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15 Things A Woman Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

15 Things A Woman Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

A man searches for a good woman all his life. Then BANG! The woman he has been looking for drops right into his lap. If you were writing a note to God, she would have all the qualities on your list and even more. She’s intelligent, secure, cute, kind and beautiful inside and outside. She is that perfect present put underneath the Christmas tree. What kind of woman do most men want? Some men want an independent, strong woman that has lots of feminine pulchritude. Being that this woman is in your life, are you sure you know what you’re in for? Do you know what drives her and what really pisses her off? Taking the time to find out what makes a woman tick will help you out in your relationships. Females were not born with intelligent and strong qualities. Made by past relationships, past problems made a deep impression on a woman’s mind. Women who are strong and intelligent get that way because they had to put up with a lot of garbage from other men. It is easy standing up for what you believe in. Most women are cowards and will not speak what is in their heart or mind. Strong and intelligent women get the relationship that they so desperately crave for. Now when this type of woman is in a relationship, she will stand for nothing but the best. Would you like to know what she won’t put up with? Grab a notepad, pencil and take notes!

15. You never have a meaningful conversation

14 Things A Women Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

Most men are smart, nice, emotionally stable, in charge and take control of their lives, are good-looking, dependable and dedicated to a relationship. However, lots of men don’t know how to have meaningful conversations with a woman. Women who know what they want in a relationship will try to have a conversation that’s meaningful. They start off by asking, “How is your day?” or “What did you do today?” Looking at the first question is asking a man about his feelings and experience throughout the day. The first question might elicit a one-word response. So the next best thing is to ask a man what he did for the day. Small questions are how women get men to open up. Another thing is to go from asking how does he feel to what do you think. Ask questions. If all else fails and the man still clams up after multiple tries at trying to get something meaningful out of him, leave and never look back.

14. He lies to you all the time

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As we discussed this topic, white lies really don’t count. Something like, “Did you close the outside lights?” and you lie is really no big deal. When faced with lies, you look at untruths that affect the relationship to the point where trust becomes a meaningless word. Lies affect you as a couple. Not having trust is what breaks partners apart. The most common lies are fidelity and money. Once you cross the line, it’s hard to go back to the way things were. Let’s say that you have a checking account that has over $200,000 in it. The man has not deposited any of his money into this account. This is when the woman decides to put her partner’s name on the checking account. Only to discover weeks later when the woman tries to cash a check for $200, she finds out there is not enough money in the account. Lies like this means it is time to move on.

13. He is not faithful

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When a partner cheats on you, everything you value goes out the window. Some are married, and some are dating. Many couples do rebound when cheating occurs. Cheating doesn’t mean that you have to walk out the door. But a strong and independent woman will not stand for someone who was unfaithful all the time. One mistake can be overlooked. However, something that happens time and time again is not something a woman should put up with. Staying with somebody means you have invested a lot in the relationship and you don’t want to end it on a whim. Once cheating occurs the relationship a woman has with the man will be different. The relationship can find a new balance, but it will never go back to the way it was before the cheating happened. Strong and independent women will draw the line and say enough is enough. They will forgive a one-time occurrence, but if it happens again, the relationship will end.

12. He doesn’t stick by his word

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If a man says he is going to do something and doesn’t follow through with it once or twice, it is understandable and can be forgiven. Confident women will accept an apology, but they know when it’s time to stop playing games and end the relationship. Men who don’t stick by their words probably have lots of experience at playing that kind of card. Backing out of something at the last minute when a woman has her heart set on doing something is just plain mean. Canceling arrangements might have to happen, but if it happens a man should be prepared to make it up to his woman. If a man tells a woman he is going to do something, he better follow up on his promises. Self-assured women set high goals for a relationship, and when they’re not met, she will move on to someone else. This type of woman knows what she wants and will actively look for certain qualities in a man. She will not settle for second best.

11. He is jealous all the time

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Jealousy is a symbol of uncertainty. A woman wants a man to trust her and if trust is not given, she just walks away. She doesn’t have time to change your mind and convince you she only has eyes for you. Women will have all kinds of friends. Some of them will be male friends, but they are just that – friends. Working on her personality and honing it to perfection is something that is smart woman does. Fiddling around with someone who is insecure is a complete waste of a woman’s time. Taking the time to make your personality strong isn’t something you can do with a partner. You walk into a relationship strong or weak, secure or insecure. Poised women expect a man not to play the jealousy card every time the wind blows. Smart women know the difference between jealousy as a sign of insecurity or love. Are you worth the time is a question a woman might ask herself. No one chooses to be jealous. Many times it’s a misunderstanding and a lack of communication. Ladies know when it’s time to move on.

10. He constantly tells you what to do

10 Things A Women Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

According to the Bible, women are supposed to submit to a man. Submission means doing what a man wants. There has to be some sort of leeway with this. A man who truly loves a woman will not constantly hound her to do this and that. He will give a woman her freedom to make important choices in her life. Strong men sit back and wait for a woman to ask them for advice. Sometimes a better choice might be made from a man’s perspective, but he’ll find out what the woman’s opinion is on the matter and both will make an intelligent decision on what to do. Confident men love women who can take charge and run a household. It’s much like running a business. Just because a woman has independence, doesn’t mean that she is not submissive. She won’t put up with constant nagging on what or what not to do. Choices are made by both parties, not by one person.

9. You always have to wait around for him. He abandons you

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Women value their time and will not put up with waiting around for you when you make dates and plans. She will not sit by the phone or computer for you to send an email, text or phone call. Confident women expect a man to chase after them. That is what men do. Don’t abandon her in the middle of something important. Making plans and promising to make them someday and not doing it, is not right. Women shouldn’t have to wait for a man to do something special with them. Both of you go out and have a great time together. You seem like a good match and the chemistry is perfect. The night ends and you have a sweet kiss. Afterwards, the man doesn’t call her and leaves her hanging in the wind. With something that has such promise a woman will not wait for a man to follow up. Self-assured women will move on and find someone else.

8. He won’t associate with your friends and family


Family and friends have a tendency to put on a lot of pressure on couples. A man will associate with the woman’s friends and family even though he might not like them. If a man really loves a woman, he’ll try to get along with the people that are the closest to her. It is the friends in the family who will stick by a woman’s side if a relationship goes in the wrong direction. It varies from person to person. If the man doesn’t like your friends and family are you comfortable with making new acquaintances? It isn’t fair for a man not to get to know your friends and family, but he expects you to get to know his. There has to be a balance in a relationship. If there is no balance and no give-and-take, a relationship like this just won’t work. Relationships can end, but wonderful friends and family will never desert you.

7. He won’t let you have a social life

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A woman doesn’t have to stay at home every night with her partner because he doesn’t feel like going out. More times than not couples get too comfortable with staying at home, ordering a pizza and watching a movie. If a man likes to stay at home, he should allow his partner to have some sort of social life. Life cannot be surrounded by just one person. There has to be some sort of variety. In order to make a relationship work, you have to get to know other people and spend time with them. Time away from your partner makes the heart grow fonder. Being around the same person all of the time isn’t good, and one or both might get sick and tired of the same rat race. Having kids between the both of you is a way for a woman to make new friends with other moms of children that your kids play with. Sit down and discuss what you want and if a man won’t let you have what you desire maybe it’s time to look for another.

6. He won’t accept you as you are

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When a woman is with someone, the man should accept her for the way she is flaws and all. Nobody’s perfect, not even the man. Both of you need to understand that you shouldn’t have to change anything about yourself to please somebody else. It’s different if a partner is trying to bring out the best in you. For example, encouraging the woman to find a better paying and more satisfying job. Overweight issues might arise and instead of a partner trying to get the overweight person to lose weight, he would ask if they could do strenuous activities that are fun together. The man could take a woman out for a long walk while shopping at garage sales. Nobody wants to be with a partner who constantly criticizes little areas of your life. Staying with somebody who won’t accept you as you are can ruin your relationship. A woman will not put up with the partner who is constantly nagging about how bad her body is, or her personality needs to change. The man who does this probably is an worth his weight in gold.

5. He doesn’t give you affection. Doesn’t take you out for dates or doesn’t buy you anything

3 Things A Women Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

No affection, no dates and no presents are things a woman needs in a relationship in order for it to work. You don’t necessarily have to have sex. As a matter of fact, couples should wait to have sex when they marry. What about the little things? Does he hold your hand? Does he touch the back of your neck and shoulders when you are walking? Do you spontaneously make out just for the sake that it’s fun? This makes a woman feel good. Being in a relationship where a woman is constantly giving gifts where she receives nothing isn’t a fair relationship to be in. Couples should always go out and do something together because it builds a bond. Having serious emotional encounters is another area of affection women need. If a relationship is devoid of simple affection, find out why before you decide to end it. Losing a sense of affection for a short period of time is really no big deal, but if the desire is completely gone, it’s time to end things.

4. You fight all the time with him

2 Things A Women Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

Fighting all the time with your partner is assigned that there is frustration and regrettably, your relationship is coming to a close. Getting things off your chest once in a while by yelling at each other in a fight can be healthy. This shows that both care about what’s going on. On the other hand, when couples fight and you can’t resolve the issues, this is the time where a woman should seriously think about ending the relationship. Both have to have a desire to work things out. Not coming to a resolution means there’s no relationship there. There are certain things that couples can do to stop the abuse in fighting. Stop using foul language. It can be okay to yell but using profanities in your argument makes something that might be nothing worse. Ask yourself if you’re doing something that is not right over and over again. There might be a bad habit that doesn’t sit right with your partner that you have to address. Things like this happen, the relationship can be fixed. But starting fights for no reason at all means it’s time to move on.

3. He doesn’t support your interests, passions, and ambitions

1 Things A Women Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

All women need support, especially when it relates to your interests, passions and ambitions. Men should go over well and beyond over what a normal person would do. Lack of support and belief in a woman and not motivating her means it’s time that the relationship should come to an end. Wise women take stock of men who can take the relationship to the next level. Supporting interests, passions and ambitions and stating that she can do anything she puts her mind to is something all women need. Confident women sometimes fall and it’s up to the man to support her and pick her up. Taking an interest in the things that a woman likes is important to most women. A man doesn’t necessarily have to like everything that a woman is passionate about, men just need to understand and support a woman with her dreams. This woman has high expectations and standards and she doesn’t budge. She knows what she wants in a man and doesn’t settle for anything but the best.

2. He forces you to quit your job

7 Things A Women Will NEVER Let A Guy Do In A Relationship

Jobs versus a relationship should never have to be chosen. Women work hard and accomplished many things in their career and they’re not going to put it all aside because a man can’t take a woman working in a relationship. Sometimes, it is the hours that a woman might put into her career that a man has a problem with. Time will be made to spend with the man who is important to a woman. There are just some things that a woman has to do and a job no matter how long she has to work is something that a man should understand. If a man is trying to get a woman to change or quit her job altogether, it might turn into an abusive relationship. Confident women will keep their job because it’s a form of security if a relationship goes bad. She won’t have to depend on anybody else to take care of her, because she can take care of herself.

1. Emotional or physical abuse


Becoming a strong and independent woman means putting your foot down and saying no to abuse. It’s easy to say, but when a woman is in an abusive relationship, more often than not she stays. Why? The men threaten some women that they date. Others don’t have jobs. So, a break means going to some homeless shelter or moving back in with your parents. Some women develop the need to stay in an abusive relationship. This is because their parents were abusive. Abusive relationships seem normal. To get to the point of being strong and independent means being able to support yourself without relying on anybody else for aid. Saving money for a rainy day is necessary because you never know what is going to happen. When emotional or physical abuse occurs, the strong and independent woman can pick up, leave and start a new life. Being independent means also having your own form of transportation. Women who are smart are always prepared for the worst.

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