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15 Things About Her Zodiac Sign That Will Make Him Swipe Left

15 Things About Her Zodiac Sign That Will Make Him Swipe Left

Physical attractiveness is one of the factors men look for when entering a relationship. However, a woman’s personality plays a big role whether or not a man can pursue a relationship with her. Sometimes, opposite personalities attract each other. Meanwhile, some people find it best to have a relationship with those who share their same interests.

A successful relationship not only depends on whether or not the couple has similar or very different personalities. Another important factor to make a relationship work is that the couple should know how to compromise. The man and woman should learn to choose their battles.

Those in a relationship should understand that being supportive is more important than proving who is always right in an argument.

Communication definitely plays an important role in a relationship. Couples should keep in mind that they are partners and should be able to talk about issues comfortably.

It is not only important to talk about issues; what is more important is that the man and woman know how to deliver the conversation. Talking about problems while both are hurt or full of anger won’t help. It can only make things worse. It would be best for couples to talk things over when they are both calm. This way, it will be easier to understand where your partner is coming from.

With these things in mind, there are still some people who judge prospective romantic partners based on their zodiac signs. Here are some things about a woman’s zodiac sign that will make men swipe left, instead of swiping right.

15. Short Temper


Being in a relationship with someone who is prone to having quick bouts of anger can be draining. One moment you are both having fun teasing each other when suddenly you say something that accidentally triggers your short-tempered girlfriend to flare up.

It might sound exciting and unpredictable during the honeymoon stage, but having a short temper can ruin a relationship in the long run. No one wants to spend the rest of their lives arguing with their partners about the littlest of things, right?

If you or someone you know is quick to anger, it’s never too late. Find out if your short temper is ruining your relationships and learn from your mistakes. You may take anger management courses if needed.

14. Material Girl


Men love treating their partners like princesses. Men find happiness when they are able to provide for their girlfriends; when they shower girls with gifts, and treat them on dates. However, it is a completely different scenario when men find themselves in a relationship with materialistic girls.

Some men may find high-maintenance girls a turn-on, but being too high-maintenance and always asking for the finer things in life could put a damper in the relationship. In fact, studies show that materialistic couples have more problems with their relationships compared to non-materialistic couples.

Remember, it is the man you have a relationship with…not his bank account.

13. Dual Personalities (Or More)


Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini is symbolized by the twin. With this in mind, Geminians are believed to have dual personalities. One moment they are all about having fun, the next moment you might find them brooding and sulking in a corner.

This could get frustrating for some men, especially when you are out spending time with family and friends. It could be difficult explaining what brought about the sudden change in his girlfriend’s personality.

Likewise, the man might also find it challenging to keep up with mood swings. It’s tough planning a life when there are too many inconsistencies. On another note, the man might think he has a relationship with two girls instead of one because of his girl’s dual personality.

12. Too Clingy

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Men love spending time with the woman they love. However, men also need their personal space and time once in a while. It can get annoying when a woman wants to know where her man is every second of the day or when she always wants her boyfriend to spend more time with her.

Needy women should learn to give her man a breather. Remember, the more you cling to your man, the more chances he might leave you. No one wants to be suffocated in a relationship.

Understand that being in a relationship means still having time for yourself while developing into a better person with your partner.

11. Self-centered. Basically obsessed with herself.

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Ever had a friend who liked talking about herself? It’s irritating, right? Imagine if your partner was a self-centered, narcissistic girl who had a talent for turning every conversation into a topic about her? How long can a man take this?

As previously mentioned, communication is a huge factor in any relationship; and communicating is like a two-way street. Hence, one should make it a point to learn more about your partner if you want your relationship to last.

For starters, ask your man what he expects in a relationship. If it doesn’t sound realistic, let him know in a gentle manner to make sure that the both of you are on the same page.

10. A Total Perfectionist

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Giving constructive criticisms can help a relationship grow. However, giving constant criticisms is in no way constructive. Instead, it can make men feel that they are being constantly nagged. Needless to say, this can greatly affect a man’s feelings, specially his ego.

Try to speak more gently instead of being too critical with your comments. If your man made a small mistake, let it slip and try to avoid making a big deal out of it right away.

Also, try putting yourself in your boyfriend’s shoes. If you think you’ll be hurt by something you are about to say to him, keep your mouth zipped. Or at the very least, share your comment in such a way that you aren’t nagging your man.

9. Manipulative and Scheming


For a relationship to work, there must be trust and respect between the couple. Unfortunately, not all relationships are made equal and some people end up in manipulative and controlling relationships.

Obviously, no man would like to end up dating a manipulative and scheming woman, as it would crush his ego. Additionally, a manipulative person could force her insecurities on a man and make him feel guilty if she says that he is not taking care of her the way he “should.”

Understandably, any person in his right mind would swipe left if he finds out that a woman’s zodiac sign hints that he might end up doubting himself because of a woman’s scheming tactics.

8. Resentful and Revengeful


It’s normal to occasionally get hurt in a relationship. A man may make mistakes that unintentionally offend his girlfriend, which in turn results to an argument. Most of the time, there’s nothing to worry about. The relationship won’t end because of a petty issue. The couple should know how to discuss their problems and be able to resolve them so that it doesn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, there are some people who can’t accept that no harm done was intended when the mistake happened. You might come across a partner or an ex-lover who plotted and took it upon herself to take revenge.

You might shrug her resentful personality the first few times, but understanding someone who doesn’t want to change will be a tedious task. It could even get scary sometimes if your partner is the type to do some physical harm.

7. Know-It-All


Dating a smart woman is stimulating. Compared to women who talk incessantly about makeup, shoes, bitchy colleagues at work or entertainment gossip, it’s refreshing to have deep conversations about similar interests in documentaries, foreign languages, and current events among other things.

Unfortunately, many intellectual women find themselves singles; Possibly this is because some men find intelligent women intimidating. On the other hand, it is also possible that some women are what you would consider a know-it-all.

Remember that having intense conversations with men about common interests is very different from being quizzed about sonnets and books.

Correcting a man about his proper use of punctuation mark can help him in the long run. However, push a guy to his limit and you just might end up with a man running away from you. Bottom line is no one wants to date a know-it-all.

6. Way Too Pessimistic


It’s normal to feel bad about life’s challenges. However, not being able to let go about your darkest hours can drive a man away.

Why is this the case? When a person focuses on the negative things, a woman can make unfair and usually wrong accusations about a man. Additionally, thinking that a man has a hidden agenda when he compliments a woman is off-putting. Remember, it might have taken a guy to muster all his courage to say “You’re beautiful.” The least a woman can do is thank him for the compliment instead of replying with “What do you need?”

Furthermore, no one wants to date a doomsayer who’ll predict that their relationship will just end up in flames. So, remember to put your best foot forward and radiate happy and positive thoughts to snag a potential partner!

5. Nosy. She needs to mind her own business.


Men love being pampered and knowing that the woman they are dating care for him deeply. Some men may not show it, but they appreciate when their lover sends them text messages asking how their day went.

However, being asked constantly where they are or what they’re doing can get annoying. Some men might feel that their girlfriends are nosy. This is also especially true when women keep asking men whom they’re replying or sending messages to. This is not cute or endearing in any way.

On the other hand, it could also make the guy feel that he is being interrogated. It sends out a message that the woman doesn’t trust her man.

It could also be a deal breaker if a man catches a woman going over his phone without his permission.

4. Low Self-Esteem


Unfortunately, people with low self-esteem usually exhibit anxiety, social awkwardness, and a tendency to get clingy. While men love to be a knight in shining armor, having a relationship with someone suffering low self-esteem can get tiring.

It could be also be frustrating when a woman refuses to meet her boyfriend’s family and friends. It can get a wrong signal that the woman does not “approve” of the people closest to the guy’s heart; although the sad and harsh reality is that she is scared that she won’t be able to get along with her boyfriend’s circle of friends and relatives.

3. Dangerously Possessive


Spending time with your partner is one of the best feelings in the world, even if all you do is share a comfortable silence. Unfortunately, some women tend to get possessive and want their men all to themselves.

Possessive women tend to get jealous of everything and everyone. The fact that a man spends some time playing video games can trigger his girlfriend’s possessive nature. An accidental shared look with a female colleague could possibly make the girlfriend hit the roof and cause unnecessary fights.

Give yourself and your man personal time and space. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2. Stubborn As A Mule


Dating a stubborn woman can both be amusing and annoying at the same time. It gets interesting how a stubborn woman will react to her man’s request. Would she stand her ground or will she let her boyfriend have his way… this time?

For example, it might get difficult for a man to convince his girlfriend to just watch a movie, instead of going to the opera where they need to dress up in fancy clothes.

It’s great to date a girl who’s confident and knows what she wants. However, a man might just give up if his girl always insists on doing things the ways she wants

1. Controlling and Dominating


A real man doesn’t mind dating a strong confident woman. However, a woman taking control of a man’s life is a different cup of tea.

Men won’t notice it at first, but controlling and dominating women can invest their time in “training” their boyfriends. Women who have a tendency to control their men will subtly slip plans into their boyfriend’s schedule without them knowing it.

Eventually, a guy may realize that he has suddenly lost contact with some of the people his girlfriend gets jealous of. At other times, fun teasing will inevitably turn to ridiculing, which could most likely crush the man’s pride and ego.

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