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15 Things About Androids That iPhone Users Will Never Understand

15 Things About Androids That iPhone Users Will Never Understand

There are a lot of perks to being an Android user. Aside from having an inexpensive price tag unlike the iPhone, there are a lot of things you can do on an Android phone that will leave a fanboy puzzled. Moreover, being an Android user gives you more options since a lot of brands offer it. You literally have a smorgasbord of brands that offer Android phones that can go from cheap to the premium end of the price spectrum. You can pick from leading brands like Samsung, LG, or Sony, or opt for cheaper brands mostly from China. Whatever floats your boat, there is likely an Android phone for it.

If you’re a new Android user, a veteran user who has not explored the prowess of this device yet, a fanboy thinking of converting, or just a curious fanboy, then read on to learn about the features that only an Android phone can provide.

We’ll discuss next the 15 amazing features on Android devices that the iPhone does not or cannot offer.

15. Removable battery


Although there are a few Android phones that have permanent batteries, there is still a plethora of Android phones that have a removable battery. This feature offers many advantages. For instance, if your battery gets damaged, you can easily buy a new one to replace it. More so, you can do the replacing of the battery on your own. Moreover, you can invest in a second battery so if you’re juice runs out, you can simply pop in the other battery instead of charging it and waiting before you can use it again.

Another advantage of having a removable battery, you can simply pop out the battery to restart a phone in case it freezes.

An iPhone has always had a permanent battery. In case it gets damaged, you need to bring it to the service center because you can’t replace it on your own. Good thing it rarely freezes, and when it does, don’t panic, you can force restart it by pressing and holding the On/Off button and the Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

14. Faster charging


Newer Android phones offer a faster charging capability because they charge via USB Type C. Smartphones like Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, and OnePlus 3T offer this feature. It is claimed that with USB Type C charging, it can charge the phone in just 40 minutes. Google even claims that on the Pixel, 15 minutes of charging can give it 7-hour of juice. This is way quicker than the iPhone’s lightning charger.

In addition to faster charging, newer Android phones come with wireless charging capability. This isn’t present on the iPhone yet.

13. Expandable data storage


On an Android phone, not only can you remove the battery and replace it, but you can also add more data storage (usually via microSD card) to it. Usually, an Android phone has a memory card slot on the side of the device or at the rear, which you can find when you pop open the back cover.

This feature provides more flexibility for the phone. It makes additional data more portable and easily accessible through your phone. It’s also amazing that memory cards are relatively cheap. You can get one with a huge capacity or several with smaller capacity and conveniently switch among them.

Unfortunately, with an iPhone, you’re stuck with the built-in storage. Options for this include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB. You can buy an external storage though but it can be pricey.

12. Abundance of stylish rear covers


Sadly, since the iPhone has a non-removable battery, its rear cover is permanent as well. Unlike on Android phones, you can easily pop the cover and replace them with more stylish ones. There are many inexpensive rear covers you can buy for your phone. This gives you more options for customizing it. You can even find specialty stores that will create personalized rear covers for you so that your phone can be as unique as possible.

Another advantage of having a replaceable rear cover, you can easily buy a new one in case you damage the stock cover.

11. Quick and easy file access when connected to computer


This is not sorcery or magic, your Android phone can really do this. You can simply connect it to any computer (some phones may have issues with a MacBook though) via USB and you can instantly navigate through your phone’s files. You can even drag and drop files instantly. Unlike on an iPhone, you will be required to have an iTunes on the computer before you can access your files.

Hence, it makes file transfer from your phone to your computer a lot easier. For sure a lot of you do this especially if you need to further edit photos or videos taken from your phone before posting them online.

10. Changeable launcher


Having the same launcher can be boring. Fret not because this will never be a problem on an Android phone. On Android, you can easily replace your launcher with a more aesthetically pleasing or easy to use one. You can even customize it further and choose different icons for your apps. You won’t be able to do this on an iPhone because you are stuck with the old iOS launcher. Well, iOS is known to be not that flexible. Basically, the launcher is the same across all iPhones.

Pffft. Boring.

9. Stock apps


Android phones contain stock apps from Google like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Hangouts, Google Drive, and Google Chrome. Don’t worry as these aren’t bloatware. You’ll most like install then anyway since you use most if not all of them. On the iPhone, you’ll have to install these separately. All these apps will let you quickly access and work on data, unlike on the iOS. Additionally, although iPhone offers free limited cloud storage, Google offers unlimited storage in the cloud for your photos. It’s expensive to upgrade your cloud storage space with the iPhone.

8. More free apps


Having an Android phone gives you access to more free apps unlike on the iPhone. It is unfortunate that sometimes the same game comes for a price when you get it on the iPhone. However, with more free apps on the Android, this means that more apps have ads when on these phones.

Having more free apps is not always a good thing though. The main reason for Apple is piracy. Also, Apple offers more high quality apps. Still, bottom line is, it is more expensive even when it comes to downloading apps when on the iPhone.

7. Customizable Lock Screen


Similar to giving you the ability to change the launcher and customize it according to what you desire, you can also customize your Android phone’s Lock Screen. You can change it to a photo of yourself or any photo that you like to appear when your phone is locked for that matter. Since the Lock Screen is the first thing you see on your phone when you open it, having this feature is a great advantage in maximizing what your phone can do.

Sadly, fanboys then and now haven’t experienced it. Sure, there is a fingerprint feature to open the iPhone but still, it isn’t as customizable as an Android phone.

6. Custom ROMs


On an Android phone, you can replace the operating system (OS) with a custom ROM of your liking. Experienced Android phone owners do this because there are some devices that don’t get upgraded quickly with the latest OS. Moreover, they also do this to make the phone faster and gain access to certain tools that aren’t available on the stock OS. However, as mentioned, this is done by experienced Android users only because you need to be careful in doing this or you might end up breaking your phone. You need to root your Android phone in order to do this.

Installing custom ROMs is an alien idea on the iPhone.

5. Bring life to your Home Screen


Your Android phone allows you to put several widgets on your Home Screen to put a priority on most used apps. This lets you see significant information faster without having to navigate through the apps. For instance, you can put a Flipboard widget so that you see vital news even with just a quick look.

This isn’t possible on the iPhone because with that device, you’re stuck with a grid of icons with no widgets for your Home Screen. Information at a glance, that is something only an Android phone offers and definitely, a fanboy will never understand.

4. Better at multitasking


Although the iPhone is fast enough to handle multitasking, there are Android phones that are better at it. For instance, there are Android phones that already has the multi-window feature since a couple of years ago. Hence, you can attend to two apps simultaneously on the Android. Apple might be playing catch up with Android on this realm, however, improved multitasking is still limited on the iPad. In the future, when multi-window feature becomes available on the iPhone, Android may already be offering it on the stock version of its mobile OS.

3. Tap two Androids for them to ‘talk’


An amazing feature on Android phones is Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows two Android devices to ‘talk’ to each other by just tapping them against each other and keeping the two near. With NFC, you can share files (music, photos, videos, and more) almost instantly. It is a way quicker way of sharing files compared to Bluetooth. File transfer is made more efficient and convenient by NFC. Apple iPhones don’t have this.

A less mainstream use of NFC that has lots of potential in the future is mobile payments like for Google Wallet.

2. Gesture control


Premium Android phones come with motion control feature. Hence, these phones recognize hand gestures on top of them, making it easier to interact with the device. For instance, Samsung has an Android phone that allows you to take photos by just waving your hand on it. You can also control the phone by just waving your hand in front of it. LG has an Android smartphone that you can unlock by knocking on the screen.

You won’t be able to perform similar tasks using hand gestures on an iPhone.

1. Headphone jack


The headphone jack was removed from the newest iPhone. Hence, on the said device, you will need to upgrade to a wireless headphone or buy a dongle to connect a headphone on the iPhone. However, even if you have a dongle, you can’t use your wired headphone on your iPhone when it is charging. For instance, you want to use your headphone while in a car and charge it at the same time, that isn’t possible on the iPhone.

Although older iPhone users are familiar with the headphone jack, newer users will find the headphone jack foreign.

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