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15 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

15 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

Men are always saying how complicated women are, and how they would just love to know what women want, just think back to the 2000 Mel Gibson chick flick and how happy he was to finally know what they were thinking! Let me tell you this, women are simple! Feed them, cuddle them, hug them when they cry, listen to them, ok maybe we’re a little bit more complicated then we claim to be. The point is, I have come to find that men are actually lot simpler.

You hear women get together often and like to talk about how their partners don’t listen, while men get together and talk about how their wives/ girlfriends nag them all the time. There seems to be a gap between the two genders, so here’s to hoping this article bridges that gap a little bit. We can all agree that men aren’t good with words, they will often blow up or refuse to talk about how they feel. There are certain traits that every man wants his partner to know. Men, because you can’t put this in words (nicely) yourselves, feel free to share it with your partners and avoid the little arguments that result in the very dreaded silent treatment.

Here are 15 Things Every Guy Wishes His Girlfriend Knew.

15. We Need Our Alone Time, It Doesn’t Mean We Love You Less


We all need a day off from everything, yes even you. Sometimes we just want to sit in silence, and just do nothing but stare at TV screens or read a book, so don’t take it personally! If your man says he just wants to chill at home, not go out with friends, go to the movies, go out for supper, let him be (assuming of course he doesn’t ALWAYS wants to stay home.) If you’re dating someone who always wants to stay home while you always want to go out and party and that’s a problem for you, please make sure to express that, that could actually be a deal breaker!

14. Please Stop Nagging


“Come take down the trash now.” Say it once, and don’t wake up him to do it, ask him to do it in the rain, in a snowstorm, when he’s playing his video games or on the phone. Guys hate to be nagged (even though it may take him 6 months to do it.) There are ways to talk to your man to get him to help you out (hint hint wink wink) The second you order a man to do something is when you will lose him! Remember how sweet you were when you first started dating when you wanted something? Be that person again!

13. Don’t Bore Us With The Little Details


Men are usually not very detail oriented, and so the more details you include in the story the faster you lose him. Always leave the little details for your BB; you know, what you were wearing, the colour of the car you passed by, the highlighter colour you were wearing, all the other stuff that would just make him snooze. When telling stories there is an intro, a dramatic middle and a conclusion, girls are not like that. Women have side stories during the story and we’re talented enough to keep up with it all, while cooking dinner, and taking care of the kids!

12. Just Because I Didn’t Notice Your New Skirt Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Love You


You have 3 red skirts and you buy a fourth one, but this one is different because it has two black lines on the side…brace yourself, and don’t get upset but he probably won’t notice it. Men won’t notice the details and that’s ok, that’s why the saying goes, “Women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women, because if women dressed for men, they would just walk around naked.” Your man should notice your new dress, or crazy coloured shoes, but he won’t notice the little details that your best friend would. Don’t make the biggest deal if he doesn’t notice the details as long as he gives you a little compliment and makes you feel beautiful overall.

11. We Don’t Get Hints, If You Want Something, Tell Us


If you want that bracelet from Pandora for your birthday, tell him when he asks, what do you want for your birthday? Yes, some men are just way more romantic than others, but understand that men don’t get hints, they are not subtle, and just want you tell them what you want. “Are you hungry?” is the question every girl asks her man when she’s hungry. If you’re hungry tell him that you are, that’s it, that’s all. If a man doesn’t get your subtle hints, don’t be upset, just remember that they are incapable of registering your hints and acting upon them.

10. Just Because We Check Out Another Girl Doesn’t Mean We Are Not Attracted To You


Women, think of Chris Hemsworth shirtless…yes you’re now drooling, but does that mean you love your man any less? No. If a girl is passing by and your man just glances at her, don’t make a big deal about it, if anything, you should be cool enough that your man shouldn’t have to wear sunglasses to check girls out behind your back, or wait to go out with the boys so he can do whatever he wants. That obviously doesn’t mean he should be disrespectful and have an eye for every woman that passes by, you should always feel that all in all, your man only has eyes for you, but if a 6ft blonde hottie is passing by wearing white hot shorts, we’re all probably going to turn around.

9. We Have Feelings We Just Don’t Like Talking About Them


Women love to spend hours talking about how they feel, and we women usually have a lot of emotions, we can go through 7 different ones a day especially when it’s that time of the month! I’ve learned recently that men have feelings (well most of them anyways), they just don’t like to talk about them! If your man had a bad day at work and all he wants is to brood in front of the TV, just let him! We all deal with things differently, so just give him space. If your man doesn’t feel comfortable sharing feelings with you, don’t be offended, it has nothing to do with you, unfortunately, men are raised to keep their feelings inside.

8. Don’t Call 80 Times On Boys’ Night


If your man is having a night out with the boys, especially if it’s the first one in a long time, leave him alone. Give him a chance to miss you! He can’t miss you if you call or text 15 times in 3 hours! Men need a break, let him have one and he’ll come back more than happy to see you again. The last thing you want to be is the annoying wife or girlfriend who can’t stay away from her boyfriend or husband for a couple of hours. Men hate to feel like you’re suffocating them or that their on a chain. If you don’t trust your man to go out and have innocent fun with his guy friends, that’s definitely another problem.

7. We Actually Think Of Nothing Sometimes


“What are you thinking of?” Every girlfriend asks waiting to hear “You baby” or “How much I love you!” Instead he say, “nothing” or “What I want to eat today.” Someone once said a woman’s brain is like having 60 tabs open, while a man just has one. Believe it or not ladies, men actually think of nothing. Your man can sit there and space out while you’re sitting there thinking that he’s thinking of his ex girlfriend, or that girl that passed by earlier. Don’t be “a wife” nagging for no reason and if your man is quiet after a long day of work, leave him alone.

6. We Cannot Multitask


If you asked us to take the trash and we’re in the middle of doing it, please don’t start telling us a story about your day, or asking us what time dinner reservations at, or tell us about the next task we need to finish. Men can only do one thing at a time…ONE. We see you do your nails while on the phone, or watching TV and doing the dishes, we’re sorry we can’t do that. We can only handle one task at a time, so if we’re watching TV and you’re asking us a question, at this time, we are incapable of hearing you.

5. We Have A Very Short Attention Span


Girls can sit there and talk for hours, about everything and nothing; they can be on the phone for a very long time talking about the most random things, men are not like that at all. Ladies, if you have a 30 minute story about how Jessica from Accounting annoyed you today at work, I can assure you that he will listen to the first 5 minutes (if you’re lucky) and space out for the rest of the story. Just because he starts day dreaming doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or your story is boring (or maybe it is) just means that there are certain things that men don’t necessarily care for…like Jessica from Accounting. One of the main reasons we all have girlfriends is for these stories!

4. We Love It When a Girl Can Be Super Fancy But Can Also Rock Sweatpants


Change it up! Guys love a girl who can be a an elegant princess at a wedding, rock the sweatpants and bun at home, and be a beast at the gym. I’m not saying it’s easy ladies, but if want to see your man drool, give it a try! Want to keep your man on his toes? Change it up ladies, try a different hairstyle, hair colour, new sense of style! Guys love it when you surprise them! If you’ve looked exactly the same for the past 10 years, it’s time to look into making a little change. Remember that it’s not just the clothes and hair but also the confidence that makes you uber sexy!

3. Please Don’t Interrupt The Football Game


Whether it’s football, hockey, basketball or baseball, especially if his favourite team is playing, just let him be. For some men, sports time is sacred time, it’s therapeutic, and just wants to be alone or with the guys watching it. Piece of advice, if his team loses, he probably won’t be in the best mood, so find out what he prefers and just do it. When their team loses, some men love to be left alone to brood and others wants to be cheered up. If you want to be a good girlfriend or wife, find out what he prefers!

2. If We’re Online, We Can’t Pause


If your partner is a gamer, you should know the “playing online” rule which is, we can’t pause, we won’t get up unless it’s an absolute emergency, and please DO NOT just pass in front of the TV. If your partner is a video game junkie and you don’t know that you are definitely in trouble. Like you love your makeup, shoes, purses, or/and earrings) they love their video games and whether you understand it or not, you just have to accept it, I would also suggest embracing it! When your partner is playing his game (especially if he’s online), just leave him alone, pretend he’s not there.

1. Don’t Call And Complain About Things We Can’t Really Help You With

It’s one thing if you’re having a bad day and need to talk, but pick the right time! For example, if your man is at work and you know he has a big meeting, and you’re having a bad day, don’t call him and complain and then get upset that he doesn’t have time for you. A man loves an independent woman, not one who calls him every hour to complain about how she’s having a bad day at work, or how someone cut her in traffic, or that she can’t find a parking spot, or that you’re PMSing.

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