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15 Things Every Man Hides From His Wife

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15 Things Every Man Hides From His Wife

In nature, everything has its partner. Yin has Yang, Mickie has Minnie and a husband has a wife. They lead a happy life, have kids and go on picnics.  In fact, marriage is something that can not be explained in a few words. It’s a beautiful bond! “Marriage was defined by God a long time ago. Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve – one man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either,” said the well-known American actor Kirk Cameron.  

But not every story is as idyllic as it should be. Married people are also known to flunk the laws of the institution of marriage. Hiding things, breaking the trust of their spouses and what not. Mostly, all of this is due to those uncontrollable desires, the same that struck home in adolescence. There is a certain degree to which men hide things from their wives. Not all of them are philanderers, of course! But yes, every man has a thing or two to hide from his wife. Come and revel in this information about the 15 things every man hides from his wife.

A note to the wives reading this article – don’t get fooled the next time he makes a puppy face at you! A note to the husband’s reading this – beware, your girl is on the prowl!

15. His Relationships From The Past


Almost every man wants to hide those minute details about his previous relationships and ex-girlfriends. Some men are brave enough to share these details if their partner is mature enough to understand and deal with his past. But if the wife is too suspicious about his affairs, a man would prefer not to share them. For some men, it is a way to keep their married life safe from any potential harm, and for some, it is a way to live in the present by simply not dragging their past along with them. According to a survey, hiding or sharing such information completely depends on the level of understanding a husband has with his wife. So, dear lady, if you really want to know what he has done in his past relationships, prepare yourself to hear the most unexpected of all things. But yes, a free advice, always judge him by his present actions, not by his past.

14. His Sexual Fantasies


Your husband may never have told you, but there are times when he dreams of other women in his bed. Many women have caught their husbands taking someone else’s name while having sex. Some of you might deduce that such men have had an extramarital affair, but there are chances that they simply imagine themselves having a good time with a celebrity? We all have different fantasies, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that if a man is hiding his fantasies from you, he is not trustworthy. He is simply finding pleasure through his imagination, so it’s not real! And no doubt, it is ultimately you who’s giving him pleasure.

13. Things He Hates About You


Adjustment is a universal truth in a majority of the relationships out there and it should never be compared with compromises. There are ‘things’ we don’t like about most of our loved ones. And these ‘things’ don’t take into account whether these people are your parents, siblings or life partners. There is a chance that some of your habits, actions, thoughts and friends may annoy your man, but he never tells you. He just tries to adjust with the change. Men usually don’t tell their wives about what they don’t like in them. Whether it’s the way they tie their hair or dress up. These things completely depend on how positively you take his criticism and compliments. If you are not capable of building that comfort zone in his life, he will prefer hiding what he hates about you, instead of correcting your mistakes.

12. He doesn’t share his Fears


Stop judging your man by his toughness quotient, after all not everyone is James Bond. Men also have fears. Fears of failure, fears of being left alone and in some cases fears of handling complex situations in life. We all have heard the saying, “A man never cries,” but a majority of the women never understand the actual meaning behind this thought. Don’t just go after its literal meaning, which is shedding tears. In fact, it is about how insecure and scared a man can be when he is left alone and is going through a tough time. Men try to hide their fears to keep their family strong, no matter what they are going through. They hide things that can affect their family’s peaceful life, even when the entire world is against him.

11. Mistakes He’s Made in the Past


Even the most successful men on earth make mistakes. And your husband is no exception. If he makes a mistake but is trying to correct it, don’t repeatedly remind him of what went wrong. If you can see him fixing the problem he caused, try not to mock him. Men like to be praised and appreciated in front of a gathering, who does not? And the same principle applies to a household. Men who suffer from this emotional torture stop sharing things with their partner. They simply hide their mistakes, no matter how big or small. They believe in hiding the facts and fixing them on their own without telling their partner about it. There are some men who are not brave enough and the mistakes they make are so obvious and full of stupidity that they won’t even feel like sharing it due to the embarrassment it can bring.

10. He has Trust Issues


Men have trust issues. In fact, what they have seen or experienced in the world makes them more insecure about you. The fear of losing their wife makes them insecure. If this behavior is not taken care of properly, or if a man starts overreacting due to trust issues, things start to become more complex. Instead of telling their partner what the actual problem is, some men simply leave indirect hints that criticize their partner’s mistakes or behavior that they don’t like. There is a chance that he will start feeling insecure about your connections with a childhood friend, colleague or friend circle. The best solution to avoid this issue is to maintain transparency. If you have nothing to hide, then your man will also have nothing to hide from you.

9. The Money He Spends on Others


When a man starts earning, he believes in keeping his family and friends happy by spending money on the things they need. Men usually buy gifts or simply give money to their family members without telling their wife. Men generally spend money on their friends, parents, siblings and loved ones. Some men don’t feel the need to share the details of these financial dealings with their wife. In some cases, men hide these things for no reason, as they simply assume that sharing such details will make their partner unhappy. While there are men who simply hide the fact because they want to share part of their money with the people he loves other than his wife. Or maybe he just thinks that you would probably not be interested in such affairs.

8. Holiday Plans & Parties


Throwing parties and planning holidays without one’s wife is a common thing these days, but it has its set of side effects on one’s married life. Many men plan a holiday trip with their colleagues and friends, which they don’t want to share with their wife. From taking their secretary for a holiday to spending some time on a beach with close friends, most of the men hide such holiday and party plans from their wife. Obviously it is not right in many cases, but it is also not wrong, especially if the wife is too strict when it comes to the husband hosting a party or sponsoring a vacation where she is absent.

7. His Secret Account on a Dating Site


Women usually prefer spending a lot of time with their husband and they are of the notion that their husbands love speaking to them whenever they get some time. But the reality is different, in some cases. He might hold some secrets, and his craze for a secret chat is also included in this list. No man will show the courage to say that he had, or has for that matter, an account on a dating site because he knows that this secret may evoke the court divorce papers! Do you remember the Ashley Madison scandal? A couple of years ago, several married celebrities were caught cheating on Ashley Madison, an online dating service.

When a wife learns that her husband is flirting with another woman or having a sex chat, she may step out of the house with her bags. She will also start assuming that he is a womanizer, and that’s the end of everything.

6. His Extra Marital Relationship


A woman can share anything with another woman, but not her husband. However, most women are the victim of adultery. It’s obvious, a man always makes sure that his wife will not come to know what he has been doing inside the four walls of his girlfriend’s bedroom. She lives on happily thinking her hubby to be Mr. Perfect because that is the image he has been maintaining since the first day of their marriage. But do you know he visits his girlfriend in the weekend and also takes her for super-secret beach holidays? In his perspective, she is the beautiful woman who can give him ‘that’ exotic pleasure, but she is not marriage material. For him, his secret girlfriend is a temporary affair that can be broken at any point of time! He is enjoying the “happily married man” status, while hiding his secret affair from his wife.

5. Habits That His Wife Hates


No wife can tolerate her husband’s bad habits. It not only has an adverse impact on his health but also disturbs the normal family life. However, most of the men know some tricky ways to hide their bad habits from their wife. In the name of business trips, men go out and get themselves crashed. And in this way, no one at home will come to know what really happened. You have been insisting your husband to stop having junk food just to save him from obesity, and you believe that he respects your words. But, you are wrong. He is the same old junk food freak as he always is. In front of you he might drink green tea and do intense yoga, but when you are away he will be ordering the happiest meal at McDonalds or the most exotic chicken bucket from KFC.

4. His Exact Salary


“One should not ask a man’s salary and a woman’s age,” proclaims the very wise adage. And men are happy about it! Most of the married men believe that they will be in trouble if their wives would come to know their exact salary, so they just lie! A wife may ask her husband to help her parents and siblings if she gets to know that her husband is earning a six figure salary. Her shopping demands may reach the peak and she may start spending on unnecessary stuff. So, just to avoid all these unwanted tensions, he hides his salary from his wife. After reading this, are you feeling suspicious about your hubby’s salary? Just check his files, you may find his salary slip lurking there!

3. Things He Hates About His In-Laws


Men look for privacy when it comes to a family life, not all of them are social and outgoing. Your husband respects your family, but it doesn’t mean that he treats them like parents. When they interfere too much in your family life, he really gets disturbed, but he makes sure that it can’t be seen on his face. Sometimes your parents make a surprise visit in the weekend just to make you happy, you are elated and dancing around in the whole house. But did you observe the disappointment in your hubby’s eyes? He had some awesome plans for the weekends, but your parents’ unexpected arrival forced him to cancel all the plans and stay at home throughout the day making polite chit-chat over a cup of tea. However, he can’t confess his feelings, because it may hurt your sentiments.

2. His Social Media Passwords


The Facebook wall of a married man may look like a family photo album for others. Married men usually share their kid’s pictures or write sweet words for their better half, nothing else! Time to get a reality check. They never show off their foreign tour pictures or crazy selfies just to maintain their dignity in front of their family members and friends. But still, they hide their passwords, because on social media they have been doing something more than sharing decent posts. A man’s social media account holds all his secrets. It knows the women with whom he has ever had a history, or someone with whom he has been chatting consistently and the type of content he is searching on social media. Of course, he will be embarrassed if his wife comes to know all this, perhaps that is why he protects his passwords from her.

1. His Secret Plans for Your Birthday


What is the sweetest thing he can hide from his wife? That’s her birthday party plan! Every year on your birthday, your husband wakes up in the morning without any excitement and you believe that he has forgotten your birthday. But you are wrong, in the evening he will arrive with a beautiful cake and a cute gift for you, his darling wife. Do you know that he had to start his preparations a weak ahead of your birthday because he had so much work at the office? He secretly calls your family and informs them about your birthday, so throughout the day people will pour their good wishes on you. He does all these things just to make you happy, no other intention. Well, maybe a satisfying night but no other intention, seriously!

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