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15 Things Basically All Girls Think About

15 Things Basically All Girls Think About

The shower is a place where most girls do their thinking, planning, wondering and discover hidden talents. Every day, millions of girls take time out of their day to spend a little alone time by themselves in the shower. Taking a shower is one of the only times girls find themselves all alone and it is a perfect time to do or say things without worrying that someone is watching them. However, you can sometimes feel as though someone is watching you when you’re alone in the shower, but that is just the outcome of overthinking, which girls do a lot of in the shower.

From over analyzing everything they did or said from the day before to dreaming about their dream date, it all goes down in the shower. Girls like to always be prepared so they make sure they do all their planning for the day, whether it is what they are going to wear or what they are going to eat. Some may say that girls do everything but shower, but girls are like superheroes they can multitask and get everything done at the same time. They think about their next hairstyle while they are washing their hair.

Many men have wondered what goes on in the shower and why girls take so long. Whether it is a quick one or an hour long, many things go down in the shower. Here are 15 things girls think about when they’re in the shower.

15. Figuring Out Their To Do List

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Most girls start off their day by taking a shower and it is during that time girls often think about all the things that they have to do for the day. Girls are very busy people and have a lot to do on a daily basis. Planning out their day is super important, because you want to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done. Whether it is to go grocery shopping, buy a new outfit for the weekend or something simple like doing your homework, that to do list is created in the shower. All plans are made first thing in the morning while taking a shower. It is also where important decisions are made.

14. Singing and Thinking That They Sound Like Beyonce

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Everyone sings in the shower. Even if you cannot even carry a note, you have belted out the words to your favorite song while in the shower. Some girls even feel like they are Beyonce. Some people sing in the shower, because they feel like their voice sounds better due to the acoustics in the shower. Tiles do not absorb sound, so the sound bounces off the walls, giving you the voice of your dreams. Others like to sing in the shower, because it is the one place where they are alone and can sing whatever they like and sound however they like. Beyonce or not, everyone can be a superstar while in the shower.

13. Wondering If They Need To Wash Their Hair Today

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Washing your hair can be such a chore. Once you get your hair wet, you are going to have to comb it, dry it and then style it. This is why most girls wonder when they are in the shower if it is absolutely necessary that they have to wash their hair that day. They start to contemplate whether or not it is possible to go another day without washing their hair, or if dry shampoo will still work for another day. Some girls also think that the less often you wash your hair, the less you will have to wash your hair. If you do not feel like washing your hair, put on a hat and call it a bad hair day.

12. Being Out Of Shampoo and Wondering If Just Adding Water To The Bottle Would Work

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While taking a shower, you may notice or forget that you are out of shampoo. Girls who are stuck in this situation get smart and use all their possible resources to get the job done. Every shower has water, which leads you to think that if you add water to the empty shampoo bottle, it will create more shampoo for you to use. Sometimes this may work, depending on how empty the bottle actually is. However it may not clean your hair the way you would like it too. When you have nothing else to use, it is definitely worth a try and why not try the same when your conditioner is empty too.

11. Wondering Why Their Hair Always Falls Out When Washing It

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Girls always have issues with clogging the drain with their hair. This leads them to wonder why they are losing all this hair in the first place. Every time they go to rinse out their hair, they find a piece or a ball of their hair in their hands. They wonder what is causing them to lose all this hair. They then think about the worse case scenario: that they are sick or they are too stressed. The situation gets even worse when they are out of the shower and they go to brush their hair and even more hair falls out. No one wants to lose their hair.

10. Do They Really Need To Shave Their Legs Today

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Shaving can also been seen as a chore and not to mention very time consuming. Having to stand in the shower and shave your legs can be a nightmare. Their razor might be too dull to get rid of the hair or there is a good chance they will cut themselves. In the shower, girls start to think if it is necessary to shave their legs today and start to think who they are seeing throughout the day. Who you are seeing really matters. If it is a friend, they will understand the struggle. If it is cold enough to wear pants, then they do not have to shave their legs anyways. It is a pick and chose battle when it comes to the days you shave your legs.

9. What They Are Going To Wear

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It is inevitable that you will have to get out of the shower, and it is not acceptable to go out in public naked, which means you have to figure out what you are going to wear for the day. Girls think about their clothing options while in the shower so when they get out, they know exactly what they are going to wear. This way, they are not sitting there in a towel trying to figure out what to wear. Some girls may also think about what they are going to wear for the next day or even week. You can never be too prepared.

8. Think About Crazy Scenarios That Will Never Happen

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Your thoughts run wild when you are in the shower, and there is nothing you can do about it. While in the shower, girls tend to think about crazy scenarios that will most likely never happen, but if they somehow do happen they will know how to respond and react. They may think about going on the perfect date with your celebrity crush or what they would do if the zombie apocalypse were to happen. Also, these thoughts make for great conversations when you are hanging out with your friends, because surely they had the same thoughts at one point. At the end of the day, anything can happen and you want to be able to survive if zombies start to attack.

7. Thinks About Embarrassing Moments From Their Past

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Taking a shower is a great time to think about your past, especially all those embarrassing moments that you would never want to relive ever again.  It can be a nightmare to think about those horrible times, but it can also be funny to look back and laugh at them, because surely you were not laughing at the moment they happened. Being alone in the shower makes it the perfect time to reflect on your past and think about all the stuff you have done. Embarrassing moments are meant to be kept in the past, but bringing them up from time to time is never a bad thing. I guess what happens in the past stays in the shower.

6.  Think About Where They See Themselves In The Future

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A lot of life choices are thought about in the shower and figuring out where you see yourself in the future is one of them. You cannot help but think about your future while you are alone in the shower. Girls like to think about what they will be doing, what job will they have, how much they will be making, when they will get married, have kids; the list goes on. Girls like to predict their future, whether it actually happens or not. Every day, you are one step closer to your future so why not think about your next move while in the shower.

5. Thinking About The Best Tweets

via: The Turtle Tweets

Someone once said that all great tweets came about while taking a shower. For some girls, that is exactly what happens. They think about something and then they realize that it would actually make a great tweet. The real challenge is trying to remember the tweet once you are out of the shower.  Tweeting that you are about to take a shower probably will not be the best thing to tweet, but surely you will think of something better once you are in the shower. Put your thinking cap on and head into the shower, because you are about to get a lot of retweets!

4. Thinking About What They Are Going To Eat

via: Pinterest

Food is always on your mind and during your shower is no exception. Especially if you are taking a shower first thing in the morning, you are definitely thinking about what you are going to eat for breakfast. Girls like to think about what they are going to eat once they are out of the shower or for their next meal. Figuring out what you are going to eat can be one of the most important decisions to make on a daily basis. Especially if you are the one who has to cook, you are going to want to make sure you have all the ingredients to make what you want.

3. Figuring Out Their Next Hairstyle

Via: Vanity Fair

While girls are in the shower washing their hair, they tend to think about what their next hairstyle should be, since they are already focusing on their hair. Some girls like to wonder if they would look good with a mohawk and use shampoo to style their hair. Some girls like to wonder if they should cut their hair or dye their hair or style it differently. They start to wonder if their hair is too long and try to measure where their hair hits on their back when it is wet. Or maybe they think that their hair is too short and wish it would grow faster.

2. Wondering If They’ve Been In The Shower For Too Long

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With a lot of thinking going on in the shower, girls start to wonder if they have been in the shower for too long. It is easy to lose track of time when you are thinking about your future or creating crazy scenarios in your head. If their hands and feet do not look like raisins, then they are good to go for a little longer. Taking a shower is personal time and you do not want to rush it. If a girl is not done taking a shower, then she will disregard how long she has been in the shower and move on to doing more thinking. Never tell a girl she took too long in the shower. That will not end well.

1. Not Wanting To Get Out Of The Shower Because It’s So Warm

via: Study International

Getting out of the shower can be the hardest part of taking a shower. You are finally warm from the hot water and there is no way that you are ready to leave, so you stay in the shower for an extra two minutes even though your hands and feet are pruny. Not ready to venture into their cold bathroom, they extend their shower a little longer. Once they are ready to brave the cold, they say to themselves that they are a strong girl and they brace themselves for the cold and get on with their day. Girls are strong, and a little cold never hurt anybody.

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