it might be time to say goodbye to them soon.

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