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15 Things A Guy Thinks About When He Sees His GF Without Makeup

15 Things A Guy Thinks About When He Sees His GF Without Makeup

The concealer, the mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, blush. Did I forget anything? Oh, wait the foundation, you absolutely can’t forget about the foundation! I’m sure there’s much more makeup than what I just named but the point that I’m trying to make is when is enough, enough? Men appreciate the effort but the phrase “doing too much” comes to mind when I think of women and all of their beauty products. Do you really need 15 million different items? And do you really need to wear it every damn day as well? You women think you look ridiculously attractive with your makeup on but here’s what your boyfriend is actually thinking once you take it off.

15. So That’s What She Looks Like

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Us men understand that looks and presentation are extremely important to a woman. For a man it’s not as important and it’s why often times we can just step outside without giving much effort to our appearance. A woman on the other hand has a difficult time with this. No matter what the occasion or the event she always wants to dress up and throw makeup on. It can be something as simple as going to the grocery store, catching a quick movie or stopping at school to pick up the kids. A woman feels as though she must always be ready. After a man has seen his girlfriend with makeup on for so many occasions, when she finally takes off that pile of goop it can leave a man saying “so that’s what she really looks like huh.”

14. Now I See Why She Wears So Much Makeup

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Settle down ladies, settle down, let’s all just tell the truth. Acne is a killer! Everyone suffers from it at one point in their life and the severity varies from case to case. Men and women deal with acne in completely different ways. A guys thought could be hey it’ll go away eventually or hey I’ll get some treatment and over time it should get better. A woman’s thoughts are something like hey the world is coming to an end if I don’t get rid of this acne. Now believe it or not I actually understand why a woman would feel that way, it’s not because I suffer from acne but it’s because no one wants their looks to be compromised in any way. The difference between the two genders is that men don’t hide their acne, better yet men don’t really have many options in covering up their acne. Women do, and I must say, they do a damn good job at covering it up with makeup. However, they cannot keep their makeup on for 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. So, when a man actually does catch his girlfriend without makeup and witnesses all of that acne it can have us understanding why our women decides to wear makeup so much.

13. Check please!


It’s not fair, it’s really not! Let me give you the scenario. Guys you’re in the club dancing and talking to one female all night long, she’s gorgeous. Before the night ends you get her number and you guys start talking frequently. That then leads to a few dates at a couple of nice restaurants. Soon after, everything becomes official and she’s your girlfriend which usually means she’ll let her guard down a bit. She invites you over to hang out at her place and when you get there you realize she doesn’t have on makeup and suddenly it’s time to go! Now I’m not saying looks are everything because that’s not the case. All I’m saying is when I seen you with makeup on I thought you were a 10 but without it you fell to a 2. I absolutely did not sign up for that.

12. Please Put It Back On


Question for the ladies. When you put on makeup and look in the mirror what do you see? Many of you are probably saying that you see a beautiful, attractive or gorgeous woman. All of those words seem appropriate but guess what? Many of us see the same thing. You know it’s not right for a man to be attracted to his woman’s beauty through her makeup but women give us false expectations at times but it’s not our faults. When a woman wears makeup a guy looks at her often times and thinks to himself she’s beautiful, he is not thinking I wonder how she will look without it. So, when we do see our girlfriends without makeup it can be quite the shocker and can have us thinking and begging for you to put the makeup back on!

11. She’s Finally Comfortable Around Me


There’s nothing wrong with makeup, absolutely nothing. You know why? It’s cause I can understand it. A woman wants to look beautiful at all times no matter the occasion. It can be a bit annoying to a man but I understand it and commend a woman for always wanting to look her best when she’s out with her man. The relationship goes to the next level when we finally get a chance to see her without the makeup on however. It’s a level of comfortability and us men absolutely enjoy that. We get to see the real you and not the generic version that everyone else gets to see. It’s a good feeling. So sure ladies throw on all the makeup you want when we go out, but when we come back home we want you to feel comfortable enough to peel off that makeup and kick back, relax, and chill.

10. I Guess I Can Get Close To Her Now

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Have you ever realized that a woman wears makeup to look more attractive and to gain more attention but at the same time she doesn’t exactly want you to be to close to her. What does a woman always say? Sorry babe I can’t kiss you right now you’ll mess up my lipstick. Or don’t hug me too tight I don’t want my makeup to get on your shirt because then I’ll have to do it all over again. It’s so backwards. A woman wants to be complimented on how good she looks when she’s wearing makeup but heaven forbid you come within a few feet of her. She’ll have a fit if you wipe off any amount of that makeup off of her. So it’s a bit of a relief that kicks in when the makeup actually comes off. Now us guys can get close to our girlfriends without worrying about makeup stains.

9. Why Does She Even Wear It


Natural beauty, I repeat, natural beauty is always more attractive than generic beauty. For some reason many women believe that they look even better with makeup on. For the women that are currently shouting at me and telling me that I’m wrong, I can hear you loud and clear, but if I really was wrong than you wouldn’t be wearing makeup at all now would you? So back to what I was saying many women believe makeup enhances their looks but many guys find makeup to be a distraction and a deterrent from how beautiful you actually look. So, while you women are removing all of that paint from your face and feeling as though you’re less pretty because of it, were just over here loving your natural look and wondering why you even decided to put makeup on in the first place.

8. Guys Think Nothing


Many women believe that men are just mindless creatures who have a brain for no reason because we hardly use it and we hardly notice anything such as when our girlfriends get their hair done or if she gets a manicure and pedicure. A question like, “Did you like what I did with my hair babe?” will often be replied with a: “Did you change something?” That’s usually how the conversation goes. So what do I have to say to the women that believe that men are mindless, unaware people? You’re right. It’s not really our fault but just sometimes we don’t really care to notice small things. A man’s mind can wander a lot. So whether you put on the makeup or take off the makeup a lot of guys won’t even notice.

7. Does She Have Self Esteem Issues?


Most men aren’t particularly fond of makeup. It’s a cover up intended to give a false outside appearance. Shouldn’t all women accept their looks no matter what they look like? That line is really for the women that wear too much of it. What’s the point? It must be a low self esteem issue. When your girlfriend comes home to you that’s usually when she feels her most vulnerable and off goes the makeup. The ladies may feel completely comfortable in doing this and so are the men, but although we’re comfortable with it, we’re still wondering why does she seem to have low self esteem issues? We’ll only think it though but never say it out loud.

6. Does She Not Want To Impress Me?


Makeup is for one thing, and one thing only, and that is to impress others. There are about 25 million women currently right now screaming to me that’s not true. Alright so my question for those 25 million ladies is if that wasn’t true then why do you need to wear it in the first place? Sounds like 25 million crickets now! As I’ve said before women want to hide blemishes and scars or highlight some of their favoured features but that is a form of impressing others. There’s nothing wrong with that at all but what becomes more and more noticeable is that the boyfriend usually becomes the one that she is no longer interested in impressing. In the beginning of the relationship she used to get dolled up every 5 minutes for you. Now? You can’t get her to put on makeup unless you guys are going out to a fancy setting. Women will say it’s because they feel like they can be themselves around their boyfriends, but we often times are left wondering how come you put on makeup to go to the club with your friends but not for us when we’re just in the house? Are you guys so infatuated with how other men view you instead of how your own boyfriend views you? Yup these are some of our thoughts.

5. The Clown Brung Back My Girlfriend!


Sometimes less is more but for seemingly every woman on the face of the planet they have the opposite belief. Less is not enough and more is also not enough! Many times a woman will think that the makeup she has on is perfect. “My eyes were glowing, my cheekbones really popped and no one noticed any of my acne. I looked really great tonight.” Wrong ladies. Well let me say that not every woman is like that. Many of them know how to put on just enough makeup to make everything look perfect. Others on the other hand have no idea what they’re doing. Instead of coming out of the house with your beautiful girlfriend you end up coming out with someone who looks like she’s ready to go to the circus. When you guys finally come home and that makeup comes off a ton of guys are relieved that boo boo the fool brung their girlfriends back.

4. Where Can I Hide Her Makeup?


Ladies it’s not that I dislike makeup I just dislike many aspects of it. One thing that guys find to be incredibly irritating is how often it’s used. We’re only going to pick up the kids from school why do you need to put on makeup? Or we’re only going to my parents house you don’t need to put on any makeup for that. Believe it or not but many men are plotting about hiding all of those products you just purchased from MAC and Sephora. Your eyeliners, lipstick and mascara are about to see the bottom of a trash bag very soon. Don’t worry we’re not that cruel we’ll make sure to leave you some lip gloss.

3. I’m Never Inviting Her To Another Event Again


Seems a bit extreme but dammit it’s the truth and somebody has to put their foot down! As I’ve reiterated throughout this piece the makeup becomes to much to bare. She either wears it everywhere or she wears too much of it. Either way it is pissing off men not only across the state but across the damn globe. We want other men to look at our girlfriends and become envious. It’s a great feeling! As a man your ego gets taken to another level when you realize other men want what’s yours but your the only man that she wants. We have the opposite feeling when our ladies have on so much makeup that no one even wants to look at her. Every time she gives someone a hug she just smudges makeup all over them. It is embarrassing and annoying and I for one will no longer stand for it! Whenever an event comes around you simply just won’t get the invite.

2. Finally! Thank You!


This one is self explanatory and straightforward. No longer do we have to sit there and act like we enjoy seeing our women in a pile of goop all day long. Sometimes it’s about variety, what exactly does that mean? Well it simply means to switch it up. I’m tired of complaining that she puts on too much makeup. If you wanna cover up your face in pounds of makeup that’s fine but can you at least tone it down on some occasions? Or how about just no makeup at all. Sometimes after a long day out with your partner when she finally takes off that face paint a guy can be screaming and thanking the heavens!

1. I Wonder What Else Is Store Bought


Listen ladies once the makeup comes off one of the first thoughts a guy will have is whether or not the rest of you is real or not. It’s just natural. Why is this a thought? It’s because when a man sees his girlfriend without makeup on for the first time more often than not it becomes a reality check. You have officially let us see the real you. For most guys it can be a harsh reality. A woman he believed to be authentically beautiful was nothing more than just a regular woman covered in a ton of makeup. We will start looking at you from head to toe with these questions swimming through our heads. Is that her hair? Did she buy those nails? I wonder what Doctor she went to for the breast implants. The rest of you might be real but once that makeup comes off we have to question everything.

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